Miss Wonder – Taken – ADFilms

Miss Wonder - Taken - ADFilms 1

Layla is attacked in her home, she is brought to the brink of unconsciousness several times with chloro. She fights fiercely and struggle valiantly, but eventually succumbs. The villain takes her to his lab where he struggle continues. Once she is able to transform into Miss Wonder, her chance for escape seems to go up. […]

Mysteria vs. Wonder Girl – Hypnotics World

Mysteria vs. Wonder Girl - Hypnotics World 6

Another superheroine release from Hypnotics World! Wonder Girl arrives at the lair of Mysteria with the intention of taking her down but Mysteria’s mind control proves to be too much for the Wonder Heroine! WG tries to use her strength against Mysteria but Mysteria works her mental magic and soon WG is under her control! […]

The Benefactor – TBFE

The Benefactor - TBFE 7

Cricket is a small time criminal for hire. She owes her recent lockup to Lady Wonder and although she’s out on Parole, she can’t shake the need for revenge. When she’s contacted by a mystery benefactor with a plan to finally get at Lady Wonder, she doesn’t hesitate to make her move. The benefactor has […]

Tamer 3 – Wonder Woman Sold – CC Productions

Tamer 3 - Wonder Woman Sold - CC Productions 25

Tamer 3, Wonder Woman Sold is a CC Produced custom video. The Wonder Woman parody stars Christina Carter, Cherie DeVille and Tommy Pistol. This is the third installment of the Tamer series all commissioned by the same customer. In Tamer 3 Wonder Woman is still being held captive and subjected to slave training by the Tamer. Our heroine learns that […]

Stolen Victory – NGC

Stolen Victory - NGC 26

The Crown Prince of the 7th Dimension has really upped his collection of powered beings in recent months, and it doesn’t matter which side they come from as he uses other acquisitions in the form of Alaric and Myanna to do his dirty work this time. Looking away from Planet Earth, he turns his attention […]

First Official Trailer For Captain Marvel – Marvel Studios

First Official Trailer For Captain Marvel - Marvel Studios 39

  Higher. Further. Faster. The official first look of Carol Danvers in action first debuted minutes ago on Good Morning America, but don’t worry, we’ve got the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel for you here!   We’re 170 days away from cosmic hero Carol Danvers’ Marvel Cinematic Universe debut when “Captain Marvel” lands in theaters next year, […]

Wonder Woman Sex Slave To Mysteria

Wonder Woman Sex Slave To Mysteria 41

MA new video is up at www.superheroinesxxx.com ! This was a g/g video we shot that has a little superheroine flavor to it. Not much of a story, Wonder Woman goes looking for Mysteria and finds her only to have Mysteria tell her she can put WW under her spell! Wonder Vixen doesn’t believe it […]

Superwoman – The Beginning

Superwoman - The Beginning 42

When a young woman experiences incredible things happening to her, she is put on a voyage of self discovery where she transforms into an iconic superheroine. While juggling real life and being a superhero she must also battle a powerful enemy who has her eyes set on our hero. Follow the journey of our heroine […]

Batgirl vs. The Baker – Buh buh bbbad Girl

Batgirl vs. The Baker - Buh buh bbbad Girl 43

Batgirl is in a bondage device and Harley Quinn wants her to look into the lights so that she will want more pies. Harley Quinn gets Batgirl to where she wants her with her programming and is ready to let her eat some pies like a little piggy. Harley doesnt inform Batgirl that there is […]

The Entrancers Mesmerizing Dance!

The Entrancers Mesmerizing Dance! 44

….and other slumbers!! Remember when I said there was a small companion clip to the “Wonder Tara vs. The Entrancer” photo set? Well, here it is! Just a short video but packs 3 slumber scenes in quick succession. Wonder Tara infiltrates and is entranced by The Entrancer’s mesmerizing dance and slides into dreamland.  Once Wonder […]