3 Bad Wishes, BATGIRL vs The Genie

3 Bad Wishes, BATGIRL vs The Genie 1

Batgirl is investigating a hunted mansion where strange things have been happening and where all kind of supernatural phenomenon have been reported.
As she searches the mansion, she comes across all kinds of creepy objects. Amongst them, an old oil lamp. She picks up the lamp and rubs it clean. Smoke appears from the lamp so she continue to rub it, harder. The lamp become warmer and then suddenly a beautiful and Busty Genie appears. Batgirl is overwhelmed by what just happened. The Genie grants her 3 wishes. Batgirl is thrilled and excited to help the world and the more unfortunate with her 3 wishes.
Unfortunately for Batgirl the wishes don’t turn out the way she quite expect… The Super Heroine is tricked and more disapointed with every wish. The Genie is actually malicious and will take advantage of Batgirl, humiliating her more with every wish. Then.. The Genie will make Batgirl clothes disappear for her last wish. she will also be magically controlled and find herself in a very embarrassing situation she won’t be able to escape…

Includes: Super Heroine in Distress, Transformation Fetish, Transformation Fantasies, ENF, Embarrassed Nude Super Heroine, Supernatural Activity, Clothe zapping, Special FX, POV, Humor, Super Heroine in Distress, Embarrassment, Embarrassed Naked Female, Magic Control, Erotic Magic, Humor, Disappearing Clothes, Vanishing, Cosplay, Parody, Fantasy, Forced Masturbation, Humiliation, Curvy, Blonde, Pantyhose, Humiliation.

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