Why is it wrong for customers to say a model is bad looking in the sex industry?

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Re: Why is it wrong for customers to say a model is bad looking in the sex industry?

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Who would buy porn without having any idea what the models look like?

There are plenty of models in the industry who tick every box for conventional attractiveness, yet they do nothing for me. Meanwhile, some "borderline boilers" may be a bit rough-looking, but they have a surprising sex appeal (to me) which the French might describe as a certain I don't know what.

I really can't see the point in buying porn as a "lucky dip" without having any idea of how attractive I'll find the models. That's just weird.

In response to the OP, it's just a matter of discretion. It may be fair enough to talk about perceived flaws while privately discussing your taste in models with a producer. However, openly saying that you won't buy a video because of a specific model's appearance is likely to go down like a lead balloon on a forum. Particularly if there's a fair chance of the actual model reading your comments.
Who buys porn without knowing what the models look like? The answer is many porn customers. This situation only happens with network sites like Brazzers, Naughty America, Reality Kings (Owned by Brazzers), etc. Customers have no idea who will be in the next updates. Furthermore, they may not have any idea the type of model will be in a video.

For example, Brazzers has many different sites on its network, and some of those sites include "Big Tits" in their names. You would think every female on those "Big Tits" sites would have big tits. That's not the case. There are some scenes with small chested models, thus Brazzers is knowingly falsely advertising their product.

Those customers are stuck in a one month or one year membership. You may assume a video to a customer's liking will be released. However, we can't make that assumption. There is a possibility the customer will not like any model on the site for months.

One last thing, just because a guy may like big tits, blonds, or big butts, that does not mean he likes every woman with those physical features. Other features may turn him off such as a face, attitude, tattoos, etc. I like big tits, but I certainly do not like every busty model.
That is why we have this darwinian survival of the fittest capitalistic economic system. If a company has poor business practices and does not offer a decent previews of its movies then what will likely happen is that if enough customers feel that they get ripped off on purchases, then they will not become repeat or future customers, and then they could conceivably go out of business. Ultimately, companies that do not adequately serve their customers needs will pay for it on their bottom line. In a capitalistic consumer based industry such as the porn industry, the consumer picks the winners and losers and I would not worry too much about a few bad actors (porn companies), that the system has a way of rewarding the companies that cater to the needs of consumers and punishing the companies who fail to do so.

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