Batgirl’s and Powergirls ENF nightmare

Batgirl's and Powergirls ENF nightmare 3
Batgirl (Evangeline von Winter) and Powergirl (Caroline pierce) have stumbled across each other in an apartment hallway. they have both been summoned by different people and have come to realize its probably a trap. their speculation is interrupted by a high pitched woman scream. they both rush into action to find the place deserted and empty.
Suddenly levi leaps out and blows a dart at each of their spandex covered asses. they are both knocked for a loop and suddenly rendered helpless.
Then Levi begins his evils plan by injection them both with a toxin that will enable him to control their bodies keeping their minds free of control.
he has some fun making them fondle each other before he gets down to the matter at hand! he strips both frozen hero as they complain, their mouths the only thing left they can use.
Levi then sets up a camera and starts streaming their ordeal to the internet and to their horror they are powerless to stop him. he allows them some control over their bodies and they try to cover up their nakedness but to no avail. Levi will have his fun. and both hero are left resigned to their naked fate.
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