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Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!

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Thank Omega Woman for editing this series, and making it legibile....and even more perverted....(#7 coming soon)...without further adue....

Batgirl enters the Joker's hideout as stealthily as she can, wearing her trademark costume - black bodysuit with yellow bat symbol over chest, blue bat-eared cowl with attached cape, yellow boots, yellow gloves, and yellow utility belt with bat-shaped buckle. The Joker had supposedly skipped town after his latest escape, but the heroine knew that his old hideout was likely to contain information on future plans.

Spotting a computer in the corner, Batgirl heads for it immediately. Soon, she is busily searching the computer for files, totally oblivious to everything else.

As Batgirl is typing, however, a silhouette slowly and quietly emerges behind her. It's Harley Quinn, clad in her usual red-and-black "checkerboard" jester outfit. Harley's face is caked in white makeup, and a black domino mask stretches over her eyes. A wicked grin is on her lips.

For unbeknownst to even Batman, Harley has recently broken things off with the Joker and tried to strike out as a supervillainess on her own. And she knows exactly where to start...

Chloroform rag in hand, Harley tiptoes toward the oblivious Batgirl, her sock-like booties muffling any noise that her footsteps make. Before Batgirl can react, Harley pins her arm behind her back and chloroforms the surprised heroine.


Eyes wide as the rag firmly clamps over her mouth, Batgirl thrashes and attempts to resist. But she is far too surprised to put up much of a fight; the redhead eventually passes out, cross-eyed and whimpering.

Half an hour later, Batgirl has been tied up in bondage by Harley. The unconscious heroine is alone in another part of the hideout, lying face-down over an ottoman with a ball-gag stuffed in her mouth. A blank television screen sits directly before Batgirl's head.

Soon, Harley enters the room, strapping on an enormous dildo around her hips as she approaches Batgirl. Giggling, the demented villainess takes off the ball-gag and thrusts the rubber cock into Batgirl's mouth, rudely waking the heroine with a face-fucking. Batgirl wakes up immediately, but can only struggle uselessly as Harley has her way with her mouth for thirty more seconds.

Afterward, Harley walks around to Batgirl's backside and proceeds to cut a hole in the crotch of Batgirl's costume. Weakened and humiliated, Batgirl can only squirm some more and shout useless protests as Harley begins to fuck her over the ottoman doggy-style. Harley's thrusts are merciless, and soon have Batgirl quivering and moaning.

"Agh! Ugh! Oooohhhh..."

As Harley is fucking Batgirl, she puts the television screen to good use and forces Batgirl to watch a hypnotizing video. The video repeats "OBEY" in a loud, booming voice over and over, in time with Harley's thrusts. Batgirl closes her eyes, but can't drown out the voice; soon, she is mindlessly repeating:

"Obey. Obey. Obey."

Harley puts the ball-gag back into Batgirl's mouth, to "shut the slut up". Eventually, Batgirl orgasms with a mighty scream, totally falling victim to the hypnotizing video.

With a wet squish, Harley pulls out of Batgirl and un-straps the dildo. Batgirl is lying motionless, eyes wide and crossed. Harley laughs as she holds Batgirl up by her red hair, like a trophy. She unties Batgirl's bonds and removes the ball-gag once more, noting with amusement that Batgirl's mouth is staying in a perfect "O". Grabbing Batgirl by her hair, Harley pulls the heroine onto her hands and knees and forces her to crawl like a dog. Pulling Batgirl by her hair, Harley taunts the vanquished vigilante as she leads her out of the room, calling her "a good little bitch" and laughing as she walks her new bitch.

After the hypnotizing video, Harley gloats that Batgirl's conquest will be her first step to becoming Gotham's top villainess. But she's still unsure that the video has completely taken hold of Batgirl's mind. Thus, Harley begins the humiliation tests to make sure that Batgirl is totally under her power, a mindless obedient slave. And she plans to capture every minute of it on film!

First, Harley leads Batgirl around like a dog, forcing her to wear a leash and dog collar engraved with the word "BITCH". Batgirl is forced to bark, pant, and whine, just like a real dog. A video camera on a tripod nearby captures the whole scene, as per Harley's plans.

Then, wanting to debase the Batgirl symbol, Harley pies Batgirl in the face as Batgirl is forced to stand in "heroine form" (with hands on hips, chest thrust out, and feet apart). Harley taunts Batgirl, who now has pie stuck to her face, and tells her to wipe her face clean. Batgirl obeys, only to have Harley pie her in the face over and over again, taunting her the entire time and laughing at her new mindless toy. After a large portion of Batgirl's face and costume is covered in white pie material, Harley orders Batgirl to get on her knees, and keep her hands on her hips. Batgirl obeys, and is rewarded with another volley of pies.

Next, Harley forces Batgirl to take off all of her costume except for her cape and cowl. Batgirl strips as commanded, and when she's finished, blankly stares as Harley sets up a camera on a tripod. Harley forces the mostly-nude Batgirl to put on a French maid costume, then has the heroine put her Batgirl top back on over the French maid top. Afterward, Harley unmasks Batgirl, exposing her identity as Barbara Gordon.

"Holy guacamole!" Harley exclaims. "Babs Gordon?! Now that, I wasn't expecting!"

"Yes," Batgirl says. "I've been masquerading as Batgirl since I was twenty-one. The life of a super heroine always held far more excitement for me than my civilian life did..."

After taunting "Babs" some more, Harley puts Batgirl's hair in pigtails and puts the heroine's head back under her mask, fishing out the pigtails through the cowl's bat-ears. Subsequently, Harley forces Batgirl to put on suntan control top pantyhose, then light white thigh-high stockings.

Batgirl is then made to put on white satin panties over her hose, before pulling her Batgirl boots back on. As a final touch, Harley makes Batgirl put on a French maid bonnet over her cowl, and French maid cuffs over her gloves.

Harley laughs hysterically at the hypnotized heroine's ridiculous new "costume", and taunts the mindless Batgirl.

"Told ya the whole "vigilante" gig didn't make much dough!" Harley laughs as she hangs an arm around Batgirl's shoulder. "Being a super villain's French maid/sex slave pays WAY better!"

Wanting to "mark her property", Harley then takes a black Magic Marker, pulls down Batgirl's pantyhose/panties around her knees (Batgirl's knees are together, while her feet are apart), and writes "PROPERTY OF HARLEE QUINN" on Batgirl's bare ass. Harley next pulls up Batgirl's pantyhose/panties, and has the heroine pose on all fours. As the humbled heroine stays in the pose, Harley writes "HERE SUCKS BAT BITCH" on Batgirl's panties.

After giving Batgirl her makeover, Harley moves on to the next step of Batgirl's training. She trains the heroine to call her "mistress"; once Batgirl has performed to her satisfaction, she rewards Batgirl by putting a baby bib on her and taunting her some more.

Next, Harley "teaches" Batgirl how to suck cock, placing a dildo (with a suction cup at its base) in Batgirl's mouth. Harley flashes a joy buzzer in her hand; Batgirl is trained so that any time the ringer is buzzed, she immediately drops to her knees, sticks the dildo's base to a hard surface, wraps her lips around it, and bounces her head up and down like a mindless robot until the buzzer rings again. Harley has Batgirl repeat this process 2-3 times, laughing and taunting Batgirl the entire time:

"I knew you'd be a natural at this, kid! Lips like yours were made for giving BJs!"

The cross-eyed Batgirl giggles as she pulls off of the dildo. "Well, BJ is only one letter away from BG, mistress..."

Harley laughs, "Just for that, you've earned yourself another autograph from moi!"

Batgirl squeals in delight as Harley pulls out the magic marker again, and pulls both of Batgirl's tops over her tits. Grinning, Harley begins to write "PROPERTY OF HARLEY QUINN" on Batgirl's tits, but stops. Frowning, she orders Batgirl to get on all fours, and inspects the
heroine's white satin panties.

"Wait a minute... I've ALREADY written that!"

Growling, Harley wipes the marker off of Batgirl's tits, and writes the words "HQ's BITCH" instead. She allows the ink a moment to dry before pulling Batgirl's costume back down.

Harley then takes personal control of the camera, narrating as she tells Batgirl what to do to further humiliate herself for her mistress' pleasure. Batgirl is posed, then made to do the "super heroine pose", followed by the "super heroine pose with tits thrust out" (the words "HQ'S BITCH" on Batgirl's bare tits are proudly displayed). Harley then takes pictures of Batgirl posed with her cape draped over her head, Batgirl posed on all fours, Batgirl posed on all fours kissing Harley's booted feet, and Batgirl posed on all fours kissing Harley's ass.

For the next scene, Batgirl, cross-eyed, stays on all fours with a pie put in front of her face. In the next shot, Harley's booted foot comes down on the back of Batgirl's head, forcing the heroine's face into the pie. A shot of Harley laughing hysterically follows; she's holding a leash connected to a collar around Batgirl's neck, as Batgirl stays face-down with her ass in the air, lying motionless. The shoot is concluded with a shot of Harley pulling Batgirl up by her hair and drawing a cartoon-y smile on Batgirl's face.

Harley leads the heroine-turned-maid to the bathroom next. Camcorder in hand, she forces Batgirl to clean the whole bathroom with a toothbrush while she tapes and taunts the redhead:

"Looks like you've finally found your true calling in life, Bat-bitch!"

"Yes, mistress!" Batgirl coos. "This is SO much more fun than fighting crime!"

After Batgirl finishes cleaning the toilet, Harley comes up from behind and forces Batgirl's face into the toilet with her booted foot. Harley then flushes the toilet, laughing and taunting Batgirl as she gives the heroine a swirlie.

"Round and round the Bat-bitch goes, where she stops, nobody knows!" Harley giggles as the toilet water spins and churns around Batgirl's head.
Batgirl struggles and splutters, but remains on her knees. Laughing cruelly, Harley holds up Batgirl's skirt from behind, grabs her panties, and gives her a painful wedgie to go with the swirlie. Harley has one foot on Batgirl's back, keeping the heroine's face in the toilet as she laughs and calls Batgirl "a good little girl" over and over.

After the swirlie, Harley has Batgirl towel off and leads her to the kitchen to make her new bitch some food. Soon, Batgirl is on her hands and knees, eating dog food out of a dog dish. Harley taunts and laughs at Batgirl as she watches the vigilante hungrily devour the dog food and slurp from the water dish wide-eyed, like she hasn't eaten in days.

With the "meal" over, Harley leads Batgirl to the living room, sets up the video camera once more, and forces Batgirl into a "coffee table" pose (on all fours). Harley then takes out a dildo and stuffs it into Batgirl's pussy, eliciting a moan from the former heroine. Grinning, Harley fetches an "HQ Sorority Paddle" and proceeds to put it to good use, paddling the dildo into Batgirl. For extra fun, Harley sets the suction-cup dildo right in front of Batgirl's mouth, and with every paddle to the crimefighter's butt cheeks, Batgirl's head bounces up and down on the fake cock.

"Remember, Bat-bitch, this hurts you a lot more than it hurts me!" Harley says, panting slightly with every swing.

The crack of the paddle gets louder and louder as the seconds tick by, just as Batgirl's bare rump gets redder and redder. Batgirl pants heavily, clearly enjoying the mixture of pain and pleasure and on the brink of climax.

As Batgirl succumbs to a forced orgasm, Harley pulls out her boxing glove gun and gives Batgirl a "super donkey punch". The blow to the back of Batgirl's neck sends the heroine flying; she lands a good distance away, passed-out with ass in the air, face on the floor, with eyes wide and crossed. Harley laughs and poses for the camera, one booted foot on Batgirl's ass.

"Hah! Flawless victory!"

Some time later, Batgirl, still in her French maid costume, is seen locked in a dog kennel. The redhead is on all fours, with collar and leash around her neck; a dildo has been strapped into her mouth, and her hands are cuffed behind her back. The leash is pulled so tight that Batgirl's head is lower than her ass. Last, but not least, the heroine's cape has been draped over her head, partially obscuring the fact that her face is now covered in pie and a giant cartoon-y smile.

After a long day committing crimes to restore her funds (and bragging to every criminal she can find), Harley returns to the hideout and comes into the room, filming while narrating in her best parody of a documentary voice:

"And here, we see the North American "super heroine", more commonly known as the "slutty costumed bimbo that needs to be taught her place". Notice the vacant look on her face - a face devoid of any thought but to please her mistress."

Harley is now dressed in a purple-and-green cheerleading costume, with suntan pantyhose, a green/purple skirt, purple top, green hose running down her arms, and purple gloves on her hands. Her pigtailed hair is now exposed. She skips as she enters the room, filming the humiliation of Batgirl and posing for the camera herself by showing her "bloomers" like a Golden Era model. The words "BOSS OF GOTHAM" can be seen written on her white satin panties.

Batgirl is let out of the kennel, and soon find herself posing mindlessly for the camera. Harley begins to "cheer" for Batgirl, showing her ass to the camera and congratulating the heroine for "loosening up" and "seeing the light".

Harley then taunts Batgirl, lifting the heroine's cape and talking down to the heroine, asking if "anybody's home" and rapping Batgirl's skull with a fist. Harley proceeds to lead Batgirl around the hideout, concluding the "tour" at the armchair and television set. Harley promptly forces Batgirl to be her coffee table, and clicks on the TV to watch some football. Harley rests a bottle of beer on Batgirl's masked head, and puts her feet on the redhead's back.

"Ahhh... home, sweet home..."

Soon, Harley moans in disappointment as her favorite team loses. Clicking off the TV, she grabs Batgirl by her pigtails, pulls down her panties, and forces the heroine's face into her bared pussy. Batgirl sucks on Harley's clitoris cross-eyed, moaning as she slurps. Harley notes amusedly that Batgirl's slurping is louder and sluttier than anything she's ever given to the Joker.

Harley is on the brink of orgasm when she pushes Batgirl away, and scolds her, telling her that she can only make her mistress cum when the mistress orders it. As punishment, Harley straps a dildo around her waist and makes Batgirl suck it for a good minute, before pulling out and slapping Batgirl across the face with it over and over.

Batgirl giggles and begs for more, looking up at Harley with eyes in full-on "slut" mode. "I'm your bitch, I'm your property, I'm your whore!" she moans.

Grinning, Harley resumes forcing Batgirl to blow her, using Batgirl's pigtails as handlebars. Batgirl's eyes are wide and crossed as she moans; her head bounces harder and harder, while her hands are stuck at her hips, frozen in place like a statue.

Harley laughs hysterically, taunting Batman as she faces the camera, "How do you like that, FATMAN?! Your little sidekick plays for MY team now!"
Batgirl soon faces the camera as well, smiling. The vanquished vigilante tells the world that from this day on, she is no longer Batgirl, but "Bat-Bitch, Harley Quinn's personal pussy-licking, dildo-sucking toy!". In that instant, the fake nutsack attached to the base of Harley's dildo contracts, then starts to spray Batgirl's face down with cum.

The camera gets many good shots of Batgirl's masked face covered in cum, before Harley unmasks Batgirl and takes some more pictures of Barbara Gordon on her knees in her new "whore" uniform. The redhead's face is covered in pie, cum, and a giant painted smile. Still kneeling, Batgirl soon turns around and holds up her own skirt, so the camera can catch her panties and the "HERE SUCKS BAT BITCH" label.

Batgirl faces up to her mistress, covered in cum and smiling as her eyes go wide and cross. She begins to giggle as she rubs the cum into her own face and hair. As Batgirl straddles Harley's leg, Harley laughs and holds Batgirl's leash; she then bends over and uses Batgirl's discarded cowl to wipe the heroine's mouth and face, before stuffing the cum-soaked mask into Batgirl's mouth.

As the camera fades to black, Batgirl looks at her mistress cross-eyed, moaning, and laughing uncontrollably while Harley drapes her cape over her head...

Hours later, Batgirl is seen back inside her dog kennel, hands still cuffed behind her back. She seems to have "wakened up" from her hypnotized state. Facing a camera, she directly begs Supergirl, and ONLY Supergirl, to come and save her. As she begs, Batgirl adds that Harley and Joker have some evil secret plans that she's only heard parts of.

Harley suddenly comes up from behind, prompting Batgirl to squeal and beg even more desperately for help. Batgirl tries to get away from Harley, but to no avail; Harley grabs the camera and films Batgirl in the kennel up-close, taunting her.

Smirking evilly, Harley grabs Batgirl by her collar and pulls her up up to the edge of the kennel. She tells Batgirl of the joy buzzer in her panties, telling her that since she was such a "good bitch", she deserves a "treat".

Before Batgirl can react, Harley joy-buzzes her, while stuffing a dog treat into Batgirl's mouth. Batgirl is forced to hold the dog treat in her mouth and chew it, all while being joy-buzzed. The redhead is soon forced to swallow, while Harley films, laughing. Harley continues to laugh as she joy-buzzes Batgirl at random intervals. Batgirl spasms on the floor of her kennel, moaning in pain and pleasure. The fallen heroine curls into a ball, crying, sobbing, and begging for mercy.

As the camera fades to black, Harley stands over Batgirl, laughing...
With the camera off, Harley yells "Cut!", and Batgirl immediately stops crying and begging. The heroine goes back to her hands and knees, smiling like a mindless slave and hoping that her mistress noticed the hard work that she put into convincing Supergirl that she wasn't a super villain's mindless slave.

Harley pats her loyal slave on the head, and Batgirl purrs like a kitten, not wanting to wait for Harley to give her more degrading orders. Harley leaves her pet's side, prompting her to whimper, wanting more humiliation.

Laughing as she leaves, Harley turns the camera back on one last time, turns, and lifts her skirt, showing her panties to the camera, and by extension its recipient, Supergirl. She then turns around once more and flips Supergirl off, before turning off the lights, bouncing out of the room, and shutting the door. Batgirl is left alone in the dark, locked securely in her kennel.

Some time later, miles and miles away, a young blond woman clicks off her TV and goes to get her Supergirl costume...

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Supergirl comes into Harley's hideout, wearing her usual costume - blue top with red-and-gold "S" shield over her chest, red cape, blue skirt, and red knee-high boots. The blonde doesn't bother to hide her presence, confident that nothing Harley can throw at her can stand up to her super powers.

The blond Kryptonian quickly finds Batgirl still locked in her kennel, and still dressed as Bat-Bitch. Batgirl is lying face down while on her knees, her ass in the air. Her cape is draped over her head. Batgirl's gloved hands, Supergirl notices, are cuffed to the sides of the cage; most humiliating of all, a robotic dildo is fucking the heroine from behind as she lies lifeless.

"Harley, you monster!" Supergirl snarls, fists clenching even as she finds herself - to her shame - getting a tiny bit wet. "How dare you disgrace a super heroine like this!"

Supergirl begins to feel a bit woozy as she approaches Batgirl, but shrugs it off. She has a tougher time breaking the handcuffs than she imagined she would, but tells herself that freeing Batgirl is the most important thing. Supergirl leads the redhead heroine out of the cage, and takes the cape off of her friend's head.

To her horror, Supergirl sees that Batgirl is cross-eyed, and her face is painted in white face-paint. Worst of all, a glowing green Kryptonite dildo is stuffed in Batgirl's mouth!


Now facing the full blast of the Kryptonite radiation, Supergirl feels weaker than ever. The blond heroine starts to almost faint when her super-hearing picks up someone coming into the room from behind. With difficulty, she turns around and sees Harley Quinn, dressed in a "Boxing Bitch" costume - boxing gloves, tank top with push-up bra, boxing shorts, shoes, and suntan pantyhose. Harley's hair, as always, is in pigtails.

Harley moves fast, diving in and beating the weakened Supergirl silly, laughing and taunting the blonde the entire time as video cameras placed around the room record the entire "fight". Batgirl stands to the side, staring blankly ahead like a good little mindless sex slave.

"Float like a zeppelin, sting like a flea!" Harley laughs as she delivers punch after punch to every inch of Supergirl's vulnerable body.

"Ugh! Oof! Oww!" Supergirl can only groan as she is flung left and right, like a ragdoll. The Kryptonite radiation has left her no stronger than a normal woman by now.

Harley keeps up the relentless assault, noting aloud that Supergirl's tits make for juicy targets. Indeed, the blond heroine's sizable breasts are almost like giant punching bags beneath Harley's cruel blows.

After Supergirl is left barely able to stand, Harley finishes her off with a punch to the groin. Supergirl bends over, cross-eyed, and drops to her knees. Harley grabs Supergirl by her hair and forces Supergirl's face into her crotch. Supergirl struggles as her face is pressed against Harley's boxing shorts, but cannot free herself. Harley taunts her captive, talking down to Supergirl and calling the blond heroine her bitch.

Harley then punches Supergirl again, hitting both sides of the heroine's face with her hands and crushing her head in-between. Supergirl is knocked cross-eyed by the "pincer blow".

The helpless Supergirl is then forced to kiss Harley's ass reluctantly, followed by the villainess' feet. Supergirl is left on her knees, crying and blubbering while begging for mercy.

"P-please... stop... I c-can't take..."

Harley grabs the weakly resisting Supergirl and forces the blond heroine's face into her tits, laughing as the weakened Kryptonian is unable to break free from her grip.

"Thought you'd come in and save the day, didn't you, Super-SLUT?" Harley sneers. "Play the big hero? Well, not this time! Your little friend Bat-bitch has already told me how Kryptonite makes you nice and weak, AND where to get it!"

"HMMmmph! MMmph!"

For the finish, Harley grabs her boxing-glove gun and lands an uppercut to Supergirl's chin; the blow is so hard that Supergirl is sent flying several feet into the air, and finally flops over the back of a nearby couch.

Supergirl is left knocked out, ass in the air and skirt flopped up. Her cape is now draped over her unconscious head. Grinning, Harley grabs a black Magic Marker and autographs Supergirl's ass with the words "Super slut" in bold letters. Harley further taunts Supergirl, lifting the heroine's KO'ed head and talking down to the knocked cross-eyed heroine.

"Aww... is it the widdle Super-slut's bedtime already? Well, too bad!"

To wake her toy up, Harley grabs the Kryptonite dildo out of Batgirl's mouth and sticks it into Supergirl's mouth. Supergirl squirms and moans, still cross-eyed; she is now unable to summon the strength to even move.

Smirking, Harley grabs the waistband of Supergirl's panties and gives her a "super wedgie", which stretches and goes all the way over the Kryptonian's head.

"Ya know what they say, Super-slut! Supergirls need super wedgies!"
Harley grabs fistfuls of Supergirl's blond hair and pulls them through the panties' leg holes, before taking the dildo out of Supergirl's mouth and tossing it aside. Her strength somewhat returned, Supergirl walks around, still stuck in the wedgie, as Harley taunts her; to make things worse, Supergirl's cape is also stuck in the wedgie, making it even more difficult for her to see.

Every step that Supergirl takes hurts, as it drives the tough material of her panties a bit deeper into the heroine's pussy and ass. Still, she
presses on, holding her arms in front of her and waving them wildly.

"Actually, make that a super-duper wedgie!" Harley smirks, stepping out of Supergirl's way and sticking a foot in Supergirl's path. The blond heroine crashes to the ground, still not free from the stubborn wedgie.

Laughing, Harley forces Supergirl onto all fours and forces her to crawl, walking like a dog. The mortified Supergirl has no choice but to go wherever Harley leads her; her face is heating up like it's never heated up before!

Once she tires of the game, Harley grabs Supergirl by her cape, and spins around and around until she spins the wedgied heroine right out of her cape. The cape-less Supergirl crashes straight into a wall, going in head first. The heroine's invulnerability has ensured that she is left with her head stuck in the wall, her ass in the air. Supergirl struggles to free herself as Harley taunts and humiliates her.

"Wow... I'd always heard you were thickheaded, but not THIS thick!"

After Supergirl finally frees herself, she finds Harley ready with chloroform pies. Supergirl is repeatedly hit in the face with the pies; she tries to wipe them away, but her face gets creamed over and over again. Slowly, she falls to her knees, the whole room beginning to spin before her eyes.

Harley slides a dog bowl full of dog food in front of Supergirl, saying, "Aww.... doggy is hung-wie!"

"Uggghhh..." Supergirl murmurs, her vision swimming. "M-must... not..."

The blond heroine passes out just as she wipes the last pie from her face, disgracefully falling face-first into the bowl of dog food. Her ass is once again left in the air.

Harley poses for the camera as Supergirl lies motionless, draping Supergirl's cape over her head. Harley then pulls the Kryptonian up by her hair, posing her newly-defeated trophy - now covered in pie and dog food - on her knees.

Supergirl wakes up hours later, only to find herself dressed in a Supergirl Schoolgirl costume: red/blue cheerleading skirt, Supergirl top and cape, white knee-high socks, suntan pantyhose, and white satin panties over the hose. Supergirl's ass still says "Super slut", and her face is caked in overly-done makeup, almost cartoon-y; her blond hair has been put into pigtails. And last, but not least, Supergirl realizes that she is now locked in a dog kennel, with a dog collar and leash around her neck.

The blond Kryptonian looks through the bars of her cage, and realizes that there are rolling cameras outside, recording her humiliation. Desperately, she attempts to break out with her Kryptonian strength, but the kennel refuses to budge. Her heat vision similarly fails to work. In horror, Supergirl realizes that there must still be Kryptonite radiation somewhere in the room, neutralizing her powers.

Harley comes into the room, wearing a purple/green schoolteacher costume. She unlocks Supergirl's kennel, and leads the heroine outside.

As she does so, she explains that the collar around Supergirl's neck contains a small amount of Kryptonite, just enough to nullify Supergirl's powers.

"But," Harley adds. "I can also control how much of it you receive! I don't want you accidentally breaking your playmates with that strength of yours, but I do think it'll come in handy... when you play for my team!"
Supergirl tries to resist, but Harley hits a remote control, activating a joy buzzer attached to Supergirl's crotch. Anytime Supergirl resists, Harley hits the remote, activating the joy buzzer and making SG weaker and weaker. Still, Supergirl continues to resist - in fact, she resists so much that Harley is forced to put the blonde over her knees, pull Supergirl's new panties down, and openly spank the heroine until Supergirl is crying pathetically and begging for mercy.

"Owie owie owie..." the heroine sniffs. "P-please... stop...!"

"Sheesh!" Harley mutters to herself. "What a super baby! Even Bat-bitch lasted longer!"

"B-Batgirl! Ow! Help m-me!"

While Supergirl is getting "schooled" at Harley's merciless hands, Batgirl is already outside of her kennel, sitting at a schoolchild's desk. The former heroine is still wearing her Bat-Bitch costume, and balancing a heavy book on her masked head. Batgirl stares forward mindlessly as Supergirl begs for her help, hands on hips and tits (now branded with the words "PROPERTY OF HQ") thrust out. The redhead has a huge smile on her face, her eyes wide and staring straight ahead. Occasionally, she giggles to herself.

Harley ramps up the "treatment", spanking and joy-buzzing Supergirl simultaneously while also forcing the powerless Kryptonian to watch the same video that hypnotized Batgirl. The pain and pleasure soon prove too much for Supergirl, who is forced to come against her will. The treatment breaks Supergirl; after the orgasm, the video has completely taken over her mind. The blond heroine is left cross-eyed and obedient, mindlessly repeating "Obey. Obey. Obey."

Gleefully, Harley leads her now-mindless pet to her desk, right beside Batgirl's. Harley makes Supergirl sit and obey; Supergirl now calls Harley "mistress" as she stares mindlessly forward. As Harley balances a book on Supergirl's head, the Kryptonian heroine begins to smile widely.
As one last touch, Harley clips an empty utility belt, similar in design to Batgirl's around Supergirl's waist. She tells Supergirl that she'll learn later what it's for.

Harley begins the "class", teaching her two "students" how to serve their mistress properly. Harley then proceeds to show the two how to properly give blowjobs, making them blow dildos that are attached to a pair of coffee tables by suction cups. Both Batgirl and Supergirl bounce their heads up and down on the rubber shafts, moaning, whimpering, slurping, and slobbering all over the place. Harley laughs, talking down to both of them and calling the duo "good LITTLE girls".

For the next lesson, Harley leads Supergirl around by her leash, training and teaching her how to crawl like a dog. Supergirl performs beyond Harley's expectations; as a reward for being so good, Harley orders Supergirl and Batgirl to "scissor each other" until one comes; whoever comes first gets to eat lunch.

Both heroines immediately get on the ground and begin to hump each other, trying to beat the other to orgasm. Grinning lustily, Harley begins to massage and rub her own pussy as Supergirl and Batgirl mash their vaginas together.

"Give it up, Super-loser!" Batgirl growls through clenched teeth.

"Keep dreaming!" Supergirl sneers back. "I've got WAY more experience than you do, Bat-virgin!"

The two keep going at it like a pair of wildcats in heat. Eventually, Batgirl, having more experience as a sex slave, wins.


Supergirl is left pouty and whimpering as Harley straps a ball-gag into her mouth and leads both her and Batgirl into the kitchen. "No fair..."
In the kitchen, Harley "rewards" Batgirl by feeding the redhead dog food and making her eat out of a dog dish while on her hands and knees.

