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"Ultra Brawl 2"-UltraHeroix.com 1

Hi all, We are back for the sequel to “Ultra Brawl”. In “Ultra Brawl 2” The story picks up following the defeat of Lady Ultra (played by the lovely Monica Jade). Our heroine is being held as bait for the bloodthirsty and more powerful creature that has plagued our heroines’ city for the past few […]

“Ultra Brawl”, Available at UltraHeroix.com

"Ultra Brawl", Available at UltraHeroix.com 2

Hi gang! We are back with the lovely Monica Jade as Lady Ultra. She does a phenomenal job portraying our lead superheroine in a knockdown, all-out fight to save her city. The story picks up from “The Horror Below” as Lady Ultra searches for the creature Dynafly barely survived in her adventure. Unfortunately, she is […]