“Immortal” Starring Mia Malkova Available Now From TBFE Films

"Immortal" Starring Mia Malkova Available Now From TBFE Films 1

Supergirl tracks Gore to a warehouse. She’s been tracking Gore for months and has every intention of permanently doing away with him. She engages him in a difficult battle. After a challenging face-off, she finds her opening and kills him. Satisfied, she turns to leave but much to her surprise, Gore rises from the ground […]

Darkwing 14: Ambushed

Darkwing 14: Ambushed 2

Yvonne returns as Darkwing and takes on the electrically charged Killer Watt. It’s badass vigilante against the super-powered bad girl in this awesome video! Killer Watt is expecting to ambush Catwarrior in her own home, but instead finds herself and her Gate Keeper henchman being ambushed by Darkwing! Loads of action in this latest Bluestone […]

“Nightfox: Killer Joke” at UltraHeroix.com

"Nightfox: Killer Joke" at UltraHeroix.com 3

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year as we are back with an updated and re-vamped http://ultraheroix.com. The site looks better and is easier to navigate. Most of the videos is back up and the rest will be there very soon. In the meantime we have a new video available now: “Nightfox: Killer Joke” ! I modified […]

The Unstoppable Wasp (Marvel)

The Unstoppable Wasp (Marvel) 5

I’m seeing a big push for this online so this will be a placeholder for the comic when it comes out soon. Nadia Pym, Hank’s Pym t**nage genius daughter, is the new Wasp. She grew up in Russia in some confinement called the Red Room. She’s just now figuring out how to navigate the wide […]