Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva (

Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 49

Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 50

Plot: The Silver Lasso, an ancient weapon with powers that rival the ‘Lasso of Truth’ has gone missing and now the greatest ‘Supers’ known to man as well as some of the deadliest villains in the Rogue’s gallery are after it. While some wish to abuse the Silver Lasso’s abilities, others are fighting to ensure that this ancient artifact doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Super-spy Natasha Romanoff (codename: Black Widow) has been dispatched by the commanders of S.H.I.E.L.D. to locate the Silver Lasso and bring it in by any means necessary. For Black Widow it should be an easy task but competition shows up in the form of Sandra Woosan, better known in the martial arts world as Lady Shiva, the cruelest and most vicious killer-for-hire in the criminal underground. Shiva has been dispatched along with her fellow criminal associates to locate the Silver Lasso also and now, Black Widow is the only obstacle standing in her path to completing her goal.

Two highly trained ‘assets’ are about to square off and with the Silver Lasso being the ultimate trophy, this showdown quickly becomes a game of ‘step on or get stepped on’…

Analysis Overview: Nicole Oring is back and even more deadlier than ever! The lovely Korean powerhouse who has been in hiatus for a few years is back on the scene and playing one of my favorite supervillains from the D.C. universe: Lady Shiva!

Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 51 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 52

I’ve always adored Nicole and when I heard about this vid, I just had to check it out and I was somewhat impressed with what director Phil Simmons put together for this vid. Granted the only fetish here for this video is foot tickling, it made for a rather interesting fetish video. Let’s take a look at what the people at had to work with for this vid:


-Great set location for this video which took place in an underground secret lair of some sort.

-When the story first begins, Lady Shiva and Black Widow are already going at each other. Though the fight choreography could use some work, Nicole held it down and gave her co-star Krissy Koven a run for her money. Kicks, blocks, punches…neither woman held back and they gave it their all. I loved how Krissy taunts Nicole when she hits her saying, ‘It hurts?’ and Nicole was moving like a kung fu master in this vid. It was very impressive.

Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 53 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 54 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 55 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 56 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 57

-Loved the outfits that Nicole and Krissy had on, especially Nicole’s! That leather jacket, pants and boots she had on with that kung fu shirt was smokin’ and my homegirl loved Krissy’s fire-red hair, black leather suit, fingerless gloves and those bullet bracelets around her wrists! Don’t know who was in charge of wardrobe, but they definitely deserve a raise!

-Good audio and some pretty good fight music in the beginning and the sound effects for the blows the fetish models struck on each other was amazing also.

-Good visual effect when Black Widow used a stun laser to incapacitate Shiva and I loved the Glock prop that she had in the beginning of the duel.

Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 58

-Black Widow uses tickle torture as a means to get Lady Shiva o reveal her plans and very slowly but surely, Shiva starts to reveal who her ‘colleagues’ were, their locations, etc.

The only fetish that’s being utilized for this vid is foot tickling and that might be a disappointment for some fans. But in all honesty, the foot tickling is probably the most entertaining part of the vid and I have to be honest…I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a vid that involved this particular fetish.

I mean, Nicole was cracking up the whole time while Krissy tortured her bare feet (and Nicole is bound to a chair mind you with no means of escape). She can’t do anything except take the abuse that Krissy dishes out to her and Krissy is grinning ear to ear like the Mad Hatter as Nicole is tormented.

Nicole switches between hysterical laughter, helpless villainess and then there were times where she got angry and aggressive with her captor while being strapped down. She’s cursing a storm sometimes at Krissy and there were times where it looked like she wanted to cry during the entire debacle. I kinda felt back for my homegirl Nicole in this fetish vid.

Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 59 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 60 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 61 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 62 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 63 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 64 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 65 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 66 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 67 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 68

-The situation for Nicole gets really jacked up though when Krissy starts using props on her feet. She uses a paintbrush (running the handle of it up Nicole’s soles), a small powder brush from a makeup compact and finally for the ultimate insult, Krissy puts some gel on Nicole’s feet and then uses a boar bristle brush on her feet. Talk about hitting below the belt.

-As a small bonus, a fellow rogue comes along to help Lady Shiva out but this proves to be a bit of a ‘con’.


-Well, this vid was low on sexual fetish so that’s one con.

-Another con was that the tickling was non-stop throughout this vid. They should’ve taken some time to let Nicole catch her breath a little bit in-between takes. The way this was shot though, it looked like they were just relentless with the tickling…it’s a miracle Nicole didn’t pass out.

-Fetish star Lauren Phillips makes an appearance as rogue Giganta and I loved the outfit that she had on in this. Problem is, her part is just a cameo and that was a little disappointing. Though I don’t know much about Lauren, she did her best to make good use of the small amount of screen time that she had for this fetish vid.

Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 69 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 70 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 71 Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 72

-Shiva’s a master assassin…surely a woman of her talents would’ve had some means of escaping form those binds and getting back at Black Widow for the torture she put her through.

All in all though, evil was getting it’s ‘just desserts’ at the hands of good, so I suppose that wasn’t a total waste.

Final Outcome

While this vid was fun, it did have a few major flaws for a superheroine vid but it was great to see my girl Nicole Oring back in action again. I’m not certain if this was a custom request that she did on behalf of the production team but either way, it was a joy to see her back on the ‘battlefield’ for a little bit. As for Krissy and Lauren, this is my first exposure to them, but I hope to see what other material these two beauties have done or will do for the future.

Final Score for ‘Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva’: 6 1/2 out of 10. Good show, but this vid could use a little ‘tweaking’ up for next time though.

If you’d like to have custom work done through, you can reach them through this contact:

Black Widow vs. Lady Shiva ( 73


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  1. I thought Nicole Oring was retired but it looks like according to her twitter, she’s back in action doing customs and wrestling etc. Excellent!


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