Supergirl whimpers in the corner, defeated. Her penalty for losing is to watch Batgirl smile and hungrily eat dog food right in front of her. To make things worse, the blond heroine's stomach begins to growl.
Harley tsk-tsks Supergirl, wagging a finger. "You lost fair and square, Super-slut! Better work harder next time!"

After Batgirl finishes her "meal", both she and Supergirl are led to Harley's study. Harley sits down at her desk, wanting to enjoy her pets some more. Wanting absolute proof that Supergirl is broken and now her toy, Harley turns on the multitude of cameras in the study and orders Batgirl to strap on a dildo. Batgirl obeys, and Harley then orders Supergirl to suck on the dildo until she is pleased.

Supergirl complies, slurping on the sex toy hungrily; as time goes by, Batgirl begins to get off on the power she has over the blonde and begins to talk down to Supergirl.

"That's right, Super-SLUT!" Batgirl sneers. "You think you're such hot stuff, with those little powers of yours? Always acting like the rest of us mortals weren't fit to lick your boots? Well, now you're NOTHING! Do you hear me?! NOTHING!"

After five minutes, Harley orders Batgirl to fuck Supergirl from behind with the well-lubricated dildo. Batgirl obeys; as she ruthlessly fucks Supergirl doggy-style, Harley enjoys the show, telling Supergirl to squeal like a piggy. Supergirl obeys and begins to squeal like a pig as Harley laughs from her throne behind the desk, amused by the heroines working so hard to please her.

"That's right, Super-slut! You LIKE getting porked, don't you?" Batgirl snarls, thrusting her hips expertly.

"Oink! Oiiiiink!" Supergirl replies.

Harley continues to watch Batgirl fuck Supergirl as the redhead eventually brings the blonde to orgasm. As the orgasm is setting in, Harley grabs Supergirl by her new pigtails and forces the heroine to her knees before her mistress. As Batgirl continues to fuck Supergirl, the blond Kryptonian goes cross-eyed and giggles, out of control and repeating "I'm your bitch, THANK YOU for putting me in my place, Mistress Harley!"

Pleased, Harley dons the strap-on with the fake nutsack and forces Supergirl to blow it. Soon, the cum begins to spurt into Supergirl's face; as her face gets covered in white, the Kryptonian laughs hysterically, thanking Harley for humiliating her.


Harley holds Supergirl by her pigtails as the heroine laughs uncontrollably, straddling her mistress' leg. Batgirl, meanwhile, continues to mindlessly stare forward as she fucks Supergirl.

Some time later, Batgirl is seen mindlessly cleaning Harley's hideout (she is a maid, after all) with a feather duster while Supergirl, once again covered in pie and cum, poses on all fours, mindlessly staring forward with a ball-gag in her mouth. Harley is using Supergirl as her coffee table, resting her feet on Supergirl's back and setting her beer on the Kryptonian's ass. An ash-tray, complete with lit cigarette, is balanced on Supergirl's head.

For no particular reason, Harley drapes Supergirl's cape over the heroine's head and goes back to watching football. This time, her favorite team wins, putting her in a good mood. Humming, Harley switches off the television and takes a drag of her cigarette.

The phone suddenly rings, and Harley answers; when the call is finished, the vile villainess is positively ecstatic. She's just signed on to a deal with a few underground pornographers, she explains to Supergirl and Batgirl, who have agreed to mass-distribute the videos of their humiliation.

"We're gonna be stars, girls!" Harley laughs. "And I'M going to be one rich woman!"

Both Batgirl and Supergirl tell their mistress how happy they are for her. Smiling, Harley then tells her new minions to get ready; it's time to lure Wonder Woman to the hideout next.

Supergirl and Batgirl both squeal in delight... until Supergirl remembers that Wonder Woman is on a mission in outer space, and won't be back for a while.

Harley scowls, and decides to settle for whatever heroine comes their way next.

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Robin couldn't stand watching the pirated videos showcasing the humiliation of Batgirl and Supergirl. Their willingness to accept their fates at the hands of Harley Quinn stirred Robin's fury to the point of blatantly disobeying Batman's orders to stay put until HE found Harley's new hideout and freed the heroines. Robin's connection to Batgirl was particularly deep, as they were the only two young super heroines in Gotham. Any humiliation to Batgirl was humiliation to Robin.

While on patrol, Robin sees Batgirl's trace beacon flashing on her motorcycle's roving radar. Instead of calling Batman, Robin follows the signal immediately; she wanted to save the heroines and defeat the evil super villainess all by herself, WITHOUT a MAN's help.
Robin's best guess landed her in the warehouse district; all the metal would explain the periodic interference with Batgirl's tracking beacon. Fortunately, Robin saw only one warehouse lit up in the night sky. The young super heroine made her way there, creeping along the shadows.

What Robin didn't know, however, was that with Harley's recent (and successful) crossing over into the world of porn, some of her ill-gotten gains were now paying for top-of-the-line security. The young heroine, in her red top with green sleeves (with black-and-yellow "R" emblem over her left breast), green bloomers, utility belt, yellow cape, green gloves and booties, and green domino mask, was picked up by heat sensors and night-vision cameras ten minutes before she entered the warehouse - more than enough time for Harley to prepare.

Robin made her way along the warehouse's roof, until she found an opening. Immediately, she dropped inside; as soon as her booted feet hit the ground, however, she was blinded by a spotlight focusing straight on her. Harley's voice booms from a loudspeaker, goading the Girl Wonder:


Before Robin could even respond, the light's focus switched from her to two dog kennels ten feet away. Batgirl and Supergirl were locked inside the kennels, still wearing their "super whore" uniforms; their faces were painted completely in white makeup, ball-gags muffling their uncontrollable laughter. Behind the kennels, Robin can make out several small, red lights, which she realizes are rolling camcorders.

Robin caught a flash out of the corner of her eye, spotting Harley coming out of the darkness. Ducking Harley's punch, Robin had no clue that a needle prick would follow. Harley smiles, showing Robin a needle in the palm of her hand. The toxins on the needle will slow Robin down enough to handicap the heroine.

The Girl Wonder's body immediately flushes, her nerves becoming weak as the needle's toxins make their way through her body. Robin staggers, holding her gloved hands out in front of her as her vision slowly spins out of control. Harley, never letting a good moment go by, taunts Robin, draping the Girl Wonder's cape over her head and spinning her helpless body around and around.

Robin flails uncontrollably as Harley laughs at the weakened bird; Harley then grabs Robin's all-important utility belt, spinning Robin right out of said belt. As Harley throws the belt aside, Robin continues to fight to remain composed, reaching up to get the cape off of her head and her hair out of her face.

Unfortunately, Robin has only allowed Harley enough time to sneak up behind her. Grinning, Harley grabs Robin's green bloomers and yanks them straight upward, giving Robin a super wedgie. Robin's eyes bulge and go cross as she screams, "NOOOOOOO!"

Harley continues to hold Robin by the waistband of her bloomers, lifting the heroine up on her tippy-toes. Robin flails, attempting to swing at Harley as the latter holds her in place. She is, like a trophy, held up to the light of the cameras recording her humiliation. Robin is frozen; the humiliation of being taken so easily was only a side thought, as the pleasure that her present predicament was forcing her to have only made her "transformation" that much easier for the vile villain.

With one free hand, Harley slides a miniature vibrator down the front of Robin's pulled-up bloomers. Soon, Robin found herself fighting a struggle to stay focused against the mind-numbing effects of the tranquilizer, the pain of her bloomers being wedged up her ass, and the vibrations against her groin. She didn't even notice that she was being forced to her knees as Harley kept tugging, pulling Robin's bloomers further and further up her back.

On her knees, Robin finds the pain shooting up from her crotch too intense for her to not scream. As her arms hang desperately at her sides, her head arches back and she screams out in pain. Her scream of defeat is matched by Harley's scream of triumph, as the villainess muscles Robin's bloomers up with all her might, stretching them just enough to clip the top of the Girl Blunder's head.

Robin snaps into focus, repeating "No! No! No!" just as Harley manages to stretch her bloomers over her forehead. Robin's mouth becomes a perfect "O" as Harley finishes the task, pulling Robin's bloomers right past her bulging eyes.

Far from finished, Harley next fishes enough of Robin's hair through her bloomers' stretched leg holes to use as firm handles. Robin's body arches in pain, as she struggles to maintain balance. Laughing, Harley fishes Robin's cape around her super wedgie, pulling the Girl Blunder hard and forcing her to stiffly crawl on all fours. Robin is led forward, gasping incoherently, blinded by her own bloomers.

Harley next grabs and dons a strap-on dildo, and proceeds to lead Robin straight into her crotch, forcing the rubber shaft down Robin's throat with little resistance. Harley puts one hand on Robin's head, forcing the heroine to stay on her knees and keep her face in Harley's crotch; Harley's other arm flexes her muscle for the cameras.

As Robin's arms flail helplessly, Harley begins fucking her mouth. Robin's arms get weaker and weaker, and her whimpers get quieter and quieter. Harley orders the cameras to get good shots of Robin's cross-eyed gaze as she humps the Girl Blunder's mouth over and over, talking down to Robin the entire time. Barely conscious, Robin can offer no comeback as she undergoes this humiliating predicament.

Mind fleeting, Robin can only hold on to the thought of keeping her identity secret by any means necessary. Her last memories were of moving her hands to her hips, and holding them there in a super heroine pose as Harley laughed hysterically, pistoning Robin's head harder and faster up and down off of the dildo. Before Robin knew it, darkness had taken over, and she passes out before Harley in the middle of a humiliating forced blowjob. Still forced on her knees and stuck in the painful wedgie, Robin couldn't even fall to the ground to free herself from her humiliation.

Harley keeps taunting her fallen opponent once Robin's body has gone limp, smacking the passed-out heroine in the face over and over again with the dildo. Harley then shoves the dildo down Robin's throat, and plugs the heroine's nostrils with her fingers, holding Robin without air for long amounts of time. Harley then pulls Robin's tits out of her costume, and grabs a permanent marker; she brands her new bitch with the words, "PROPERTY OF HQ". Next, Harley hawks up spit, and lands a loogie directly on Robin, letting it slowly drip down Robin's face and tits.
For the grand finale, Harley positions one of her chloroform pies on the floor in front of Robin, before releasing the passed-out heroine from her super wedgie. Robin springs forward, landing face-first in the pie. Harley gives the unmoving Robin one last tug, positioning the unconscious heroine on her knees, ankles far apart. Robin's cape now floats over her passed-out head.

Harley poses with one booted foot on the fallen heroine's ass, laughing sadistically.

Robin slowly wakes up some time later, only to find herself bent over and locked in a set of wooden stocks from which she is unable to free herself.
Worse, directly in front of her face is a 45-inch TV screen displaying the word "OBEY". Robin tries to look away, only to notice that no matter how far she looks to the side, she can't get the screen out of her line of sight.

Just past the TV, Robin can make out out the forms of Batgirl and Supergirl. The former heroines are standing rigidly, still wearing the whore uniforms that Harley put them in. Robin could just barely make out that each of them was holding a pie, along with the fact that each of their faces had a creepy painted smile.

A buzzer suddenly sounds, and the TV screen comes to life, flashing pornographic images of Batgirl and Supergirl along with subliminal messages. The moaning and screaming of a woman floods the speakers.

Before Robin can even react, a pie smashes into her face, followed by another, then another. A chorus of three women laughing uncontrollably then begins to overwhelm Robin's senses. The chloroform ingredients in the pies slowly work their magic, as Robin's struggles get weaker and weaker with every pie to the face.

Harley, in her cheerleader uniform, grabs her strap-on and dons it as she walks up to the captive Robin. She gestures for Batgirl and Supergirl to stop as she walks up to Robin's pie-covered face. Robin's tongue slowly rolls a mouthful of the pie out of her mouth, as she moans in disgust.

"Where are you going with that?" Harley asks Robin, stopping the mouthful from falling to the floor by catching it on the tip of her dildo.

Scowling, Harley forces the mouthful of pie back into Robin's mouth, along with the dildo carrying it. Robin's eyes bulge and go cross under the layer of white pie material covering her face. The Girl Wonder hears Harley tell her:

"Eat it! Eat it, BITCH! Do as you are TOLD! That's right, eat the pie! Eat it, num-num-num!"

As Robin helplessly obeys, Harley uses her hands to wipe Robin's face clean of the pie, only to shove it all into the heroine's mouth. Harley then proceeds to bounce Robin's head up and down off of the strap-on. In seconds, Robin's face is left glazed over and paralyzed. Her mouth is wide open, dripping drool and pie onto the floor. Her eyes are not only glazed over, but also crossed.

"Robin, since you're SUCH a good little bitch, I want you to kiss my ass... for turning you out like this!"

Robin's brain was completely disoriented by now, and she couldn't understand why she was being pulled forward by her hair until the only thing she could see was the words "BOSS OF GOTHAM". Right afterward, her face was shoved into something warm and soft.
Harley gives a commanding look as Batgirl and Supergirl, standing off to the side. "Laugh, bitches!"

Supergirl and Batgirl begin to point and laugh at Robin's humiliating ordeal as Robin spasms in her stocks, just realizing that she is now locked face-first into Harley's ass. Harley is now bent over at the waist, her legs locked straight. As she holds Robin's face directly into her ass, Harley looks at the camera and poses with wide-eyed "OMG" face, before laughing at Robin's pathetic attempts to get free in her state. Another camera zooms in on Robin from behind, focusing on how the heroine's legs are stomping and flailing in an attempt to get free while her knees remain together. Harley gives the camera an evil look, before getting up on her tippy-toes. Supergirl and Batgirl react appropriately, covering their noses in disgust as Harley farts directly into Robin's face.

Next, Harley proudly walks around to Robin's backside, slapping the heroine's ass and asking if she's ready to "be turned into my personal toy". Robin can't even respond, as the humiliation has drugged her senses; overwhelmed, she can't help from getting wet over how easily she has been dominated.

With little resistance from the heroine, Harley removes Robin's green bloomers. She puts them upside-down on the heroine's back, and begins to brand them with a permanent marker. Next, Harley rips a hole in Robin's control-top pantyhose and thrusts the strap-on around her hips into Robin's wet core. Robin arches in pain and surprise, eyes wild and mouth wide open. Grinning, Harley fashions Robin's bloomers on the Girl Blunder's head; the words "HQ'S TOY" now read across Robin's face as Harley holds it up for the cameras to see.

Harley then fishes part of Robin's hair through the bloomers' leg holes, grabbing hold with both hands. Robin gasps within her stocks, still spitting up pie and drool as HQ continues to pump her doggy-style.


"Ready with those pies, girls?!" Harley asks as she fucks the life out of Robin.

"YES MISTRESS!" both Supergirl and Batgirl respond.

Harley poses one last time, assuming the "Captain Morgan" pose as Robin's body now arches in whatever way she pulls in. "FIRE!"
Pie after pie hits Robin's face, covering it in a hail of white. Harley cheerleads loudly as she takes Robin.


The villainess pumps harder and harder as both she and Robin are hit over and over again with the pies. Harley laughs hysterically, while Robin's resistance slowly turns into full acceptance. Harley holds up Robin's head, readying it for pie after pie, as well as forcing her to face the TV and its subliminal messages. Slowly, Robin's moans of humiliation turn into those of ecstasy.


Robin mindlessly stares at the TV as the pies continue to rain down on her face. Harley, Batgirl, and Supergirl all laugh as Robin's attempts to resist completely subside.


With each thrust, Harley continues to berate Robin, asking and telling her to tell the world that she is now Harley's bitch. Harley then stops the video, and orders Batgirl and Supergirl to move the TV out of the way, get in front of Robin, and eat each other out. Whoever comes first can have the other as her sex toy for the day.

Supergirl and Batgirl immediately move the TV aside, get down on the ground, and begin licking each other, attempting to strip each other of their costumes while doing so. Harley stops them, and tells them that they both have to have their super whore uniforms completely on, AND cum, in order to win the other.

Both Batgirl and Supergirl obey, continuing to pleasure each other as Harley pumps Robin. Supergirl manhandles Batgirl into her crotch with her Kryptonian strength, not allowing Batgirl to receive any pleasure. Batgirl whimpers pathetically as Supergirl grinds her face into her crotch.

Supergirl stares at the mindless Robin as she dominates Batgirl, imagining what she would do with the disgraced Girl Wonder if she had control of HER.

Batgirl is completely helpless as Supergirl forces her into a submissive position, keeping her on her knees. In a fit of ecstasy, Supergirl removes Batgirl's cowl, continuing to keep the redhead's face in her crotch.

Supergirl exclaims "I HAVE HER BODY! I HAVE HER IDENTITY! I HAVE THE BAT-BITCH!!!" as she comes, holding Batgirl in position until she is done with the heroine.

Finished, Supergirl drapes Batgirl's cape over Batgirl's head, and poses for Harley, holding Batgirl on her knees. One of Supergirl's hands is holding Batgirl's cape; the other holds Batgirl's cowl. Batgirl is heard crying pathetically under her cape; she knows that the mindless Supergirl now has her identity. AND she got to come without her getting anything in return.

Being forced to watch Batgirl's domination was too much for Robin; with the rhythm of the thrusts and the mind-numbing commands coming from Harley, Robin finds herself saying without thinking, "I'm Harley's bitch."

Robin couldn't even hear Harley's barks, demanding her to repeat it louder and louder. All she could hear was herself saying over and over again:

Harley's thrusts continue until Robin's screams subside, and her wave of orgasms pass. Harley pulls out of Robin and walks over to Supergirl, who is still holding Batgirl by the cape. Snarling, Harley slaps Supergirl so hard that Supergirl drops to her knees. A look of complete shock overtakes the Kryptonian's face.

"You CHEATED!" Harley says matter-of-factly to a surprised Supergirl. "NOW, Batgirl gets to cheat!"

Harley grabs Batgirl's cowl and places it back on the redhead's head, without removing the cape draped over Batgirl. Harley tells Batgirl to get another strap-on; it's time that she teaches Batgirl how to fuck another girl's face.

The cameras capture Supergirl's surprise as she tries to crawl away, only for Batgirl - now wearing a strap-on like Harley - to grab her by the hair and lead her back. Batgirl forces Supergirl onto her knees, as the Kryptonian begs and pleads for Harley to reconsider.

Ignoring Supergirl, Harley walks back up to Robin, who is still cross-eyed and drooling on the ground. She smacks Robin in the face with the strap-on, demanding for Robin to "clean it". Robin tries to slowly take in the dildo, but before she can start, Harley starts pumping her head up and down on the shaft. Batgirl follows suit, as Supergirl tries to resist.

Annoyed, Batgirl takes Supergirl's cape and drapes it over her head, still pistoning Supergirl's head up and down.

Harley looks over at her pets, and shows Batgirl how to stick the dildo in deeper, even taking a moment to high-five Batgirl as they fuck Robin and Supergirl's faces. After a filmed "Eiffel Tower" moment, Harley tells Batgirl how to "finish" like a "man". Harley then tells Robin how to "purr like a cock-sucking kitten". Robin follows her mistress' orders, as her eyes begin to bulge and cross, and muffled moans begin to come out of her mouth while her drool goes all over the floor.

Grabbing a handheld camera, Harley manages to get great shots of the heroines performing their new daily duty. Both heroines are whimpering and moaning, eyes bulging as they take in the massive dildos.

Harley starts to hawk up a loogie, and orders Batgirl to follow suit. Both Harley and Batgirl lift up their victims' capes from over their heads, remove their strap-ons, and force Robin and Supergirl to look up as the camera films close-up shots. Both spit massive loogies into the heroines' faces. Frozen, Robin and Supergirl can only stare forward mindlessly as the spit runs down their faces. Batgirl and Harley laugh and taunt their cock-sucking toys.

"Looks like we can add "super-dumb" to your list of powers, Super-slut!"

"I'd call you a birdbrain, Robin, but that's an insult to birds everywhere!"
Batgirl positions her dildo sideways into Supergirl's mouth, telling her to moan like a whore. Supergirl obeys, her crossed eyes bulging. Harley makes sure to take pictures of Supergirl in her fallen and humiliating state.
Harley orders Batgirl to "break" Supergirl, and make her Batgirl's bitch for the day. Batgirl thanks Harley over and over, even dropping to her knees and kissing Harley's feet for such a reward. Harley turns her attention back to Robin, who still has her bloomers on her head. Harley unleashes Robin from her stocks, attaches a dog collar and leash to Robin's neck, and forces her to crawl on all fours. Harley then forces Robin onto her knees, and tells her to drape her cape where it belongs.

Robin follows Harley's orders; Harley next orders Robin to pose like a super WHORE. Robin, still on her knees, follows this order as well. Harley taunts and laughs at Robin as the cameras keep rolling, telling Robin to take off that silly mask lay it at her feet. Without hesitation, Robin reaches up under her cape and bloomers to remove her domino mask, which she lays at Harley's feet.

Harley laughs uncontrollably as she mounts Robin, telling her to "Giddy-up, BITCH!" as she rides her like a dog. Robin crawls on all fours, Harley laughing and riding on her back.

Meanwhile, Batgirl is forcing Supergirl onto her back, and strapping Supergirl to an elevated bed. As Supergirl begs for mercy, Batgirl ties her spread-eagle. After Supergirl is secure, Batgirl removes her own branded bloomers and forces them onto Supergirl's head. That done, she mounts the prone Supergirl's face and begins humping it. Moaning and grinding, Batgirl grabs Supergirl's pigtails and forces Supergirl's face deep into her crotch. Supergirl's high-pitched squeals are drowned out by Batgirl's dirty talk, calling Supergirl a "lesbo skank" and ordering her over and over to "Eat me! Eat me, BITCH!"

Batgirl's body spasms with orgasm after orgasm as Supergirl is forced to drink Batgirl's cum over and over with each orgasm. After Batgirl has gotten her fill, she, not wanting to make her mistress mad, unties Supergirl. Leading Supergirl (still wearing the cum-soaked bloomers on her head) on all fours, Batgirl walks over to the dog kennels. Batgirl forces Supergirl into her kennel, latches it, then proceeds to lock herself in her own kennel, waiting patiently for her next orders.

In the meantime, Harley leads Robin into a costume room, filled with slutty woman's costumes. Harley strips Robin of her costume, except for her cape, pantyhose, bloomers, and green gloves. Harley picks out a new costume for Robin, and proceeds to paint Robin's face white - complete with a painted smile.

Some time later, Harley, with a brand-new strap-on around her hips, comes back into the filming room with Robin crawling behind her. Grinning toward the cameras, Harley announces to Batman, and the world, that Robin has something important to tell everyone. Harley stands aside, holding Robin by her cape, then removing said cape like a grand opening.
Robin is now wearing green-and-purple spandex short-shorts, suntan pantyhose, green and purple socks, and a white T-shirt similar to a "Hooters" shirt, only reading "HARLEY'S BITCH" instead. Robin's tits still read "PROPERTY OF HQ" under her too-small shirt. In addition, Robin is still wearing her bloomers - the only thing still holding her secret identity - on her head. Robin's hair is now in perfect pigtails, running through the bloomers' leg holes. Finally, Robin's face is totally painted white, and her face is stretched into a too-big smile.

The Girl Blunder postures upright on her knees, making sure that her hands are firmly planted on her hips. She begins:

"I am now Harley's personal bitch! I obey her EVERY COMMAND! I cannot and WILL NOT disobey the most powerful WOMAN in GOTHAM, my MISTRESS, Harley Quinn! Batman, do NOT come and save me, as I want to serve, and serve, and serve her. Let her have her way with me HOWEVER she sees fit. I was, and AM nothing without her control, her humiliation, and her OWNERSHIP of my cum-guzzling ass!"

Robin lunges toward Harley's strap-on, and begins moaning wildly as she pistons her own head up and down. Harley poses for the cameras, holding Robin on her knees as the heroine serves her. Robin's eyes bulge as she shoves the dildo as far in as she can take it, before Harley pulls her off.


On her knees, smiling uncontrollably and posing like a super heroine, Robin responds, "When my mistress, Harley Quinn, decides to show off my SLUT identity, YOU WILL get to see it ONLY ON HPF (Harley Porn Films)!!!"

From off-camera, Harley prepares a super-soaker filled with a milky white fluid.

"Bounce, BITCH!"

Robin begins bouncing on her knees, laughing uncontrollably as Harley blasts her face and shirt with the milky white fluid. Robin can't control herself as she screams:


Robin is now covered in the milky white goo from head to toe. She coos like a child, going cross-eyed, completely at Harley's mercy. Harley comes back on camera, still holding the super-soaker. She forces Robin to all fours and sits back in an armchair and rests her feet on Robin, her personal footstool. Harley then reaches forward, draping Robin's cape over her head, before sitting back and relaxing.

"All in a day's work..."

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Zatanna couldn't believe the sheer amount of footage of heroine humiliation that had been released in the last 48 hours. Footage featuring some of her best coworkers, to boot!

Determined not to get involved in the whole mess, she had stayed back, performing in far-off locations. She knew that she would be way off of Harley's perverted radar. But little did she know that Harley indeed had a plan for her, and for the other super heroines as well...

After performing at the main event of a traveling circus in South America, Zatanna heads back to her trailer for some well-earned rest. Unlike those of her fellow heroines, Zatanna's heroine costume - a top hat, black tailcoat, white halter top (with bow tie), yellow vest, black bloomers, fishnet tights, and black high heels - doubles as her "civilian" outfit.
The magician opens the door, only to be caught by total surprise as she enters her private space. Standing right before her is a sick and twisted-looking version of Supergirl, posed in a sultry position. A wicked smile is on the blond heroine's face.

"That's a NICE hat!"

Before Zatanna can even think up, much less cast a spell to stop Supergirl, the Kryptonian rushes forward and lands a devastating blow to Zatanna's stomach. The combination of super strength and super speed makes Zatanna bend over, dropping to her knees. The magician coughs, no more air in her lungs.

Supergirl, still wearing her "super whore" uniform, tells Zatanna to "Shhhhhh" as she slowly pushes the magician's head to the floor. Zatanna is still gasping for air, and holding her stomach.

With one boot on Zatanna's head, Supergirl forces Zatanna's open mouth to kiss her other boot. Zatanna tries to close her lips before she tastes Supergirl's boot, but she is a fraction of a second too late. The magician's wet lips taste the dirt and bodily fluids that Supergirl's red leather boots have soaked up recently. And to her shame, she realizes that she LIKES the taste.

Supergirl reaches down, grabs Zatanna's top hat, and places it on her own head. She smiles down at Zatanna, privately thanking her mistress Harley for giving her a collar that lets her control the amount of Kryptonite radiation she receives, so she can use her powers AND not have to worry about accidentally breaking her "playmates".

"This is going to be SO much fun!" the Kryptonian heroine coos.

Zatanna's eyes bulge, her mouth now closed on Supergirl's boot. All the magician can do is moan in humiliation, with the knowledge that her caped friends had very recently been stuck in the exact same position. And no matter how hard she had tried to stay away, here she was, forced into the same predicament.

Supergirl's power over Zatanna is absolute, never letting the magician get enough air to cast a spell. The blond Kryptonian is positively ecstatic;

FINALLY, she gets to revel in having power over someone else! Her previous days of being shamed at Batgirl's hands had struck her very hard, indeed...

The former heroine suddenly takes a step back, releasing Zatanna's head for a second. Then, just as suddenly, Supergirl takes a step forward again, this time stomping with just enough force to bounce Zatanna's head off of the floor. Zatanna is knocked silly by the blow.

"Mistress will only be happy if you're given to her wearing something degrading," Supergirl laughs. "Don't worry, Zee! I picked up JUST the right outfit for someone... of YOUR abilities!"

Zatanna, still groggy, looks around her trailer room in complete confusion, temporarily forgetting her situation and how bad she was looking right now. Supergirl walks around behind Zatanna, gleefully noting that the latter still has her ass in the air. The blond Kryptonian winds back her leg and delivers a devastating kick to Zatanna's crotch. The force of the strike lifts Zatanna's ass so high into the air that for a moment, her head is the only thing touching the floor.


The magician's eyes bulge in pain; as her body crashes back down, her hands immediately shoot to her crotch. Zatanna's body convulses up and down, as she gasps out in pain.

Still wearing the magician's top hat, Supergirl grabs Zatanna by her black bloomers, lifting her off of the ground from behind. The effect, naturally, causes Zatanna to have a massive wedgie. Supergirl then drapes Zatanna over her lap and begins to talk down to her, telling Zatanna that she was "a BAD little girl for avoiding Mistress Harley like a scared little bitch. You're so pathetic, you can't even call yourself a super heroine! You were too SCARED to come and save us!"

The gasping Zatanna tries to speak, but no words come out of her mouth. Sneering, Supergirl pulls down Zatanna's black bloomers, exposing Zatanna's fishnet pantyhose-covered ass. Zatanna weakly struggles to try and get off of Supergirl's lap, but to no avail; with ease, Supergirl forcibly keeps her in place.

"Say, "I've been a bad little girl, Suck Girl"!" Supergirl speaks to the back of Zatanna's head.

"WHA...? THA... S... NO... T... YOUR...!"

Before Zatanna can get any real words out, Supergirl raises her hands and begins spanking and paddling her ass without stopping. Her body bucking up and down uncontrollably, Zatanna can do nothing but scream out in pain and take her punishment.

