Carissa’s Heroine Adventure

Carissa's Heroine Adventure 1

Carissa first stars as Bat Woman taking on a villain and she is clonked on the head, captured, vibed, unmasked and unmasked. She returns as a Blue Angel who is ragged out, fondled, ragged out again, more fondling! She just can’t seem to get away without getting ragged again! Finally, the villain hoists her over […]

Revenge On All Superheroines 1!

Revenge On All Superheroines 1! 2

This is part 1 in a small series. Here’s a fun little romp in the old style of our classic videos. A good ole ragged out/worship/kayo video! A Blue Angel (Christina Carter) confronts a masked intruder (Janira Wolfe) and it’s not long before the intruder takes down the tights clad crimefighter with a rag lullaby! […]

Harem Girl: Blue Angel Trapped!

Harem Girl: Blue Angel Trapped! 3

Jayden Cole stars as a Blue Angel who infiltrates a secret hideaway only to discover it belongs to the infamous Harem Girl! Angela Sommers as Harem Girl starts to perform her mesmerizing dance to a defiant Blue Angel but soon the Angel’s resistance starts to crumble and Harem Girl is able to ensnare her with […]

Angel Chronicles 1

Angel Chronicles 1 4

A Blue Angel has found a villainess lair and is looking for clues when she is blasted by a paralyzing ray! The villainess approaches and takes advantage of our Blue Angels incapacitated state! The villainess fondles her curves and breasts but soon the paralyzing blast starts to wear off and our Blue Angel starts to […]

Guardian Angels

It was a large beach house that was the size of most high schools. Occupying a pleasant strip of the Mediterranean beach on the coast of France it also had secure airspace and water around it. Even though the buyer had questionable criminal activities a little money in the French government goes a long way. […]

Angel Games

The party was well into its third hour and people were still hanging about. Men in tuxes and ladies in fabulous dresses chatted with each other in the main ball room of the Stackhouse Mansion. Victoria Stackhouse was throwing a party to celebrate the New Year. Senators, business leaders, foreign dignitaries all had showed up. […]

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