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Britannia in Bride of Dracula

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Britannia in Bride of Dracula

Transylvannia, Romania. Noon

Leah Havenloft..the 19 year old daughter of the Duke of Longhampton..alighted from the train as it arrived in the station at Brasov.part of her university vacation (and a well-earned rest from fighting crime). She was on mid-term break fro Oxford University in London and decided to travel through Eastern Europe as part of her vacation. Gathering her belongings..Leah hired a taxi to take her to a hotel in Brasov where she had made a reservation. On a hilltop overlooking the town of Brasov...the massive structure of the Bran Castle stoo impressively for all to see.

As she walked through the town..Leah saw preparations in full swing for the annual summer festival. The teen heiress was looking forward to seeing the sights and sounds of Transylvannia during her stay well as some well-earned rest both from her studies at Oxford and crime-fighting activities as the costumed heroine known back in England as Britannia. Leah walked into the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria hotel and straight towards the front desk to check in. She was greeted at the front desk by a handsome young clerk named Stefan.

"Ah yes..Miss Havenloft...We have been expecting is your key..we hope you enjoy your stay here in Transylvannia..." replied the young man with a smile that made Leah's nipples tingle under her dress. "Yes..I'm sure I will..." said Leah as she signed the register..took her key and strolled towards the elevator. As she did..Leah had no idea that an old maid was keeping a close eye on her. Watching the sway of her curvaceous body beneath the form-fitting brown dress that she was wearing. "The hour is fast approaching...
the Lord of the Castle..will soon seek another bride..." said the old woman to herself as she pushed her cleaning cart down another corridor.

9 pm.

Her wavy red hair tied in a pony tail..dressed in a skimpy, low-cut see-through nightgown which barely contained her enormous cleavage..Leah Havenloft watched the festivities in the streets from her hotel room's balcony. Musicians were playing..people were was like something out of an 18th century folk tale which her father used to tell her about when she was a little girl. Leah briefly cast her eyes towards the massive structure of Bran Castle perched on a hilltop overlooking the town. As she did so...Leah strangely felt a sense of fatigue suddenly descend over her.

"Ohhh..all of a sudden..I tired..must be exhaustion from the trip...better turn in for the night.." sighed Leah as she rubbed her sleepy green eyes and walked back into her room. She slipped under the covers and with a long sigh...drifted off to sleep. No sooner was the young law student asleep..a bat landed on her open window sill. It was a warm night and Leah was covered from from the waist down by a thin silk sheet.

The bat flew up from the window sill..turned into a thin grey mist which materialised into the shape of a man...who was no other than the Lord of the Vampires himself..the legendary Count Dracula. He stood at Leah's beside..staring intently at the sleeping red-haired beauty. Dracula dissolved once again into the grey mist which spread across the floor..drifting up on to the bed..and slowly covering the body of the sleeping Leah Havenloft. "Ahhhh..Ahhhhh.." sighed Leah as she subconciously she felt the touch of a man's hands under her flimsy silk panties..probing the patch of red pubic hair between her thighs..stroking her clit.

"What...?" gasped Leah as she opened her eyes to see the grey mist flowing over her body. She was shocked as she saw her nightgown being unlaced..and her large breasts being exposed. "Have to get up..must..get my headband..and change into..." said the gorgeous redhead as she tried to shake herself out of her sex-induced stupor and change into BRITANNIA. However the mist covering her body seemed to have a mind of its own. "Uhhhhh...not my breasts..not my nipples...that's turning me on...can't stand it...getting to sleepy...must stay awake..." cooed Leah as her green eyes grew heavy with sleep. Through her increasingly blurred vision..Leah saw phantom hands..reaching out of the mist..their
fingers rubbing her light brown nipples until they became hard as rocks. "You are a strong one interest me.." a man's voice gloated.

"Who..who's there..who is doing this...?" groaned Leah as she struggled to stay awake. "We shall meet soon enough..You will come to me...You are not like the others...but for now..sleep..sleep..sleep..." chanted the voice. "Ahhh..Ahhh..Ahh..Ahh..Ahhhhhhhhhh...
Ahhh..Ahhh..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." sighed Leah as her green eyes rolled up in her head and she faded into unconsciousness. As she passed out..Leah heard the sound of a man's laughter filling her head as the strange mist vanished as quickly as it came.