As she paddles Zatanna, Supergirl grabs the magician by her long, black hair, holding her in place for her punishment. After a few more minutes of spanking, Supergirl suddenly stops to look at the rolling camera on the other side of the room - a camera that she had set up, and that Zatanna is still unaware of. Supergirl holds Zatanna up like a trophy, wearing not only her "super whore" uniform and Zatanna's top hat, but a giant smile as well.

Supergirl then starts to enjoy Zatanna's pantyhose-covered backside, running her hands up and down the magician's ass. Zatanna feels Supergirl's perverted advances, and squirms under the Kryptonian's tight grasp, reapeating "No! NO! NO!!!"

Frowning, Supergirl goes back to repeatedly spanking Zatanna. "Slave-girls only speak when spoken to!"

As the Kryptonian spanks the magician harder and harder, the latter presses her eyes shut. The young heroine can only move a couple of inches with each spank, and the pain shooting through her body was coupled with a rush of endorphins coursing through her bloodstream.

With each spank comes more and more pain, short-circuiting Zatanna's brain and making her weaker and weaker. As her brain is no longer able to function properly, Zatanna is in a sorry state; her eyes roll in their sockets, and her mouth opens and closes like that of a starved fish.
But Supergirl, still starved for control, wants more from the young heroine. She lets go of Zatanna's hair, and runs the freed hand down Zatanna's crotch, rubbing and teasing the knocked-silly super heroine. Supergirl begins to finger Zatanna as she spanks the magician, taunting and talking down to Zatanna the entire time.

"Wow! When was the last time you got laid, Zee? It's tight as a Chinese finger trap in here!"

With each spank, Supergirl feels Zatanna's crotch getting wetter and wetter. The magician knows it, too; she had just been onstage for several hours, holding her bladder for after the show. This humiliating performance was only prolonging her painful buildup of bodily fluids. Zatanna could feel her control slipping away with each spank, especially after having her black bloomers completely removed by Supergirl.

Zatanna finds herself telling, and then BEGGING Supergirl to stop. Supergirl laughs out loud, and continues spanking Zatanna, swaying and almost dancing with the soon-to-be-broken heroine on her lap.

Finally, Zatanna can no longer hold it in. With one exceptionally hard spank, she feels herself go, peeing all over her panties and fishnet pantyhose. A puddle of piss soon forms under Zatanna, and she begins sobbing.

Supergirl coos and tells Zatanna, "I KNEW it! You're not OLD ENOUGH to wear these tights! You can't even stop yourself from peeing all over this slut suit!"

Gasping in complete desperation, Zatanna flails under Supergirl's firm control, her head spinning as she tries to regain her senses. And that's when her stop and fall on a blinking red light coming from her bookshelf on the other side of the room. Her body freezes as she realizes that her humiliating performance is being filmed!

Zatanna's eyes bulge as she redoubles her struggles to get free. Supergirl merely laughs, holding her almost-broken heroine for the camera like a trophy catch.

Supergirl then reaches into her perverted utility belt, and removes a massive dildo from one of the pouches. Supergirl spits directly on the tip of the dildo, lubing it up for Zatanna. Zatanna, still staring at the blinking red light like a deer in headlights, doesn't even notice her fishnets being ripped at the crotch. Supergirl then pulls the magician's panties down, to expose Zatanna's bare, and now red, ass.

Zatanna whispers a barely audible "No" to the camera as Supergirl smiles to it, holding up the dildo. Then, slowly, she shoves the rubber phallus into Zatanna's ass.

The magician's eyes bulge in shock and pain; as her mouth forms a perfect "O", she wails, "NOOOOOO!!!"

Supergirl grins cruelly as she shoves the entire dildo into Zatanna's ass. Zatanna's bulging eyes begin to cross, as the magician's back arches in pain. Zatanna is frozen, gasping for words. Her eyes are still locked on the camera, still filming the entire ordeal.

"AWWW... Baby had a acci-dent! Don't worry, Zee, I'm here to make sure you get to Mistress Harley... nice and broken!"

Zatanna is still in complete shock and uncontrollable pain. She can only stare at the camera's light, trying to form words with her lips. She then feels herself being moved around on Supergirl's lap, but staying put all the while.

The former heroine moves quickly to put Zatanna in an adult diaper while the latter still lies across her lap. Zatanna regains some level of focus as she feels something bulky around her waist; for a second, she almost feels better now that she's wearing something to cover her private parts. Only when Zatanna's head swivel back to look at Supergirl does the heroine notice the bulky white diaper she is now wearing. Complete disbelief rushes over Zatanna's face, as her mind won't allow her to realize her true situation.

Supergirl suddenly stands up, allowing Zatanna to tumble to her trailer's floor. Immediately, Supergirl grabs Zatanna by the hair, and forces another dildo - this one with what looks like a baby binker at the end - into the magician's mouth. A long, colorful ribbon is attached the the pacifier's loop.

Zatanna's eyes bulge even more; her screams are now totally muffled. Supergirl then reaches around Zatanna's head, firmly securing the dildo into her mouth.

The young magician is now on her knees, frozen by the pain coming from her ass. Her breathing is somewhat blocked by the large dildo that has been shoved into her mouth.She can only scream in pain and humiliation as Supergirl laughs, holding her by her hair for the camera to see.
Supergirl then forces Zatanna's head under her skirt, pressing the young magician's face against her crotch and grinding her wet bloomers in Zatanna's face. Zatanna struggles, but is overcome by fatigue and momentarily gives up, settling for grabbing the back of Supergirl's knees. Unfortunately, this just gives Supergirl more traction to grind on.

As Zatanna's moans come out from beneath Supergirl's cheerleading skirt, the former heroine plays for the camera while holding Zatanna in place.

"Wooks wike baby got into the MAKE-UP, and made a mess of herself!"
Supergirl removes Zatanna from beneath her skirt, smirking as the heroine remains on her knees. Zatanna's eyes are bulging, and the young magician shakes her head "no" as the long ribbon attached to the giant binker smacks both sides of her face.

A muffled "MMMOOOO!!!" is heard as Supergirl leads Zatanna - still on her hands and knees - to the makeup counter on the other side of the room. Once there, Supergirl places her hands beneath Zatanna's armpits, picks the magician up, and plops her down hard on the counter.

The impact shoves the dildo lodged in Zatanna's ass up even further. The heroine's crossed eyes bulge, flutter, and finally begin to roll back into her head.

Another "Mmmmmmmmooooooo!" from the abused is drowned out as Supergirl talks down to Zatanna:

"You've got a real pair of lungs on you, baby! Shame your brain isn't a tenth as big!"

Supergirl proceeds to draw all over Zatanna's face with the magician's own makeup equipment. Zatanna's eyes roll around wildly, the sheer pain taking her mind to a different place and allowing Supergirl to completely have her way with her.

When Supergirl decides she's finished drawing on Zatanna's face, she scoops the magicianup and carries her in her arms like a baby, talking
down to the knocked-silly heroine.

"There, NOW baby's SO much pwettier!"

Supergirl carries Zatanna across the room, all the way over to the sofa. Positioning her captive carefully, Supergirl drops Zatanna down on the arm of the sofa, driving the dildo even further into Zatanna's ass. Zatanna's eyes flutter, and her body twitches, but she somehow manages to stay upright.

Beside the sofa, Supergirl stands tall, moving like Zatanna did whenever she performed her magic tricks. Zatanna stirs in the background, barely conscious.

"AND NOW for my NEXT trick, ladies and gentlemen, I will produce a highchair for my HUNG-WY baby!"

Supergirl takes Zatanna's top hat off of her head, reaches inside, and slowly pulls out an over-sized highchair large enough for an adult to sit in. Smiling widely, Supergirl sets up her new chair. Then, the former heroine begins hamming it up for the camera, dancing like a magician in front of the dazed and defeated Zatanna.

The Kryptonian dances over to Zatanna, and scoops up the fallen heroine in her arms. Zatanna's eyes bulge as she shakes her head "No" repeatedly, while Supergirl ignores her and carries her over to her new feeding chair. Supergirl drops Zatanna into the chair hard, as the latter's arms flail, trying to stop Supergirl.

Supergirl easily muscles Zatanna's arms down, pinning them to the female magician's sides as the Kryptonian latches the chair's feeding table into place. Zatanna struggles, but cannot free herself; she is now stuck in the highchair.

Next, Supergirl dances some more in front of Zatanna, making sure that the camera gets every second of the scene. In the background, Zatanna shakes her head "No" furiously.

Supergirl stops Zatanna's shaking head by holding up one finger and gently pressing it against the magician's skull. While she holds Zatanna still with her Kryptonian strength, Supergirl whispers "chloroform pie" as she reaches into Zatanna's top hat with her free hand. Zatanna's eyes bulge as disgust overtakes her; she now knows how bad her predicament truly is.

A smiling Supergirl slowly pulls a giant whipped-cream pie from the hat. She places it on the feeding table, directly in front of Zatanna's face. Zatanna continues to struggle, in vain, to free herself; her fishnet-clad legs kick so hard that her high heel flies right off of her left foot.

"Aww... baby's cwanky!" Supergirl coos. "Maybe it's got something to do with this...?"

Supegirl unstraps the dildo in Zatanna's mouth, not bothering to take it out herself. Zatanna slowly works the rubber phallus out of her mouth with her tongue and lips, coughing and finally spitting the sex toy to the floor. Zatanna then looks up at Supergirl, who is posing and holding one hand over the young magician's head.

Turning to make sure that both of them are facing the camera, Supergirl places one finger on the back of Zatanna's head. Zatanna's eyes shoot up, looking at her forehead, then at Supergirl.

The young magician gasps "No" as Supergirl pushes her face in the direction of the chloroform pie.

Supergirl holds Zatanna's face still just an inch away from the pie, making sure that the camera is getting the shot of the magician's bulging eyes right before the grand finale begins. Zatanna is given a few seconds' reprieve before getting her face covered in goo with a loud splat.

Zatanna's body quickly spasms as the young magician tries to get free, but her arms are still firmly secured. Only Zatanna's legs flail, kicking the air uselessly as they remain suspended off the floor. Zatanna's face gets firmly squished into the double-layered pie, her hair becoming a black, stringy mess in the goo. Her muffled cries are silenced as Supergirl's finger, still directly holding her down, moves her head all over the pie plate.

Slowly, Zatanna's reactions move from spasms to something more like jerks, and them from jerks to something more like sways. Finally, the sways stop, and the magician's legs fall limp; both of her high heels are now missing.

Supergirl laughs hysterically, holding Zatanna's sleeping, pie-covered face up like a trophy for the camera to get a good shot of. Pie goo slowly drips out of Zatanna's mouth as she exhales, unconscious. Supergirl laughs and talks down to Zatanna, since the latter's face and hair is now a complete mess from the pieing.

The Kryptonian then looks toward the camera. Posing like a magician's assistant, she announces, "ONE MORE TIME!" with a giant smile on her face. Supergirl then promptly produces another pie from Zatanna's hat, which she places in front of Zatanna's face.

Supergirl holds Zatanna up by the hair, then releases her grip, allowing Zatanna's face to fall hard into the pie. Predictably, Zatanna plops face-first into the whipped-cream pie, unmoving. Supergirl laughs at how pathetic Zatanna looks.

"Awww... poooor ba-by! SOMEONE needs a burping!"

Supergirl places the pie tin back on Zatanna's head, and undoes the restraints on the table and highchair. She picks up Zatanna, throws the magician over her shoulder, and begins burping the knocked-out, pie-covered Zatanna. As she slams her hand into Zatanna's back, Supergirl makes sure to wear Zatanna's top hat just the right way, posing for the camera as the helpless Zatanna burps over the Kryptonian's shoulder.

The blonde then sets Zatanna down on the floor, making sure to leave as much pie goo on Zatanna's face as possible. That done, Supergirl puts the contents of her perverted utility belt to good use, attaching a baby bonnet to Zatanna's head and putting pink booties on the magician's feet. Supergirl then sets Zatanna face-down across a table, whips out a magic marker, and autographs the backside of Zatanna's diaper with the words "PROPERTY OF HQ".

Supergirl places the dildo with the binker back into Zatanna's mouth and secures it to keep Zatanna silent. She then takes a pair of handcuffs out of her utility belt and cuffs Zatanna's hands behind her back. The action forces Zatanna's tits to thrust forward, which Supergirl notices.

Grinning lecherously, Supergirl faces the camera and announces, "Magic trick! You will get to see LITTLE GIRL TITS TURN INTO BIG GIRL TITS!!!"
Supergirl undoes Zatanna's halter top, letting the magician's smaller tits fall out as the Kryptonian stands her upright; the pie tin continues to stick to Zatanna's sleeping face. Supergirl begins to squeeze, grope, and juggle Zatanna's small tits in her hands, laughing and performing for the camera.

After a while, Supergirl lets Zatanna disgracefully fall to the floor, and begins to spin away from the camera like a ballerina. Once she is a good distance away, Supergirl undoes her top and spins back toward the camera, proudly displaying her bigger tits. The Kryptonian poses like a super heroine, wearing Zatanna's top hats and proudly displaying the words "HQ'S FUN BAGS" on her tits.

Supergirl looks down at the defeated and dominated Zatanna, who is face-down and asleep with her ass in the air. The pie tin, along with the pie goo, are still magically sticking to the young magician's face. Supergirl poses on Zatanna, placing one booted foot on Zatanna's ass. Smiling wildly, Supergirl places her hands on her hips.

Posing for the camera, Supergirl announces, "One by one, every JLA girl will be whored out by Harley Quinn. Mistress Harley WILL have each and every super whore, and add them all to her collection!"

Looking down at Zatanna, Supergirl adjusts her new top hat and continues:

"C'mon, little girl. It's time to get you whored out, starting with me flying low enough so that every man from here to Gotham will see YOU in your PRETTY WITTLE DIAPER... oh, and of course HARLEY'S FUN BAGS! I WONDER how BLACK CANARY AND THE HUNTRESS ARE DOING TONIGHT...? GUESS WE'LL SEE, WON'T WE?"

Supergirl gives her tits a final shove into the air, before throwing the sleeping Zatanna over her shoulder. Smiling at Zatanna's pie-covered face, Supergirl prances over to the camera to shut it off, ready to head back to Gotham with her new toy.

And as soon as she hit the air, Supergirl couldn't stop thinking about WHAT exactly she was going to make Zatanna wear for their mistress...

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After three solid nights of searching for Harley Quinn's new lair, Black Canary was getting frustrated, KNOWING that Batman and all those other MALES were determined to find Harley before HER, or Wonder Woman. Their chance to capture and punish Harley in a "fitting" manner for her vile and degrading acts to the other powerful women that kept the streets safe were slipping away. After all, Batgirl's, Supergirl's and now Robin's humiliation was as much hers as it was the other JLA women members'.

The heroine noted that last night, she had stumbled upon an obvious message meant for her and her only. She had found a blackbird, wearing a red sash and painted with a giant green-and-purple smiley face, on the roof of her apartment building. Only a handful of JLA members ACTUALLY knew where she lived her private life. It had to be one of the recently brainwashed heroines.

But which one?

The heroine returns home later than usual tonight, having scanned the nearby rooftops for any suspicious activity. She was clad in her super heroine costume: black leotard, black leather jacket, fishnet tights, pantyhose, boots, and black domino mask over the eyes.

She has seen nothing, but crawls through her apartment's window nonetheless. As she closes the window, she finally feels safe, until she turns around. Her stomach turns as she sees the giant jack-in-the-box sitting on her kitchen table.

"What the..."

Frantically, Black Canary checks her apartment for any sings of intruders still hanging around. After realizing that her apartment was empty of any other human beings, the blonde returns to the jack-in-the-box. Terrified but curious, she looks it over.

Noting that it is just wide enough to hold a chloroform pie, Black Canary stands back and begins to slowly turn the crank. As she turns it, a laughing sound emerges from a speaker under the jack-in-the-box. As Black Canary turns the crank a little faster, she hears the laughter speed up.

As the jack-in-the-box laughs faster and faster, Black Canary begins expecting it to pop open, but nothing happens. Faster and faster, she cranks the jack-in-the-box, and the laughter gets faster still.

A click is heard, and the laughter suddenly stops. Black Canary looks around, confused and expecting a horrible surprise. She couldn't have been more right.

Unexpectedly, the laughter comes back on twice as loud as before. As Black Canary is startled by the hysteric laughing, the front of the jack-in-the-box explodes open, and a spring-loaded boxing glove shoots out and lands directly in Black Canary's unsuspecting stomach.


Black Canary's eyes bulge and go cross as her hands shoot to her stomach; her mouth is wide open, gasping for air.
Before the blonde can realize how bad a mistake she really made, a double-layered chloroform pie comes springing out of the top of the jack-in-the-box and lands directly in her unprotected face. As the pie explodes all over Black Canary's face, pie goo is splattered all over the heroine's apartment.

As she sucks her wind in, Black Canary unintentionally swallows a mouthful of pie; her screams are now muffled not only by her not having enough air, but by the mouthful of pie as well. Black Canary staggers around her apartment; she knows she's in bad shape, and tries to wipe the pie material away from her face while spitting up as much of it as she can.

Blinded and out of wind, Black Canary suddenly stumbles over an ottoman behind her, and awkwardly falls backward - right toward a coffee table. The heroine's head whiplashes back as it lands; her head is knocked hard as it bounces off of the wooden table.

Black Canary moans in pain, still reeling from both blows: one to her stomach, and now one to her head. She tries to clean her white-caked face again, getting more and more desperate. The heroine's black latex suit gets messier and messier as she frantically tries to get all the pie off of her face; the blonde doesn't even notice how messy her uniform is getting.

But the chloroform ingredients have already taken their toll. Black Canary's moans begin resembling those of a deaf woman's, as her tongue starts to lose all feeling. The blonde staggers up, her legs completely weakened and numb.

"Water... need water..."

Black Canary tries to walk to her kitchen sink, her steps looking handicapped. Her feet are not working with her, and the heroine stumbles forward. She lands on her kitchen table, bent over and face-down. Now her entire body seems to not be working with her.

The blonde gasps in complete shock, not knowing what to do or who to call.

And with her back to her window (and the fire escape outside), Black Canary naturally doesn't notice said window slowly going up, as a green booty slowly steps into her home, followed by a purple one.

The booties tip-toe, as a pair of suntan pantyhose-covered legs above them creep across the floor. Black Canary, meanwhile, swoons as she tries to keep consciousness. Her head swaying, the heroine is barely keeping herself awake.

"Awww... did the widdle birdy get my present?" Robin asks from behind the heroine.

Black Canary spins around in slow motion, the drugs still affecting her judgment and timing. Moving fast, Robin dashes past Black Canary, going to Black Canary's blind side. She sits down at Black Canary's kitchen table, right across from the blonde. The former heroine silently places another pie on the table.

By this time, Black Canary has managed to completely turn around, but sees nothing. She turns back toward her kitchen table.

Time stops as the blonde meets eyes with Robin. Or, at least, what is LEFT of Robin. Her "super whore" uniform now has two holes cut out, directly over Robin's bra-less nipples (which have been painted green and purple).

"THAT'S NOT how you're SUPPOSED to eat a pie that MISTRESS HARLEY spent time MAKING ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!"
The still-confused Black Canary shakes her head "no", unwilling to accept that Robin has SURPRISED and DEFEATED her, and in her own home to boot!

"Don't worry, I brought my widdle piggy SECONDS!"

Moving faster than the blonde, Robin grabs the back of Black Canary's head with both gloved hands. She shoves the heroine fast and hard into the second pie, face-first.

Black Canary struggles weakly as Robin laughs. As the latter laughs louder and louder, the former's movements become weaker and weaker. The whimpers coming from the pie plate get higher- and higher-pitched; finally, Black Canary's movements stop completely.

Laughing, Robin holds Black Canary's face in the pie pan for a couple of extra seconds, taunting her now-sleeping opponent. Robin then holds the blonde's face up, allowing the pie pan to fall to the table with a clang. Clumps of pie fall from the heroine's unconscious face as Robin presents the goo-covered blonde to a hidden camera recording from Black Canary's fireplace.

Robin speaks directly to the camera, having a private conversation with Harley Quinn.

"That's right, MISTRESS, widdle-canary-piggy-wiggy ATE TWO WHOLE PIES! Don't worry, by the time I'm done with her, she'll KNOW she's a disgusting little piggy-wiggy! Won't you, piggy?"

Robin taunts her fallen prey, holding her by her blond hair. Robin loosens her grip and allows Black Canary to slump to her knees; Black Canary lands on the pie tin, making a clanging noise and smearing even more pie across her kitchen's tiled floor.

The former Girl Wonder throws her head back, laughing. Her eyes bulge, and her face goes into a salesman's smile. Her body then goes perfectly rigid as she poses with one hand on her hip.


As she keeps Black Canary on her knees, Robin forces the heroine's face down to floor level. Robin makes sure that the camera has a clear shot, as she KNOWS that Harley would DEMAND evidence of every humiliating experience that Black Canary had been forced to face. The former heroine then looks back with a huge smile, and begins forcing Black Canary's face across the blonde's pie-covered kitchen floor. Smearing the heroine's face all over the tiles, Robin makes sure to get as much pie goo as possible, wiping much of it into Black Canary's hair.

"Eat it! EAT IT, BITCH! That's right, not so tough NOW, are YOU?"
Black Canary's limp hands drag across the floor, following her head and body; Robin makes sure to keep the heroine's ass sticking up in the air. Robin then begins mixing the pie goo into Black Canary's hair as if the goo was hair gel, almost forming a jester's hat out of the heroine's hardened, goo-covered hair. Soon, there are several giant "points" sticking out of Black Canary's blond mane.

"NUM-NUM-NUM! I can't believe that you can just put away those empty calories and still look THAT good in your puny widdle costume! I mean, the fishnets have GOT TO GO! But don't worry, I'll make sure you GET TO WEAR something properly degrading for a widdle piggy like yourself!"
Grinning, Robin grabs a pig nose from one of the compartments on her perverted utility belt. She fastens it on Black Canary's face, adjusting it so that it can fit properly on Black Canary's nose. Then, laughing, Robin takes out a pig-eared tiara and clips it into Black Canary's hair, around her head.

Robin pulls Black Canary up by the hair, pulling the heroine by her new "jester handles", and promptly throws the face-down blonde across her open counter space. The former Girl Wonder then starts giggling, producing a dildo from her perverted utility belt. She shows the sex toy off for the camera, drawing special attention to the coiled-up pig's tail fastened to dildo's end.

The former heroine talks down to Black Canary as she cuts a hole in the crotch of the blonde's leotard. "Widdle piggy, you're about to get PORKED!"

Wanting to make Black Canary's "transformation" as painful and uncomfortable as possible, Robin rips only a small number of webs in the blonde's fishnets, before moving Black Canary's white satin panties to the side. Now the heroine's orifices are totally vulnerable to any violations Robin might have in mind.

Smirking, Robin holds up the dildo for the camera one last time, before shoving it up Black Canary's unprotected ass.

An unconscious scream comes from Black Canary, the heroine's pie-covered face distorting. In fact, Black Canary's pain at the evil Robin's hands is so much that she promptly falls back into a state of sleep, totally unconscious once more.

Robin runs off for a moment, and searching for and eventually finding a giant serving dish in Black Canary's kitchen. She returns a minute later, and places it on the kitchen table. The former heroine dances for the camera for a few moments.

Then, Robin finds Black Canary's cooking apron, and fashions it onto herself as she poses saucily for the camera. In the background, Black Canary stirs a bit.

Next, Robin rolls the unconscious Black Canary onto the kitchen table, face-down. She runs over to the fireplace and grabs the camera, getting as many shots of her prey as possible.

The now-defamed "Black Piggy", as Robin calls her, is still asleep; her face is totally covered with white pie goo, and a pig nose is practically the only recognizable part. The camera catches the piggy ears sitting atop Black Canary's head, behind four giant hardened strands of gooed hair positioned to look like a jester's cap. Robin then zooms in with the camera, to get the "super tail" now protruding from "Black Piggy's" ass.
Robin reverse-hogties Black Canary, placing the heroine on her stomach while arching Black Canary's arms and legs behind her back before tying them. Black Canary, still asleep, is now left in an even more painful and helpless position.

The evil Robin films several great shots of "Black Piggy" as she rolls down Black Canary's pantyhose, takes out a magic marker, and autographs Black Canary's bare ass with the words "HQ'S PIGGY". Black Canary's fishnets, meanwhile, are left around her thighs.

"And now," Robin grins. "For the final course..."

Robin fills the table with plates, cups, and dining utensils, even lighting a few candles. Then, for her final piece of humiliation, she takes a smaller dildo out of her perverted utility belt and inserts it into Black Canary's open mouth.

The former heroine slaps Black Canary's ass, as she plays to the camera like a Golden Era housewife who had just prepared a Thanksgiving dinner.

She begins:

"OH! I'M SOOO GLAD you could JOIN US for Harley Quinn's THANKSGIVING TRANSFORMATION! That's right! NOT ONE! NOT TWO!! BUT THREE SUPER WHORES WILL BE TURNED FOR YOUR PLEASURE!!! BUT DON'T THANK ME, THANK MY MISTRESS, HARLEY QUINN! Because without HER vision of our humiliating final defeats, YOU wouldn't have the greatest-grossing pornos of all time! You ALL should go out and buy our videos! I MEAN, in what OTHER video could you get the world's MOST POWERFUL women getting put in their place?!"

The bound Black Canary starts to stir, her head moving back and forth. Pie bubbles form at the openings of her nostrils as she breathes pie goo out of her nose. Black Canary moans slowly, in pain. She struggles weakly to free herself, with no gain.

Robin continues to look at the camera as she walks over to Black Canary's face. She grabs one of the gelled spikes of Black Canary's hair, holding the blonde up to the camera. Black Canary's eyes, trying to see, flutter under the goo as the heroine squeals in pain from being held in such a painful position.

"As you can SEE, I'm about to cook this bird. It's just that we have to serve her properly, first!"

Robin's smile widens as she presents a large jar of honey and two big bags of feathers to the camera. In the meantime, Black Canary's eyes have blinked off enough pie goo for her to see her surroundings. The heroine's eyes bulge in horror as she sees what Robin has done to her.

Gasping under the dildo in her mouth, Black Canary's eyes make contact with the camera sitting five feet in front of her face. A muffled "Mo-mo-mo!!!" comes from her mouth as she helplessly squirms.

"Awwww... WAKEY WAKEY! I can't take you to Mistress Harley in THAT! It's going to be COLD on the hood of Mistress's truck; you're going to need some insulation! But don't worry, widdle piglet, I have JUST the right ingredients! OH, and IF you're hungry, I have a special third pie for you! Num-num!!!"

Black Canary furiously shakes her head "No" as Robin places a third pie directly beneath the blonde's face, just inches away. Black Canary's eyes bulge as her head arches back, keeping her face away from the pie. Robin takes her time, laughing. She knows that it's just a matter of time before Black Canary gets too tired to keep her head up, and will land face-down in yet ANOTHER pie.

Robin slowly walks around Black Canary, until she is standing at the heroine's backside. She begins spanking Black Canary over and over, telling the blonde to "Give up" and "Shove your pig face in the pie."

Still, Black Canary struggles, keeping her face away from the pie; at times, her back spasms, almost dropping her face-first into the pie. Then, a particularly hard spank makes Black Canary pitch forward, and dip her nose into the pie. The heroine's head jets back, showing the camera white goo-covered nose.

Black Canary's eyes bulge and cross as she looks at the sleeping goo on her face. Her screams covered, she begins jerking in her bonds, trying anything to free herself.

Smirking, Robin climbs up onto the table, and stands directly over the reverse-hogtied Black Canary. She begins taunting the blonde as she unscrews the lid on the jar of honey and slowly pours the cold, sticky contents of the full jar all over the bound heroine.


As Black Canary squirms at Robin's booted feet, Robin grabs one of the bags of feathers. The former heroine throws her head back and genuinely laughs evilly for the first time as she lets the feather slowly fall all over Black Canary's body. Now she truly understands why Mistress Harley, and the Joker, and all those other super villains do it.

Black Canary squirms even more frantically, but her squirms only help to quicken the tar-and-feathering. The bound blonde's eyes bulge as she stares at the camera, her screams all but silenced by the rubber cock in her mouth.

Robin, meanwhile, has emptied the first bag of feathers, and begins with the second. As she pours the feathers all over Black Canary, the honey naturally causes the feathers to stick all over the blonde's body. The heroine's leotard is now almost solid white, thanks to the feathers; her fishnets are now even shinier with all the honey poured over them. Robin also makes sure to get enough of the honey and feathers all over Black Canary's back, hair, and face.

The tar-and-feathering finished, Robin gets down from the table and stands right next to Black Canary. Grabbing the bound blonde's hair, Robin pulls Black Canary back as far as she can go. Pain etches itself on Black Canary's face.

"You know what they SAY, no pain, no gain!"

