“Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief” is released!

"Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief" is released! 1

“Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief” features Lynda and Samantha Wilde as Agent Steel/Ultrawoman and Nightshade/Dark Ultra respectively! Lynda returns as both Agent Steel and Ultrawoman in “Ultrawoman 12: Power Thief”. Agent Steel thinks that she’s found Nightshade’s corpse, but Nightshade’s powers have been healing her fatal wounds and she revives just in time to attack Agent […]

“Ultrawoman 11: The Origin” is released!

"Ultrawoman 11: The Origin" is released! 2

“Ultrawoman 11: The Origin” stars Lynda in the title role of Ultrawoman and also in the role of Agent Steel! This was a group custom video that is now available to the general public! “Ultrawoman 11: The Origin” features the first time that Agent Sasha Steel of MI6 transforms into the Amazon warrior named Ultra […]

“Ultrawoman 10: Deathmatch” is released!

"Ultrawoman 10: Deathmatch" is released! 3

“Ultrawoman 10: Deathmatch” stars Lynda in the title role, and continues her battle against the Collectors. She is zapped into unconsciousness after defeating the rogue Collector, and wakes to find herself having to battle the Collectors’ champion, Marko, to the death on a live dark net feed for the Collectors’ paying customers. What a fight […]

“Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta” is released!

"Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta" is released! 4

In “Ultrawoman 9: Vendetta”, Lynda is gorgeous and dangerous both as Agent Steel and as Ultrawoman. The Collector who has a personal vendetta against her has found a way to defeat both of her incarnations. He has some fun doing it, partially undressing and fondling Agent Steel. Then, after she transforms to Ultrawoman, he knocks […]

“Ultrawoman 8: Undercover Amazon” is released!

"Ultrawoman 8: Undercover Amazon" is released! 5

In “Ultrwoman 8: Undercover Amazon”, Lynda returns in the dual roles of Ultrwoman as well as her sexy alter ego, Agent Steel! The video opens with Agent Steel on an undercover assignment. Being the confident and capable espionage agent who she is, Steel first tries to take on a Gate Keeper without the help of […]