Angel Chronicles 1

A Blue Angel has found a villainess lair and is looking for clues when she is blasted by a paralyzing ray! The villainess approaches and takes advantage of our Blue Angels incapacitated state! The villainess fondles her curves and breasts but soon the paralyzing blast starts to wear off and our Blue Angel starts to get her strength back. She is able to break away from the villainess and a struggle ensues but the villainess is able to entangle the Blue Angel in chains and drag her to an X-cross. The Blue Angel is defiant but the villainess pokes her with a syringe and soon it’s lights out for the Blue Angel!

Once she awakens, the Blue Angel is able to break free and escape. A short while later the villainess comes looking for her, only to find that not only did the Blue Angel escape but she has been waiting for her!

A short scuffle breaks out but again the wily villainess is able to get away and blast the Blue Angel with a Freeze Ray!

The Blue Angel is sent to dreamland once again and is then at the villainesses mercy. Will she ever escape the villainesses clutches???

Paralyzing Ray, Freeze ray, debooting, fighting, chains, foot worship, KOs and more!

Special FX provided by Flying Superheroes

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