Sold 1

Wonderous Woman has been following a sex trafficking ring operated out of a local club. She has some evidence but needs more proof, so she goes to the club and sneaks into the back office to get a look at the books. She’s quickly confronted by 2 angry looking bouncers whom she engages in a […]

Stalking Amazing Girl

Stalking Amazing Girl 2

Starring Amber MacAllester Stalking Amazing Girl   Amber is the beautiful and sexy Amazing Girl. She is being stalked by a villain who wants to keep her for himself. cloth, sleepy, carries, nylons pantyhose, simple gag, de-booting, undressing.   Purchase Link SHG-Media  

Sleep, Batlass, Sleep!

Sleep, Batlass, Sleep! 3

Misty Lovelace as Batlass is snooping around in Trickster’s lair when she’s caught in a net.  But this is no ordinary net, it is a net soaked in chloroform. A surprised Batlass loses consciousness, a captive of the Trickster. Looks like the Trickster had this all  planned out by luring Batlass to his lair and capturing her.  […]

Wonder Woman X3

Wonder Woman X3 4

Fetishes: -Season One Wonder Woman Costumes and Peril -Seasons Two and Three Blue Cat Suit Costume with White Stars, Red Band and Gold Band -Diana Prince Topless in High Heels, Miniskirt and Round Frame Glasses -Evil Leprechaun Speaking with Irish Accent -Wonder Woman naked except for her boots and tiara. -Villain Using Magic Tricks to […]

Catwoman’s Prize – Christina Carter

Catwoman's Prize - Christina Carter 5

Catwoman’s Prize is a CC Production staring Christina Carter and Maria Marley. Catwoman has taken bratty rich girl Maria and wants her wealthy daddy to pay a ransom or she’s keeping the sexy, young vixen as her sex slave prize. Clip contains: several great knockout scenes, rope bondage with cleave gag, struggle sequence and fondling, […]

“White Angel 25” is released!

"White Angel 25" is released! 6

“White Angel 25” features Yvonne as White Angel Jean Blade! In “White Angel 25”, White Angel Agent Jean Blade is attacked in her civilian garb by a powerful Remo agent who manages to chloroform her and change her (off screen) into her White Angel catsuit. He then takes pleasure in proving to her that she […]

Heroineburgh Episode 11: Doctor, Doctor (Arogya vs Chlorina)

Heroineburgh Episode 11: Doctor, Doctor (Arogya vs Chlorina) 7

Heroineburgh Episode 11 “Doctor, Doctor” introduces the Indian superheroine Arogya the Healer, and the toxic villainess Chlorina. Now on sale at Dr. Maitreyi “Marty” Gupta and Dr. Claire Morena are postdoc interns in genetic biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Marty turns down a proposal from Claire to collaborate on a human cloning project. […]

“The Black Wasp” –

"The Black Wasp" - 8

There’s a new Superheroine in town and she’s called the “Black Wasp”. She has been on winning streak against crime and with petty criminals until she runs into her first supervillain, “Deadeye”! The veteran mercenary pulls no punches on the rookie heroine. She gets tied pummeled, knocked out, tied up and even shot in this adventure. […]