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Intense Interrogation - Superheroine Secret Shame

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Intense Interrogation - Superheroine Secret Shame

Postby Romedawg187 » 4 years ago (Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:56 pm)


Actual video title was lengthy, so I summed it up in 2 words.

Superheroine Secret Shame is all about extreme, yet interesting videos. appearances from Kenna Valentina, Kendra James, Catherine Foxx, and Superia herself Ashley Edmonds only goes to solidify that they got the goods. However, this video kinda made me think twice about that statement.

without an intro, Neuron Girl and Psy Lin(Names not given) come face to face with Super Soldier(Name not given) looking for Crimson Skull. She declines to answer and wants to fight. Our heroines oblige, but the location negates their powers and hand to hand combat is the key to survive. can our superheroines adapt to their surroundings or is their element of chance slim to nil?

- Unlike the previous video I reviewed, there was NO use of music
- Super Soldier showing her super strength was pretty nice
- Psy-Lin's acting did wonders to sell the peril and attacks she took
- There was an actual ending instead of one that was still being worked on

- Though the title says it's one, there was no actual interrogation, just torture.
- Some facial expressions were pretty creepy
- Crossfades were pretty fast and not enough time to take in what was said

This video, while staying true to the taking superheroinism to the extreme credo, was pretty lacking. There's some head scratching things as well that go unresolved or put on hold till the next sequel. Still, if you're a fan who likes it hardcore with a pretty graphic ending, this video is for you. other fans, it's a tossup.

Contains: Fondling, bondage, extreme scenes, carrying, and costume defiling


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