Agent X: Trickster’s Lucky Day

Trickster gets information that Jane Dunaway is a good friend of Agent
X.  He decides that she will make good bait to trap Agent X and sneaks
into Jane’s apartment and overpowers her with chloroform while she’s
cleaning up. He decides to take some pictures of Jane to set a trap
for Agent X, but as he’s taking the pictures, he notices a costume
underneath Jane’s clothing.  Could Jane Dunaway actually be Agent X?
Trickster can’t believe his luck and realizes this could work out even
better than he had hoped. To make sure our heroine really is a
heroine, Trickster removes the rest of Agent X’s clothes to reveal her
skintight costume. Trickster decides to secure Agent X and ties her up.

Soon the heroine wakes up discovering she is in costume and
restrained. She demands to be let go. Trickster appears with a camera
phone and takes some more pictures. The heroine tries to get free but
can’t. Trickster reveals that he knows her identity know and if she
wants to keep it secret, she better do as he says. The heroine is
terrified as her colleague plays with her body and demands she becomes
his slave. She refuses, but the Trickster points out she doesn’t have
much choice, before gagging her with a ballgag. Agent X struggles and
eventually breaks free.  She is drawn to a laptop where she thinks the
pictures might be.  Unfortunately for her, the laptop is booby-trapped
with a Hypno ray.  Can our plucky heroine escape this dastardly trap?
Find out in this new Agent X episode.

The video contains peril elements including multiple chloroform KO’s,
clothing removal to reveal costume, shoe removal, ballgag, bondage,
butt spankings, over the shoulder carries and cradle carries.

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