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18 year old Lana Prince is trying to juggle her education, nightlife and saving humanity. This of course can be a tedious endeavor, even for Wonderous Woman. When the homework starts piling up she calls upon her quirky friend Stewart Pidazz to take some of the stress off. Stewart cannot resist the idea of being in the same room as his friend Lana and agrees to help her. Unfortunately Lana’s identity is compromised while on patrol as Wonderous Woman and Stewart can’t help but feel betrayed.

He carefully plans her defeat by preparing copious amounts of chloroform. Stewart pretends to be in jeopardy and pounces on the young heroine with a soaked rag. Lana tries to fight off her attacker but to no avail without her powers. Lana slowly succumbs to the chemicals coursing through her body and passes out. Stewart takes this opportunity to explore Lana’s perfect body and decides to go all the way!

Lana wakes up naked and soar in certain parts of her body. She finds a note from the assailant that explains that Stewart has been kidnapped and to come alone if she wants to see him alive again. Lana spins and transforms into Wonderous Woman!

On arrival she is immediately attacked by Stewart from behind with another chloroform soaked rag. She isn’t able to see her enemy once again and fights to stay conscious. Still groggy from their last encounter Wonderous Woman falls victim to Stewart who plays with her body once again!

Wonderous Woman wakes up on the concrete floor and Stewart rushes over to help her. He explains that the kidnappers got away and left behind these chemicals. Still trusting of Stewart Wonderous Woman rests for a moment trying to clear her mind. Stewart cleverly divulges that he knows that Lana Prince and Wonderous Woman are the same person and hits her again with another dose of Chloroform. She flails about and screams at Stewart but moans fall on deaf ears as he grabs her golden lasso wrapping up the already helpless Wonderous Woman.

Stewart asks Wonderous Woman some embarrassing questions while continuing to keep her lungs full of chloroform. Wonderous Woman eventually passes out in his arms and is carried off to be the first in Stewarts collection…


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This movie includes:

LOTS of Chloroform
Sim sex
Golden lasso compulsion
OTS carry with butt slaps
Full nudity
Spin transformation

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  1. Hot!!! 🙂


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