Colossus – The Battle For Earth

In civilian clothing, our heroine is out for a walk when she’s greeted by two losers looking to “show her a good time”.

She quickly mops the floor with the two idiots only to find a much larger giant of a man who’s appearance scares both goons off. The giant very simply informs Widow he’s been designed to kill her and takes out a vile of green liquid. After he ingests it, an over-confident Widow starts dealing blows. To her surprise, they have zero effect, other than to amuse the giant. He doesn’t toy with her for long, and after a choke throw and a body slam, he lifts her up kicking and screaming and carries her off.

She comes to later in his lair. After a fruitless search for an escape, he appears again behind her. He again wastes no time and commences physical domination. Widow holds as long as she can, but he’s brutally strong. Oddly, the more she resists, the more he’s amused. The amusement begins to turn to attraction. No one has ever held out this long and he’s intrigued.

After dominating her physically and finding himself attracted to Widow, will he be able to carry out his orders to kill? Find out in Colossus!

Contains: 1 on 1 male/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, multiple bear hugs, low blows, crawling, lots of lifts and throws, strip tease/lap dance, OTS carry,

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