“Catwarrior 10: Ensnared” is Released!

"Catwarrior 10: Ensnared" is Released! 3

“Catwarrior 10: Ensnared” features Heather Page as the new face of Catwarrior!

In “Catwarrior 10: Ensnared”, Catwarrior finds herself conflicted when she takes on a job to steal a prize then finds out that it is part of a scheme to destroy Edgewing City. Catwarrior does not consider herself a heroine, but does not see herself as a mass murderer either. So, she risks her own life to oppose The Contractor who has come to take either the loot from her or her life!

Heather Page is awesome and sexy in this latest Catwarrior adventure, where she battles for her life against the apparently immortal Contractor.

There are three versions of this episode, the Peril version where she survives the battle and two Extreme versions where she dies.

In the Peril version; although she is injected with a poison, she continues to fight The Contractor, finally putting him out of commission long enough for her to crawl to the antidote and swallow it.

In the main Extreme version, Catwarrior is brutally strangled to death with a garrotte. In the Alternate Extreme version (118a), Catwarrior dies painfully as a slow-acting poison, injected into her neck by The Contractor, brings her excruciating death! The two Extreme versions can be purchased together in a Double Feature package (118b) for less than the price of buying them individually.

Don’t miss the return of Heather Page to the sex kitten role she was always meant to play!

Check out the Element Poster below and then get the version or versions that you would most enjoy.

Here’s the trailer:
Catwarrior 10 Trailer

Here are the purchase links:

“Catwarrior 10: Ensnared” Peril (SS) version:

“Catwarrior 10: Ensnared” Main Extreme (strangle) version:

“Catwarrior 10: Ensnared” Alternate Extreme (poisoning) version:

“Catwarrior 10: Ensnared” Both Extreme versions:

Here’s the Element poster!
"Catwarrior 10: Ensnared" is Released! 4

Here’s a gallery of some of the awesome scenes from this video!


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