“Supernova 15: Doomsayer” is released!

"Supernova 15: Doomsayer" is released! 1

“Supernova 15: Doomsayer” is released! This awesome episode has it all! It starts out with a chloroform scene of Supernova Prime (Melody Sky), then enter a powerful alien outlaw known as Doomsayer! Doomsayer is about to snap the neck of the beautiful, unconscious Supernova Prime, when Supernova (Melanie Dunne) intercedes to save her. Doomsayer does […]

The Dragon Clause-UltraHeroix.com

The Dragon Clause-UltraHeroix.com 16

Hi all, We are back with a new video featuring Crimson Cat! In this story she tracks down an evil wizard who stole an ancient relic for power. He gains power as he takes down the heroine but then a new threat arises. There a KO’s, back-breaker, bearhug and more! Runtime: 14 minute 23 seconds. […]

Adam West, TV’s ‘Batman,’ Dies at 88

Adam West, TV’s ‘Batman,’ Dies at 88 19

The actor struggled to find work after the campy superhero series was canceled, but he rebounded with voiceover gigs, including one as the mayor of Quahog on ‘Family Guy.’ Adam West, the ardent actor who managed to keep his tongue in cheek while wearing the iconic cowl of the Caped Crusader on the classic 1960s […]

The Harvest part 2 – Rye Films

The Harvest part 2 - Rye Films 24

Imperia tries to avenge her fallen sisters but Mavok proves once again that no superheroine can stand against him! Imperia is slowly taken apart by Mavok as he attacks every part of her luscious body. The harder Imperia is hit, the more power she loses to Mavok! Imperia fights back with every ounce of strength […]