Birds Of Prey Teaser Trailer

Birds Of Prey Teaser Trailer 1

Catch a quick glimpse of the star studded cast in this teaser trailer from Birds Of Prey, dropping Feb 2020. Directed by Cathy Yan from a script by Christina Hodson, Also starring: Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosie Perez, Ewan McGregor, Steven Williams, Derek Wilson, Dana Lee, Francois Chau, Chris Messina    

The Many Defeats Of Silk

The Many Defeats Of Silk 3

Trickster has laid out a plan to trap Silk and like a moth to a flame she falls for it. Order Xanax online Trickster knocks her out with a well-placed electro  trap and then a blackjack to the head. Poor Silk doesn’t know what hit  her. Next, Trickster wants to try out his new Hypno Flute, […]

Wonder Woman Broken by Sorceress Circe

Wonder Woman Broken by Sorceress Circe 4

Hello Everyone!! Ashley Lane is back after almost a year. I am so excited to present you this new adventure with her! She plays a really good villainess. And Wonder Woman is loosing on this one. As many of you have asked many times. You prefer watching an entire adventure instead of in two parts. […]

Heroineburgh Episode 13: Empire State Human (Frija & The Heroine League)

Heroineburgh Episode 13: Empire State Human (Frija & The Heroine League) 6

Now available: Episode 13 from Heroineburgh starring Sarah S as the mighty Frija, and introducing Lara as Fenneca the Silver Fox. Episodes 11-13 conclude Season One. Heroineburgh is a PG-13 live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA. The first season (13 episodes) creates an entirely new universe, revealing the origins of 20 superheroines who […]

Hunter Chronicles C

Hunter Chronicles C 7

Red Cardinal has her hands full against Pantheras. Will she be captured?   Purchase Link: Weaponz Tokyo

VOODOO & BLACK MAGIC, Zatanna vs Catwoman

VOODOO & BLACK MAGIC, Zatanna vs Catwoman 8

Zatanna is still on the loose doing evil. As she is reading in a crystal ball asking for guidance from dark spirits she sees Catwoman appear. She knows she is going to eliminate Catwoman. Using her voodoo doll she will be sliding pins deep in her arms and legs. Thus making Catwoman suffer in reality. […]

Uninvited 5

Uninvited 5 10

Red Vision has a guilty conscience. Both the Blue Avenger and Blue Vixen were harmed at the hands of Jack using Red Visions SuperHuman Fail-Safe device. Originally intended and invented by Red Vision to de-power a super-powered individual for a worse case scenario, she helplessly trades the device for her own life after having been […]

Batgirl in Wonderland Part 1: Meet the Tweedles

Batgirl in Wonderland Part 1: Meet the Tweedles 11

Cali is in her Batgirl uniform tied up. She struggles to get out and then Lydia comes in behind her taunting her. Lydia is ready to pacify Cali since she has been doing nothing but then with the city of Gotham. Lydia is ready to put Cali in time out. She makes sure Cali sucks […]

“Space Agent Sola”

"Space Agent Sola" 12

Hi everyone, we are back with a new Space Agent adventure in “Space Agent Sola”! In this adventure Sola has been kidnapped by an intergalactic fugitive. He plans to use her technical skills in eliminating evidence and info on his crimes. She must try to escape and bring the criminal to justice. Sola is kidnapped, […]

“Catwarrior 9: Face To Face” is released!

"Catwarrior 9: Face To Face" is released! 13

“Catwarrior 9: Face To Face” features Heather Page and Samantha Wilde as the current and original Catwarriors! Two step-sisters, both Catwarriors, take on one another, and only one of them is going to walk away from this deadly catfight! There’s no love between these two beauties. In fact, they would love nothing more than to […]