Rise Of The Puppet Master – Sensually Savage

Rise Of The Puppet Master - Sensually Savage 1

The beautiful Coco and Sumiko play superheroines who stumble into the evil PUPPET MASTER’s lair…only to get dosed by his potent hypnotic gas. We see them teeter in and out of control as their minds turn into his putty. He commands them to sleep, and thus begins a trip into depravity as the evildoer (guest […]

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet’s Fantasies.com)

Super Ninja Showdown (Velvet's Fantasies.com) 2

Plot: Jacquelyn Velvets and her fellow super scouts Serena Voxx and Natasha are on the hunt for the notorious ninja assassin known as Sumiko. Jacquelyn tells them that whoever takes down Sumiko will become the ‘new’ leader of the Superheroine League and Serena and Natasha like the sound of that proposition. The trio go in together, […]