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Not a day goes by that Diana Prince doesn’t think about the disappearance of her Amazonian sister. When an unknown caller suggests they have been holding her sister, she immediately transforms into Wonder Star and goes to the location. She’s confronted by a villainess calling herself Domino. She claims to have Wonder’s sister in holding, and demands Wonder give up her cuffs and lasso and relinquish her powers in exchange for the chance to see her sister. Wonder hesitates but knows she must take the deal. She voluntarily gives up her pieces, but then Domino changes the deal.

She informs Wonder that if she wants to see her sister, she’ll need to experience the same torture and breakdown that her sister experienced years ago. Confident she can handle whatever Domino gives her, she allows it. Unfortunately, as strong as Wonder Star is, Domino shows considerable strength and resilience herself. Once she dawns Wonder Star’s cuffs, her power increases and Wonder realizes she’s outmatched. It’s not the physical beatdown that’s of concern.

Domino tortured Wonder’s sister far beyond just a beatdown, sexually humiliating her in every way imaginable. Domino is beyond twisted and Wonder will discover that everything isn’t as it seems.

Contains: 1 on 1 Female/Female Combat, Face Punches, Belly Punching, Kicks, Knees, Low Blows, Hammer Fists, Crawling, Body Pans, Groping, Full Nudity, Chloro, Injection Of Pleasure Enhancer/Inhibition Eraser, Forced BJ on Strap On Dildo, Forced Fucking In Multiple Positions, Consensual Fucking, Ball Gag

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Dark Surrender - TBFE Films 3

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