The following morning..Leah Havenloft awoke..with the feeling of of overwhelming sexual power lingered in her mind. "Ohh..What happened?...Was it all a dream?..Was it real?...I've got to find out.." said Leah as she climbed out of bed and walked towards the bathroom to take a shower. Throwing on a white blouse, blue jeans and high heels..Leah left the hotel determined to find out more about her strange experience the night before. Her first stop..a local library to find more information.

As she studied some books about Transylvannian folklore..especially vampires..a young male Romanian student approached her. Leah was instantly aroused by his blonde hair..handsome face and athletic body. He introduced himself as Sasha. "I could not help but notice your interest in vampires...and sister shared that passion..she disappeared here a year ago to this day..the police give up..I cannot..other girls..they go missing too.." he said as he sat down next to the young British heiress. "Don't worry..I'm sure that if we work together..we can find her and solve this mystery.." replied Leah as she took his hands in her own.

Together they studied the newspaper reports about the missing girls and related vampire rituals in the old chronicles in the library. Everything pointed to Bran Castle..long reputed to be the home of Dracula..Lord of the Vampires. As they left the library..Leah outlined her plan to Sasha. "We have just about two hours before sunset... if your sister has been kidnapped by vampire followers..chances are that they'll be active around we should go to the castle then..." said Leah as she adjusted the strap of her purse.

"Yes...I like this are very brave to do this.." replied Sasha with a smile that sent a warm sensation rippling through Leah's chest. "Mustn't think those thoughts..they'll weaken me as Britannia.." thought the young heiress as they walked through the crowded streets of Brasov in the direction of the Bran Castle. "Since we have time..maybe we see the sights..." suggested Sasha. "I'd like that.." replied Leah with a smile as they walked on. Little did they know that they were being watched.

As night descended on the small Transylvannian town...Leah and her new friend Sasha arrived outside Bran Castle which was rumoured to be the home of the legendary Count Dracula. While there were lights and festivities in the town below..the huge stone castle was as silent as a tomb. Taking out flashlights which Sasha had bought in town..Leah and her Romanian friend began to search the grounds of the 18th Century castle. "Why's there no security here?..No one looking after the castle..?" asked Leah as they entered the courtyard and made their way inside the castle.

"Locals believe Dracula actually lives here..that is security enough.." replied Sasha as they walked down a darkened stone corridor inside of the castle. Suddenly..the duo heard noises coming from a chamber at the end of the corridor. "Looks like we're not alone..Let's find out who else is here.." said Leah as she ran down the corridor towards the Chamber. "Leah! Stop!" warned Sasha as he ran after her. He was too late to stop the beauteous redhead from opening the doors to the Chamber. Leah and Sasha were startled as they discovered five female vampires..feeding on the carcass of a dead cow. They looked up..glaring at the duo with red eyes..their razor sharp fangs bared.

"Illya!..My sister!" cried Sasha as he recognised her amongst the vampires. The female vampires charged towards them..snarling. "Run!!" yelled Sasha as he pushed Leah out the door into the corridor. "Sasha!!" cried Leah as the doors slammed shut behind her..sealing him inside with the female vampires. She wasted no time in reaching into her purse and pulled out the headband of the ancient British warrior queen Boudicca. Slipping it over her head..Leah was immediately engulfed in an aura of light. The young heiress felt herself becoming sexier and stronger.

When the light faded..she was clad in a tight-fitting glossy leotard, in the colors of the British flag. The front of the leotard dropped in a long V down to just below her belly-button, revealing much of the curves of her enormous cleavage. To prevent her boobs escaping during any significant exercise, a thin gold chain linked the material covering her breasts at the level of her nipples. Thee leotard also drops away at the back, highlighting her milky-white, flawless skin. On her shapely legs, she wore black translucent tights and dark blue leather boots that come to just below her knees. Her curly flame red hair cascaded from the top of her head to her shoulders.