Robin then takes a knife out, and slices Black Canary's leotard across the chest, exposing the white bra underneath. Grinning lecherously, Robin cuts Black Canary's bra to shreds, letting the blonde's tits fall out for the camera to catch.

Black Canary, exposed and helpless, looks right at the camera. Her shame is captured as she begins to convulse with sobs.
Robin's evil smile widens as the former heroine begins to fondle Black Canary, who is still stretched backward beyond her normal limits. The blonde is now covered from head to toe in feathers and honey, except for her untouched tits, which hang naked for the camera's lens. Robin's other hand is still holding her up by the hair.

As Robin's free hand massages her tits and pinches her pink nipples, Black Canary sobs, shaking her head "No" toward the camera. Robin makes a mock pouty face at Black Canary, and takes out two small straws from her perverted utility belt. She sticks the straws up the blonde's nostrils, never letting go of the blonde's hair.

Not quite done dominating Black Canary, Robin licks a mouthful of pie goo from Black Canary's whimpering face. She then puts her lips over the straws in the blonde's nostrils.

Black Canary shakes her head in confusion as Robin blows a mouthful of pie goo up her nose and down her throat. The blonde's eyes bulge, rolling in their sockets. Robin poses for the camera, opening her mouth to show that it is completely clean of pie goo - unlike Black Canary's nose, which is still coated in white goo.

Robin giggles for the camera, playing excited before releasing her grip on Black Canary's hair. Black Canary springs forward, landing face-first in the overstuffed pie plate under her face. She had forgotten about it several minutes ago, and now she is going to pay the price.


The plop sound, and the subsequent explosion of white goo, makes Robin laugh hysterically. She points at and taunts Black Canary as the latter begins to peacefully sleep in her pie. She then checks the straws, to make sure that Black Canary can still get air even while the pie plate stays on her face.

Black Canary twitches, but begins to rest in her mess again without a fight. The darkness takes over once more, as the blonde's body begins to surrender itself. Fewer and fewer of her whimpers come from under the pie plate, until a snoring sound begins to vibrate from beneath the tin.
Robin films herself putting her piggy in a little red wagon. Subsequently, she slowly walks down Black Canary's apartment hallway, rolling the conquered blonde along. As she films, Robin taunts the sleeping heroine in her own home.

"Hush, little piggy, don't say a word... Robin's going to buy you a mockingbird..."

Black Canary's unaware neighbors open their doors, coming out into the hallway to see Robin filming and taunting a reverse-hogtied, pie-covered mess. Robin walks out of the building and wheels Black Canary, in public, over to an unassuming-looking ice cream truck. She places the camera on a tripod, to film the process of mounting Black Canary on the front hood of the truck.

Robin unties Black Canary and binds her to the hood spread-eagle, making sure to put the blonde ass-first toward oncoming traffic so that every passerby could see the great Black Canary defeated, humiliated, and now branded "HQ'S PIGGY". The hype would drive all the perverts in Gotham wild with anticipation of the Black Piggy porno's release.

Once finished, Robin gets behind the wheel and heads downtown. She drives slowly once she reaches downtown, to make sure that all the local drunks getting out after last call could see Harley's new marketing tool.

As she turns on the ice cream truck music, Robin makes sure to put on an ice cream server's hat as well. With "Pop Goes the Weasel" playing, Robin hangs one of her pantyhose-covered legs out of the trucks window. She laughs hysterically, yelling advertisements for the upcoming "Black Piggy" release.

Thousands of downtown onlookers see the ice cream truck driving by, and hear its music. All of them see Black Canary tied to the hood spread-eagle and face-down. A pie plate is stuck to the blonde's sleeping face, and her entire body is covered in white feathers.

Men hoot and scream as Robin blows kisses to the masses. The last thing that most of them notice is Black Canary's new pig tail flopping in the wind as white feathers slowly float to the ground behind the ice cream truck, leaving a trail all the way back to Harley's lair.

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Just as Robin was pulling Harley's ice cream truck - with an unconscious Black Canary still lying down spread-eagle, tied to its hood - up, the Huntress was finishing up her rounds across the city, all the way on the other side of Gotham.

Earlier in the night, Huntress' security monitor had triggered an alarm at her residence, and she was ready for an ambush from Harley Quinn. Little did she know that Harley was miles away, anxiously waiting for her to return home.

The heroine was also unaware that her home was now being watched by three monitors, filming from cameras that had been placed throughout her living room. It had been Batgirl who had slipped in and out of the apartment, taking less than five minutes to place the cameras in strategic locations, along with a special surprise.

Last, but not least, the heroine had no idea what had just recently happened to her coworkers, Zatanna and Black Canary. From the JLA's reaction, she had previously thought that she wasn't a person of interest in Harley's perverted game at all.

"But it looks like I am..." she mutters to herself. "You want me so bad, Quinn? Come get me."

Huntress makes sure to check out the rooftops surrounding her apartment, but the only thing out of the ordinary that she notices is that NO ONE was out and about. EVERYONE is at home, watching television. Huntress has no clue WHAT on the idiot box was so important, but the police scanners, she notices, are quiet as well.

After watching over her place for over an hour, and seeing no one even come close to it, Huntress slowly and carefully inches her way into her apartment via the fire escape. She enters through the window, her costume - black latex bodysuit with purple "X" across the torso and golden cross design near the throat, utility belt with yellow buckle sporting a black "H" insignia, weapon pouch around the left thigh, bulky purple boots and gauntlet gloves, purple domino mask, and blue cape - is silhouetted in the darkness, as is the crossbow in her hand.
Huntress meticulously scans her apartment for any indications that her privacy has been violated. She checks every room, but nothing seems out of place. Finally relaxing, she goes back to her living room, opens a bottle of wine, begins to enjoy what is left of the night.

"Might as well call it a night..."

The heroine turns on the TV, stripping out of her costume and slipping into something more comfortable as she did so. She reaches up to take off her mask, intending to listen to the news... until the horrifically perverted screams and moans begin coming from the TV. And from EVERY CHANNEL.

For unbeknownst to Huntress, Harley had pirated all of the local channels; from midnight till 4:00 PM, they would all replay infomercials for her perverted pornos.

Huntress stops dead in her tracks, staring at the television and shaking her head "No" as she unwittingly watches teaser videos of the fallen super heroines debasing themselves for Harley Quinn. "Before" and "After" shots of Robin, Supergirl, and Batgirl are shown as all three heroines prance around in front of the camera, laughing hysterically at their "Before" shots.

The most humiliating moments from every video are teased:

Batgirl: Batgirl being walked by Harley Quinn and being called a "good little bitch"; Batgirl on her knees, posing like a super heroine as Harley pies her in the face over and over; Batgirl stripping and putting on her new "French Maid Batgirl" costume; Harley unmasking/taunting Batgirl, who is on her knees and posing with her cape draped over her head; Harley joy-buzzing Batgirl, who drops to her knees, cross-eyed, and begins sucking a dildo suctioned to the floor; Harley autographing Batgirl's tits "PROPERTY OF HQ"; Harley laughing as she steps a cross-eyed Batgirl's face into a pie; Batgirl cleaning Harley's bathroom; Harley giving Batgirl a swirlie/wedgie combo; Batgirl, on her hands and knees, being forced to eat dog food; repeated shots of Batgirl getting knocked cross-eyed by a "super donkey punch" from Harley's boxing-glove gun; Batgirl being used as a coffee table; final shot of a blubbering Batgirl begging for Supergirl to come and save her.

Supergirl: Supergirl finding the Kryptonite dildo in Batgirl's mouth; "Boxing Bitch" Harley pummeling Supergirl; Harley rubbing Supergirl's face into her crotch as she taunts the Kryptonian; Supergirl getting knocked silly by Harley's boxing-glove gun; the knocked out Supergirl over the couch, ass in the air; Harley autographing Supergirl's ass "Super Slut"; Supergirl getting a super-duper wedgie that stretches all the way over her head; Supergirl getting walked like a dog while she's stuck in the super wedgie; repeated shots of Supergirl getting pied in the face, then falling disgracefully to her knees and face-first into a bowl of dog food; Harley posing the knocked-out Supergirl, whose face is now covered in pie and dog food; Supergirl getting "schooled" by Harley, and getting joy-buzzed and spanked simultaneously; Supergirl and Batgirl trying to out-suck each other as Harley teaches them how to give blowjobs to rubber dildos; Supergirl and Batgirl scissoring each other; Supergirl getting fucked doggy-style by Batgirl as Harley taunts her; Supergirl squealing like a pig as she gets railed by Batgirl; a cross-eyed Supergirl getting "facialed" as she screams, "THANK YOU! I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BITCH! I OBEY! HARLEY'S BITCH OBEYS!"; final shot of Supergirl covered in pie and cum, and being used as a coffee table by Harley, who drapes Supergirl's cape over her head.

Robin: Robin's eyes going cross as she screams "NOOOO!" while Harley gives her a super wedgie; Robin's eyes disappearing under her bloomers as her super wedgie stretches over her head; Harley riding her super-wedgied dog, fishing Robin's hair through her bloomers; Robin, with her bloomers still on her head, being forced to suck on a strap-on; Harley posing as Robin continues to suck on the strap-on; Robin, on her knees, being forced to pose like a heroine while getting her mouth fucked, with her bloomers still stretched over her head; Robin, bloomers still over her head, passing out, on her knees, as Harley taunts her and smacks her face with the strap-on; Harley autographing Robin's tits with "PROPERTY OF HQ"; repeated shots of Harley releasing Robin's hair as Robin falls face-first into a pie; Harley posing on Robin's defeated ass; Robin bent over and locked in wooden stocks, getting pied in the face; Robin being force-fed chloroform pie with a strap-on by Harley; Harley cheerleading as she fucks Robin doggy-style, both getting nailed with pies; Robin being forced to watch a hypnotizing video as Harley rails her doggy-style; Robin going cross-eyed in the stocks as she gets fucked; Harley forcing Robin's face into her ass, and farting in Robin's face; Robin being forced to wear her green bloomers - with the words "HQ's TOY" written on them - on her head; Harley barking, "WHO'S MY BITCH?! WHO'S MY BITCH, ROBIN?!" as Robin mindlessly responds, over and over, "I'M HARLEY QUINN'S BITCH! I'M HARLEY QUINN'S BITCH!"; Robin and Supergirl being "Eiffel Towered" by Harley and Batgirl; Harley spitting in Robin's face, and Robin smiling widely, cross-eyed, as the spit runs down her face; Robin posing on her knees, with her bloomers on her head, taking off her mask and laying it at Harley's feet while Harley laughs uncontrollably; Robin getting ridden like a dog by Harley; Robin unveiling her new outfit - a "Harley's Hooters" version of her costume; Robin on her knees, face painted and wearing her bloomers as a mask as she tells the world that she is now Harley's bitch; final shot of Robin getting facialed by a goo gun, bouncing on her knees, giggling and screaming, "I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M A HARLEY PORNO WHORE!!! I LOVE BEING A DILDO-SUCKING SLUT!!! I'M YOUR BITCH! TAKE MY IDENTITY!!!"

The final shot of the much-repeated ten-minute infomercial flashed, showing Zatanna, Black Canary, and the Huntress as "COMING, COMING, AND COMING... SOON!"

In less than two minutes, Huntress witnesses ALL of these horrible atrocities that were forced upon her super heroine friends. The rush of wine she has just drank combines with her reaction to the revolting events unfolding in front of her, and she couldn't hold it in any longer. Her stomach, wanting to rid itself of everything inside, forces her to rush to the bathroom without even thinking.

But in her rush to the bathroom, Huntress has overlooked the fact that her toilet seat has been laid with the lid down. And now that minor mistake was going to cost her her identity and her dignity.

As Huntress lifts the toilet lid to upchuck everything in her stomach, an explosive flash blinds her. A nanosecond later, a spring-loaded boxing glove springs up from within the toilet bowl, nailing Huntress directly between the eyes. Knocked silly, the cross-eyed Huntress staggers backward.


Without even realizing it, Huntress trips backward, straight into a giant rubber smiley-face wall ornament that a certain someone has attached to her bathroom wall. As she springs forward and falls to her knees, the shock on her face is captured, especially in her bulging, crossed eyes.

As Huntress falls face-first into her own toilet bowl, her hand accidentally clips the flush handle. Her legs twitch and spasm as the toilet flushes, and her face gets "cleaned" by the now-purple toilet water - also the work of a certain someone. Soon, the heroine is lying unconscious in her own toilet, her face and hair soaking up the purple dye in the water. Her face is just barely out of the water.

The toilet flushing would be Batgirl's cue, as the former heroine (hiding on the fire escape) quietly sneaks into Huntress' apartment through the window. Still wearing her "French Maid Batgirl" costume, the redhead starts tip-toeing, then skipping toward the unconscious heroine's bathroom.

Batgirl walks up to the Huntress, and pulls her head out of the toilet. She grabs a video camera and taunts the Huntress, getting multiple shots of her forcing Huntress' face into the toilet over and over.

As the redhead gives Huntress repeated swirlies, she laughs uncontrollably. She tells Huntress, "SUM-BODY HAS A DIRTY-DIRTY SLUT FACE, THAT NEEDS BAT-BITCH'S PERSONAL ATTENTION!!!"

Batgirl drops Huntress' face back into the toilet, and begins to rummage through Huntress' bathroom. Her face lights up as she finds some talcum powder.

Huntress' face is lifted out of the toilet as Batgirl begins pouring the entire package of talcum powder - along with some flour she'd fetched from the kitchen earlier - into the toilet. Batgirl taunts Huntress as the cameras roll, slowly lowering the heroine's face into the gooey white mess in the toilet.
Batgirl laughs hysterically, holding Huntress' face firmly in the toilet as she pulls the flush handle. As she performs the swirlie, she climbs up onto, and sits comfortably on Huntress' back, laughing and riding the unconscious heroine like a "bucking horse".

After the swirlie is done, Batgirl lifts the Huntress face out of the toilet; the camera gets a perfect shot of Huntress' face and hair, completely covered in the white paste. Huntress' mask has fallen off along the way, and remains in her toilet; the heroine's identity is now covered only by the goo on her face. Batgirl then taunts the still-unconscious heroine some more.

Next, Batgirl strips Huntress of her costume completely, noting that the white paste covering the heroine's face and hair is beginning to harden. That done, the redhead positions the cameras to film Huntress' "transformation" from every angle possible.

Batgirl proceeds to unpack the Huntress' "special" new costume, which SHE had personally picked out back in Mistress Harley's lair. Soon, Batgirl is seen fishing suntan control top pantyhose onto Huntress, followed by a green-and-purple cheerleading skirt and a purple-and-green halter top. Batgirl then takes out a permanent marker and unrolls Huntress' new pantyhose a bit, autographing the heroine's ass with the words, "GIRL BLUNDER'S BITCH".

Then, Batgirl fixes Huntress' hose and puts a pair of extra-large white satin bloomers on the Huntress' ass, autographing the fabric "HUNTED AND OWNED!!!". She tells Huntress how "cute" the heroine will look as her bitch, as she fashions Huntress' hair into two pigtails. Batgirl then puts a pair of green-and-purple booties (with jingle bells attached) on Huntress' feet, and autographs Huntress' bare breasts with the words, "GRADE B FUCK-MEAT". As Huntress begins to stir, Batgirl rolls a pair of green-and-purple satin gloves with jingle bells attached onto the heroine's hands.

As one final humiliating touch, Batgirl ties a small, feminine-looking green-and-purple cape around Huntress' neck. She then proceeds to position Huntress (who is still on her knees) in front of the camera. As Huntress - goo still covering her face - begins to wake, Batgirl stuffs a joy-buzzer down the front of the heroine's pantyhose, making sure that the electrical shock will give Huntress the most pain - along with the most pleasure - possible.

Huntress spits up purple toilet water all over herself, as snot bubbles begin to form around her nostrils. She begins to moan in pain, still on her knees.

Batgirl tells Huntress, "The pain has JUST begun! I KNOW a widdle birdy thought THIS was REALLY painful, but MISTRESS HARLEY just LOVES seeing us humiliated, and debased in the most COMICAL WAYS! ENJOY!"
With that, Batgirl stretches Huntress' new bloomers straight up, giving the goo-faced heroine a massive wedgie that completely wakes her from her slumber. Huntress screams; her eyes jetting open only causes some of the goo to fall off her mouth and her two bulging, now-crossed eyes.
Batgirl laughs hysterically, pulling Huntress' bloomers higher and higher. Huntress' arms flail; the heroine is totally unable to protect herself, not knowing which way to go or who to call.

Huntress' humiliating whimpers only encourage Batgirl to taunt her some more, as the redhead stretches the bloomers even higher. Batgirl's eyes get wide as Huntress' bloomers reach the heroine's forehead; the former heroine's smile cannot contain her joy. Huntress gasps, whimpering, pleading, begging, and even convulsing. Her eyes are crossed, her mouth wide open, as Batgirl pulls the bloomers all the way over to her face.
Batgirl taunts Huntress as the latter weakly struggles to remove her new wedgie mask. Huntress is squirming on her knees, her body rigid; unable to remove her humiliating mask, she moans in pain and greater humiliation.

Then, Batgirl's eyes bulge with glee as she sees Huntress on her knees, mouth wide open, hands full, and totally unable to get free. Laughing, Batgirl bends over, knees locked, and positions herself in front of the Huntress. Her ass is just inches away from a blinded Huntress' face.
Batgirl, getting off on hearing Huntress' pathetic cries and sobs, counts down on her fingers toward one of the cameras: 3, 2, 1.

The redhead's face then gets super-smiley as she grabs Huntress' head, forcing the heroine's open mouth right into the ass of Batgirl's own bloomers. Laughing and posing for the camera, Batgirl holds a squirming, squealing Huntress - whose face is full of Batgirl ass - on her knees.
Her arms unable to free her head from her new wedgie mask, and now also unable to free her face from Batgirl's ass, Huntress begins smacking and clawing the back of Batgirl's pantyhose-covered knees. Batgirl becomes annoyed; as punishment, the redhead squats down, pressing Huntress even further down onto her own knees.


Huntress' pain only makes Batgirl want to "exercise" with her new toy some more. Squatting over and over, Batgirl laughs at Huntress' wails of pain and shame. Soon, Huntress' arms quit scratching and instead grab onto the back of Batgirl's knees instead, the heroine hoping that this would stop the squats.



With this degrading command, Huntress immediately removes her hands from Batgirl's knees, to which Batgirl responds by continuing to squat her ass into Huntress' face, holding the heroine by her hair.

Huntress' eyes bulge as Batgirl bends over again, legs locked once more. As the cameras catch Batgirl holding Huntress by the hair, Huntress' eyes look around, the heroine not understanding why she is being held in this manner... until her eyes catch Camera 2, positioned 5 feet in front of her face. The heroine's eyes begin to water, as tears roll down her face; her whimpers and please, however, are muted by Batgirl's ass.

The heroine shakes her head "No" as the rigid, bent-over Batgirl smiles evilly at Camera 1. The redhead stands up on her tip-toes as her eyes roll back in their sockets. Batgirl then bends back down, forcing her ass directly into Huntress' mouth. Loudly, she farts directly into Huntress' mouth.

Huntress' eyes bulge and cross under her new wedgie mask, as a low, humiliate moan comes from her mouth.


Huntress begins screaming, mouth still full of Batgirl ass. Her hands weakly smack and pathetically run their way up and down Batgirl's pantyhose-covered legs. She KNEW that her utter shock at her complete domination and humiliation - and in her own home, no less - was being broadcast live to the perverts of Gotham for a small charge of $59.95.
Huntress, still squirming under Batgirl's grasp, tries to avoid the humiliating question by looking away.


Batgirl grabs Huntress firmly, holding her head in place. The heroine tries, in vain, to think of ANY way out; her eyes look around as her hands pathetically push against Batgirl's knees.


With that, the Huntress' will is broken. The heroine's eyes glaze over; as she notices all three cameras filming her from different positions, her head pathetically shakes "No".

"Does my pathetic little bitch want free from ass-kissing duty?! Is my widdle bitch going to speak, wike a GOOD LITTLE GIRL?!!"

Huntress' head slowly nods "Yes", and Batgirl lets out an extended laugh.
The redhead lowers Huntress' face back out of her ass, dropping her mouth free. Huntress gasps, moaning, sobbing, and trying to avoid being told to speak.


Huntress tries again to squirm free, but Batgirl has a firm hold on her. The redhead pushes Huntress' mouth back into her ass, and poses for the cameras as she farts in Huntress' mouth again. Batgirl then looks down at the Huntress, a sadistic and grossed-out look on her face.

As Batgirl smiles widely, Huntress flails, her eyes bulging and her moans and screams covered. The goo covering her face is slowly being rubbed free as Batgirl continues to rub her bloomers in the heroine's face.

"My... my... my... i... id... ident... identity!"

"BE A GOOD WIDDLE GIRL for me, and I'll ALLOW you to leave here with your mask still on your stupid slut face! NOW, THANK ME for making you my personal BITCH! You BETTER fucking say it, slut-bag, or I will have all of MISTRESS HARLEY'S henchmen come and whore you out for $5 a pop! REMEMBER... I have your identity, AND I have you in a PRETTY-WIDDLE-OUTFIT FOR MISTRESS!"

At this, Huntress notices for the first time what Batgirl has put on her. Her eyes look at her hands and the satin gloves with the little jingle bells on them, as the white goo comes off of her face faster than ever.

With Huntress preoccupied at seeing her "slut uniform", Batgirl pulls her ass out of the heroine's face. As she hears the completely defeated Huntress sob and blubber while taking in her new uniform, Batgirl smiles at the camera. Then, she delivers a devastating mule kick to Huntress' midsection.


Huntress flies backward from the force of the kick; she lands hard on her back, cross-eyed and gasping. Crying out in pain, the heroine curls up into a ball as best as she can while still wearing her wedgie mask.

On the floor and blubbering at Batgirl's booted feet, Huntress squeals in shame and pain. As she convulses, blubbering and squirming, she finally frees her head from the wedgie mask. However, upon realizing that the cameras are still filming, she inadvertently grabs her new cape and pulls it over her head in complete shame. The heroine openly balls herself up, trying to cover herself from the cameras by curling.

Batgirl then takes out a remote control and begins randomly joy-buzzing Huntress. As time goes on, the pain and pleasure coursing through Huntress' weakened crotch begin to slowly pick up speed, as well as randomness.

Huntress writhes in pain as she gets shocked over and over. Screaming out in pain and pleasure, the heroine tries to get up, only to be shocked again and fall back down to the floor. Batgirl laughs, taunting Huntress.

Batgirl then grabs Huntress by her new pigtails, and leads the heroine - who is still wearing her new cape as a mask - over to the living room. The pair approach an over-sized ottoman, which Batgirl forces the Huntress to lie over, face-down. Huntress' only concern during the whole scene is to keep her face covered with the small cape - a task in and of itself, especially as Batgirl begins to spank the heroine's prone ass.

Next, Batgirl grabs a strap-on from her perverted utility belt; as she puts on the dildo, she continues to randomly shock Huntress into submission with her free hand, keeping the heroine in place on the ottoman.

The redhead then pulls Huntress' bloomers down to the heroine's knees, and then rips a hole in Huntress' pantyhose. That done, she enters Huntress' now-wet pussy.


Huntress is driven permanently cross-eyed by this invasion, her mouth now in a perfect "O"; her face looks retarded as Batgirl pumps her. The redhead teases the camera by lifting Huntress' new cape for only split-seconds at a time, so the cameras can see tiny glimpses of Huntress' completely defeated, debased, and helpless cross-eyed face.

Batgirl laughs hysterically as she begins to randomly joy-buzz Huntress some more, making the heroine buck into the strap-on. Soon, a pattern forms: Batgirl would force the dildo deep into Huntress, only to repeat the "shock and awe" campaign so the process could start all over again.

Within one minute, Huntress is completely subservient, staring straight ahead. Batgirl continues to fuck her doggy-style, holding her down tight over the ottoman; Huntress' bloomers are now around her ankles, and her body bounces as Batgirl impales her.

Batgirl smacks the back of Huntress' head over and over, laughing and taunting her new toy. Then, sensing a huge orgasm coming, the redhead whispers loud enough for the cameras to hear:

"Mistress would LOVE to ALLOW her BITCH to come, but you've been a BAD WIDDLE GIRL! Are you going to be GOOD WIDDLE GIRL?!"
Staring straight ahead, Huntress responds:


As Huntress hears herself giving in to her deep-rooted, perverted wishes, her body convulses and bucks rigid. Huntress' hands shoot back to her ankles, trying to grab them and force them apart, but her bloomers keep her struggling as the orgasm rockets through her body.

Right as Huntress is in the thralls of an orgasm, Batgirl winds her arm back and delivers a rock-hard punch to the back of the heroine's head.

The "donkey punch" brings about an involuntary reaction that forces Huntress' head into the ottoman, hard, as her ass spasms upward. The mindless heroine goes completely rigid as Batgirl finishes penetrating her.
Huntress' eyes, still wide and crossed, roll into the back of her head as Batgirl holds her up for the cameras. She knows that she's completely defeated, and now a mindless toy.

Batgirl teases Huntress' exposed and autographed tits, playing with them for the camera and knowing that thousands of men were at home, watching Huntress get humiliated like never before. She then lets Huntress' body limply fall to the ottoman; the cross-eyed heroine's knees are close to each other, while her ankles are apart, and cape now only covers her forehead.


Huntress, completely obedient, scrambles to her hands and knees, still groggy from getting beaten and fucked silly.


Without hesitation, Huntress responds, and repeats as Batgirl points and laughs at her:


Batgirl laughs sadistically, posing with one booted foot on her repeated toy. Batgirl then pulls out of her perverted utility belt a dog collar and chain leash, whipping Huntress back and forth with the latter.

"Put on your BITCH NECKLACE!"

Huntress struggles to find the leash with her cape still over her head; her ass is still higher in the air than her head is. Batgirl taunts Huntress, bouncing the collar and leash just out of her reach. Huntress whimpers pathetically, before finally grabbing the collar and leash and putting them on.

"GOOOOOOOOD BITCH! GOOD BITCH!" Batgirl purrs, sounding more like a Bat-Bitch than ever.

Batgirl then orders Huntress to kiss her booted feet on camera, which Huntress does. Next, Batgirl orders Huntress get on her knees and lick the redhead's pantyhose clean. After that, she orders Huntress to lick the back of her pantyhose-covered knees. Finally, she orders Huntress to put her own face in Batgirl's ass and beg to eat her farts.

"PWWWEEEEASE, MISTRESS! PWEEEAASE MISTRESS, LET ME EAT YOUR FARTS! I'M YOUR BITCH, MAKE ME EAT YOUR FARTS! I'LL EAT THEM ALL DAY LONG FOR YOU, MISTRESS! I'M YOUR FART-EATING BITCH!!!" Huntress begs, rubbing her face all over Batgirl's bloomers as her hands rub up and down Batgirl's legs.

"WHERE do those stupid slut hands BELONG?!!"

Her face still in Batgirl's ass, Huntress coos as she places her hands directly on her hips. Batgirl stands on her tippy-toes, looking at Camera 1 with a smile, before her face goes to one of the pleasure of releasing gas.
Huntress' crossed eyes bulge, and her perverted moans become audible, as her mouth comes free of Batgirl's bloomers.


"YES, dumb bitch, you ARE A DIRTY-DIRTY LITTLE SKANK! We'll see if I made you the DIRTIEST! And that's all that matters to MISTRESS HARLEY! Time to clean that stupid slut face of yours, and get your silly mask back on your dumb bitch head."

Batgirl begins leading Huntress back to the bathroom; Huntress' cape is still draped over the broken heroine's head, her cheerleading skirt is flipped up, and her bloomers are still around her ankles.

Leading Huntress to the toilet, Batgirl orders her toy to "Bob for masky-wasky!"

Huntress immediately shoves her face into the toilet, not even thinking about using her hands. She bites for her mask, which is now at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Batgirl laughs hysterically, holding Huntress by her new chain-leash; the broken heroine's body goes rigid as her hands hold the toilet bowl tightly.

Batgirl then orders Huntress to hold herself still with one hand, while grabbing her bloomers and giving herself a wedgie with the other. Huntress complies, and Batgirl is soon taking pictures of the mindless heroine flopping in her own toilet face first as she gives herself a wedgie.

Finally, Huntress' face comes out of the water; her mouth is mouth is full of old mask, and most of the goo has come off her face. Crossed eyes wide, she looks up at Batgirl, whimpering with her old mask still in her mouth. Batgirl orders her to put it back on, then leads the mindless heroine - who is still on all fours - back to the living room.

Batgirl orders Huntress to get on her knees, and pose with her hands on her hips. As Huntress complies, Batgirl lines up 5 regular pies on the floor in front of her. Batgirl hands Huntress each pie, one-by-one, forcing Huntress to say "I'm your BITCH!" before sticking her face into each pie and laughing uncontrollably. The process leaves Huntress' face and hair a disgusting mess.

After the self-pieing is finished, Batgirl begins to mold Huntress' hair in the gooey, sticky filth. Slowly, she molds four prongs jetting off of Huntress' head, looking similar to a "jester cap". Batgirl then takes a can of green-and-purple hair spray paint, and paints every other prong a different color. To finish off her masterpiece, she attaches little bells to the ends of Huntress' hair-gelled "jester cap".

