“White Angel 23” is Released!

"White Angel 23" is Released! 1

White Angel agents are super-powered female espionage agents who work for a secret branch of MI6. They have superior strength and stamina, and have been trained to be expert fighters, but they also have been granted regenerative powers that allow them to recover from what would normally be fatal injuries. In short, they are immortals. […]

“Wonderkick 3: Freedom Fighter” is Released!

"Wonderkick 3: Freedom Fighter" is Released! 2

In “Wonderkick 3: Freedom Fighter”, Destiny returns as Wonderkick, and she’s even more gorgeous than in her previous appearances! Wonderkick (Destiny) is still being held in the clutches of The Collectors following her adventure in “Wonderkick 2: Collector’s Item”, but is given the opportunity to fight her way to freedom! She gives it all she […]