“Catwarrior 9: Face To Face” features Heather Page and Samantha Wilde as the current and original Catwarriors!

Two step-sisters, both Catwarriors, take on one another, and only one of them is going to walk away from this deadly catfight! There’s no love between these two beauties. In fact, they would love nothing more than to take the other’s place and be the only Catwarrior in the world!
The original Catwarrior, who appeared in Catwarrior 7 as played by Lena, is now played by very hot Samantha Wilde!
The current Catwarrior (previously played by Mink) is now played by super luscious Heather Page!
Both girls are dressed in skintight catsuits, and in both versions one of these lovelies is victorious and the other dies!

In the Peril Version (Version 1) Heather Page’s Catwarrior is victorious and Samantha Wilde’s Catwarrior is electrocuted.
In the Extreme Version (Version 2) Samantha Wilde’s Catwarrior is victorious and Heather Page’s Catwarrior is slain with a vicious neck snap.
We therefore recommend that you consider carefully which one to buy… or simply buy both!

Watch the Catwarrior 9 trailer here:

Make sure you check out the Element poster below (by clicking on the image for an expanded view) and select the version that best suits your interests.

Don’t miss this latest dramatic installment in the Catwarrior mythos!

Here are the purchase links:

Peril Version (Version 1) SS#98, featuring Heather Page’s victory and Samantha Wilde’s electrocution:

Extreme Version (Version 2) V.V. #90, featuring Samantha Wilde’s victory and Heather Page’s death by neck snap:

2-in-1 Genre Videos version for Bitcoin users:

Here’s the Element poster!

Here’s a gallery of some of the awesome scenes from this video!




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