Laughing at her completely defeated, humiliated, and mindless toy, Batgirl admires just how far she took Huntress. The broken heroine is on all fours, wearing a perverted jester outfit, autographed tits out in her hands, nipples hard, hair gelled and garishly decorated.
Her cheerleading skirt doing nothing to hide her autographed ass, Huntress holds still, keeping the last pie tin directly stuck to her face.

Looking at the camera, Batgirl blows a kiss to the lens before collecting everything and prancing out of Huntress' apartment. She walks her new bitch in public, knowing that Huntress, on all fours, is now completely blinded by pie goo and mindlessly obedient to her new mistress, Bat-Bitch.

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With Zatanna, Black Canary, and Huntress all defeated and on the way to her rigged studio, Harley Quinn has made sure that her finale will go off without a hitch. To this end, she has kidnapped some 100 innocent tourists, keeping them secured and waiting for what she promised would be, "The GREATEST NIGHT of your pathetic lives!"

Her henchmen held the crowd at bay with automatic machine guns, not to mention the constant threat of a biological attack - as they all wore gas masks - just in case any of the JLA members showed up early. Despite this, Harley made sure to feed her captives and keep them pleasant until her prizes arrived.

First, Robin shows up, still wearing a Harley's Hooters Girl costume and her own bloomers as a mask. She rolls a tar-and-feathered, pie-faced, sleeping Black Canary into the studio on a little red wagon. Black Canary's piggy ears are visible, along with the fact that her blond hair is still covered in pie goo and has been gelled to look like a jester's cap. Robin deposits Black Canary in a dog kennel located just off-stage, and wipes the blonde's face clean of the goo. She leaves the still-sleeping blonde on her knees, face-down and ass in the air.

Next, Supergirl - in her Supergirl Schoolgirl costume - flies in, carrying a sleeping Zatanna over her shoulder. Zatanna is still wearing a diaper with the words "PROPERTY OF HQ" on her ass, along with her humiliating baby bonnet. The dildo with the baby binker attached to its end still protrudes from her sleeping mouth, and pie residue still covers the magician's face and hair. Two pink booties cover Zatanna's torn-fishnet-clad feet, and her hands are still cuffed behind her back. Supergirl drops Zatanna in a dog kennel next to Black Canary's, and produces a baby bib, which she fastens to a sleeping Zatanna's neck - the word "OWNED" is written across the bib. Supergirl then shoves Zatanna into the kennel, the magician's un-autographed tits hanging free as she sways back and forth.

Last to arrive is Batgirl - still wearing a giant smile under her flimsy panty mask - and her pet, Huntress. Batgirl comes skipping into the studio, still wearing her French Maid Batgirl costume. Her pet, Huntress, is led in on all fours; Huntress' suntan pantyhose is torn at the knees from her crawling so long, and pie goo is still covering her face and hair. She is the one heroine completely gone, and completely mindless. Batgirl walks her new bitch to her new kennel, right next to Zatanna's and Black Canary's, and orders Huntress to crawl into said kennel and wait while posing "like a good little bitch". Huntress immediately gets on her knees, placing her small cape over her head and pie-covered face. Lastly, Huntress puts her hands at her hips, and begins waiting with her autographed tits hanging free.

Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin all stand close to one another onstage, posing in their new whore uniforms and waiting for the arrival of their mistress, Harley Quinn.

Harley soon emerges, still wearing her cheerleading costume, and gets on the mic and begins hyping the crowd for applause. Her big debut only draws huge gasps from the crowd, as her history has only made the audience's nervousness audible.

Without any cue, Harley hits a hidden button, which releases an invisible laughing gas through the studio. She then begins:


Some in the crowd begin giggling as the gas's effects take hold. Other members of the audience look around, trying to figure out what is so funny.


Three henchmen wheel out the three dog kennels with the recently defeated heroines inside. Zatanna and Black Canary are still sleeping, while Huntress poses for the crowd, swaying her head back and forth as she is wheeled out. Some in the crowd begin to laugh even more.


Harley grins and gestures to each of her "little helpers".


Batgirl poses, then bows, to the crowd's applause and laughter.


Supergirl jumps up and down, giggling, then bows to the crowd as well.


Robin firmly places both gloved hands at her hips; smiling widely, she bows, and the crowd's laughter and applause pick up.

Three giant contraptions are then wheeled out next to each kennel, as more and more people in the crowd begin laughing harder and harder. Each evil heroine goes back to her respective catch, posing next to the cages like game show models.

Supergirl grabs the sleeping Zatanna, manipulating her like a life-sized puppet and making the magician "sleep-crawl" out of her kennel. She places Zatanna on one of the contraptions, undoing the magician's cuffs. Then, at super-speed, the Kryptonian ties Zatanna spread-eagle across the platform; as a last touch, she places a joy-buzzer inside Zatanna's diaper.

Robin drags a sleeping Black Canary across the studio, finally muscling the blonde up onto the second platform. Black Canary is forced to kneel on a vibrated mounted pleasure device. A glass structure is then lowered from the ceiling onto the blonde, imprisoning her in a glass cage.

Batgirl, lastly, walks her toy like a dog, to the hoots and laughter of the crowd (which is now getting a full dose of laughing gas). Batgirl prances around, taunting Huntress, before placing the heroine on her knees before an assembly line. Huntress stays posed on her knees, hands at her hips. Batgirl then attaches the tight leash around Huntress' neck to a control mechanism.


With that, Harley hits a joy-buzzer remote control, simultaneously buzzing all three of three fallen heroines' prone crotches. All six writhe in pain as the crowd's laughter gets stronger and stronger; this laughter gets Harley to randomly joy-buzz ALL of the heroines.

Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin all try to stay posed, standing tall with hands on hips and super smiles on their faces. The pleasure coming from their crotches makes all three of them go cross-eyed as they try to keep themselves from grabbing their crotches. Meanwhile, Zatanna, Black Canary, and Huntress all moan in unison as the pain/pleasure jolts them awake.

Harley walks over to each of the caged heroines, taunting them and playing with their helpless bodies as they whimper in defeat, squealing and squirming as they try to free themselves. Black Canary tries to perform a sonic "Canary Cry" scream, only to be shocked when the glass jail she's imprisoned in doesn't even budge. As she stares at all the cameras filming her, she weakly hits the glass walls.

Zatanna is stirred fully awake by the crowd's laughter. She looks around as best as she can, realizing that she's tied to a platform and completely helpless. Harley walks over taunting Zatanna with an overlarge feather and talking down to the magician as if she's just "a cute widdle baby!"

The magician bucks wildly, her screams muffled by the dildo still in her mouth.

Harley hands the giant feather, along with a joy-buzzer remote control, over to Supergirl; she then takes one finger and places it on Supergirl's head. Pushing, she forces Supergirl's head down to her backside. As Supergirl's face is forced under Harley's skirt and into her bloomers, Harley tells her to "KISS MY ASS, SUCK GIRL!"

Supergirl, eyes wide and cross, blindly obeys and begins kissing Harley's ass over and over. The crowd's uncontrolled laughter echoes through the studio as Supergirl humiliates herself, moaning in ecstasy time and time again over her VERY PUBLIC debasement. Harley then pulls away and puts a pie in front of Supergirl, the latter still on her knees.

Harley then walks over to Black Canary's glass tomb, as Black Canary whimpers weakly, shaking her head "no". Harley hits a button, which activates a switch inside the glass box; slowly, the glass box collapses in on itself. Black Canary's cries are no longer heard as she slowly gets squashed into the front of the glass box; for comedic effect, her tits and face are prominently squashed into the glass.

Marker in hand, Harley walks up to the front of the box and draws on the outside glass. A mustache is soon seen on the glass where Black Canary's face is, and the words "SUPER PIGGY" are written across the part of the box where Black Canary's tits are. Black Canary's mouth is open, pressed up against the glass; her cheeks are puffed out with every breath, making the crowd chant, "HAR-LEY'S PIG! HAR-LEY'S PIG!"

Harley then walks up to Robin, and hands the fallen heroine a canister of itching powder and a joy-buzzer remote control. As Robin takes the canister and the remote, Harley lifts the Girl Blunder's bloomers/mask up over her nose and mouth - just a little, so she could seductively kiss Robin. Harley makes out with Robin for a few minutes, then suddenly stops and pulls away.

Pouting, Robin stretches forward for more Harley. Harley notices, and, annoyed, takes one finger and places it on Robin's head. She shoves the still-posing Robin to her knees, and forces Robin's face into her crotch. The crowd begins chanting "HAR-LEY'S TOY! HAR-LEY'S TOY!" as Robin rubs her face all over Harley's crotch, moaning in defeat and pleasure. Finally, Harley pulls away, and places a pie in front of Robin's face as well.

Harley then skips over to Huntress, who is still kneeling next to the assembly line. Harley fondles Huntress and her new costume, playing with the broken heroine's exposed tits. As the crowd begins going wild, Huntress arches, aching to be touched as much as possible. Harley then turns around, shooting a questioning look at one of the cameras. She bends over and looks back at Huntress, who is still blinded by the pie covering her face. Harley locks her knees, ass inches away from Huntress' face; with a look of concentration, Harley finally stands on her tippy-toes.

As Harley's eyes seductively look back at Huntress, she looks surprised, waiting for a reaction. As soon as Huntress smells it, she begins chomping at the air, trying to suck as much of Harley's fart into her mouth as possible. Pie goo begins falling from all around Huntress' face; her eyes bulge free from the goo as she tries to move around, mouth gulping as much gas as it can. Harley begins laughing hysterically as the members of the crowd begin falling out of their seats; roaring with laughter, they chant, "EAT THOSE FARTS! EAT THOSE FARTS!! EAT THOSE FARTS!!!"

Harley and Batgirl both laugh and point at Huntress, who is completely consumed with "eating farts for the masses". Harley then walks over to Batgirl, and hands the redhead a remote control joy-buzzer. She then puts one finger on Batgirl's head, shoving the redhead down to her hands and knees. Harley orders Batgirl to kiss her feet, which she does. As Batgirl performs over and over, the crowd goes berserk, screaming "BAT-SLUT! BAT-SLUT!! BAT-SLUT!!!"

Grinning, Harley plops a pie down in front of a kneeling Batgirl. A second later, the pie's goo explodes, hitting Batgirl in the face and tits. Batgirl giggles, leaving the goo on her face and tits as she smiles widely.


Harley then walks back to center stage, and announces on the mic:


With the crowd at a fever pitch, Harley rings a buzzer.

Harley then looks at directly at her mindless, kneeling toys, and tells them, "GET TO WORK!". Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin immediately jump to their feet, and begin using the items given to them by Harley.

Supergirl begins to tickle Zatanna all over the magician's body. Zatanna's body convulses as she tries to free herself, giggling and begging for mercy. The feather's quills mercilessly glide over every inch of her spectacular body. For extra punishment, Supergirl starts hitting her remote control joy-buzzer at random intervals.

Robin unloads the canister of itching powder into the vent of Black Canary's glass box, simultaneously releasing the blonde from her cramped position. She then begins joy-buzzing Black Canary; the suction of air forces the itching powder throughout the glass box, completely covering Black Canary in the itchy mess. Black Canary begins to frantically scratch herself; screaming and clawing, she struggles and kicks to try and get free from her predicament.

Batgirl hits the "ON" button on the assembly line, and the assembly line begins pumping out pie after pie. The pies travel toward Huntress, and as each pie comes near Huntress' face, Batgirl hits her own remote control joy-buzzer. With each shock, Huntress' face directly shoots forward, slamming into each pie.

Over and over, the crowd laughs hysterically as all 3 heroines debase themselves for the crowd's amusement. Harley, smiling, walks to the host's desk; as the crowd chants and laughs even more hysterically, she sits back, admiring the show.


Zatanna moans out from under the dildo in her mouth, her eyes bulging. Crying and whimpering, she cannot control her laughter as Supergirl continues to tickle her, even with all the joy-buzzing to balance it out. Her pantyhose-covered toes curl in her pathetic pink booties as she fights and fights, but to no avail; her wails invariably turn to screams of laughter. After a while, Supergirl climbs onto the platform and mounts Zatanna. Kneeling, the Kryptonian puts her ass inches away from Zatanna's face. As she continues the tickling, Supergirl teases Zatanna even further by sticking her ass directly into Zatanna's face.

Meanwhile, Black Canary begins to rip her costume off as she squirms over and over in her glass tomb. Soon, she is left wearing only her mask and her white satin panties. As Black Canary fights harder, Robin turns up the vibrations/electric shocks; the pulsing in the heroine's crotch slow Black Canary down, making her eyes go cross. Squirming, the blonde's body convulses, writhing in pain and pleasure. Black Canary can't stop her body from itching, and but she tries until her body is uncontrollably flopping like a fish out of water.

And lastly, Huntress uncontrollably bounces her face up and down, hitting each of the pies on the assembly line as they pass her by. She laughs hysterically with each shock that Batgirl gives her. By now, the heroine's face, head, tits, arms, and hands are totally covered in pie goo. She grabs each pie plate as it continues past her on the assembly line, smearing as much goo over her body as she can before the pies go out of her reach.

The crowd's high-pitched laughter soon drives the evil heroines to finish their toys off.

Supergirl is no longer tickling Zatanna all over, but instead finding the magician's weak spots and sticking to them as she keeps up the joy-buzzing. Zatanna is crying and laughing at the same time, her crossed eyes rolling up into their sockets.

Robin is now joy-buzzing Black Canary so much that the blonde has quit scratching herself, instead blubbering pathetically as she convulses with each shock. Black Canary's eyes roll as her head sways all over, barely staying upright; the blonde's hands are now dangling uselessly at her sides.

Batgirl is now laughing sadistically as she hits her own remote control; Huntress is now almost completely covered in white pie goo. Only the heroine's shoulders remain bare, as the goo is covering her all the way to her waist. Blinded, Huntress has no idea that she is "winning" the competition for Batgirl, and that all she has left to do is cover her shoulders.


Finally, Zatanna lets out a horrific wail, as her bulging eyes go permanently cross. Her body goes limp as a steady stream of piss rolls down her angled platform, collecting in a puddle on the studio floor. Supergirl lets out a high-pitched cheer, KNOWING that Zatanna is completely defeated.

Harley leaves her desk, and walks over to the victorious duo. She announces, "YOU KNOW THE RULES, SUCK-GIRL... IF YOUR TOY ISN'T BROKEN, YOU DON'T WIN! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

With that, Harley sets the mic in front of Supergirl and Zatanna. Looking back at the cross-eyed and helpless Zatanna, Supergirl says firmly, "TELL THE WORLD! TELL THE WORLD, THAT YOU ARE MY BITCH, ZATANNA! SAY, LIKE A BIG GIRL, "I'M SUCK-GIRL'S BITCH"!!!"

Mindlessly, the cross-eyed Zatanna obeys. "I'M SUCK-GIRL'S BITCH! I'M SUCK-GIRL'S BITCH!"

The crowd explodes in laughter and applause, as Supergirl tells Zatanna, "KISS MY ASS THEN, BITCH!"

Again, Zatanna mindlessly obeys. Stretching her face forward, the cross-eyed magician puckers up. As she does so, Harley's camera crew zooms in to get multiple angles of Zatanna's complete debasement. The cameras film Zatanna kissing Supergirl's ass over and over, as both the magician and the Kryptonian begin to laugh uncontrollably. Supergirl then does a couple of victory poses, as Zatanna continues to kiss her ass.



Harley's cheerful expression suddenly melts off her face. "HEY! I'M the big mistress here!"

Completely fueled by jealousy, Harley grabs the unused pie that she left onstage earlier and pulls Supergirl off of the platform. She then shoves the Kryptonian's face into the pie, holding it there firmly. Supergirl stays posed, ass in the air and face in the pie. Meanwhile, Zatanna continues to kiss Supergirl's ass, since it is still in front of her face.

Harley drapes Supergirl's cape over the Kryptonian's head, telling her to "STAY!"

In the meantime, Robin stands with her head down, pouty-faced as Harley walks over to her. Harley roughly grabs the Girl Blunder and forces her over her knee; that done, she begins spanking Robin over and over. Robin flails, crying pathetically as the crowd goes nuts. Harley rocks Robin over her knee, balancing the Girl Blunder like a scale. She then positions the second unused pie in front of and beneath Robin's face, telling the Girl Blunder, "HANDS ON HIPS!"

Robin struggles to get into position while still over Harley's knee. As soon as she finally gets into the proper position, however, Harley rocks her face-first into the pie, laughing and holding the Girl Blunder in place. As Harley keeps Robin, who is face-down on the floor and ass-up, on her knees, she finally notices Black Canary.

The blond heroine is also on her knees, still on the vibrating device; she is still wearing only her now cum-soaked panties, and her mask on her now permanently cross-eyed face. The blonde moans inside her glass cage, mouth wide open; she has been broken only a second too late.

Batgirl is also seen pouting; as Harley walks over to her, the redhead drops to her knees, blubbering weakly and begging Harley for mercy. Harley looks down at Batgirl, laughing; she pats the redhead on the head, talking down to the former heroine.

Harley then smiles at the cameras; spinning on her heel, she turns her back on Batgirl. Next, she locks her legs straight and grabs Batgirl by her pigtails. Batgirl looks up just in time to see Harley's bloomers being shoved into her face. As her knees draw together, Harley firmly holds Batgirl in her ass, an evil smile crossing her face.

Batgirl's gloved hands run up and down Harley's pantyhose-covered legs, finally resting on Harley's knees, as the villainess barks, "WELL, IF YOU CAN DISH IT OUT... YOU CAN DEFINITELY EAT IT, TOO!"

A boom mic comes down from the ceiling, descending close to Batgirl's head. In that instant, Harley rips an enormous fart directly into Batgirl's mouth. Batgirl's eyes flutter and go cross, as the redhead moans in agony from the taste.

With this, the crowd goes into a frenzy, laughing harder than ever. Batgirl's gloved hands shoot under her French Maid skirt, as the former heroine rubs herself uncontrollably.


As Harley says this, she skips 5 feet ahead, only to have Batgirl, crawling forward on her hands and knees, follow her. As soon as the redhead reaches her mistress, she sticks her masked head directly into Harley's ass. Grinning, Harley skips another 10 feet ahead, and repeats:


Again, Batgirl crawls forward, sticking her face back into Harley's ass.

More and more members of the crowd fall out of their seats, laughing, crying, and coughing as Harley bends over and grabs her own ankles. The mad villainess motions for the boom mic to get in close as she gets into position. As Harley's face scrunches in concentration, another disgusting fart echoes through the microphone.

Batgirl is seen moaning, fighting to get her mouth directly over Harley's asshole so that she could eat as much of the gas as she could. The redhead's filthy moans echo over the studio's loudspeakers along with the sound of Harley's fart.

Three different cameras zoom in to catch Batgirl's face, struggling to keep itself on Harley's ass. Batgirl's eyes are bulging cross as the redhead's cheeks puff empty and full over and over, as if she were trying to directly suck the air out of Harley's asshole. Batgirl's gloved hands are holding up Harley's cheerleading skirt, so the cameras can catch clear shots of the former heroine's face.

A henchman walks over, handing Harley a pie. Grinning, Harley takes the pie, stands up on her tip-toes, and kisses the henchman on the cheek, giddy as Batgirl moans and shoves her face back into her ass.

The henchman swoons, blushes, and promptly faints.

Shrugging, Harley comes down from her tippy-toes stance, pushing Batgirl onto her knees even harder. As she keeps her brown-noser in her pace, Harley reaches around and back, grabbing Batgirl by her weak excuse for a mask. She then shoves Batgirl hard into the pie. Batgirl goes rigid as Harley shoves her downward, face-first; the former heroine keeps her ass in the air as her arms fall, splayed wide across the studio floor.

Finally, Harley comes back to Huntress, who is almost completely caked in white goo. She orders Huntress to stand and pose; the broken heroine obeys, completely obedient and completely blinded by and covered in filth.

Cameras shoot each of the heroines, fallen and disgraced, as the crowd riots with laughter. Harley plays to the camera:


The crowd erupts in applause and hysterical laughter, as Harley walks around to each heroine and attaches a different dog leash in her hand to a collar around each heroine's neck. Each heroine mindlessly follows Harley as the villainess begins to walk the blinded/semi-naked heroines around the stage, making sure that the cameras get each individual heroine and said heroine's humiliating position at her hands.

Harley then barks orders for the fallen heroines, ordering them to "STAY! KNEEL! HANDS AND KNEES! BEG!"

Just as Harley positions herself, a short bus backs its way into the studio, crashing backward through the glass walls with an enormous noise. The audience, meanwhile, continues to roar with laughter at the heroines blindly obeying their new mistress' commands.

The door to the bus opens with a hiss, and Harley makes her way to it. As she reaches the door, she looks back at her new bitches.


On this cue, all 6 heroines begin barking like dogs, to the crowd's roar of excitement. Every person falls out of his or her seat, laughing and pointing at the heroines. All of the heroines are on all fours, madly barking like wild animals. Cameramen walk in and out of the line of heroines, capturing each individual bark and and making sure to get the most humiliating footage of each heroine.

The crowd, Harley, and Harley's henchmen all laugh at the disgraced heroines. The heroines continue to blindly obey, some even pleasuring themselves as they bark.


With that, Harley begins walking all 6 heroines to the short bus, making them crawl on their hands and knees all the way inside. Each heroine is seen with her ass in the air as she crawls, being led into the bus. As each heroine enters the bus and weakly crawls by the driver's seat, Harley slaps each one of their asses.

Harley is the last to get into the bus. As the doors slam shut, she puts her knees together, bends over, lifts her skirt, and presses her ass into the glass; the words, "WHERE IS WONDER WOMAN?" are now written on her bloomers. Harley then makes a mock surprised face at the camera, before waving bye-bye, getting in the driver's seat, and pulling out of the studio.

Each heroine is sitting in a different seat, staring straight ahead, completely quiet and obedient as Harley steps on the gas. Harley is heard laughing hysterically as she drives away, the short bus swerving all over the road.

The crowd roars with applause and uncontrollable laughter, the studio's cameras still rolling. A minute later, police sirens are heard, then seen, as the cameras go to black...

... and the henchmen, and film crew, promptly realize that Harley had taken none of them with her and left them to face the police alone.

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With all of the recent super heroine abductions, the JLA has gone on high alert, keeping all of its remaining heroines protected, and even partnered with heroes to limit any more attempts at abducting them. Mary Marvel was no exception; her powers and reputation as the "World's Mightiest Mortal" made her a prime target, after Wonder Woman. Mary knew that the JLA had put Wonder Woman under protected surveillance; the Amazon's location was kept from even most of the JLA's members.

Having finished her nightly rounds, Mary flew straight up to her apartment, fifteen stories above the street. A second later, her chaperone, Green Lantern followed.

"Do you want me to... check your apartment?" Green Lantern asked in a sincere tone.

"No, thanks," Mary replies.

For a second, Mary feels a rush as she thinks about the humiliating pornos that the other heroines had starred in once they had been brainwashed and owned by Harley. And for a second, she almost WISHES that Harley wants HER. Over the last couple nights, a part of her has hoped that Harley is already IN her apartment, waiting for her. But this time around, SHE would not only defeat Harley, but would also have her way with the villainess before contacting the authorities. Humiliating the villainess had become the focus of her nightly desires.

"Are you SURE? Harley and her... the "other heroines"... KNOW our schedules, KNOW where you live, and they've DONE THIS BEFORE."

"Hal, don't worry..." Mary smirks as she scans her windows, before continuing. "Do YOU really think Harley can take ME?! In my OWN HOUSE?!"

Without waiting for a reply, Mary flies toward her unlocked apartment window. Slipping in under the cover of night, she flies gracefully into her apartment. She then turns around, waves to a worried-looking Green Lantern, and closes the window and the blinds.

The young heroine then falls silent, her back turned to any potential intruder, waiting for ANY noise. But none comes. The heroine's nerves relax as she slowly and carefully checks every room in her apartment; when the search turns up nothing, she finds herself almost disappointed that Harley hadn't dared show her face.

Mary returns to her living room and bends down, starting to unlace her boots. Sure, she could instantly change back by shouting "SHAZAM!", but there was just something about manually changing out of her costume that she preferred. Besides, it probably wasn't the best idea to summon a thunderbolt indoors.

Suddenly, the brunette's senses cause her to realize that something is not right. Her eyes follow her instincts, and immediately see a little note taped to her DVD player a few feet away. She approaches the DVD player, and sees that the note says, "Turn Me On". A panicked Mary immediately rechecks her apartment, looking for any hidden devices or booby traps, but still finds nothing.

Reluctantly returning to her living room a second time, Mary hesitantly turns on her TV and DVD player, still looking around for any surprises.

The TV screen clears to show a close-up image of Harley's face, looking directly at the camera she was filming with. "Hello, Mary! Don't think I've forgotten about YOU!"

A small green light flashes at the bottom of the TV screen as Harley speaks. Unbeknownst to Mary, this light is slowly hypnotizing her, making her mind more and more malleable the longer she watches. As Harley continues to taunt the heroine, Mary gets angry, but doesn't look away from the screen.

Harley walks backward, the camera slowly following her as it zooms out to show her entire body. The camera also slowly pans over to the forms of Batgirl and Supergirl, who are both on their hands and knees and blankly looking straight ahead.

Soon, all three are positioned in the center of the TV screen, wearing their new outfits:

Harley is wearing a "ring master" outfit: a tiny top hat, tilted to the side, sits atop her regular jester's headpiece, while her face is caked in the usual clown makeup and disguised with a black domino mask. On her body, she wears a red-and-black corset, along with elbow-length gloves - one red, one black; both Batgirl's and Robin's real utility belts are around Harley's waist. A poofed-out dress skirt covers the lower half of Harley's body, along with red tights under black knee-high stockings; black ankle boots round out the costume.

Supergirl is wearing the "official" version of her slut uniform: her blond hair is in pigtails, while her face is caked with white makeup similar to Harley's; her forehead is signed with the words "Suck Girl" in marker. A choker, with attached leash, is around the blond Kryptonian's neck. A purple cheerleader top with the "S" logo in the center now covers Supergirl's chest, while a green cape is draped over her shoulders; the heroine holds two green/purple pom-poms, one in each hand. Further south, Supergirl wears a short purple/green cheerleader skirt, with suntan pantyhose over her legs. Her feet are in white cheerleader shoes, and white socks bunched at the ankles.

Batgirl is also wearing the "official" version of her slut uniform: her mask and cowl remain, while her red hair is in pigtails fished through the mask's long, bat-like ears; in addition, she is wearing a French maid's bonnet over the cowl. Batgirl's face, much like Supergirl's, is painted with white clown makeup, and she wears a choker and leash around her neck incredibly similar to the ones around Supergirl's neck. The redhead is wearing a purple French maid bustier over her chest, with holes cut out to expose her nipples (which now have green nipple tassels glued to them). Meanwhile, green pantyhose sleeves encase the former heroine's arms, while French maid gloves are seen over her purple Batgirl gloves; like Supergirl, a green cape is draped over her shoulders. A new, perverted utility belt encircles Batgirl's hips, beneath it, she wears a purple French maid skirt, suntan pantyhose, white knee-high stockings, and purple knee-high boots with five-inch heels.

All three prance around for a little while, giggling. Then, in unison, they turn their backs to the camera, bend over, and flip their skirts up, revealing three identical pairs of white satin bloomers underneath. All three pairs of bloomers are autographed; Harley's ass simply reads "Boss", while Supergirl's reads "Cum-Sucking Slut" and Batgirl's reads "Cum Guzzler".

Then, all three turn back around to face the camera again, with Harley in the middle, Supergirl on her left, and Batgirl on her left. Sticking her arms out, Harley grabs Supergirl's and Batgirl's tops and yanks straight up. Both of the heroines' bouncing tits are exposed; Supergirl's rack is signed "HQ's Property", while Batgirl's are signed "Harley's Slut".

"You remember my bitches, right?" Harley asks as she pulls the heroines' tops back down. Say "hi", bitches!"

Supergirl's and Batgirl's faces go wild, with wide eyes and big smiles, as they mindlessly wave to the camera and say "Hi!".

Harley then has her bitches resume the hands-and-knees position. That done, she promptly sits on Supergirl's back and puts her feet on Batgirl's back. Laughing, she continues, "Well! THEY are coming to get you, and they are going to bring you to me, and you WILL OBEY me, like a GOOD WIDDLE GIRL! HAHAHAHA!"

The clown princess then takes her booted foot and kicks Batgirl's cape over the heroine's head. Batgirl doesn't move as the green cloth drapes over her face; the words "Gordon = Owned", written at the base of the cape, are now exactly where her face should be.

"Now, IF you want to come GET ME before they get you, well, you better just sit RIGHT THERE, because I MAY just give you a clue as to where I'm at..."

As she speaks, Harley proceeds to flick Supergirl's cape over the Kryptonian's head. Supergirl, like Batgirl, doesn't move a muscle as the cape drapes over her head; the word "Owned", signed at the base of the cape, is now exactly where Supergirl's face should have been.

