Robin the teen wonder gets his first Batgirl cherry

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Robin the teen wonder gets his first Batgirl cherry

Postby rammbo » Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:48 am

:ybat: Betty Kane is the niece of Kathy Kane aka The Batwoman and Betty is the very first Batgirl and tonight she is in the Batcave helping Robin with some test for the Batman. Every superheoine has a giant crush on the teen wonder and they all want to get him into there bed. They all agree he is the most handsome superhero of them all and they love to see him fights he moves with such grace when he moves. Batgirl wants him the most out of all of them and she will do anything to get him. To her he was the greatest superhero of them all not even Batman and Superman can't hold a candle to him.

Robin let me know when all those test are done, ok you got it Batman good luck in finding the Riddler, Batgirl don't let and very handsome crimefighter talk you out of your cape, oh no Batwoman i won't let that happen. You got that teen wonder, say what Batwomen i was working and i didn't here what you said ???, just behave like a good little bird an see you two later. Well they are gone now and i got a question for you Robin, ok shot with your question, what were you doing looking at Batwoman batass, i was not looking at her backside, they hell you were i saw you staring at her batass. I have a much better batass than she has, just look at mine and you can tell mine is better, Batgirl put down your skirt so we can get back to work !!!!!

Robin is a total pervert Batman, Did you see him staring at my batbutt, well the way you were showing it at him what could he you do but stare at it. If you do that to him again Batwoman i am going to take you over my knee and pull your tights down and give your bare batass a good spanking tell its redder than Robin tunic and i will let Robin and Batgirl watch it. That sounds like a threat Batman, that's a fact Batwoman and i still mite do it so watch your batass with me.

Robin i am so bored and very hungry, we been working a long time, well i guess we can get some dinner let me go get something for us to eat. That was a great dinner Robin, yes it was very good dinner Batgirl, you never told me what i wanted to here, Batgirl get off my lap and stop kissing me. Not tell me who has the better batass me or Batwoman, i am not going to answer that, oh really and how about if i do this, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW let go of my batnuts you fucking bitch.

Fucking bitch am i, OWWWWWWWWWWW !!!! let go of me now, not tell you tell me who has the best batass or i am going to crush your batballs, oh ok i will say it, you have the better batass. See how easy that was, fuck my batnuts are in so much pain, here let me get some ice, wow that ice is cold and i can take care of my own batnuts my self.

No i hurt your batballs and i will take care of them for you and your batpole is so thick too. What are you doing rubbing my batcock like that you dirty batbitch. I must say you have a big set of batballs and if you want you can spank me for grabbing you too hard.
That's all i need to hear, hey Robin i was just joking about the spanking part, well you are getting one right now,

Robin how dare you pull down my panties, SPANK OWWWWW SPANK OWWWWW SPANK OWWWWW. SPANK OWWWWW SPANK OWWWWW !!!!, you bastard using your utility belt on my bare batass. My ass is on fucking fire, well this will help put that fire out, Robin that ice is fucking cold, get it off my batass, nope you need it to cool down your fine batbutt you have there.

Robin what are you doing, just wondering if you would like this, OH MY GOD ROBIN who said you could put your fingers into my furry batcave!!!!, i did it looked like it needed some attention, stop it you can't do this to me. Oh really you nearly crushed my batnuts and now you can't take it when someone else plays with your batgoodies. Oh Robin please you got to stop it this is so wrong, oh don't stop that feels to good i love what your fingers are doing to my furry batcave i am so wet. I am having my first orgasm oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Robin that was great you sure know how to show a girl a good time, i want to see your what you batpole looks like.

OH WOW no wonder they call you the teen wonder your batpole is very long and super thick too. I am going to suck as much as i can of your giant batpole, you are doing great sucking my batcock you are a natural at cock sucking, keep it up Batgirl swallow more of me you can do it girl, your mouth feels so good on me. I am doing my best but there is so much to swallow and now lets see how your big batballs like my tiny mouth around them.

Oh my batnuts feel so good in your hot little batmouth, that's it keep sucking on them. Now Back to my batcock oh yes i love you sucking me, i can't hold out much longer, oh yesssssssssssssssssss there i cummmm, you did great drinking my batjuice all the way down. I didn't have a choice since you was holding my head in place and all i could do was swallow it and some shot out my nose also. It sure is very tasty i must say.

