BatTracy is doing a good civic duty and is teaching a new masked heroine how to safely deliver fight moves to an opponent that will knock them out. Unfortunately, BatTracy does not realize that this newcomer is no heroine. She is here only to take advantage of BatTracy and find out all her secret moves!

BatTracy begins instruction by demonstrating a move on her student lightly. BatTracy then tells her student to lightly try the move on her and do it very lightly. However, the supposed heroine does not do the move lightly and completely knocks out BatTracy. When BatTracy wakes up, the newcomer just plays it off like she didn’t know what she was doing.

BatTracy gets knocked out over and over with different moves such as a neck nerve pinch, a sleeper hold, leg scissors and double arm self choke. There’s a new masked villain in town! BatTracy had no idea what was about to hit her!



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