Month: December 2017

Agony - TBFE Films 1

Agony – TBFE Films

A brutal bounty hunter named Agony has been contracted to hunt Sunder down, capture her, and torture her in every conceivable way possible. Agony̵...

Merry Christmas! 3

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at the Superheroine Forum!

"Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta" is released! 4

“Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta” is released!

In “Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta”, Lynda is gorgeous and dangerous both as Agent Steel and as Ultrawoman. The Collector who has a personal vende...

Batgirl: Into Thin Air - Cali Logan 5

Batgirl: Into Thin Air – Cali Logan

In this Superheroine Parody… The day starts out like any other; Batgirl is on the trail of Gotham’s scum. She catches a would-be criminal ...

"Teen Bat 4: Targeted" is released! 6

“Teen Bat 4: Targeted” is released!

In “Teen Bat 4: Targeted”, Saskiia Saarti (Sassy) returns as Teen Bat as her origin story continues! Teen Bat takes on a couple of gun run...

Wonder Woman - Who's In Charge - CC Productions 7

Wonder Woman – Who’s In Charge – CC Productions

Wonder Woman, Who’s In Charge is a CC Production superheroine fan custom staring Christina Carter, Reagan Foxx and Karen Fisher. Story-line: Dia...

Superheroines In Distress -  New Producer! 8

Superheroines In Distress – New Producer!

Hey everyone! I had the pleasure of talking with Matteo Piccinini, an Italian producer who is looking to break into the superheroine genre and as you ...

Batlass In Trickster's Traps - Sleepy Superheroines 9

Batlass In Trickster’s Traps – Sleepy Superheroines

Niki Lee Young stars as the sexy Batlass in a grey spandex catsuit.  Batlass has gotten information that Trickster has a virus on DVD that will destro...

Alien vs. Superheroine Pt. 2 - The Mothership 10

Alien vs. Superheroine Pt. 2 – The Mothership

Alien vs Super Heroine with Christina Carter. It’s a war of the worlds. Alien have been a threat to humans for months now. They are taking over ...