Black Cat vs. Spiderman – Leather Lust

Black Cat vs. Spiderman - Leather Lust 1

Black Cat vs. Spiderman, Leather Lust is a fan custom that CC Productions produced and underwrote a portion of the budget to give the video the production value it deserved. Black Cat (Christina Carter) has been out burglarizing the city but Spiderman (Marcus London) is hot on her trail. Spiderman is smitten by the sexy […]

Heroine Transformations

We’ve all got to start somewhere, don’t we? Maybe it’s presumptuous, deeming this one story the root of this site’s raison d’être. After all, people have been getting turned on by superheroine peril since superheroines were invented (if you’re old enough to be reading this, you’re hopefully old enough to know the kinky history behind […]

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