Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Double Cross

Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Double Cross 3

Catwoman, Double Cross features Christina Carter as Catwoman and Pro Villain, Tim Woodman as her trusted henchman. Turns out money is the root of all evil. The Henchman has pulled off Catwoman’s plan of the Mayor’s daughter, yet demands more of a cut. Catwoman laughs at his demand, but has no idea what lies ahead. Seems someone does not like to be told no. Catwoman wakes to find herself bound to her own St. Andrews cross and faces the rathe of his dreaded single tail and prized flogger. This clip contains: Struggling, flogging, whipping, ball gag, rope/device bondage and lots of drooling.

Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Double Cross 4 (bondage/fetish) (“Legal Trouble, Part 2”) (Super Heroine)

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