Canary Outmatched – Sleepy Superheroines

Canary Outmatched - Sleepy Superheroines 1

A new scantily clad superheroine named Canary is out to get the Trickster. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for us, the Trickster is well prepared. After she gets the quick upper hand, Trickster knocks her out with some chloro. He then ties her up which she gets out of quickly and goes after the fiend […]

Helpless Batgirl – Anastasia Pierce

Helpless Batgirl - Anastasia Pierce 2

For this new adventure you will find some themes I haven’t shot in a while. Smoking Villainess, sleepy and unconscious Super Heroine. Batgirl getting stripped, fondled and kissed while unable to defend herself. Then gagged and struggling for Catwoman’s pleasure. Batgirl is completely helpless and at the mercy of Catwoman the entire story! Catwoman is […]

“Athena 2: The RRS Factor” is released!

"Athena 2: The RRS Factor" is released! 3

“Athena 2: The RRS Factor” features Heather Page (in her Bluestone debut) as the new Athena, an Amazon sister of Wondra! Athena has joined MI6 in her civilian identity, and is involved in a covert operation when she is attacked. Heather is dressed in a skintight catsuit in her secret identity as an espionage agent, […]

Fall Of The Amazons – Cali Logan

Fall Of The Amazons - Cali Logan 4

  Purchase Link Cali Logan’s Power & Peril   This 20 minute clip includes magic control, mesmerize, cosplay, forced orgasm, humiliation, domination, supervillains, girl girl kissing, tribbing, groping, embarrassment, freeze. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan’s Power and Peril under the SUPERHEROINES category Dialogue: Cali Prince, dressed in a business suit and […]

“Supernova 21: Dark Nova” is released!

"Supernova 21: Dark Nova" is released! 6

“Supernova 21: Dark Nova” features Natasha Anastasia as the evil Supernova who tracks down Xander with the intention of killing him. She uses a disguise to get close, but finds out that she has walked into a trap. Even changing to her super-powered identity does not save her, because Xander has prepared sprays of Red […]

Carissa’s Heroine Adventure

Carissa's Heroine Adventure 7

Carissa first stars as Bat Woman taking on a villain and she is clonked on the head, captured, vibed, unmasked and unmasked. She returns as a Blue Angel who is ragged out, fondled, ragged out again, more fondling! She just can’t seem to get away without getting ragged again! Finally, the villain hoists her over […]

Who Are You? – Action Cosplay

Who Are You? - Action Cosplay 8

Miracle Maiden calls a meeting with a newcomer to Earth: ‘Supreme Girl’. The Amazon is suspicious of the Lady in Blue and Red since she appears to bring trouble wherever she goes. Supreme Girl arrives and appears to be just as suspicious of Miracle Maiden as the Amazon is about her. The distrust leads to […]

The Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain 9

n this non-canon Pure encounter we see Candy ‘The Equalizer’ Race bearing down on the Crown Prince of the 7th Dimension. There is only one obstacle in her path, his personal bodyguard ‘The Iron Drone’. Candy’s powers make her a match for absolutely anyone, but does that extend to mechanical beasts? Candy’s early confidence is […]

“Ultra Brawl”, Available at

"Ultra Brawl", Available at 10

Hi gang! We are back with the lovely Monica Jade as Lady Ultra. She does a phenomenal job portraying our lead superheroine in a knockdown, all-out fight to save her city. The story picks up from “The Horror Below” as Lady Ultra searches for the creature Dynafly barely survived in her adventure. Unfortunately, she is […]

Wonder Woman vs. The Entity

Wonder Woman vs. The Entity 11

Wonder Woman vs. The Entity is a CC Production custom video. Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) discovers a strange alien life form living in an abandon office-warehouse. The Entity communicates with Wonder Woman through her telepathic power. Our heroine learns the Entity is intrigued with the concept of bondage and is looking to submit a female […]