Arachna – Bringing The Adventure, Sexy, and Peril Back to Comics

Arachna - Bringing The Adventure, Sexy, and Peril Back to Comics 1

The first comic I ever picked up was World’s Finest 247 way back when I was 9 years old. Little did I know at the time that it would start a love affair with comics which has lasted a lifetime. Unfortunately, the current state of comics has been awful (Safespace and Snowflake, anyone?) and that’s where Arachna comes in. Arachna, is a urban superhero with spider powers of mysterious origin. Jennie Janus is a timid college student by day but her split personality Arachna is an extrovert by night who fights gene-spliced serial killers, mad scientists, and super-powered ninjas. In short, Arachna is a love letter to everything that has influenced me in comics, television, and movies. Please sign up via email and support this campaign via IndieGogo when it launches in October. We hope to make more adventures of Arachna.

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