Karen Hall was the Metro University’s star gymnast. She had medium length brown hair she kept in a bun most of the time. So far she had won several meets for her team and was well on her way to being part of the 2008 Olympic team. It was a late night at the gym. […]

The Berlin Connection

Elena Borodin sighed for what seemed like the thousandth time. She had been ‘requested’ by Moscow to visit a new superhero team based in Germany. Formed in the last few months they made quite a splash across Europe. So always wanting to look good in the international stage, and to remind countries they were still […]

Liberty League

She was cold but still kept going despite it. Her bulky clothing hid the feminine figure that was…she didn’t even know her own name. Carol… ‘that seems right, but why?’ Carol was too deep in thought to notice the four men following her. One of the gangs in the city, they were looking for a […]

Fire and Ice

She was in the zone. The sounds of her skates crisscrossing on the ice helped her with the timing. Her red skirt picked up slightly from the spin, revealing her nylon and lyrca covered behind. The crowd clapped as she set up her famous 1080 spin, with a leap, Sara was in the air. Sara’s […]

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