Superheroine Bondage Museum 1

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Superheroine Bondage Museum 1

Postby LindaD » Fri Feb 22, 2013 5:54 pm

Bondage art by Engine Skye

Best superheroine rubber bondage story ever made! Most powerful superheroines are captured by unknown woman called Mistress Lenka and one by one are forced to most humiliating and painful torture. Let´s start with Supergal!

Muscular henchwoman put carefully rubber coffin on the floor and opened that. Inside was totally sweated Supergal fighting with her bonds. Her spandex uniform was completely wet. Once she could opened her eyes she looks on her captores and show them most powerful and disobedient look they have ever saw. „Had you nice trip, Supersweat?“ Asked with laughing one of henchwoman. „Hmpphhhh“ Screaming and frowning Linda. „Thats enough!“ Said with strong voice Mistress Lenka. „It is time to dress her to something more comfortable!“ Ordered domme.

Supergal as Super Septic.jpg
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