Helpless Supergirl has been captured and she’s tied to a pole in an abandoned building. I mock her as I approach then pull up her top to expose her tits. I play with them for a bit then lift up her skirt hooking it into her belt, pull down her panties and play with her pussy. I alternate between sucking her ripe natural tits and force kissing her while she is restrained on the pole. When Supergirl refuses to reciprocate my kissing I slap her across the face a few times to show her who is in charge. Supergirl tries to resist and I face slap her some more. I walk around her taunting my prey as she struggles. I force kiss her again and she moves her head away – I continue to slap her. T grab a wand vibrator and use it on her pussy causing her to moan in pleasure and distress until she explodes and cums. Now she doesn’t resist as you forcibly kiss her, dominating her. I grab another vibrator and push it up into her young pussy to fuck her with it. Then I make her suck it clean, tasting her own pussy on it. Later Supergirl wakes up on the floor. I enter with my henchman. Poor Supergirl doesn’t know what to expect but I take charge of her forcing her to suck and fuck him. I grab a handful of her hair and make her kneel in front of him and take his cock out. I hold her by the hair forcing her to suck his cock. Next we make her lie on a table on her back and I hold her arms down while he fucks her good and hard. I play with her tits and kiss her while she is being fucked. We flip her over so she is bent over the table and he pounds her pussy from behind while I enjoy kissing her and playing with her tits. We have the abused Supergirl sit on his cock and ride him while I vibe her clit while she is impaled on his cock making her squeal. My henchman pulls her ass up to meet his cock and he fucks her do*gy style until she is totally exhausted. Finally I make her kneel in front of him and hold her by her hair forcing her to drain his cock dry using her mouth. He face fucks her while my boot is pressed into her head making her swallow his entire cock. He finishes her off with a load of cum all over her pretty face. I push the devastated Supergirl onto the floor gagging her with her panties then straddle the heroine telling her we will be back for more …. Supergirl is definitely our sex slave now.

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