Monday, May 29, 2017

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The Tamer 2 – Part 1

Tamer II, Part 1 is the second installment in The Tamer series, a fan Written and Executive Produced custom with a great story line...

Catatonic Trap – Batgirl vs Catwoman with Lauren Phillips

Batgirl found Catwoman’s Lair and is ready to bring her in to the Gotham Police station. But Catwoman is not going to give up...

Tough Justice

The Deceptress is taking part in a brand new TV show called ‘Tough Justice’ where convicts put themselves forward for early release IF they...


  Red Glory is forced to fight a Drone in a test she must pass to maintain her current rank. At first the heroine thinks...

“Dark Guardian: Shockwave” is released!

Dark Guardian, in her secret identity of lawyer, Donna Carter, has not heard from Clairvoyant and Teen Bat, her fellow Street Guardian vigilantes, so...


Redwing has been investigating a sex trafficking organization. To get inside, Redwing must pose as a stripper/hooker. Redwing shows up prepared and even after...

“Teen Bat 2: Vanquished” is released!

In "Teen Bat 2: Vanquished", we learn that a group of unofficial sidekicks, the Street Guardians, have banded together to fight crime in Edgewing...

NGC Season 4 Episode 8: Making The Peace

In Episode 7 Myanna takes control of the black staff and shows herself to be very adept at using it. The reason for this...

Batvixen From SHF

Now available! Starring Ashley Lane. Against Night-Bats wishes, Bat Vixen decides to go against the Jokster. Even though she is a skilled fighter, she underestimates...

Murder Rooms – Hug Me Close

Valkyrie is angry that the Murder Rooms kidnapped her and tried to kill her (see previous episodes) although Night Strike's humiliating public question and...


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