The headband of Boudicca around her head while her green eyes peered through the slits of a blue mask that stretched across the upper part of her gorgeous face. Leah Havenloft was now the superheroine Britannia and ready for action. Extending her right leg..the busty British Bombshell kicked the doors open and charged inside. "Sasha!!" cried Leah as she saw her friend lying motionless on the floor. The five female vampires snarled and hissed as they charged towards their new foe. Spinning around..Britannia sent one vampire flying through the air with a powerful right kick to the gut. Another vampire lost her fangs thanks to a solid left fist to the jaw from the British superwoman.

Evading the punches of another vampire..Leah countered with a a right handed karate chop to the throat..stunning it instantly. Seeing that Britannia was no easy prey..the other two vampires turned into bats and flew away. The busty British beauty rushed to the aid of her Romanian friend. "Sasha..are you all right?" asked Leah as she extended her right hand to him. The young flame-haired heroine was startled as Sasha suddenly leapt to his feet and turned to face her. "No..." gasped Britannia. Her green eyes wide with horror in the slits of the blue mask which stretched across her she saw that Sasha had been turned into a vampire.

Before she knew what was happening...Sasha transformed into a cloud of grey mist and instantly surrounded her. "Unnnhhhh...Sasha..Unnnhhhh..not my breasts...Unnnhhhh..feel your hands...Unnnhhhhh..all over nipples...Unnnhhhh..get't fight back...Unnnhhhhh....getting weak...sleepy..." moaned Leah as she swayed helplessly in the cloud of mist that was once her friend. Evil laughter echoed through the Chamber as Dracula...Lord of the Vampires and host of the castle appeared.

" dare to enter my realm..meddle in my affairs..." gloated Dracula as he watched the outline of Leah's nipples become distinct under her leotard and a growing dampness between her legs as she was aroused by the vampire Sasha in his mist form. The five female vampires reappeared and rushed towards the dazed and disoriented Britannia. Weakened by Sasha's erotic attack...Leah was easily pinned to the cold stone floor on her back. the thin gold chain linking the opposite ends of her leotard was snapped open and her large breasts exposed by the vampires. " sleepy...Uhhhhh..can't fight back...Uhhhhh.." moaned Britannia. Her green eyes fluttering in the slits of her blue mask as the female vampires fondled her breasts and vagina.

Through her increasingly blurry vision..Leah saw Sasha and his transformed into vampires...hovering menacingly over her. They glared at her with fiery red eyes..their fangs bared. "'ve got to snap out of me..I can't defeat these vampires..while they are arousing my breasts.." moaned Britannia..completely at the mercy of the vampires. However trapped deep in the hypnotic trance of Dracula..Sasha paid no attention to the pleas of the captured British heroine. The only thing on his mind was his sworn oath to obey the commands of the Lord of Vampires.

"Aahhhhh!!!!!" screamed Britannia as Sasha bit her in the left breast while his sister bit her right breast. Rather than sucking out Leah's vampires would normally do...they injected a special, highly potent serum into her body. "Ooohhhh...What's nipples...becoming
I'm getting wet...stop vagina...getting weaker..getting..sleepier.."
moaned the busty British heroine as Dracula's vampire servants continued to molest her with their hands. Stroking her breasts..her thighs and the spot between them.

"There is no hope for you can do nothing but fall under my power..and
very shall serve your master!!" laughed Dracula. "Uhhh..Uhhh..Uhhh..Uhh
..Uhhhh...Uhhhh.." protested Leah as the skilled hands of the vampires..quickly made the light brown nipples and areolas which capped the summits of her creamy breasts hard as stone..and the fabric of her leotard between her thighs..quickly became damp as she was rapidly aroused. "Uunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhh..." capitulated Britannia as her green eyes rolled up in the slits of her blue mask...and slowly closed as the vampires stimulated her into reaching a massive orgasm..which sent her crashing into unconsciousness.