"Isn't that WIGHT, my WIDDLE GIRLS?"

Both Batgirl and Supergirl mindlessly say, "Yes mistress."

Mary continues to watch the video, crossing her arms in defiance. She still hasn't noticed green light flashing at the bottom of her TV screen.

Soon, Harley gets up and off of Supergirl and Batgirl; grinning evilly, she begins to randomly buzz the remote-control joy-buzzers attached to Supergirl's and Batgirl's crotches. Both Batgirl and Supergirl convulse, whimpering as they try to stay in position while their groins are being electrocuted/vibrated.

As she keeps pressing the buzzer, Harley continues. "Are you STILL watching, my little M&M...? Well, GOOD! Because if you ARE, then you should go get a pen and paper and write this down... I'll wait..."

This is a trap, Mary thinks to herself, but she knows that she needed to somehow prepare to get all the details down before Harley divulges any useful information. Strangely, though, when her thoughts command herself to move, her body doesn't budge. Even her head won't look away from the TV screen.

Only Mary's eyes demonstrate the terror she is feeling right now, as she realizes that her body won't respond to her own commands. Mary continues to struggle, trying hard to move her body, even as her eyes never look away from the TV screen. The young heroine's eyes get wide as a whimper escapes from her closed mouth.

"OH...! You CAN'T get them?! I wonder WHY that is...?! Oh YEAH, now I remember... see that little green flashing light at the bottom of the screen...? Well, that little gem has taken control of your so-called mind, and by THIS point, you have NO CONTROL over your OWN BODY...! Let me show you... Mary, I want you to stand at attention, like a good widdle girl!"

Mary's eyes bulge as the heroine feels her own arms uncrossing, her fists clenching and moving to her hips. Mary whimpers some more under her closed mouth, knowing that she has fallen into Harley's trap. Now, under Harley's spell, she can't even control her own body!

"NOW... I want my WIDDLE HEROINE to take her silly widdle top, and pull it off, and then go to her window, and dance! SLOWLY! For your perverted neighbors! They need to see what a mindless dancing super heroine looks like!"

Mary finds herself slowly taking her top off, and moving toward her apartment's windows. She opens one of the windows, before slowly beginning to dance, to no music, like a mindless toy.

"AH! AH! AH!" Harley's voice comes from the TV. "I want my WIDDLE GIRL to take off her overstuffed bra, too! ALSO... I want my toy to dance like a STRIPPER!"

Mary, still dancing, un-clips and takes off her bra and throws it to the floor. She begins dancing harder, her eyes never leaving the TV screen.

"FASTER! SLUTTIER! STRIP! STRIP! STRIP!" Harley laughs from the TV.

Mary begins dancing harder and faster, pressing her naked tits against her window and grinding on the radiator next to the windows.

"NOW, show your neighbors what my little M&M wears UNDER that skirt! Bend over, and just let your neighbors look up that slut skirt, until I say otherwise!"

Mary mindlessly bends over at the waist and lifts her red skirt, exposing her white bloomers and the control-top nude pantyhose they cover.

"NOW, take your silly little cape, and put it where it belongs... OVER YOUR HEAD! Lift your skirt, and put your hands back on your hips! Now move back and forth! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

Mary whimpers in utter humiliation in her own home, not knowing WHO might be watching, or worse yet, HOW she was going to get free from her own body. Her body was still fighting Harley's commands slightly, but it was buckling with every passing second, giving in a little more to Harley's commands.

"GOOD GIRL! IF you're STILL watching this by NOW, you will have NO willpower left to be able to say "no" to me! You might as well kiss your super heroine days GOOD BYE!"

Whimpering and moaning comes from under Mary's flipped-up cape, as the heroine continues to sway back and forth in front of her window.

Meanwhile, on the TV, Harley fills two dog bowls with Bits and Kibbles as she continues, "See what "din-din" looks like, my little M&M? Umm.... num-num, THESE girls get to eat ONLY THE BEST!"

Both Batgirl and Supergirl continue to squirm, heads still under their respective capes. Whimpering comes from their closed mouths.


Harley, in front of the two mindless heroines, kicks each of the two dog bowls. Both bowls slide across the floor, stopping directly in front of Supergirl and Batgirl.

"Eat up, bitches!"

Both Supergirl and Batgirl lunge forward; they eat mindlessly, their capes still draped over their respective heads and bowls. Harley continues to joy-buzz their crotches as they eat.

"Whoever finishes her din-din first gets to HAVE M&M here!"

Supergirl and Batgirl fight the increasing urge to climax as they eat faster and faster, whimpering and moaning all the while.

Harley then walks over and stands in-between Batgirl and Supergirl. Bending over, she lifts both heroines' capes, allowing each heroine to see her opponent's place and how much food the other heroine had left in her bowl. Both Supergirl's and Batgirl's eyes bulge as they race to finish eating.

The cameras zoom in to get the best shots of the disgraced heroines eating faster and faster, all while trying to fight their coming orgasms. As both get close to finishing, Harley increases the buzzing; naturally, both heroines find it becoming harder and harder to finish their "meals".

Mary's eyes tell the whole story of her mind, as she can't help but get a little wet at seeing Supergirl and Batgirl disgrace themselves JUST to have control OVER HER. Feeling her mind get weak, the young heroine continues dancing like a stripper for Harley, never taking her eyes off of her TV.

The young heroine's eyes then bulge in terror, as Supergirl and Batgirl finish their "meals" at the exact same time, both panting like dogs.

Grinning, Harley presses the remote control several more times and buzzes both heroines over the edge. Both Supergirl and Batgirl convulse as huge, overwhelming orgasms rip through them. The mindless heroines' hands are planted firmly on the floor, their asses raised in the air; as the orgasms take over completely, their knees go together and their skirts flip over, revealing both heroines' autographed asses.

Cameras zoom in, delivering multiple, simultaneous shots of the disgraced heroines from behind. Every inch of their panties are filmed; Supergirl's ass is autographed, "Cum-Sucking Slut", while Batgirl's ass is autographed, "Cum Guzzler".

As both heroines orgasm, Harley announces, "IT'S A TIE! THEY BOTH GET TO COME GET YOU! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Harley attaches dog leashes to the chokers around both Supergirl's and Batgirl's necks, before getting on Supergirl's back once more and draping the Kryptonian's cape over her head again. She rides the blinded Supergirl out of the room, with Batgirl following behind closely.

As the trio leaves the room, Harley announces, "Go to your front door, M&M! Unlock all your locks, and let team "Cheer Service" in!"

Mary immediately stops dancing and, like a mindless robot, slowly walks over to her front door. She unlocks each latch, and slowly opens the door.

Supergirl comes bouncing in, cheerleading with a pom-pom in each hand. She sets up three live-feed cameras around the room as she cheers to no one in particular. Batgirl follows her in, armed with a maid's service cart.

Batgirl stops at the frozen Mary, and begins to make out with the mindless heroine, before caressing Mary's naked upper body. At her command, Mary shuts the front door and turns around, now facing all three cameras and the now-mindless, evil toys of Harley Quinn.

Supergirl goes to turn off the TV, before returning to Mary. She drops her pom-poms and begins to taunt the helpless heroine.

"Wow, no wonder Mistress Harley said she had better things to do! I can't believe we're reduced to dealing with B-Listers like this slut!"

Putting one finger on Mary's head, Supergirl proceeds to spin the young heroine around on her heel, like a ballerina. As Supergirl spins Mary faster and faster, Mary's eyes bulge wider and wider with each spin. Finally, Supergirl stops spinning Mary; Mary's eyes are left wide and crossed as the young heroine fights to stand straight upright.

Supergirl forces Mary to put her hands back on her hips. That done, the Kryptonian pulls up her own top, exposing her large tits; she begins "motor-boating" the cross-eyed heroine, mashing Mary's face in-between her huge tits. The entire time, Batgirl films Supergirl taunting Mary and playing with Mary's smaller tits.

As she motor-boats Mary, Supergirl reaches around, grabs the waistband of Mary's bloomers, and wedgies the young heroine. Mary's hands are still on her hips as Batgirl prances around the duo, filming; the redhead then takes Mary's cape and drapes it over the young heroine's head once more.

Batgirl then pulls a vibrator out of her perverted utility belt, and hands it to Supergirl. Grinning, Supergirl takes the vibrator and sticks it against Mary's crotch, vibrating the young heroine's most sensitive area.

Then, after a couple of seconds, Supergirl winds up her free arm and delivers a punch to Mary's unprotected stomach.


Thanks to Supergirl's Kryptonian strength, Mary flies a good fifteen feet through the air and lands in her own kitchen sink, her cape still draped over her head. To add insult to injury, the faucet is turned on by the impact, spraying cold water all over Mary.

Supergirl walks up to the sink, vibrator in hand, and turns the cold water on to a full blast. She then jams the vibrator directly into Mary's crotch, up against her bloomers.

Mary moans uncontrollably under her cape, not even fighting back. Supergirl continues to hold the vibrator to Mary's groin, holding the young heroine in place. Next, Supergirl takes the faucet sprayer and extends it, then points it directly at Mary's cape-covered head, completely soaking the young heroine with cold water.

The rush of cold water snaps Mary out of her hypnotized state, but Supergirl quickly realizes this. The Kryptonian drops the sprayer and grabs Mary by the throat, holding her down even harder. Mary, still getting vibrated, futilely squirms as she pulls against Supergirl's hold. The whole time, Batgirl is laughing at and taunting Mary while filming the scene.

Under her cape, all Mary can see now is red. She gasps; less and less breath is getting into her lungs. Meanwhile, her crotch is exploding with pleasure, and vibrating like a tuning fork as she begins to get a hold of her body again.

Supergirl stops vibrating Mary all of a sudden, lifts Mary out of the sink, and tosses the still-soaked young heroine backwards. Mary flies across her kitchen a second time, landing stomach-first across the kitchen counter.


The young heroine's legs dangle in the air as she tries to regain herself; her tippy-toes are barely touching the kitchen floor. She shivers from the cold water drenching her body.

Supergirl walks up behind Mary, and begins to pull hard on the heroine's soaked white bloomers. As she pulls the fabric up, the Kryptonian begins to ruthlessly spank Mary.

Mary is lifted off of her toes as Supergirl yanks her from her backside; each spank to the young heroine's ass cheeks, however, pushes her back down. Still soaking wet, Mary is now totally unable to get any control over her awkward new position.

Supergirl slaps Mary's ass harder and harder, now gasping in-between each spank. She wants nothing less than to totally break Mary's will, becoming determined to get the young heroine to submit with the very next spank. Every smack sends Mary's body a-quivering, making water droplets splash onto the kitchen floor.

"STOP...! OW...! STOP...! OW...! PLEASE...! OW...! PLEASE...! OW...! OW...!! OW...!"

Batgirl zooms in close on Mary's dripping face, filming the young heroine's pained expression turning to one of complete humiliation as she finally makes eye contact with the camera in Batgirl's gloved hand. Batgirl waves at Mary with her free hand, smiling.

Tears begin to well up in Mary's eyes; soon, the heroine begins sobbing, her tears mixing with the water droplets falling from her face. Her eyes then begin to glaze over and go slightly cross, as she realizes that SHE has been caught, and that now, against her will, SHE will become ANOTHER super heroine pet for Harley.

Mary's crotch, already on fire from the constant wedgie, begins to get wet at her predicament. Like a child, the young heroine pulls her own cape over her head, and hides beneath it. Batgirl films the whole humiliating sequence, while Supergirl continues to wedgie and spank.

Batgirl suddenly leans forward while filming, and whispers something into Supergirl's ear.

Supergirl perks up at the redhead's suggestion, and stops the spankings. With her freed hand, she runs her nails up and down Mary's pantyhose, ripping snags and creating runs up and down Mary's legs. Meanwhile, Batgirl runs over to the kitchen sink, and picks up the vibrator that Supergirl had earlier discarded.

Batgirl soon returns to the two, and takes the reins on holding Mary's wedgie in place. Meanwhile, Supergirl grabs the vibrator and continues to vibrate Mary's groin, against the heroine's will. To make matters worse, Supergirl begins to help hold Mary down with her free hand. Disgusting grunts and moans soon start coming from under Mary's cape, as she desperately fights to get free, only to be held in place even tighter.

Bucking wildly, Mary fights the oncoming orgasm as Batgirl and Supergirl taunt her, and repeat, "One of us. One of us. One of us."


Mary's body convulses and spasms as the orgasm takes hold. After the orgasm passes, her body flops to the counter, completely weakened and drained of energy.

As Mary gasps and moans incoherently, Supergirl snaps the young heroine's bloomers upward, fishing Mary's hands through the leg holes. Mary lays motionless, even with her hands stretched through the underwear.

Batgirl then lifts up Mary's cape, and films Mary's cross-eyed face as the heroine's eyes flutter, rolling back in their sockets; drool now hangs from Mary's mouth. Batgirl hauls Mary into the living room and lays her on the couch, taunting her some more as she waits for the soaked heroine's body to dry.

Meanwhile, Supergirl films herself walking through Mary's apartment, and talking down to Mary as if the young heroine was still listening. While doing so, Supergirl comes across Mary's Halloween costume from last year: a "cigarette girl" outfit. The discovery makes Supergirl squeal in delight.

Supergirl comes back into Mary's living room, showing Batgirl and the cameras Mary's Halloween costume and taunting the downed super heroine.

"WOW! I always KNEW you were a total SKANK deep down, you GOODY-TWO-SHOES! You'll FIT IN PERFECTLY with MISTRESS HARLEY'S PETS!"

Mary moans and comes to, not fully comprehending her situation. The heroine gets up and attempts to flee, not even stopping to free her hands. She runs toward her front door, wild-eyed, hands still fished through her own bloomers.

Unfortunately, Batgirl happens to be standing between Mary and the front door. Shaking her head, Batgirl pulls a tiny gun out of her perverted utility belt and points it directly at the wild-eyed and confused Mary.

"Freeze, BITCH!"

When Mary doesn't stop, Batgirl pulls the trigger. A giant boxing glove on a spring promptly comes shooting out of the gun, landing directly in Mary's gut.


Mary bends over, eyes wide and crossed. Supergirl, meanwhile, comes running up to the unaware heroine from behind and punt-kicks Mary directly in the crotch.


Mary goes even more cross-eyed, her knees drawing close together. Grinning, Supergirl then walks around to Mary's front.

Weakly, Mary looks up at Supergirl. The heroine's eyes are still crossed, and she's holding her brutalized crotch, bent over in front of the Kryptonian and completely at her mercy.

Suddenly, Supergirl grabs her pom-poms and begins cheerleading loudly in front of Mary.


A confused Mary watches in terror, not knowing what Supergirl has in store for her.

With her cheers, Supergirl completely assumes the cheerleader role. Soon, she begins punching with her cheers, landing three repeated punches to Mary's face.

"Ack! Oof! Ugh!"

Mary gets weaker with each punch, her eyes staying crossed but going glazed over as well; drool now hangs from her mouth.

Supergirl finishes her cheer with a high kick, landing it directly under Mary's chin. Both are launched high into the air by the force of the kick, as Supergirl tosses her pom-poms into the air as well.

While Batgirl records every moment, Supergirl lands gracefully, catching her pom-poms and sticking to her cheer landing, as the knocked-silly Mary flops onto Batgirl's maid cart. The degraded heroine is lying on her back, unmoving; her mouth gasps dryly.

Supergirl next faces the camera, with a giant smile on her face, as Batgirl hands her a dry-erase marker. Taking the marker, Supergirl proceeds to write "Marvel Muncher" on Mary's forehead, and draws a mustache on Mary's upper lip. The Kryptonian then draws a target board-like series of circles extending over Mary's face, with the heroine's nose as the bull's-eye.

Batgirl films the "work of art", laughing hysterically as Supergirl begins to sign Mary's exposed tits "Motor-Boated". Supergirl then takes the camera from Batgirl, as Batgirl begins to push the maid's cart (with Mary still on it) towards Mary's bathroom, dancing as she does so.

After Batgirl pushes the cart into Mary's bathroom, she grabs Mary by the hair and pulls her off of the cart. Mary lands on her knees hard, and squeals in pain from the impact; her hands are still locked in the leg holes of her bloomers. Batgirl then takes Mary's cape, and drapes it over the young heroine's head.

Batgirl sees a cup on Mary's bathroom sink, and promptly hams it up for the camera:


Batgirl takes the cup, scoops a glassful of water out of Mary's toilet, and shows it to the camera. In the background, Mary's head is weakly weaving under her cape, her hands not even moving.


Batgirl shoves the glass over Mary's mouth; holding the heroine's head back under her cape, the redhead forces Mary to drink her own toilet water. Thirsty from all the humiliations, Mary eagerly drinks the entire glass; as she finishes the glass, she almost wants more.

Both Supergirl and Batgirl begin laughing hysterically as Batgirl shows Mary what water she was drinking. Mary's eyes fill with tears as she spits up some water that dribbles down her chin. She shakes her head "no" as her bottom lip quivers, openly showing the expression of a humiliated heroine.

"Now, if you don't want a swirlie on camera," Batgirl sneers, "You will KISS OUR FEET, and say "I'M YOUR BITCH" as you do. So... KISS-MY-FEET... BITCH!"

Mary stares mindlessly at the camera, before looking up at Batgirl's cruel face, and then down at Batgirl's booted feet, and then back at the camera.

Batgirl begins to get impatient. "DO IT NOW, BITCH!"

Mary realizes that she cannot win, and without thinking, she bows down, moaning "I'm your bitch" before kissing Batgirl's right boot.

Batgirl looks toward the camera with a smile. "AGAIN!"

Mary obeys, kissing Batgirl's left boot. "I'm your bitch."

While she's kissing Batgirl's boot, Mary frees her hands from her bloomers, only to be scolded by Supergirl. The Kryptonian forces the young heroine to put her hands back into her bloomers' leg holes.

Supergirl then forces Mary to rest her entire weight on her knees and her chin, while continuing to kiss Batgirl's booted feet over and over while repeating "I'm your bitch" again and again. Batgirl begins forcing her boot into Mary's mouth, making sure to get as many shots on film of Mary getting completely owned, and sucking on her boots, as possible.

Batgirl throws her head back and laughs as Mary's eyes bulge in humiliation. Tears proceed to run down Mary's face as Supergirl films, and Batgirl points at the young heroine, laughing.

"I always KNEW you were SECOND-RATE, but I didn't know you were such a CRYBABY!"

Batgirl then bends down, and unzips her left boot, making sure to keep it in Mary's mouth. The redhead then climbs onto Mary's back, mounting the heroine. Batgirl makes sure that Supergirl gets good shots of her riding Mary like a dog, with her purple boot still in Mary's mouth.

"RIDE 'EM, COWGIRL!" Supergirl laughs.

Batgirl dismounts after a while, and pulls Mary up by the hair, holding the heroine for the camera like a trophy.

"Your turn!"

Supergirl hands the camera to Batgirl once more, and looks at Batgirl thoughtfully as she tries to think of another way to disgrace Mary. Soon, she comes up with an idea, and grabs Mary by the hair. Then, the Kryptonian takes her free hand and fishes it under Mary's pantyhose.

Mary struggles weakly, but doesn't comprehend what's happening until it's too late. Her eyes soon bulge wildly, and cross, as Supergirl rams her thumb directly up Mary's asshole.

Batgirl begins giggling wildly as she sees Mary's face, with her mouth in a perfect "O", on camera.

Supergirl commands, "Say "I'm your bitch, Suck Girl"!"

Mary replies, wildly and desperately, "I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BITCH!"

Supergirl removes her thumb from Mary's asshole, only to ram it into Mary's mouth. Mary's eyes bulge and go cross; a disgusted look soon covers her face.

Mary struggles to free herself, but Supergirl holds her in place by her hair.


Supergirl then delivers a hard kick to Mary's gut, forcing her to inadvertently suck on Supergirl's thumb. Mary moans in disgust, her eyes still crossed, as Batgirl laughs and zooms in on the young heroine's face. To make things even worse, Supergirl begins to cheer toward the camera as Mary continues to suck on her thumb.


Mary blinks dimly; she has just enough time to piece the cheer together in her head to adopt a look of terror.

Immediately afterward, Supergirl forces Mary's face into her own toilet and presses the flush handle. She repeatedly gives the young heroine several brutal swirlies, firmly holding Mary's head in place in the toilet.

As Mary gasps and gurgles for air, Supergirl continues to hold her in the toilet head-first, going so far as to raise one leg and put her boot on Mary's head to keep it down. Mary visibly gets weaker and weaker, until she finally stops moving.

Supergirl pulls Mary out of the toilet, and throws the unconscious Mary to the bathroom floor. Supergirl then stomps down hard on Mary's stomach, forcing her to spit up water and begin breathing again.

Batgirl takes a box of talcum powder, and begins to pour its contents all over the soaked Mary. Soon, Mary's face become a pasty mess of white goo.

Supergirl then picks Mary up, and places the young heroine on the maid cart, face-down. Supergirl proceeds to tie Mary's legs, which are dangling far over the cart's edge, to the "legs" of the cart. Mary's arms, still fished through her bloomers, are finally freed and tied to the "legs" on the cart's opposite side. Mary begins to stir, unable to move much.

Next, Supergirl pulls Mary's bloomers down to the heroine's knees, exposing the heroine's ass. She then autographs Mary's ass with the words "OWNED MARVEL".

Tied to the cart face-down with her backside now completely exposed, Mary cannot move. As the young heroine struggles in vain, Batgirl takes her feather duster (laced with chloroform) out of her perverted utility belt, and begins dusting Mary's face. As one final touch, Supergirl places a pie on the cart, directly beneath the slowly-fading Mary's face.

As Mary passes out completely and her head falls, her face lands with a splat in the custard pie.

Both Batgirl and Supergirl laugh. They film Mary, her body tied to the maid's cart, her face down in pie, her ass exposed and autographed, her bloomers around her knees, and her pantyhose shredded.

Batgirl walks down the halls of Mary's apartment building, pulling the cart (with Mary attached to it) behind her. Supergirl brings up the rear, filming while knocking on every door as they go by. Confused neighbors come out of their apartments, only to see Mary, with her ass autographed, being led away by a cheerleader and a French maid.

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Batgirl and Supergirl enter Harley's new hideout, with the still-unconscious Mary Marvel (still face-down in the pie plate, her face a gooey mass) on Batgirl's maid cart. They wheel Mary over to a waiting Harley Quinn, who is sitting on a sofa along with two surprise guests: Catwoman and Poison Ivy!

All three of the villainesses laugh, and point at their new victim. A pleased Harley rewards Batgirl and Supergirl by allowing them to be the entertainment for her guests. The clown princess hands the two of them strap-on dildos, and orders them to continue filming Mary's ultimate humiliation.

Meanwhile, all the other heroines are lined up against a wall in the background, hands on their hips. All of them have their capes draped over their heads, and are wearing their "official" slut uniforms. Harley calls to them, and tells them to take the capes off their heads, so they can see the newest addition to the "family".

Robin, who has the words "Batman's sidekick?!?" draped over her face, written at the base of her now-purple cape, is the first to obey the command. The Girl Blunder is dressed as a Hooters Girl; her chestnut hair is in pigtails, her domino mask is now purple, and her face is caked in white clown makeup. A green ball-gag is seen strapped into her mouth, while a green choker with attached leash encircles her neck. Over her chest, Robin is wearing a tight white "Hooters" themed T-shirt (with the word "Fun Bags" in cartoon-y purple where the "Hooters" logo would be), wearing no bra underneath. Purple satin gloves are on her hands, while the green short-shorts and suntan pantyhose from her original costume remain. A perverted utility belt, designed by Harley, is around her waist. Lastly, Robin is wearing white cheerleader shoes on her feet, with her socks bunched at the ankles.

Zatanna is the next to take her (un-autographed) cape off of her head. The magician is dressed as a puppet; her raven hair is in pigtails (with a small top hat attached), a green mask is now seen over her eyes, and her face is covered in "doll" makeup (red dots on cheeks, drawn-on line for a mouth, eyeshadow, big lashes). A crude "Pinocchio" nose is strapped around her head, over her real nose. Her forehead has been signed "Fuck Puppet", and a purple ball-gag is seen strapped around her head, held tightly in her mouth, while a green dog collar and leash encircle her neck. Over her torso, the magician wears a purple/green bustier with a "magician's" top (a short-sleeved jacket with a long cape attached). Purple/green dainty gloves, with bells attached, sheathe her hands. Further south, the magician is wearing a purple/green unitard bottom, with suntan pantyhose over her legs. Rounding out Zatanna's costume are knee-high stockings - one purple, one green - and a pair of ankle boots (green for the purple-stockinged leg, and vice-versa).

Black Canary then takes the red cape (with fluffy white trim) off of her head. The blonde is dressed in a "Santa's Helper" outfit; her golden hair is in pigtails, while a traditional Santa hat (red with white trim) sits atop her head. The blonde's original black domino mask is seen stretched over her eyes; her face is covered in white clown face-paint, and her forehead has been signed "Fuck Toy". A red ball-gag is strapped into her mouth and around her head, and a matching dog collar with leash encircles her neck. Dainty gloves - one red, one black - are on the blonde's hands. In addition, Black Canary now wears a red/black "Santa's Helper" long-sleeved top and dress, with a black/red bustier (displaying major cleavage) underneath. Beneath the short hem of the dress, Black Canary's white satin bloomers can clearly be seen. Suntan pantyhose covers the blonde's legs, leading directly into the black knee-high stockings and red ankle boots on her feet.

Huntress, finally, follows the other three heroines' leads, and takes the black cape off of her head. She is dressed as a Beer Wench; her hair is in pigtails, and her original purple mask stretches over her eyes, while a serving tray is precariously balanced atop her head. White clown face-paint covers her face, and her forehead has been signed "Slave"; a red ball-gag is strapped into her mouth, while a dog collar and leash encircles her neck. Dainty gloves - one red, one black - are on her hands, which (along with her elbows) have been harnessed to each other, greatly reducing her freedom of movement. Red suspenders, along with a black vest, sit over her black/red velveteen dress. Further south, Huntress' white bloomers can just barely be seen peeking out from between her thighs. Suntan pantyhose runs down her long legs, which are harnessed together at the knees. Lastly, a pair of black ankle boots are on Huntress's feet.

All four heroines laugh loudly at the helpless Mary, and Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman join in. Supergirl and Batgirl, in the meantime, have finally gotten their strap-ons on properly. Evil smiles spread across their faces.

Supergirl proceeds to rudely "wake" Mary by forcing herself into the sleeping heroine; with a wet squish, her strap-on easily slides into Mary's still-moist pussy. Mary stirs and moans under her gooey "mask", as Supergirl mindlessly stares off to the side, at her mistress, while pistoning herself on and off of Mary.

As Supergirl rails Mary, Batgirl lifts Mary's face out of the pie plate and goo. The redhead taunts Mary:

"WAKEY WAKEY! Mistress has some FRIENDS over, and you're being POSITIVELY RUDE! Coming in here ASLEEP, with all that STUFF on your face!"

Supergirl reaches over and grabs Mary by the hair, lifting and holding the heroine's face up so that Batgirl can clean the goo off of it. Batgirl, true to her newly-acquired identity as a French maid, quickly and happily obeys, spraying Mary's face down with water and roughly wiping it as Supergirl continues to fuck Mary.

Once finished, Batgirl shows Harley the Cigarette Girl costume that she and Supergirl had found in Mary's apartment. Harley squeals in joy.

"WOW! Never thought my little M&M would have a READY-MADE slut uniform!" Harley laughs. "This makes things SOOOO much easier!"

Supergirl continues to "have" Mary doggy-style over the maid cart, as Batgirl begins to cover Mary's face in white clown face-paint. Once she finishes, Batgirl takes a marker and autographs Mary's forehead again, this time with the words "Smoke Bitch".

Batgirl and Supergirl then release Mary, untying her from the maid cart, only to tag-team the young heroine. Batgirl begins to fuck Mary's mouth with her strap-on dildo, while putting Mary's hair into pigtails. Supergirl merely holds Mary down from behind and continues to "have" her doggy-style over the maid cart.

Soon, Mary is seen with her eyes wide open and bulging cross, as she moans in humiliation and struggles, in vain, to get free.

Harley then calls Robin over, telling her to take Huntress's serving tray. She then orders the Girl Blunder to take her, Catwoman's, and Ivy's drink orders.

"What would you like to drink, mistresses?" the brainwashed heroine asks, smiling sweetly.

"Some champagne," Ivy smiles. "REAL champagne. NONE of that junk from New Zealand!"

"Coffee," Catwoman purrs. "With EXTRA milk."

"Get me an ice-cold Zesti in a glass, and DON'T forget the paper umbrella!" Harley commands.

Robin obeys, and goes to get the drinks. As the villainesses wait for her return, Ivy pulls Harley aside and tells her that it's always been her fantasy to have Batgirl AND Robin, unmasked on TV and mindlessly eating her pussy.

Harley giggles at the idea, and orders the other heroines to get the set ready, and to get the cameras rolling.

"YES, MISTRESS!" Zatanna, Black Canary, and Huntress all say mindlessly.