Now i want to lick your furry golden hair batcunt, you better eat me good, oh Robin you have such a wicked tongue i am so wet already. You are the best furry batcave eater just don't stop oh please don't stop tell i orgasm again, and i am so close oh so very close yessssssssssssssssssss. Your batjuice is very sweet i loved drinking it, take me Robin i want you to have my batcherry, ok i will be proud to take it and you can have mine also Batgirl.

I am thee luckiest super bitch, because i have you in between my legs and i am going to pop your batcherry. I love feeling your Batpole in my hands is so soft and very hard. All the other super bitche's wish they were me, they want you so bad, you make us crazy with lust you handsome batboy. let go some placee Robin were we can laydown, that old Batmobile has a big back seat and it's so soft.

You are right it is so soft back here, get on your back so i can pop your sweet batcherry Batgirl, oh yes be gental with my golden haired batcave your batpole is so big and very thick and i am so tiny. Robin stop teasing me with that big batpole of yours, oh please put it in me i want to feel you in me, stop rubbing my batpussylips put into me right now i got to have it. Fuck you are so super tight Batgirl, fuck me Robin fuck me oh fuck me.

You got it batbitch you are a hot fuck, oh i love your giant batpole it is stretching me out so very well, your batpole is thee greatest i love how it feels in my little batcave. You are ready now i am going to pop your batcherry right now, oh yes you popped me so good it hardly hurt, give me more of your batpole i am loving every inch of it.

I am going to batfuck you tell you can't walk, oh yes give it to me you big batstud. I love your damm fine batass Robin its so soft but very tight and i love me a tight batass it feels so good, spank spank spank spank spank spank and it's all mine now. God your batcunt is gripping the hell out of my batcock, it sure loves getting fucked by it, you fell like velvet and it is so hot also, your batcunt is all mine now. FUCK ME OH GOD FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME YOU BIG BATSTUD.

Please cumm in me i want your hot batcumm filling up my furry wet batcave, oh yea here it is AUUUUGGGGGHHHH, OH Robin i am cummming too oh yes oh yes yessss. Now i want to ride your big batpole, fuck Robin you sure now how to please a girl, i am so fucking happy and i want to ride you everyday. That's it play with my battitty's your are doing a great job on them, you are sucking them so good, spank spank spank spank spank, you spank me so good.

Your batbutt is so tight Batgirl i want to fuck your little hot batbutthole, Oh Robin you are so very dirty wanting to fuck my hot batass, you can have it as soon as i am done fucking you. I am your first slut and you can have me any time you want to and all the hero bitches if they knew how much batmeat you are packing they be all over this cave with there legs spread wide waiting for you to fuck them all silly.

I never want to stop riding it, you fill me up just right, you are a wild batbitch, you bet your sweet batass i am and i am all yours. Put your giant batpole up my batass, ok you got it, OH FUCK ME YOU ARE RIPPING ME IN TWO, i better stop if i am hurting you, don't you fucking dare stop i love the pain it feels fantastic. oh yes your batbutt is so fucking tight i love fucking it, you play and squeeze my battitty's so well also. I am going deeper into you, oh yes give me all of it i need all of it up my batbutthole

Robin, you go it fuck yea i am all the way up your batbutthole, how you feeling fuck you are sweating like crazy. Well i got a giant and very thick batpole all the way up my batbutthole and it hurts like a super mother fucker. I am a batfreak for pain and i want to fuck my own batbutthole get me on feet my batstud.

That's it ride me you hot batbitch oh yes move that hot batbutt of yours and you have great battitty's, you are so great at playing with my furry batcave and i am cummming again oh yeeeessssssssssss, here it cumms right up your batbutt fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. Fuck my battitty's Robin it is so big my battitty's look great with it between them, oh yes they are so soft and so tight, they are thee best ever i have had. I love your batpole it's so good to me and i want to fuck you next, you got it my batbitch, i am going to make you my first batwhore, what do you say about that.

That sounds so very dirty, oh yes your batpole is filling me up so good. Move that hot batbutt of yours my fucking batwhore SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK. That's what i love being spanked, oh yes i love how you are gripping my little batass, squeeze it harder oh yes i am in heaven and i am proud to be your batwhore.

Were are those two at Batman, i don't Batwoman i just don't no. OH hell Batman look at that old Batmobile over there and see how it is rocking and you know what they are doing, i am afraid so i do. Robin i am so very proud to be your first batwhore and i love you very much, you are his batwhore???, oh hi Batwoman and Batman, what do you think you are doing with her, well we made love to each other, well it looks like you got fucked by this fucking pervert!!!!

