Wonder Woman Broken by Sorceress Circe

Wonder Woman Broken by Sorceress Circe 1

Hello Everyone!! Ashley Lane is back after almost a year. I am so excited to present you this new adventure with her! She plays a really good villainess. And Wonder Woman is loosing on this one. As many of you have asked many times. You prefer watching an entire adventure instead of in two parts. […]

Uninvited 5

Uninvited 5 3

Red Vision has a guilty conscience. Both the Blue Avenger and Blue Vixen were harmed at the hands of Jack using Red Visions SuperHuman Fail-Safe device. Originally intended and invented by Red Vision to de-power a super-powered individual for a worse case scenario, she helplessly trades the device for her own life after having been […]

Batvixen From SHF

Batvixen From SHF 4

Now available! Starring Ashley Lane. Against Night-Bats wishes, Bat Vixen decides to go against the Jokster. Even though she is a skilled fighter, she underestimates him and his sidekick Carley. Its two against one! The infamous villains show her no mercy. They break, beat and humiliate her with a bearhug, painful wedgies, and forced orgasm. […]