Some time later, Robin comes back into the room only for Harley to grab her by the hair. The clown princess doles out the drinks on the tray, before ordering Robin to get on her knees and take Ivy to the set on her back.

Mindlessly, Robin obeys; as Ivy finishes her drink, she gets off of the sofa and climbs onto the Girl Blunder's back. Clumsily, Robin piggyback-carries Ivy the rest of the way to the set. Ivy laughs the entire way.

In the meantime, Batgirl is seen slapping Mary in the face with her strap-on. As the redhead is doing this, Harley suddenly walks up and grabs Batgirl by the hair. Smiling, Harley tells Batgirl to crawl, on her hands and knees, over to Robin and Ivy. Batgirl obeys, and Black Canary soon comes to take the camera from her, to continue filming Mary. Mary, naturally, is still screaming and moaning in humiliation.

As Batgirl crawls toward the set as well, Catwoman hungrily eyes Zatanna. The cat burglar orders Zatanna to come to her, on all fours. Once Zatanna has crawled over to the sofa, Catwoman orders the magician to worship her feet, and kiss her ass.

"MMRRRROOOWWW..." Catwoman moans as Zatanna puts her recent slave training to work.

Zatanna performs beyond Catwoman's expectations, loyally kissing and licking the cat burglar's boots and planting soft kisses on the cat burglar's ass. To reward her pet, Catwoman wraps her whip around Zatanna's neck, creating a "leash".

Over at the set, Ivy orders both Batgirl and Robin onto their knees, as Huntress stands to the side, filming. Ivy talks directly toward the camera, addressing Batman and taunting and trash-talking about how she has his sidekicks, how she will soon have their identities, and how THEY will have "a mouthful of Poison Ivy!"

Ivy orders both Batgirl and Robin to eat her out as she stands over the kneeling heroines, holding both by the hair. She has them "take turns", ramming their heads into her crotch one at a time as she continues to trash-talk Batman.

"How'd the old saying go, BATMAN? Leaves of three, leave them be? Just like YOU'D better leave US be!"

Over at the maid cart, Harley wheels a TV on a roller cart in front of Mary. In a few moments, the TV is soon playing the same hypnotizing video that had claimed the other heroines' minds. Mary realizes this, and is seized by panic, trying to look away and block out the commands for her to "Obey".

Black Canary holds Mary's face still and forces her to watch the mind-numbing video, as Supergirl continues to fuck the young heroine from behind. Mary's eyes are now almost totally crossed; drool hangs from the heroine's mouth. As the video takes complete hold of her mind, Mary's face, including her perfect "O" mouth, are filmed.

"And WHO says that TV rots your brain?!" Supergirl snickers.

Over at the sofa, Catwoman has taken her skintight latex pants off, and is forcing Zatanna to use her "Pinocchio" nose as a dildo. Harley laughs and films the scene: Zatanna's hands are helplessly splayed out, and Catwoman has taken full control by grabbing Zatanna's hair so that she can force the magician's head up and down faster and faster.

Catwoman is laughing, and talking down to Zatanna, as Zatanna's eyes bulge and cross; the magician's face is getting wetter and wetter from smacking Catwoman's crotch with her own chin so many times.

Finally, over at the set, Ivy, now coming close to orgasm, taunts Batman one more time before removing both Batgirl and Robin's masks as both heroines cram their faces into her crotch simultaneously. Ivy is laughing, holding both masks out in her hands. Looking directly at the camera, she comes all over Batgirl and Robin's faces.


In the same instant, Catwoman climaxes; as she does so, she removes the Pinocchio nose from Zatanna's face and crams the magician's head directly into her own crotch. Catwoman comes all over Zatanna's face, as Zatanna rests her hands on her hips with her face still in Cawoman's crotch.


Last, but not least, Supergirl brings Mary to orgasm at the same time as the other two. Mary bucks wildly, moaning like a wild animal; she comes while still staring at the TV screen and video, cross-eyed and drooling on the maid cart.


Black Canary takes a dildo, and slowly shoves it into Mary's willing mouth, gradually silencing the young, tamed heroine.

Poison Ivy then drapes Batgirl and Robin's capes over their heads, and orders them back in their place. As Ivy plays with her new trophies, both heroines pout at being forced to go back without their masks.

Nevertheless, Batgirl and Robin go back to the far wall, and resume standing like statues, hands on their hips and capes over their heads. After a while, Ivy returns to the sofa, the masks still in her hands.

Catwoman, meanwhile, takes the Pinocchio nose in her gloved hand, hawks up a loogie, and spits into the hollow cone-shaped object. She then fastens it back on Zatanna's face, and orders Zatanna back to the wall as well.

Zatanna crawls toward the far wall like a dog, before rising to her two feet and joining Batgirl and Robin's stances. Catwoman lazily climbs back onto the sofa, purring and stretching.

From their stances at the wall, the three former heroines hear something that makes them incredibly jealous: Supergirl is being rewarded for being such a "good girl", bringing Mary to orgasm, that the villainesses order the Kryptonian to be their footstool for the big unveiling.

As Batgirl, Robin, and Zatanna scowl under their capes, Harley orders Huntress and Black Canary to go dress the now-mindless Mary in her new slut costume.

"YES, MISTRESS!" the two heroines salute, each one taking Mary by an arm before dragging the young heroine out of the room.

Harley then rejoins Ivy and Catwoman on the sofa as Supergirl crawls before it, staying on all fours. The three villainesses all rest their feet on Supergirl's back as Supergirl blankly stares straight ahead.

Minutes later, Huntress comes back into the room, laughing, skipping, getting the cameras ready, and even introducing the new Mary Marvel:


Mary, a dog leash around her neck, is led out by Black Canary. The rest of the young heroine has been put into her "Cigarette Girl" Halloween costume, with a few perverted adjustments, courtesy of her captors.

On Mary's head sits a tiny pink/black top hat, beneath which her pigtailed hair protrudes. The heroine's face is still caked in clown face-paint, with the "Smoke Bitch" autograph on her forehead as clear as ever. The bull's-eye board has been reapplied over the face-paint, starting at her nose and extending over her entire face; a red clown nose has been placed over Mary's real nose, to complete the bull's-eye imagery. As one final touch, the marker mustache has also been reapplied to Mary's upper lip.

The rest of Mary's costume consists of a tiny pink corset dress, matching pink gloves, and a white Mary Marvel cape draped over her shoulders. A cigarette tray hangs around her neck, containing dozens of different cigarette boxes. To add insult to injury, harnesses keep Mary's arms attached to the harnesses on her legs, keeping the young heroine awkwardly bent over. Pink thigh-high stockings, over suntan control-top pantyhose, cover Mary's legs; the leg harness attached to Mary's arm harnesses keep the young heroine's knees locked as she walks. A pair of pink ankle boots top off the uniform.

Mary is led over to Harley, who is laughing hysterically at her newest pet. Harley gets off of the sofa and carefully inspects Mary, pulling the neckline of her pink dress down to see her tits (still autographed "Motor-Boated") and then walking behind Mary and flipping up the heroine's skirt. The clown princess smiles at the "Owned Marvel" autograph on Mary's white bloomers.

Harley then walks back around and stands in front of Mary, asking if the bent-over heroine if she has has any "last words?".

The mindless Mary responds, "I am alive to serve my mistress, Harley Quinn. How may I serve you, mistress?"

Harley laughs, and undoes the crotch of her jester-suit in response. Grabbing Mary by her new pigtails, she forces the bent-over heroine's face into her pussy, telling her to "EAT IT, BITCH!"

The still-rolling cameras get shots of Mary being force-fed Harley's pussy, her autographed ass sticking up in the air and her eyes bulging as Harley sits back on the floor, spreading her legs into the air as she enjoys her new toy.

Ivy and Catwoman, still on the sofa, laugh at Mary. All of the other heroines are lined up against the wall in the background, hands on hips and capes over their heads, standing like mindless statues as Mary squeals and moans into Harley's crotch.

Under Harley's crotch, Mary is heard moaning, "I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch" over and over; only bits and pieces are heard as Harley continues to have her way with Mary. Eventually, Harley orgasms, and forces her crotch all over Mary's face and hair as she does so, coating the young heroine's face and hair in cum.

Mary continues repeating, "I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'M YOUR BITCH!"

Catwoman then gets off of the couch and grabs one of the cameras, filming the cross-eyed Mary's cum-covered face and hair close up. Harley, meanwhile, is wiping herself clean with Mary's pigtails.

Harley then finishes up the sordid scene; hamming it up for the camera, the clown princess clears her mouth of saliva till it is dry, and grabs Mary by her pigtails.

As Harley yanks her head back, Mary's mouth opens like a hinged trash can. Harley positions her face directly above Mary, letting her spit slowly dangle above the young heroine's face. Slowly, the spit falls and lands directly on Mary's face, near the "bull's-eye" of her nose.

Harley screams, "BULL'S-EYE!"

All three of the villainesses soon line up, to take their shots at Mary's face. Ivy goes next, landing a spit wad on Mary's forehead. Catwoman goes last, finally landing a shot directly in Mary's open mouth. All three villainesses laugh, closing Mary's mouth like a trash can lid.

The camera gets a final shot of Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley standing over the cross-eyed, spit-and-cum-covered Mary. Harley then takes Mary's cape and drapes it over the young heroine's head, as all three continue to laugh at their waste bucket.

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Midnight finds two young heroines standing outside of Harley's new hideout: Flash Girl and Aquagirl! The speedster and the Atlantean were both close friends of the recently-captured Mary Marvel, and took her defeat very seriously indeed. So seriously, that they had both ditched the "guardians" that the JLA had assigned them, and teamed up to take down Harley themselves.

"Split up?" Aquagirl asks. The blond Atlantean's costume consists of an orange top (patterned to look like fish scales), bright green gloves, black-and-green briefs, green tights, and light blue boots. A belt with an "A" logo buckle encircled her waist tightly.

"Sounds good to me. We can cover more ground that way," Flash Girl responds. The speedster is wearing a red domino mask with little yellow lightning bolt decorations attached to the sides. The rest of her costume consists of a sleeveless red top with a lightning-bolt logo directly over her chest, a red skirt held up by a yellow belt, suntan pantyhose, and red boots. Red gloves with yellow lightning bolt decorations sheathe her hands up to the elbow.

And without waiting for Aquagirl's reply, Flash Girl immediately dashes into the hideout at top speed.

However, as Flash Girl runs along the corridors of Harley's hideout, she realizes that no booby traps have been set off, and no henchmen are running out to fight her. There is neither hide nor hair of ANY of the brainwashed heroines...

Suddenly, the girl speedster's feet slide out from under her.


Too late, Flash Girl realizes that the floor she is running over IS the trap. She helplessly pitches forward, right toward a square, pink-colored patch on the floor.

With a squish sound, Flash Girl lands in the pink, sticky material face-first. The heroine looks quite disgraced, with her face down in the pink goo, her ass sticking up, her knees not bent, and her hands spread out to her sides, flat against the floor.

From a corner of the room, a mischievous-looking Zatanna smirks as she watches her quarry. The mindless heroine, still wearing her "official" slut uniform, is giggling to herself as she holds a plastic yellow folding sign in her hands that reads, "CAUTION: WAXED FLOOR!".

"Oh, darn!" Zatanna laughs as she tosses the sign aside. "I KNEW I should've put this out, like Mistress said! Well, too late now!"

With that, Zatanna skips toward the struggling Flash Girl, and gets a horse saddle out as she does so. Once she reaches the struggling speedster, she places the saddle on Flash Girl's back, straps it tight, and begins to ride Flash Girl like a bucking horse.

"What the...?! WHO...?!" Flash Girl gasps as her body begins to buck harder than ever, trying to throw the new weight off.

Zatanna continues to laugh as she rides Flash Girl for another five minutes, before getting bored and dismounting. She then proceeds to give the girl speedster a small wedgie - just enough to make Flash Girl yelp - before she conjures up a length of string and ties Flash Girl's knees together.

That done, Zatanna conjures up a marker, and autographs Flash Girl's yellow bloomers, "Flash-Banged." As one final insult, she de-boots the flailing heroine; Flash Girl is soon seen stomping up and down on her boots, still stuck to the floor.

As Flash Girl continues to try and get her face free from the goo, Zatanna warns her, "I wouldn't do that if I were you! Don't you CARE about your MASK?"

Flash Girl freezes in place, realizing that Zatanna is right: she'll unmask herself if she DOES get free!

Zatanna then conjures up a video camera, and proceeds to film and taunt the helpless heroine. She then uses her magic to make the camera float in midair and film by itself, before she grabs Flash Girl's bloomers and pulls them over the heroine's skirt, making it look like Flash Girl is wearing diapers.

"You KNOW," Zatanna "whispers" to the camera. "Those panties weren't yellow when she FIRST bought 'em!"

Upon hearing the insult, Flash Girl redoubles her efforts to fight to free herself. Zatanna taunts the speedster some more, before reaching down and giving the heroine a fierce wedgie, much more painful than the first one.


Spurred by the pain, Flash Girl pulls with all her might, finally freeing herself from the sticky pink goo.

The heroine's mask, as Zatanna had predicted, sticks to the goo on the floor. But at the same time, the fact that Zatanna is still giving the wedgie means that Flash Girl's quick jerk has pulled her straight toward her own outstretched bloomers. The magician nimbly dodges as Flash Girl's face disappears into her own underwear - inadvertently, Flash Girl has just made a new mask out of her wedgied-bloomers.

A pleasantly surprised Zatanna gets back on the saddle on Flash Girl's back, and resumes "riding" the heroine. She laughs and taunts the now-paralyzed Flash Girl as she rides. Flash Girl is now seen, through the stretched leg holes of her bloomers, wide-eyed. Her mouth is incoherently gasping for air.

As the camera continues to film, Flash Girl begs and pleads for Zatanna to stop humiliating her. The hapless heroine finally gets a bit of balance on the waxed floor, by resting on her hands and still-tied knees; she fights further slipping by holding still.

Zatanna climbs off of Flash Girl and walks up to the heroine's face, lifting her booted foot to the heroine's mouth; she commands Flash Girl to kiss it. The heroine, continuing to fight to keep herself from slipping, does not give in to kissing Zatanna's boot.

Annoyed, Zatanna pushes the high-heeled boot into Flash Girl's mouth, while the speedster struggles to stay balanced. The enchanted camera films Zatanna's boot entering the heroine's mouth, as well as Flash Girl's reaction; Flash Girl's eyes bulge, as moans of humiliation come out of her now-stuffed mouth.

"You'd BETTER get USED to the taste, bitch!" Zatanna laughs.

The evil magician then conjures up a dog collar, which she buckles around Flash Girl's neck. Instantly, Flash Girl's body goes rigid, before relaxing; Zatanna explains that the collar is specially designed to nullify Flash Girl's powers, taking away her super-speed and making her nice and weak.

That done, Zatanna grabs a super soaker, filled with a special white goo (of Harley's invention) that will counteract the sticky pink goo and make it slippery. She taunts Flash Girl some more, before spraying the heroine in the face. The white goo soon coats not just Flash Girl's face, but her upper body, hands, and feet as well.

Next, Zatanna sprays some more goo on the patch of pink goo on the floor, before shoving Flash Girl backward with her free hand.

Flash Girl has just enough time to gasp for some air, before she slips and falls on her face, the white goo acting immediately. Both Zatanna and her camera see the helpless heroine not being able to get up, get balanced, or even get on her knees. The speedster continues to fall on the floor in the most humiliating ways possible, much to her tormentor's amusement.

Just as Flash Girl finally manages to get her balance back, Zatanna coats her face in the white goo again. This process is repeated over and over, repeatedly throwing the speedster's balance off and making her look silly. Flash Girl continues slipping and falling even as she tries to flee, her bloomers still covering her head.

"Gotta get away..." the panicked, goo-covered heroine mutters to herself.

Zatanna grabs a gas-mask bong out of thin air, and proceeds to load the bowl full of some of the highest-grade weed that Harley has. She sees Flash Girl crawling away on her hands and tied knees, slipping and sliding all over the floor and not getting very far.

Shaking her head, Zatanna slides a giant spring-mounted device across the floor. The contraption lands near Flash Girl, attracting the speedster's attention and making her pause briefly.

Zatanna then walks over to Flash Girl, sneering, "WHERE do you think YOU'RE going?!"

The magician promptly grabs Flash Girl by the hair, and forces the prone speedster to kneel directly across from the spring-mounted device. As Zatanna begins to fasten the gas-mask bong to Flash Girl's head, she braces for the imminent upward force by covering the bowl and digging her weight into the heroine's goo-covered body.

Once the preparations are over with, Zatanna takes out a remote control and presses a button. Flash Girl, meanwhile, is seen wide-eyed under her wedgie-mask, unsure of what is happening.

An enormous boxing glove suddenly comes springing out of the device, landing directly in Flash Girl's unprotected stomach.


As Flash Girl gasps and coughs uncontrollably, Zatanna pushes the gas mask over her face, and lights the bowl.

Flash Girl is soon seen going cross-eyed under her gas mask, as she inadvertently inhales a huge "hit". Zatanna proceeds to resume "riding" Flash Girl as the latter coughs, shaking and bucking more uncontrollably than ever under the marijuana's effects.

When smoke begins to rise from under the gas mask, Zatanna removes the mask, reloads the bowl, and poses the cross-eyed and drooling Flash Girl on her knees, before wrapping her hand around the heroine's throat. Bloomers still stretched her head, the hapless heroine can only weakly protest with her hands as Zatanna begins choking her while posing her for the camera.

Sadly, the weakened Flash Girl can barely fight even one of Zatanna's hands using both of her own. She can only whimper, "No! No! No!" as the magician slowly chokes her. Soon, the heroine's face turns red, and her eyes bulge cross, as her hands get weaker and weaker.

Zatanna suddenly releases her grip on Flash Girl's throat, only to pull the gas-mask bong back over the heroine's face, and relight the bowl. Again, Flash Girl sucks in a huge amount of marijuana against her will.

After a minute or so, Zatanna pulls the gas-mask bong off of Flash Girl's head again. Flash Girl is seen cross-eyed, coughing, drooling, and swaying back and forth as the mindless heroine taunts her stoned opponent.

"Remember, kids, JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!" Zatanna winks at the camera.

Zatanna then grabs a strap-on dildo out of thin air, as well as a pill of ecstasy. With Flash Girl defeated and on her knees right next to her, the magician performs a public service announcement, telling the camera that Flash Girl is going to show the world just how slutty she can be while on ecstasy.

Flash Girl soon comes to her senses, but only has time to protest weakly before Zatanna grabs her by the hair, yanks her head back, and throws the pill down her throat.

Before Flash Girl has a chance to spit the pill out, Zatanna buckles the strap-on around her own hips and proceeds to mouth-fuck Flash Girl, intending to continue until the heroine swallows the pill. Multiple times, Zatanna pulls out of the Flash Girl's mouth, only to have the heroine spit out the pill. Finally, at her wit's end, Zatanna brutally rams the dildo in and out of Flash Girl's mouth, saying:

"PICK... IT... UP... PUT... IT... IN... YOUR... MOUTH...!!!"

Eventually, Flash Girl, against her will, picks the pill up. When Zatanna tells her to put it in her mouth, Flash Girl resists. In response, Zatanna begins to stretch the goo-covered heroine's mouth with the strap-on by positioning her thrusts sideways, taunting Flash Girl the entire time. Soon, Flash Girl is seen with her eyes wide, and her cheeks stretching as the strap-on enters and exits her mouth over and over.

Zatanna then begins deep-thrusting, telling Flash Girl to "pop it" whenever she pulls out to give the girl speedster air, or she'll do this all day. Eventually, Flash Girl breaks, and pathetically blubbers as she pops the pill.

"THAT'S A GOOD GIRL!" Zatanna coos.

Smiling, the mindless heroine continues the deep-thrusting motion, as Flash Girl continues to cry out, blubbering under the strap-on. The camera catches every inch of the disgraced Flash Girl, her eyes wide and her cries muffled as Zatanna taunts her and continues the face-fucking.

Eventually, Flash Girl gives in completely, and rests her hands on Zatanna's knees, fully allowing her own humiliation to continue.

A triumphant Zatanna cries out, "I'VE BROKEN HER! THAT'S RIGHT! SUCK MY DICK, BITCH!!!"

Flash Girl's cries can just barely be heard over her face-fucking, which continues for several more long minutes until Zatanna gets tired and begins deep-throating the heroine instead. Flash Girl is seen wide-eyed and cross-eyed as the magician holds her fingers to the heroine's nostrils, cutting off her only remaining air supply.

As Flash Girl weakly fights to get free, Zatanna continues to hold the strap-on in its place down the heroine's throat. Zatanna holds the hapless speedster tightly as the latter spasms for air, not allowing her to breathe one bit.

Finally, the speedster's hands fall limply to the floor, as Flash Girl passes out. Zatanna poses the passed-out heroine for her enchanted camera; her strap-on is still stretching out the unconscious heroine's mouth.

The final shot that the camera gets is one that shows the goo-covered Flash Girl sleeping peacefully, the strap-on stretching her mouth out being the only thing holding her head up. Zatanna then takes a brown paper bag and puts it on and over the speedster's head, before holding up the final humiliation shot of Flash Girl. As a bit of drool drips from Flash Girl's mouth and onto the floor, Zatanna throws her head back and laughs.


Meanwhile, Aquagirl is making her way through another part of Harley's hideout. The blond Atlantean has no idea what fate is befalling her friend right now, not to mention the fact that soon, she'll have her own problems to worry about.

The heroine looks left and right, trying to find any sign of Harley or the captured heroines. She grows more suspicious by the minute, due to the lack of booby traps, but tells herself that turning back is not an option.

Suddenly, a portion of the floor gives way under the heroine's booted feet as she walks over it.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Aquagirl screams as she plunges through the trapdoor, hands and feet helplessly flailing. In mere seconds, the heroine's demeanor has turned into one of utter panic; unlike many of her colleagues, she has no power in the air!

The Atlantean's scream is suddenly cut short, as she falls headfirst into a large surface of water. A huge splash follows, as the blond heroine sinks right beneath. Aquagirl then looks up, just in time to see the circular opening above her close with a loud slam.

Aquagirl snorts to herself. "This is your idea of a trap, Quinn? You couldn't have picked a worse one for a daughter of the sea."

The cocky heroine soon realizes, however, that something is amiss. Several pieces of laundry - socks, underwear, etc. - are floating in the water as well. And the water itself smells of... laundry detergent!

Aquagirl then spots a circular window in the distance, in the middle of one of the walls of her aquatic "prison". Her blood runs cold as she finally realizes the truth: she's in a giant washing machine!

As if on cue, a face caked in white clown makeup suddenly appears on the other side of the window. Aquagirl's eyes widen even further as she sees a just-barley recognizable Robin (in her Hooters Girl uniform) waving to her with one hand while holding a camcorder in the other.

Laughing as she surveys her prey from outside of the giant washing machine, Robin mashes her face against the glass window and makes several silly faces. On the other side, Aquagirl swims over to the window and desperately slams her fist against the glass, but fails to even shake it.

"So, you SEE," Robin narrates for the camera. "Laundry day here at Mistress Harley's isn't like your TYPICAL laundry day. Observe."

Smiling, Robin presses a button on the washing machine. In mere seconds, the machine lets out a mighty roar, vibrating violently. The water inside the machine spins and churns at high speeds, far exceeding those of any household washing machine.

Robin laughs as she films Aquagirl helplessly spinning and going through the cycles. The blond Atlantean's cross-eyed face is repeatedly seen whirling by the glass window, along with the miscellaneous pieces of laundry in the machine.

The vicious cycle repeats for several more minutes, before Robin decides that her prey has been "softened" enough. The evil Girl Wonder presses another button on the enormous washing machine and dodges to the side; seconds later, the front door of the machine pops open, and a torrent of sweet-smelling water comes pouring out, carrying with it a very dizzy Aquagirl.

The released Aquagirl staggers around, cross-eyed and apparently unable to stand right. As the blonde sways back and forth, a grinning Robin runs in, punches her in the belly, kicks her in the crotch, and finally uppercuts her. The final blow knocks Aquagirl even more cross-eyed, the blonde's mouth popping wide open as well.

As Aquagirl reels from the force of Robin's merciless blows, Robin runs off to the side of the room and pulls a lever attached to the floor. A steady stream of white goo immediately falls from the ceiling, coating Aquagirl's head and upper body. A second later, a bucket (holding the rest of the goo) falls as well, landing directly on Aquagirl's head and covering it down to Aquagirl's upper lip.

The evil Girl Wonder then rushes in once more, grabbing the chin strap attached to the bucket. She secures the chin strap, making sure that the bucket stays tightly on Aquagirl's head. That done, Robin slips a special dog collar out of her perverted utility belt, and firmly buckles it around Aquagirl's neck.

"MISTRESS HARLEY made this ESPECIALLY for you, you know!" Robin laughs.

"Ugh!" Aquagirl groans as the collar's special properties take effect. "All... strength... leaving... feel... like... a... fish out of water..."

Helpless, Aquagirl is soon staggering around blindly, looking like a total moron with the bucket strapped firmly to her head. Robin films the whole, hilarious scene, and taunts the Atlantean some more:

"You know, that's a REALLY good look for you! I mean, it's ABOUT TIME you got a mask! Don't you CARE about your IDENTITY?"

Robin then sets the camera on a tripod, so it can film Aquagirl's humiliation without her. That done, she runs up to the staggering Aquagirl from behind, grabs the heroine's briefs, and gives her a nice, hard wedgie. Aquagirl screams as she feels the fabric being wedged into her pussy and ass, the sheer shock, pain, and humiliation temporarily paralyzing her.

Next, Robin slips a pair of boxing gloves onto Aquagirl's flailing hands, so that the Atlantean can't free herself from the bucket even if she DOES get her bearings back. That done, Robin puts a pair of boxing gloves on her own hands, and stands before the blinded Aquagirl in a standard boxing stance.

"C'mon, Fish Girl! Let's go: Mano a mano!"

With that, Robin begins "boxing" with Aquagirl. She lands repeated blows to Aquagirl's essentially-unprotected head, knocking the heroine silly within her own "bucket mask".

After getting bored with simply battering Aquagirl around, Robin discards her own boxing gloves and grabs a magic marker. That done, she draws a face - cross-eyed, tongue sticking out - on the bucket on the barely-moving Aquagirl's head.

For the finale, Robin steps back, then rushes in and delivers a powerful kick to Aquagirl's head. The force of the kick travels through the bucket on Aquagirl's head, leaving it unharmed, but the same cannot be said for blond Atlantean. The blow completely knocks out Aquagirl; as the heroine falls backward, Robin positions a pillow on the floor behind her.

Robin's calculations are perfect; as the KO'ed Aquagirl falls to her back, her bucket-covered head hits the pillow dead-on, and her head is soon resting peacefully on the pillow. Robin laughs and poses for the camera as Aquagirl sleeps peacefully, body spread-eagle.

"Consider yourself SERVED!" Robin giggles. "With a side of fries!"

Some time later, Robin is seen positioning the unconscious, goo-smeared Aquagirl on a narrow platform over a pit filled with green goo. Aquagir is no longer wearing boxing gloves; her arms are now bound behind her back, her knees are tied together, and her mouth has been gagged with a ball-gag. Last, but not least, she is still wearing the plastic bucket, complete with drawn-on goofy face, on her head.

After securing Aquagirl's bonds, Robin climbs down from the platform and proceeds to ham it up for the cameras, showcasing the fallen heroine.


As the camera broadcasts over the splash pit, Robin claps her gloved hands. A nearby door opens, and the rest of the mindless heroines enter the room, followed by the boss herself: Harley Quinn!

Robin gestures toward a bull's-eye attached to the splash pit's mechanism, and invites her "customers" to attempt to knock Aquagirl into the pit by hitting the bull's-eye. All of the evil women proceed to take repeated shots at the target with the provided baseballs, laughing.

Aquagirl finally begins to wake, as some of the balls fly wild and hit her directly in the head. Head spinning, Aquagirl shakes her head from side to side so that she can see, but is unable to, due to her "bucket mask". Adding insult to injury, the heroines, and Harley, laugh at and mock the now-frantic heroine from below.

Robin then presses a button, and the platform that Aquagirl is frantically clinging to begins to vibrate at a high pitch. Aquagirl is immediately flush, thanks to the vibrations coming from directly under her crotch, but does all she can to stay on the platform and not fall off. Meanwhile, the other heroines and Harley continue to point and laugh at her as they continue throwing baseballs.

"HMMMMMPPPHH!!! MMMMPHHH!!!" is all that Aquagirl can say through her ball gag, as ball after ball strikes her tits and her crotch, to painful effect. The heroine can feel the area between her thighs growing hotter and wetter, and knows she can't resist for much longer.

After twenty minutes of repeated attempts to knock the platform down, and endless laughter at Aquagirl's attempts to fight her imminent orgasm, Harley finally lands a perfect bull's-eye hit. The platform immediately falls backward, and Aquagirl falls into the goo with a loud splash.