"Unhhnnnnnnn..." cooed Leah as she regained consciousness some time later. She awoke to find herself in a stone dungeon deep inside the castle which was lit only by wooden torches. Britannia was shocked to discover that her leotard and boots had been removed while she was unconscious. She still wore her translucent black pantyhose, mask and headband.
She was suspended from the ceiling by her wrists by strong metal chains, and her legs were spread apart and chained to the floor by that she was almost standing on the tips of her toes.

"Ah you awaken again...You are truly amazing.. never have I met a woman with such great sexual power as I did on the night you first was not a dream you had that night..." sneered the Lord of Vampires. "You can drink all my blood you freak..but I'll never be your slave!" quipped Leah as she strained in futility to break the chains binding her. Dracula laughed at her pathetic attempts to get free. "A myth created over the
fuel the fascination of man with our kind...make for amusement in your films and literature..
but there is another tale unknown to man..that is the powerful aphrodesiac which a vampire's fangs possess..which becomes active when the time of mating is upon us..every 100 years...and that time is here.." said Dracula as he walked slowly towards the captive heroine.

"We feed off the sexual energy released by the arousal of our makes the females of our species fertile so that we may breed again..we enjoy feasting on this I will enjoy feasting on yours..." he gloated. In the blink of an eye..Dracula circled behind Britannia..cupped her large breasts in his hands and began to caress them. "Uhhh..No..
Uhhh..not my breasts..Uhhhh...getting weak..getting sleepy again..Uhhh..must not..Uhh
..pass out..." moaned Leah as she writhed unsuccessfully to shake her breasts free from the cold, steely grip of Dracula's hands. The busty British bombshell felt his fingers as they groped her breasts..teasing her rock hard brown nipples into unprecedented hardness.
"Oooohhhh...Ahhhh..Ahhhh..Ahhhh..Unnnhhhhh.." cooed Britannia as her green eyes grew heavy with sleep in the slits of her blue mask.

"Yes...for all your have no resistance to the touch of a man's hand on your breasts...Lest you know girl...I have had centuries of experience in performing this ritual..
You have no must surrender to your most hidden desires...fantasies...surrender
and you shall be mine!!" sneered Dracula as he sensed the vast sexual energy inside of the flame-haired avenger's shapely body...flowing from the tiara of the ancient warrior queen Boudicca. "Unnnnhhhh...You're right breasts..feel so your nipples..never been touched like make sleepy...will pass out..
any second..." sighed Britannia as her shapely body sagged to the floor.

"Not yet girl..You must remain awake for the ritual to be completed..." commanded Dracula as he continued fondling Leah's breasts. At that moment...Sasha..his sister Illya and the other vampires joined them in the dungeon. "Unchain Lord...I'm too sleepy to fight you...I will let you take me..." cooed the busty British heroine. "Your wish shall be granted.."
replied Dracula as he unchained Leah's wrists. "Surprise!!" cried Britannia as she suddenly sprang to life and flung Dracula over her right shoulder and hard to the stone floor. Removing her tiara...Leah flung it in a wide arc at the rows of torches in the room.

"No!!!!" yelled Dracula as the torches hit the floor..making contact with thin streams of kerosene in its crevices and set the dungeon alight. The glow and heat from the raging inferno in the dungeon was enough to snap Sasha and the rest of the female vampires out of the spell which Dracula had placed them under. "No!!!..No!!!!..No!!!!" screamed Dracula as flames engulfed his body and he ran out of the dungeon. "Sasha!!..Get these girls out of here!!" ordered Britannia as she hastily donned her leotard, gloves and boots which Dracula had removed from her after he had knocked her out. Sasha did as he was told and ushered the women out of the dungeon and out of the castle.

The sight of flames spouting from the castle caught the attention of the townspeople below and several of them came running up the hill to see what was happening as fire engines arrived on the scene to put out the blaze. Leah Havenloft made her way through the crowd
..and found Sasha and his sister Illya. "Sasha..are you all right?" asked Leah. "Yes..but I do not know what happened...I cannot remember..all I know is that Illya is are the other women...who went missing..but have now been found.

Leah nodded..glancing back at the Bran Castle as the firefighters moved in and out of it.
Had Dracula perished in the fire...or would he return again in 100 years to mate again?


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