What’s next in The Dark Wondra Saga? Well, following upon the events in “Supernova 9: In Custody”, we discover who’s really in charge. Mace returns and forces Darkwing to do his bidding… and you don’t want to see what’s she’s got in store for Agent August… or maybe you do!

I’m sure you’ll love this all-action episode. The stage has been set, and now a couple of our heroines are released, but their allies and enemies will be a surprise to you! There’s revelation upon revelation as we learn what events brought all of these heroines to this point in the on-going battle between the forces of good and evil!

In addition to Darkwing, Dark Wondra and Supernova, Blackbird also makes an appearance in the Peril version of “Darkwing 12: Allies and Enemies”!

Here’s our first teaser pic from “Darkwing 12: Allies and Enemies”…

Darkwing 12: Allies and Enemies - Bluestone 1

Darkwing 12 Allies and Enemies still 1sm.jpg

ace re-enters the storyline and takes control of Dark Wondra to do his bidding. Will she now finish what she started and demolish the other heroines? Darkwing is not equipped with her exo-skeleton this time. Is Dark Wondra ally or enemy? You won’t want to miss this action-packed episode!

Darkwing 12 Allies and Enemies still 6sm.jpg
Joining Supernova, Darkwing and Dark Wondra in this one is Blackbird. Agent August and Catwarrior are also in this episode. So, 6 major heroines and lots of action.

Blackbird makes her appearance in the Peril version only!

The Extreme version features not 1, not 2, but 3 heroine deaths!

Get your shekels ready. This one will be well worth the money!

Darkwing 12 Allies and Enemies still 11sm.jpg
Darkwing 12 Allies and Enemies still 10sm.jpg


Bluestone Video Productions has been in the film-making business for 11 years, but entered the Superheroine world about 4 years ago with the classic "Wondra: Fall of a Heroine"! Building on the popularity of this video, we created many more Bluestone heroines, including Supernova, Darkwing, Catwarrior and Blackbird. Season 1 introduced our characters. Season 2 brought them all together in the "Dark Wondra Saga", and we hope Season 3 will take these characters to even greater heights. We are always asking what fans want to see and are eager to please everyone. Most of our productions also have alternate endings in order to satisfy those who just want to see Peril as well as those who want to see Extreme endings. Our best quality production values are reserved for our Superheroine line of videos!



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