rotd1Hi all,
We are back with not one but 2 new Lady Ultra videos at!
There’s a couple of reasons why we decided to release 2 videos together. The main reason is that I’m expecting the birth of my second child in February so I’m going to be pretty pre-occupied with this new family addition for the next few months so the 2 videos is to hold over you great fans during this time. The second is we never did it before and I’m curious to see how it’ll do, the first was meant to be released awhile ago but we had problems with the file and we were lucky to recover this video. So, since it was shorter than we normally release, I wanted to have a longer one video to release alongside it. Besides, February is black history month so why not have 2 videos featuring our black super heroine, Lady Ultra.

“Return of Lady Ultra 2”

Lady Ultra has been defeated and captured by Death Punch, now she must find a way to break free and defeat the villainess before it’s too late. We have bearhugs, Knockouts and some light bondage in this one.


“Lady Ultra: Revenge of the Doctor”

“Lady Ultra: Revenge of the Doctor” After defeating Death Punch, Dr. Mindkill gets the drop on the weary heroine and easily defeats her. It’s up to Lady Ultra’s allies, Dynafly and Crimson Cat to rescue the heroine or end up as casualties in the Doctor’s revenge. In this one, we have Knockouts, bearhugs, being zapped, dragged and mind control in this.


Check out both videos at

Thanks for everything,
Da Jinx




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