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Jungle Tales: Perils of the Lost Treasure

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Jungle Tales: Perils of the Lost Treasure ... /index.htm
(Sample pics at link).

Jungle Tales: Perils of the Lost Treasure!


Something is wrong in the jungle!
Thugs attacking Jungle Babe and Wild Girl!
Archeologist murdered!

Someone trying to kill Sara Kraft!
The hunt is on for a rare treasure and the jungle girls
square off against a gang of cut throats, monsters,
sex hungry plants, death traps and MORE!

This product encompasses the entire Jungle Tales
story shown at Danger Babe Central's membership site.
It also includes 100 additional pages with a winning
and losing ending!

Bondage, knock outs, sex crazed plants, death
traps, fighting, lecherous bad guys, monster breeding,
winning and losing endings!

249 Single Panel Pages!
143 Megs Zip File Download!

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