Asian Angels Foot Worship

Asian Angels Foot Worship 3

Asian Angels Foot Worship 4

This video originally was supposed to be more of a full superheroine movie but we didn’t have as much time as we thought so I shot what I could and the 2nd half was definitely much better than the first, so here it is, the 2nd half, which has some good foot worship scenes and the last scene of the great Asian Angel team. Akira and Nicole!

Angel Nicole has been mind controlled into an evil villainess. Her partner has been captured with the help of her minion and now she wants to see him worship Angel Akira’s feet. She commands and orders him to do it right, belittling him until Angel Akira snaps out of it and attacks the Minion.
Akira is subdued and the Minion is ordered to continue. After Akira wakes up the second time, Nicole orders the minion to help her but he’s had enough. He attacks his mistress!
He lifts her over his shoulder and rams her head into the wall, putting her to sleep.
He now decides to worship both Angels together. After they wake up, there is a battle to bring the Minion down. The girls finally succeed but in the end they do not wind up friends, Nicole puts Akira out and escapes.
The End.

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