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Bulleteer (DC), a comic about superheroine fetish

Ballistic: How The Bulleteer Began


Just discovered this in the past month: we’ll take a break from featuring recent comics in order to focus on a comic from about ten years ago of specific interest to this forum community, like Empowered, except published by the huge mainstream DC.

In 2007-ish, Grant Morrison and DC put out a series of books called Seven Soldiers that had interlocking storylines featuring seven characters. This series was a reboot of a series called Seven Soliders back in the 1940s, with some new characters being added (since the old Soliders were all male) to reflect a more diverse readership.

The mini-series about the superheroine The Bulleteer (not to be confused with Bill Black/FemForce’s Blue Bulleteer..although the concept *was* an update of the old Bulletman/Bulletgirl characters) is the most interesting in that it deals specifically with the pursuit of superheroine costume fetish
as a major and direct part of the storyline (not to mention the fact that the Bulleteer herself is a very sexy character as well..see the examples below).

Where the SHIP elements come in is that the nemesis of the Bulleteer is a confused, slutty villainess called Sally Sonic, who gains her powers from blowing (heh) a magic whistle. In the story, the Bulleteer’s husband has a case of superheroine fetish and goes out of his way to express his admiration for Sally Sonic, who is immersed in an origin tale involving a trade in superheroine sex work. He is obsessed with the idea of turning himself and his wife into a superhero team.

It’s a worthwhile story with some dark twists that you might want to check, plus the action with the Bulleteer then continues in the main books.

Yes, that’s right, her husband is watching superheroine porn.

Here’s where she realizes her late husband had a superheroine fetish:


I’ll post the Sally Sonic pictures in a couple days or so.



    • Nope, it’s more of a sexy 2000s update to Bulletman and Bulletgirl. It’s right there in the comic..look carefully at the panels above.



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