Demise of Wonder Woman (C.C. Productions)

Demise of Wonder Woman (C.C. Productions) 1

Plot: For years, no criminal has been able to take down the amazing Amazon of might known as Wonder Woman. She can dodge bullets, beat adversaries to a pulp, jump high and run faster than the wind and no one has any clue how a woman can have these abilities and not be defeated. However, that’s all about to change…

Elusive super-hacker Chameleon has just made a startling discovery about the star-spangled defender and has set up the perfect trap for her. When Wonder Woman shows up to take her into custody, Chameleon reveals her findings about Wonder Woman: she’s actually a fem-bot created by the I.A.D.C.!

With this revelation revealed, what plans does the gorgeous Chameleon have in store for our amazing Amazonian protector?

Quick Pick (Thoughts on Film):

Now this hands down…is a *true* work of art that Christina Carter put together. I must say, that I was absolutely blown away with this production that she constructed with Angela Sommers and it has so much going for it. Fantastic plot with a great story idea (Wonder Woman as a fem-bot? Say it isn’t so!), great production set, a colorful and very intelligent supervillain, wonderful costumes and props, a fantastic ending for the story and some sizzling hot fetishes to boot.

I really enjoyed this production that Christina created and I often times wonder why she doesn’t do more Wonder Woman style stories like this. This was a masterpiece and I hope that she’ll one day create more scenarios like this for Wonder Woman.


-Excellent setting they used for Chameleon’s lair…very spacious and excellent decoration.

-Christina and Angela both steal the show in this vid and it was very tough for me to decide who was the better actress in this. Truth be told though, they both held it down and gave very tantalizing performances for this production.

Christina starts off being bold and brave with her portrayal of Wonder Woman and she showed her no-nonsense attitude with the delivery of her lines and stone-faced determination when she confronted Chameleon. But Christina’s acting abilities really shined when Chameleon activated the ‘fem-bot’ program in Wonder Woman and from there, Christina’s body movements and responses were just like a machine! I was very impressed with her performance in this role.

Then there’s the lovely Angela Sommers with her portrayal of Chameleon. Chameleon was a different kind of adversary from the usual rogue’s gallery that Christina faces off when she plays Wonder woman. Nine times out of ten, it was Lady Diana playing the villain who often bested Wonder Woman in these stories. Here though, the adversary that Angela plays is a hacker who has discovered the truth about Wonder Woman and even reveals her nefarious plans to use a ‘provocateur’ program to make the Wonder Fem-bot an obedient slave and criminal for those who wish to exploit her.

The thing that I loved about Chameleon was her plan…unlike some of the previous villains that Christina faces in her productions, this one had a goal and the means to make that goal reality when she discovers the truth about Wonder Woman or so she thinks… Chameleon wasn’t some power-hungry villainess looking to dominate her opponent…she was a hacker who used her knowledge of cyber-space to do the impossible…make Wonder Woman her obedient servant.

Chameleon was a fantastic adversary who knew how to think and put plans into action. Christina should really consider utilizing this character for future productions and getting Angela Sommers to reprise her role for it.

-Loved Chameleon’s Apple laptop and they got some good close-ups of her typing and hacking into the I.A.D.C. mainframe.

-Fabulous costumes as always for C.C. productions. I loved Christina’s Wonder Woman outfit and I really loved that red spandex suit, high heels and sunglasses that Angela was wearing in this. Homegirl really knows her wardrobe!

-The production crew did some very impressive camerawork for this vid and the close-ups, camera angles, transitions and cinematography were top-notch as always.

The audio was crisp and clear also when Christina and Angela spoke their lines.

-The fetishes they utilized for this were astonishing. It focused mostly on Christina’s robot performance and her servitude to Angela, which she utilized to great effect. She and Angela worshipped each other’s body’s and both fetish models were feeling each other up and Christina’s cleavage was exposed while Angela bared her whole body for all to see! (Chameleon had set up a Webcam program for potential criminal clients to see her control over Wonder Woman).

Both women are very athletic and statuesque in this video and it shows.

-Best part of this vid: Christina ‘goes down’ on Angela and her moans of pleasure along with her facial expressions were just steamy and erotic! My blood was boiling over just seeing that scene!

-A happy, happy joy, joy ending with a surprise twist! I guarantee, you won’t see the ending coming and it left me with a big smile on my face! (To me, that was the biggest selling point for this vid because Christina ended it in a good way, as opposed to ending the story in a bad way). I won’t say what the ending is, but rest assured, it really gave this story the right type of closure.


-Hmm…just a couple, nothing really severe. I was kinda hoping for a make-out scene or two but Angela and Christina don’t lock lips with each other…just on each other’s cleavage and Christina’s lips found their way onto Angela’s beautiful bare cunt, but that’s it.

-Eh…they really gotta work on choosing better music for some of these productions. The tracks that were used in this almost made the vid lose it’s ‘sex appeal’ but that one con didn’t detract anything from the vid itself.

Final Outcome

-Ahhhhh…Chameleon. Truly an adversary that was worthy of going up against Wonder Woman…she was smart, efficient and had the ultimate plan to expose Wonder Woman. And the best part was that she was portrayed by the great Angela Sommers. Though Angela has dyed her hair now, I must say, I truly miss her beautiful blonde look. But hey, Angela looks fantastic regardless of what hair her color is and she truly had my attention with her performance in this story. She and Christina made a great on-screen team and I hope that one day these two will continue to create more erotic adventures together.

Final Score for ‘Demise of Wonder Woman’: 5 out of 5! A definite vid that I would prescribe to those who are into the whole ‘fem-bot’ fetish!


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  1. Fantastic review as always, Doctor O.! This is one of my favorite of Christina Carter’s vids. She really shows a great level of ingenuity with the character Chameleon and I loved how this vid ended. (It’d be nice if Christina would try to do more stories with a happy ending behind it from time to time).

    Also, Angela Sommers definitely needs to reprise this role…but she’ll have to dye her hair back blonde. I too really miss her blonde look.

    • Thank u so much Sally, I’m glad you enjoyed the review as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. I agree that Angela Sommers was an excellent choice to play Chameleon in this story and I too miss her blonde look. It’s be great to see her portray this character again.

      Granted, Christina does make fantastic production work and I’ve tried to convince her over and over again to create stories where Wonder Woman wins more often. It’s strange how when she plays Catwoman, she’s invincible but when she plays Wonder Woman she’s easy prey for anybody that comes after her. ‘Wonder Whore’ from C.C. Productions is a prime example.

      But, I still enjoy what she creates so hopefully if the fans shout loud enough, she’ll hear their cries for a Wonder Woman victory.


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