WON/MMP's Superwoman IV: Unchained (Fan Film) Is Now Playing!!!!!

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WON/MMP's Superwoman IV: Unchained (Fan Film) Is Now Playing!!!!!

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WON YouTube Networks/Jimbo-FailExchange Productions in association with MMP Studios Presents: Superwoman IV: Unchained (Fan Film), Starring Linda Hines as Superwoman and Leira S'Drahcir as Catwoman. This is the forth installment of our brand new spinoff series. A legendary villain from the city of Gotham travels to has the suburban part of Chicago to confront her new biggest threat...Emily Nessbocker of The Chicago Sun-Times who as we all know is Superwoman. This not just a minor confrontation between these two women. It becomes a deadly one...as Superwoman and Catwoman go face to face in the most deadliest game of cat and mouse!! Linda Hines stars as Superwoman in WON/MMP's Superwoman IV: Unchained, co-starring Leira S'Drahcir as Catwoman....

Brought to you in High Definition!
Superwoman IV: Unchained, Co-Created By Jonathan Rios, George Guzman, Ricardo Reyes and Jackie Gonzalez
Written By Jonathan Rios, Ricardo Reyes and Jackie Gonzalez

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