Month: August 2016

BatTracy's Knockout Training 1

BatTracy’s Knockout Training

As soon as I saw these two hotties in these awesome costumes, I knew I had to review the video. Tracy The Tiger looks fantastic in Purple and blue spandex as BatTracy and I absolutely love Kym’s...

Thine Own Self SG vs Fem-Hulk 2

Thine Own Self SG vs Fem-Hulk

Chloe Kent has been recovering from her humiliating public defeat with the assistance of Dr Brenna. During a dinner meeting, Dr Brenna tries to warn Chloe of a new threat but they are both captured be...

BatTracy's Knockout Training 20

BatTracy’s Knockout Training

BatTracy is doing a good civic duty and is teaching a new masked heroine how to safely deliver fight moves to an opponent that will knock them out. Unfortunately, BatTracy does not realize that this n...