Nightwoman VS Suprema in the “Earths Finest” by SHG Media

Earths Finest Superia vs. Nightwoman

Now available from Secret Identity Films and ¬† Suprema and Nightwoman are the earths finest super heroines. Very different from one another but when they fight together no one can stop them. That is until their greatest enemies team up and pit the heroines against each other. A brainwashed Nightwoman attacks Suprema, using […]

Wonder Rookie In Trouble 1 – Hyponlinemedia

Wonder Rookie In Trouble 1 - Hyponlinemedia 2

A wonder Rookie goes on the prowl and meets up with an armed robber who tried to take her down. She deftly deflects his shots and takes him down but fails to protect her lasso from being snatched and soon it is around her waist! Falling under the spell of the lasso, she reveals the […]

Web Of Evil from Ultra Heroix

Web Of Evil from Ultra Heroix 3

Hey folks, Our newest video, “Web of Evil” is available now at! This story takes place before “Fly or Die”, when it was believed that Dynafly perished after her encounter and defeat by Spydra. Crimson Cat goes on a quest for vengeance for the fallen super heroine but ends up as a prisoner for […]