“Darkwing 18: Dark vs. Night” is Released!

"Darkwing 18: Dark vs. Night" is Released! 1

“Darkwing 18: Dark vs. Night” features beautiful Yvonne as Darkwing and stunning Samantha Wilde as Nightshade! “Darkwing 18: Dark vs. Night” is the conclusion to “Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness”, where Nightshade demonstrated her superior fighting skills by defeating Darkwing in hand-to-hand battle! As you will recall, Darkwing had been captured by the beautiful and […]

“White Angel 25” is released!

"White Angel 25" is released! 2

“White Angel 25” features Yvonne as White Angel Jean Blade! In “White Angel 25”, White Angel Agent Jean Blade is attacked in her civilian garb by a powerful Remo agent who manages to chloroform her and change her (off screen) into her White Angel catsuit. He then takes pleasure in proving to her that she […]

“Supernova 21: Dark Nova” is released!

"Supernova 21: Dark Nova" is released! 3

“Supernova 21: Dark Nova” features Natasha Anastasia as the evil Supernova who tracks down Xander with the intention of killing him. She uses a disguise to get close, but finds out that she has walked into a trap. Even changing to her super-powered identity does not save her, because Xander has prepared sprays of Red […]

“Supernova: What If?” is released!

"Supernova: What If?" is released! 4

“Supernova 18: What If Stephanie Kane was Supernova?” stars Yvonne in the dual roles of Stephanie Kane and Supernova! In this alternate universe, Stephanie Kane is not a billionaire socialite… she is a reporter… and she is not Darkwing… she is this world’s Supernova! Don’t miss Yvonne’s fantastic performance as the super sexy Stephanie Kane, […]

“Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness” is released!

"Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness" is released! 5

“Darkwing 17: Shade of Darkness” stars Yvonne in the title role, and introduces sexy Samantha (Sam) Wilde in the role of gorgeous, but badass, Nightshade. In this episode, you are treated to a girl-on-girl battle with the villainess winning in both versions! Initially, both combatants are confident in their own powers. Nightshade has the power […]

“White Angel 23” is Released!

"White Angel 23" is Released! 6

White Angel agents are super-powered female espionage agents who work for a secret branch of MI6. They have superior strength and stamina, and have been trained to be expert fighters, but they also have been granted regenerative powers that allow them to recover from what would normally be fatal injuries. In short, they are immortals. […]

“Darkwing: Mind Games” is Released!

"Darkwing: Mind Games" is Released! 7

In “Darkwing: Mind Games”, Darkwing takes on Xander to stop him from interfering with Supernova’s showdown with Doomsayer, but Xander outmaneuvers her, using his best henchmen, including Master Mace, to delay her until it’s too late to save Supernova. In doing so, Xander messes with Darkwing’s mind. Thus, the subtitle to this all-out action episode! […]