“Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness” is released!

"Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness" is released! 1

“Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness” stars Yvonne in the title role, and introduces sexy Samantha (Sam) Wilde in the role of gorgeous, but badass, Nightshade. In this episode, you are treated to a girl-on-girl battle with the villainess winning in both versions! Initially, both combatants are confident in their own powers. Nightshade has the power […]

SheBat Broken – Cali Logan

SheBat Broken - Cali Logan 2

Shebat is on a mission to bring a couple bank robber to justice. She falls into a dizzy gas trap and ends up at the mercy of the thugs, Hannah and Sahrye. They strap a butterfly vibrator on Shebat then wake her up and force her to fight them with the ongoing arouse and orgasm. […]

The Interrogation of Wonder Woman, The Dark-side of Pleasure Pt 2

The Interrogation of Wonder Woman, The Dark-side of Pleasure Pt 2 4

Wonder Woman now a captive of the villainess Scarecrow continues to be subjected to tight bondage. In the end Scarecrow is enamored by Wonder Woman’s courage and leaves her with the possibility of escape. The powerless super-heroine will find freeing herself from the tight ropes a tall task as well as coming to grips with […]

SwiftStrike Rebooted

SwiftStrike Rebooted 5

Eva is back but in a whole new body. She goes up against a villain with a bionic arm. Will he beat her faster than her nanites can repair? Includes Belly punching, low blows, bearhug, belly punching, AOH, sleepy, dragging, carry, more belly punching and a defeated ending.   Now Available at SHG-Media

To Catch A Spydra – Sleepy Superheroines

To Catch A Spydra - Sleepy Superheroines 7

How do you capture a superheroine who is a physical specimen and knows various forms of combat? You use her naïve sense of justice and her overconfidence against her. But most important, you need to be in control of the situation and fight your prey on your own terms and in your own lair. Sandman […]

The Interrogation of Wonder Woman – The Dark-side of Pleasure Part 1

The Interrogation of Wonder Woman - The Dark-side of Pleasure Part 1 8

AIDC agent, Diana Prince is on the hunt for Doctor Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow. A tip has led Agent Prince to a warehouse location. Once inside and sensing a trap she transforms into Wonder Woman. The Scarecrow gets the drop on Wonder Woman with a paralyzing nerve agent. The evil villain then submits the now […]

Revenge On All Superheroines 1!

Revenge On All Superheroines 1! 9

This is part 1 in a small series. Here’s a fun little romp in the old style of our classic videos. A good ole ragged out/worship/kayo video! A Blue Angel (Christina Carter) confronts a masked intruder (Janira Wolfe) and it’s not long before the intruder takes down the tights clad crimefighter with a rag lullaby! […]

Solaria Overcum 2

Solaria Overcum 2 10

Solaria is still captured and experiencing the wrath of Stella. Even though Solaria was defeated soundly by the creature, she still refuses to humble herself and submit to Stella. Stella was counting on this, and has prepared a variety of sexual scenarios, inevitably forcing Solaria into a humiliating heightened state of arousal with complete loss […]

Path Of Peril – Full Adventure!

Path Of Peril - Full Adventure! 12

An unknown corporation has conducted some market research and discovered that there is a market among the idle rich for heroine porn/sex/doom performances. They have set up a chain of clubs called “The Murder Rooms”. To the outside world these appear to be little more than glorified restaurants and dance halls but their lower layers […]

Now available: Episode 6 from Heroineburgh!

Now available: Episode 6 from Heroineburgh! 13

  Episode 6: “Cold Life” introduces the heroines Arctica and Spectrina. Greta Bjornsdottir and Katrina Spector are science lab partners, working at the Innovation Center on a project using low-temperature superconductivity and laser spectrography to discover a source of unlimited energy. But their effort backfires when they accidentally release Morphia, a shapeshifting interdimensional energy succubus. Due […]