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Supergirl And The Golden Kryptonite

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Supergirl And The Golden Kryptonite


Starring Allie James, Willow, Alexander, Rock and Lucky

Directed by Alex Dorian

Supergirl has been captured by two thugs with kryptonite, she is dragged to the secret lair of Dr. K, mad scientist

He orders the thugs to strap her to the table, but she knocks the deadly green rock from their hand and starts to fight for her life

She kicks the thugs asses, but knocks one down next to the kryptonite, and he tosses it to his buddy and he beats the heroine down into submission.

They take her top off and cuff her to the slab, Dr. K tapes the kryptonite to her chest, then orders his thugs to punch her in the belly.

While beating on her, they discover that she is ticklish, so they start to torment her with tickling.

The mad doctor orders his nurse to put on his operation gloves and prepare the injection.

She loads a syringe with a gold liquid and hands it to him, Supergirl demands to know what it is, but the doctor silently injects it into her. She starts to shake and stir, and collapses weak.

She asks what it was he put in her, and he explains that it was a mind fucking serum, laced with gold kryptonite, the meteor that steals her powers, she cries out, and he orders his nurse to suck his dick while his thugs fuck Supergirl.

The three villains take turns fucking Supergirl's pussy and mouth and also the nurse, until they all cum, then they drag her into the cell, they're new person sex toy

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Supergirl, Costumes, Fighting, Mind-Fuck, Belly Punching, Fighting, Blow Job, Tickling, Bondage, Super Villains, Pornstars, Mad Doctor, Nudity



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Post 3 years ago

Got this recently and glad I did. Allie is a cute Supergirl and the fights and hardcore action are pretty hot. My hope is that there is a follow-up and she gets to keep that hot shirt and cape on while she gets the fuckdown put on her.

I recommend this for any hardcore Supergirl fan.

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I liked it as well. Allie was very good.

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