Hey don't talk about Robin that way he didn't start this i did and you want to fuck him too, I do not want to fuck him, like hell you don't i seen the way you were shaking your batass at him you fucking batslut. Just get off of him this minute, i can't get off of him, and why not Batgirl, because i been totally batfucked and i can't move a muscle. Let me help you Batgirl, thanx Batman your partner is super batstud. Robin get your costumes and go up stairs and the girls will be spending the night, are you sure Batman, yes i am Batwoman,

OH MY GOD ROBIN your dick is so fucking big and look how thick it is !!!, how and the hell did you take that monster batdick into you. It wasn't easy and you know when you been batbuttfucked when he fucks you. You had that up your asshole and it didn't hurt, oh it did but that is the best part, Batman how come you are not saying anything, well i don't what to say and i am shocked also, and she has a lot of cumm running down her legs. You didn't use a rubber, no i didn't have one, hell she mite be knocked up.

Robin we will have a talk about this. Ok Batman i can help with Batgirl, no you have done enough with that poor girl she can hardly walk. So true Batman but i am so happy i got me a super batstud and my first time was great, i will never forget this day as long as i live.

What is going on batgirl you are sucking my cock again, oh you dirty batbitch keep sucking me and this time i want you to deepthroat my batcock and this time you will do it. Hey why are you gagging on it you can do it, oh fuck i am cumming already AUUUGGGGHHH thats it drink it all the way down my little batwhore. Now for your hot batbutt again i love fucking it, you are going to get it all in one thrust. Oh yes your batasshole is back to being tight but don't worry i will get all of me in, what's wrong you love it ruff up your batbutt, oh yes i am all the way into your hot batbutthole , why are you saying no in such a weak voice i know you love it like this.

Now for your batcunt oh yes it's the best batcunt ever i wonder if Batman is fucking Batwoman right now Batgirl, oh yes i am cummming AUUUGGGHHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. !!!!!, now back to your batbutthole. Oh yes i love fucking your hot batbutthole and i am going to fill it up with my hot batspunk, come on say somthing my hot batwhore. Oh yes here i cumm again AUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH !!!!!, Batgirl you are thee hottest Batwhore ever even Batwoman can't be as hot as you are.

I am going to fuck you again as soon as i can get hard again, but i am going to play with your hot battitty's right now, hey how come your battitty's are so much bigger Batgirl???, because you are not playing with my battitty's Robin, then who tit's are i am playing with. They have to be Batwomans tits you batdummy, looks like she is your 2nd batwore and you must of fucked her so good she is speachless, Robin get the hell out of my ass you have done your damage to me, i am in so much pain. I thought your were Batgirl, well i am not and i didn't like getting raped by you.

Looks like Batwoman you wanted Robin's giant batpole and you sneaked into his room and you wanted it so bad and he gave you to it no you are complaying. He rammed his batdick all the way down my throat and blasted his bat spunk into me and he did my batass and my batcunt two and he blasted them also. It looks like you got what you wanted so bad from Robin.

Batman he raped me like i was a whore, well you came to his room to fuck him and he gave it to you harder than you ever had it before in your life. So i don't see it as rape, but you wanted to fuck Robin and he fucked you so you got what you wanted so i don't see what you are bitching about. But my batasshole feel like its been ripped in two, and from what i can see my beloved aunt you are a whore for my boyfriends batpole.

So you better watch out then next time you fuck my man or i am going to rip out your batshort hairs and i will kick your fat batass all over this city, so don't fuck my man again. I will get you some ice for your batbutt Batwoman, well what happens to Robin what he did to me i will handle Robin's punishment my way Batwoman, but i think you better watch out for Batgirls rath instead. OWWWWWWWW let go of my batpussy Batgirl you are hurting me.

Hey Batman have you heard from Batwoman and Batgirl we haven't seen them for a few months i wonder if they are allright, yes i have Robin and i was waiting for a better time to tell you this, they are both 3 months pregnant with twins, holy four play Batman. Your puns are terrible Robin and i will give you one guess what little bird knocked them both up. You mean i did it, who else had both of them and you were not shooting blanks with your big batpole, so you are going to be a batdaddy to there children, so have fun changing a lot of batdiapers, holy batcrap Batman, you got that right chum.


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