Batgirl is in a bondage device and Harley Quinn wants her to look into the lights so that she will want more pies. Harley Quinn gets Batgirl to where she wants her with her programming and is ready to let her eat some pies like a little piggy. Harley doesnt inform Batgirl that there is something special in the pies jsut for her. Batgirl ends up coming back and sees what is going on after eating the pie. She also realizes that she is frozen and cant move. Batgirl has turned into Harley Quinn’s real doll. Harley Quinn does what she wantds with Batgirl including giving her a wedgie that Batgirl cant do anything about except enjoying the ride of it.

This clip runs 11 minutes long with superheroine, super villain, freeze, female training, bondage device, WAM, humiliation, real doll

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Cali Logan’s Power & Peril


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