Several seconds pass before Aquagirl manages to untie her hands and knees and comes up to the surface, gasping for air under the bucket on her head and the ball-gag in her mouth. Arms and legs now free, she swims to the edge of the pit, only to find Harley waiting for her. The mad villainess repeatedly dunks Aquagirl back into the goo, pushing the heroine's bucket-covered head beneath the green liquid again and again.

Finally, Harley allows Aquagirl to surface and breathe air, even removing the ball-gag in her mouth. Immediately afterward, however, the clown princess stuffs a pill of ecstasy into Aquagirl's mouth.


Realizing what the pill is, Aquagirl fights and tries to get away from Harley, only to have the other heroines hold her still for Harley. Several pairs of hands are soon tightly holding on to both of Aquagirl's arms, severely restraining her movement while the pill finally makes its way down Aquagirl's throat.

Harley then has Aquagirl pulled out of the goo pit, and forces the heroine to her hands and knees. Though the blinded heroine doesn't know it, she is now facing a row of dog kennels on the far side of the room.


Still on her hands and knees, Aquagirl is "walked" over to her new kennel, in front of all the cheering and jeering heroines, not to mention the recording cameras. For a moment, Aquagirl pauses and tries to pull the bucket from her head, only to get beaten by Harley for attempting it.

The other heroines laugh as they see Aquagirl crawling across the floor, Harley following the Atlantean closely and continuing to kick her in the ass, all the way to the kennel.


Upon reaching the kennel, Harley reaches down and lifts the bucket on Aquagirl's head up, just a little bit so the heroine can see her "new home".

As soon as Aquagirl realizes her fate, she turns around and tries to flee, only to have the other heroines capture her, lift her up, and swing her through the air and straight into her kennel. Aquagirl hits against the back of her kennel face-first, and lands with her ass in the air, totally knocked out.

In the kennel directly across from Aquagirl's kennel, a sleeping Flash Girl is seen. The similarly unconscious speedster is on her knees, still wearing the brown paper bag on her head; a mouth hole has been cut out of the bag, showing the sleeping Flash Girl's open, drooling mouth.

Once the door to Aquagirl's kennel is closed & locked, Harley claps her hands and tells her minions to get the room ready.

The mindless heroines obey, breaking into a flurry of activity. A giant circular table is brought into the center of the room; soon afterward, several chairs surround it. In the background, cameras are being positioned all over the room.

Finally, after a good twenty minutes of preparations, the still-sleeping Flash Girl and Aquagirl are brought out of their kennels. The two defeated heroines are placed onto the giant table, on their knees, facing away from each other.

All of the other heroines take their seats, as Harley fashions a double-ended dog leash to the collars around Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's necks, attaching them to each other. The evil women point and laugh at their hapless victims; both girls are still covered in goo, with their hands now tied behind their backs. Worst of all, both are still wearing their humiliating "masks".

As Flash Girl and Aquagirl stir and begin to wake, Harley takes out a pair of joy-buzzer vibrators/electroshock devices, intending to get both heroines wet before they can fully wake.

"Alright," Harley says. "The ecstasy should begin ta take hold now, so let's get this show on the road!"

The heroines begin smoking cigars and drinking alcohol, demanding a show. Just then, Flash Girl and Aquagirl finally wake up, unwittingly beginning to let the ecstasy take control over them.

As both Flash Girl and Aquagirl struggle, Harley takes the joy-buzzers in her hands and attaches them to the two helpless heroines' crotches.

"Wh-what the hell?!" Flash Girl demands.

"What did you just do to us?" Aquagirl asks from under her bucket.

Harley smirks. "All part of our new game, girls! You'll learn the rules right now! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

True to the mad villainess' words, both the Atlantean and the Speedster soon realize what the "rules" are. Harley randomly joy-buzzes them over the next half-hour, delivering especially powerful shocks/vibrations whenever they fail to respond to the hoots and demands of the mindless heroines. Even worse, every time Flash Girl or Aquagirl refuses to do a humiliating command, Harley shortens the length of the dog leash connecting them, forcing them closer and closer to each other!

Against their wills, Flash Girl and Aquagirl squirm and grind, trying not to allow an orgasm to over take them. Meanwhile, the mindless heroines treat the two like garbage, blowing cigar smoke under their "masks" and giving them painful wedgies. And all the while, the ecstasy wreaks havoc on the their senses, turning everything upside-down.

"You know," Huntress notes. "They've got some REALLY nice tits! Too bad those TACKY COSTUMES are in the way!"

"Not a problem!" Black Canary smirks, holding up a pair of scissors.

Holes are soon cut in Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's tops; before the heroines can even protest, their tormentors have begun mashing and playing with their sizable tits.

"Alright!" Harley suddenly claps her hands about five minutes later. "Enough foreplay! Let's get to the MAIN EVENT!"

Two heroines - Zatanna and Robin, naturally - fashion large strap-ons around their hips, and walk around the kneeling Aquagirl and Flash Girl. Soon, Robin is standing directly before Aquagirl, while Zatanna is standing directly before Flash Girl; the tips of both dildos are perfectly level with the vanquished vigilantes' open mouths. Zatanna then reaches over, and takes the paper bag off of Flash Girl's head, leaving the heroine's "wedgie mask" in place.

Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's eyes widen, as they realize what's about to happen.


With the constant joy-buzzing, and the fact that they are now so close that the soles of their pantyhose-clad feet are pressing against each other, the two heroines lose it. Both take the strap-ons into their mouths and begin sucking fiercely, as all around them, the remaining mindless heroines cheer them on, challenging them to see which one can get her strap-on to explode first.

Against their normal thoughts, both Flash Girl and Aquagirl fight to "win", the endorphins now racing through their bodies at top speed.

Cameras catch all of the action, as both Flash Girl and Aquagirl piston their heads up and down on the rubber shafts - to the cheers of a crowd that neither can see. Dollar bills then begin randomly floating down to the table, as the rest of the heroines "pay" for the show by throwing money (that Harley had stolen earlier) at Flash Girl and Aquagirl.

Eventually, the mindless girls explode as Flash Girl is the first to receive her "prize". A thick coating of white goo spurts out of the tip of Zatanna's dildo, and coats her face totally.

The other heroines then talk down to Flash Girl, who moans incoherently, "Mooooammm... mooooooaaaaaammmm... mmmmmmmamannnnnn... nnnnnnnn... ooooo... oooooooo...!!!"

Second later, Aquagirl receives an equally face-coating facial from Robin's dildo. In that instant, the evil Girl Wonder holds the bucket on the Atlantean's head back just far enough for the cameras to catch Aquagirl almost smiling as her face is covered in white goo, her moans more out of exhausted pleasure than anything else.

Harley is then seen on the main camera, with both of the exhausted, broken, and drugged heroines, still connected to each other by collar and leash. Smiling, Harley says only three words:


The mindless heroines explode, cheering and chanting, "ASS TO ASS! ASS TO ASS!" repeatedly.

Aquagirl and Flash Girl try to shake their heads "no", but Harley simply joy-buzzes them until both heroines are lying face-down on the table, asses up in the air. Their asses now touching each other, both heroines begin to whimper and cry.

Flash Girl's super wedgie is soon cut free, and Aquagirl's black briefs are pulled down to her knees. They struggle some more, only to have a couple of Harley's mindless toys hold them in place. Grinning, Harley places the paper bag back onto Flash Girl's head.

The other heroines, meanwhile, are still chanting, "ASS TO ASS! ASS TO ASS!"

Harley fashions a double-headed dildo for the camera to see, before giving each end of the sex toy a nice coating of lube. She then reaches over and tears a hole in Aquagirl's green tights; as Aquagirl squeals, Harley slaps her ass hard, before shoving the dildo straight into the Atlantean's asshole.


Aquagirl bucks forward, her mouth screaming out in silent gasps under her bucket "mask". The other heroines then rush in to hold her in place, as Harley tears a similar hole in Flash Girl's suntan pantyhose.

Flash Girl gasps and fights, only to have Robin push her back by inserting the strap-on around her hips into the speedster's mouth and thrusting forward. Behind Flash Girl, Harley is holding the dildo's other end at just the right angle for Flash Girl to be "entered".

True to Harley's predictions, the rubber shaft easily slides into Flash Girl's asshole without Harley having to move a muscle. Flash Girl spasms, fighting the rude entry, only to have the force of Aquagirl's gyrating body push the dildo all the way in from behind.

For a moment, both heroines are frozen, blubbering and whimpering as the mindless heroines around them explode into laughter, cheering and chanting, "ASS TO ASS! ASS TO ASS!"

Laughing, Harley says, "You heard them, girls! Get to it!"

With that, the mad villainess joy-buzzes both Flash Girl and Aquagirl into grinding each other. Before the collared heroines know it, they are working in tandem, working together for the ultimate pleasure of both the crowd and themselves. Losing themselves completely, the heroines gyrate, and "ride" each other, as orgasm after orgasm hits in wave after wave.


Both Flash Girl and Aquagirl perform their humiliating feats over and over, as the mindless heroines begin donning strap-ons. Over the next ten minutes, they all take turns slapping the vanquished vigilantes in the face with the sex toys, and then cramming the rubber shafts down their throats as they continuing fucking each other.

Harley positions herself in-between the bucking and now out-of-control Flash Girl and Aquagirl, having Supergirl and Batgirl hold up a chair until the chair is level with the table. Harley sits back in the raised chair, and rests her booted feet on the backs of her newest, drugged, and now-mindless sex toys.

Laughing, Harley grabs both heroines by their new "masks", holding the bucking and sex-frenzied heroines up for the cameras to see. The mad villainess taunts the rest of the JLA through the camera, daring them to send over another heroine to stop her.

Then, as both Aquagirl and Flash Girl fight each other in a race for another orgasm, Harley pulls the "masks" off of their heads, exposing the heroines to the crowd and the cameras and showing just how disgracefully low they have fallen. Once the paper bag and the bucket are carelessly tossed aside, the heroines' goo-covered, wanton faces come into full view.

Both heroines cry, wide-eyed, as they stare at the cameras. The double-sided leash, and the dildo, keep them attached to one another as they try pathetically to get free.

The mindless heroines around Aquagirl and Flash Girl soon rush in, and play with their newest victims' womanly delights. As the heroines cry and beg for mercy, their tormentors hold them tightly on the table, pinching their nipples and forcing full-tongue kisses.

Aquagirl, unable to take it any longer, curls up in fetal position, crying and begging for mercy as different heroines begin slapping her in the face with their strap-ons, taunting her.

Meanwhile, Flash Girl looks around wildly, only to realize that she has no options left. The helpless speedster kneels on the table as the other heroines play with her goo-covered hair, taunting her. Finally, looking completely defeated, she crawls across the table, over to where Harley (still sitting in the chair being held up by Supergirl and Batgirl) is.

Resigned to her fate, the completely defeated Flash Girl crawls over to Harley's feet, and begins kissing her boots. Harley laughs as she looks down at Flash Girl, who looks up at her new mistress with an utterly devoted face.

Harley mocks Flash Girl; putting her booted foot in the speedster's mouth, she asks, "Wow, broken, and she didn't even have to watch the video. SOMEONE isn't much of a heroine, IS SHE?"

To add insult to injury, Harley takes her foot and raises it up and down, forcing Flash Girl's head to "nod" in agreement. Meanwhile, Aquagirl is seen crying pathetically in the background, being held down on her back by Huntress and Black Canary while Robin and Zatanna take turns slapping her in the face over and over again with their strap-ons.

As she enjoys the whole sordid scene, Harley once again talks directly to the camera:


Now looking directly at the camera, Harley continues:


The camera gets one final shot, of Harley removing Flash Girl's power-nullifying collar and forcing the speedster's face into her crotch, ordering Flash Girl to pleasure her. As the other heroines continue to use and abuse Aquagirl in the background, Harley laughs and sits back in her chair, with her personal super heroine vibrator resigned to her new mistress' crotch.

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Harley, several hours later, is seen re-attaching dog leashes around both Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's necks. She then places the heroines' humiliating "masks" back on their heads, before leading both heroines - still on their hands and knees - across the warehouse. Harley gets her newest slut-slave, Mary Marvel, to continue filming as Flash Girl and Aquagirl whimper pathetically under their paper bag and bucket, respectively.

Meanwhile, all of the other heroines line up, and take turns spitting on the duo's backs as they crawl by, along with insulting them and kicking them in their unprotected stomachs.

Harley takes both blinded heroines over to an area on the warehouse floor painted to look like a racetrack. She lines Flash Girl and Aquagirl up to the startling line, before turning around, intending to select two heroines as "jockeys".

"Eeny-meeny-miney-moe..." the female crime clown says to herself, one hand clapped over her eyes while her forefinger goes from one mindless heroine to the next. "That one! And that one!"

The lucky heroines picked turn out to be Supergirl and Batgirl, both of whom smile widely. Harley then gets the two jockeys to mount their "horses", before readying the starting gun and ordering all the other mindless heroines to line up and become spectators - save for the still-filming Mary Marvel.

Both Batgirl and Supergirl insert the humiliating rubber bits into Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's mouths, respectively. The mindless heroines then mount their "horses", grabbing hold of the reins attached to the mouth restraints and waiting patiently for the start gun.

"Thirty seconds before Race #1 begins!" Harley calls out to the "contestants".

In response, both jockeys pull their horses' mouths up, giving Aquagirl and Flash Girl humiliating "stretched mouth" looks (with their top teeth sticking out). A laughing Harley stands in front of all the "spectators", start gun in her gloved hand.

Encouraged, the mindless heroines then play with their horses some more, by pulling their hair, stretching their leashes choking manner, and even slowly giving both captives wedgies until they squeal under their humiliating masks. From the sidelines, Mary Marvel's camera films growing wet spots on both Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's crotches.

Once the thirty seconds are up, Harley fires her start gun into the air. Both of the mindless heroines immediately buck on their horses hard, making them crawl forward. Blinded by their humiliating masks, both Flash Girl and Aquagirl can only moan in humiliation as they crawl as fast as they can.

As the "race" goes on, both heroines pull hard on their respective horses' wedgies. Meanwhile, their free hands slap the horses' asses hard, sending loud smacking sounds into the air.

Flash Girl's super speed helps her easily win the race. As she finishes crossing the finish line, her jockey, Batgirl, dismounts and takes the paper bag off of her head. The evil heroine pats her horse on the head and ass, congratulating her, before putting the paper bag back into place.

Aquagirl, meanwhile, is not even halfway through the racetrack. The plodding Atlantean's jockey, Supergirl, slaps her ass hard as she begins talking down to her horse.

"Worthless piece of ass...! You're even more useless than you were as a super heroine!"

All of the other mindless heroines hoot and holler at the results of the horse race, taunting Aquagirl as the loser. Supergirl, grumbling, stops her horse and dismounts, talking down to the Atlantean loser some more. She makes Aquagirl pose on her knees, making sure that the Atlantean looks completely defeated and helpless.

"You run almost as bad as you smell, Fish Girl!"

"What's the matter, forget your water wings at home?"

As Aquagirl continues to get verbally humiliated by her jockey, Flash Girl, over at the finish line, is forced to eat a "prize" carrot as a "reward" for winning the race.

Harley then has both the winner and the loser of the race pose for pictures with their respective jockeys. Both Flash Girl and Aquagirl are promptly forced onto their hands and knees again, humiliating masks still firmly on their heads. Supergirl and Batgirl tower over their horses, posing as well.

After a few moments, the mindless heroines curl their fingers around the corners of their horses' mouths and "fishhook" their horses, pulling and giving Flash Girl and Aquagirl goofy smiles. As the cameras roll and pictures flash, Flash Girl's mouth is seen spilling an orange mess, courtesy of the carrot she was force-fed earlier.

"Get ready, girls! Race #2 in three minutes!"

By the end of the three minutes, Harley has taken over filming duties. She has now had the track completely greased, and for extra comedic effect, she has had the heroines put lots of banana peels all over the length of the track.

Harley then lines up another two heroines - Black Canary and Huntress - as the new jockeys. As the contestants mount their horses and take their places at the starting line, Harley raises the start gun into the air and fires.

Once again, Aquagirl and Flash Girl are wedgied into action against their wills. Moaning and squirming, the two helpless, blinded heroines don't make it very far before they begin to slip all over the track. Every attempt they make to regain their balance only results in them falling in even more humiliating manners.

As the race goes on, Harley and the mindless heroines laugh evilly from the sidelines, taunting Flash Girl and Aquagirl and betting on the race's outcome. Meanwhile, Aquagirl and Flash Girl continue to slip and slide all over the track, falling in disgraceful manners every few seconds; this causes their jockeys to verbally abuse them, and proceed to wedgie them harder and harder.

Finally, a cross-eyed Aquagirl disgracefully finishes the race, and beats the hopelessly slipping Flash Girl. Soon, Harley and the mindless heroines all rush over to the finish line as Aquagirl's jockey, Huntress, forces the blond Atlantean to eat a "prize" carrot.

Harley then has another picture taken of the winner and the loser. This time, Aquagirl is the one seen spilling carrot residue down herself; beside her, Black Canary, the losing jockey, is seen angrily spanking Flash Girl.

As Flash Girl sniffs and sobs, Harley slaps her on her-already stinging ass. The speedster yelps and hops a foot into the air, while Harley laughs and calls out:

"Almost time for Race #3, folks! And trust me, the FINAL race has the most HUMILIATING defeat for the loser!"

Once the track has been prepared for the final race, Harley reaches down and lifts the paper bag from Flash Girl's head, and the bucket from Aquagirl's. The two helpless heroines see that sitting fifty feet directly in front of them, and the track's starting line, is a platform with a working toilet atop it.

Both Flash Girl and Aquagirl whimper under their mouth hooks, looking at each other.

"LISTEN UP!" Harley announces. "The LOSER of this last race has to receive a swirlie from the winner! GOT IT?!"

The track has now been fully prepared by Harley; the mindless heroines are lined up along the still-slick track, standing right beside several pie carts full of whipped-cream pies. The cameras, naturally, are still capturing every second of Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's humiliation.

As soon as Harley fires the pistol, both of the helpless heroines begin crawling as fast as they can. Once again, they begin slipping, sliding, and falling disgracefully every few seconds. And to make things even more humiliating, they begin to get pelted with pies as they get further along the track.

Both of the helpless heroines fight, squirm, slip, and slide all over, while getting just about every inch of their luscious bodies covered in white pie goo. Their tormentors are merciless, hurling pie after pie at them and hitting almost every part of their body - their chests, their asses, their pantyhose-clad legs, their booted feet, and more.

Eventually, the goo-covered Flash Girl finishes first and wins the race, crossing the finish line just inches ahead of the equally goo-covered Aquagirl. A huge amount of cheering promptly erupts from the sidelines.

Harley comes over to the finish line, and laughs at Aquagirl, as the blond Atlantean begins to blubber pathetically, pleading for mercy. Following their mistress, the mindless heroines cheer on Flash Girl as the winner, as they film and taunt Aquagirl.

"Gonna cry now, Fish Girl?"

"I could do better with both my legs broken!"

"We should've thrown you back! Get ourselves a REAL super heroine instead..."

Harley then re-leashes both heroines, and parades the defeated horses around the warehouse for several minutes. As they are being led around, both Aquagirl and Flash Girl cry pathetically, their pantyhose shredded and their bodies now almost completely covered in goo and filth.

Harley then has two of the heroines - Robin and Zatanna - hold Flash Girl's arms back as she takes out a remote-control joy-buzzer and shoves it inside Flash Girl's leotard. As she commands the mindless heroines to let go, Harley joy-buzzes Flash Girl, commanding the speedster to be cruel to the loser of the race.

Flash Girl goes cross-eyed, grabbing at her crotch as the electric shocks and vibrations course through her groin. Harley holds on tightly to the button triggering the joy-buzzer, making Flash Girl drop to her back, squirming on the warehouse floor in pleasure.

Off to the side, Supergirl grabs Aquagirl by the hair, holding the weakly struggling Atlantean heroine tight and making her stay on her knees. Helpless, Aquagirl tries to get free, but cannot.

Meanwhile, Harley keeps commanding, and joy-buzzing, the still-defiant Flash Girl. The mad villainess then grabs the speedster by the filth-matted hair and pulls her over to Aquagirl. Dropping a dog leash in front of the kneeling Aquagirl, Harley tells Flash Girl to leash her bitch.

Again, Flash Girl refuses, but Harley joy-buzzes her over and over, laughing at and taunting the speedster. Finally, Harley lets up on the joy-buzzing for a few seconds to let Flash Girl compose herself, before telling the speedster again to leash her bitch, and "make her crawl to her fate".

Now completely defeated, but also uncontrollably aroused, Flash Girl begins to get off on Harley's demanding her to be cruel to her now beaten and broken friend. Finally, she takes a step forward and kicks Aquagirl in the face, to the cheers of Harley and the mindless heroines.

The sequence continues on; any time that Flash Girl isn't cruel and demeaning to Aquagirl, Harley says "boring" and joy-buzzes the speedster, forcing Flash Girl, against her will, to be meaner and meaner to her friend. From smacking Aquagirl in the face, to pulling her goo-covered hair, Flash Girl soon gets off more and more on the control she has over her friend. She then makes the blond Atlantean lick and kiss her boots clean as the mindless heroines, and Harley, hoot and laugh at Aquagirl from the sidelines.

"You missed a spot!" Flash Girl snaps, pointing at a speck of pie goo on her boot. Aquagirl nods meekly; the area around her mouth is now covered in the grease and goo she's already licked off of her friend's boots.

Several minutes later, Flash Girl's boots are finally shining clean. Smiling, the speedster shows Aquagirl her "reward" for the spit-shine: a collar and leash!

Aquagirl can't hold in her whimpers as Flash Girl leashes her bitch, like Harley told her to; the speedster then starts making gooey pigtails out of the Atlantean's messed-up hair. All the while, Flash Girl gets hornier and hornier, and is soon commanding Aquagirl to get on all fours and kiss her ass for "Mistress Harley's" entertainment.

Unable to contain herself, Aquagirl begins blubbering on camera like a baby, as all the other heroines - Flash Girl included - laugh at her. Harley, meanwhile, goes off to get something that will definitely "persuade" Aquagirl.

Harley soon returns, having fetched a pile of fresh dog shit on a paper plate. In front of everybody, she warms it in the microwave for thirty seconds, before taking it out and walking back over.

Putting the steaming pile of shit under Aquagirl's nose, Harley begins to talk down to Aquagirl, commanding her to "Eat your friend's ass like a good widdle girl, or EAT SHIT!"

Aquagirl's eyes begin to water from the sheer smell of the turd, as she desperately shakes her head "no". The mindless heroines close in on Aquagirl, holding rolling cameras and talking down to her. The Atlantean attempts to flee, only to be laughed at and forced onto her knees again, arms behind her back. Flash Girl's is mere inches above her face, while the plate of dog shit is mere inches below it.

Reluctantly, Aquagirl raises her face, which Flash Girl promptly pulls into her ass. Against her will, Aquagirl finds her own face heading straight into Flash Girl's pie-covered bloomers, while at the same time Harley finally takes away the plate of dog shit.

Aquagirl's arms are soon flailing pathetically, before finally resting, and even bracing themselves on Flash Girl's pantyhose-clad legs. Flash Girl pulls hard on the chain-leash, keeping Aquagirl firmly secure as she whimpers into the speedster's ass. The vibrations from Aquagirl's whimpers, coinciding with Harley's relentless joy-buzzes, get Flash Girl going; before she knows it, she has turned around and shoved Aquagirl's face into her crotch, humping it hard and laughing hysterically.

The mindless heroines continue to laugh and cheer Flash Girl on as the speedster forces Aquagirl onto her back. Flash Girl then gets in the classic "69" position, and forces Aquagirl to eat her pantyhosed pussy out as she, in turn, flicks and teases Aquagirl's own pussy.

Harley then delivers another round of joy-buzzes, and Aquagirl is suddenly shoved hard, face-first, into Flash Girl's pussy, forcing Flash Girl to come with a mighty scream. Bucking wildly, Flash Girl shoves Aquagirl's face into her pussy even harder as she orgasms.


A power frenzy rushes over Flash Girl in that instant; seconds later, she grabs Aquagirl by the hair and leads her defeated friend over to the toilet nearby, before forcing the Atlantean to her hands and knees again. The speedster then shoves Aquagirl into the full toilet face-first, flushing over and over again. As Harley continues joy-buzzing Flash Girl, the speedster keeps Aquagirl's face firmly planted in the toilet with her booted foot.

"Behold!" Harley narrates for the mindless heroines, and the cameras. "Fish Girl in her... natural habitat! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

As Flash Girl comes to another orgasm, she mounts the on-all-fours Aquagirl, and grinds out a last orgasm as she swirlies Aquagirl one last time. Soon afterward, both heroines fall to the warehouse floor, unconscious. Seeing that both heroines have flopped to an exhausted, defeated, passed-out state, Harley has her toys go get Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's new "slut costumes".

The heroines soon come back with two tricked-out costumes to match Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's super heroine colors. Harley smiles evilly as she inspects them.

"Yep! Just what I ordered!"

Aquagirl's costume is a green-and-orange "sexy clown" costume, with a little green-and-orange hat and an oversized bow-tie choker in the same color. Also included are a green-and-orange polka-dotted dress (with Aquagirl's logo over the breast, which has the words "OWNED" stamped over it) that has a poofy skirt flowing out from beneath it, two little orange gloves, one attached to an extremely small umbrella, a pair of suntan control top pantyhose, and a pair of orange-green striped thigh-high stockings. Rounding out the costume are a pair of white bloomers with "Worthless Clown" written on them, and a pair of green stiletto boots.

Flash Girl's costume is a Flash Girl-themed "candy striper" costume, with a white cap bearing her logo, a red/white dress consisting of a corset attached to a poofy skirt, and a white apron. Rounding out the costume are a pair of white bloomers with the words "Mouth Toy" written on them, suntan control top pantyhose, red lace thigh-highs, and white knee-high go-go boots.

"Alright!" Harley says as she steps back, done with making sure that the costumes are adequate. "Now go an' get the water cannon! Make it snappy!"

Several of the mindless heroines run off, through a nearby set of double doors. They return a few minutes later, pushing an enormous water cannon on treads into the room.

Grinning, Harley runs up to and gets behind the giant water cannon. Once she's comfortably in the driver's seat, she slowly aims the nozzle toward where Flash Girl and Aquagirl are still lying unconscious. Then, with the press of a big red button on the dashboard, Harley blasts both the heroines with a high-pressurized stream of water.

Both Aquagirl and Flash Girl are immediately and rudely woken up as they are soaked by gallons and gallons of cold water. They cough and splutter, trying their best to fight it. Laughing, Harley continues to blast the helpless heroines, making sure that both are "clean".

Harley then flips a switch that increases the pressure of the water cannon tenfold. As a result, the cannon blasts both Flash Girl and Aquagirl straight into the wall behind them, knocking them both unconscious again.

Clapping and laughing childishly, Harley turns off the water cannon and dismounts. She then orders her mindless heroines to dry, dress, and ready her new toys. All of the heroines immediately squeal in delight as they loom over the sleeping Flash Girl and Aquagirl.

Some time later, both Flash Girl and Aquagirl are caught waking up on camera; the two look around, and quickly realize that they have been locked into matching dog kennels. Then, upon seeing their new uniforms, both of them cry out and desperately try to get free.

Hearing Harley's two newest captives make all sorts of noise, the mindless heroines come over, still dressed in their slut uniforms. But now, all of them are brandishing strap-ons, too.

The former heroines proceed to verbally taunt Flash Girl and Aquagirl; then, they begin mouth-fucking the two helpless captives through the bars of the cages. All of them take turns, making sure that the captives' mouths busy sucking on the hard rubber shafts at all times.

As the heroines laugh, Flash Girl and Aquagirl are heard moaning, "Mno...! Mno...! Mno...!"

Several grueling minutes later, Harley comes over to the scene, camera in hand. She narrates as she films, explaining that while her toys have been having their fun, she's been preparing something for breaking Aquagirl and Flash Girl of their spirits... for good!

At Harley's command, the heroines lead their new bitches - by their leashes - over to a platform that Harley has ready. Once they're within five feet of the platform, Harley grabs the leashes herself and leads Flash Girl and Aquagirl directly to the center of the platform, forcing them to stay over it on their knees.

Harley then tells her bitches to "stay"; she then heads over to the nearby release mechanism, pausing to shoot the cameras a knowing smile before hitting the big red button.

The platform opens up in the middle, and the two halves swing downward. Immediately, both of the defeated heroines on the platform fall into a giant dumpster beneath it, filled the brim with hot liquid caramel.

Aquagirl and Flash Girl try to swim through the hot, sticky mess, and stay afloat by any means possible. As Aquagirl tires out and starts to go under, Flash girl tries to vibrate at super-speed in order to rise above the gooey mess.

But just as Flash Girl begins to rise out of the sticky, sweet goo, she sees Harley standing on another platform above her. In the instant that the speedster gets her head to the top of the dumpster, Harley reaches over and slams the dumpster's lid shut, landing a shot to the back of Flash Girl's unprotected head.


Flash Girl promptly drops face-first into the goo, and begins to float, face-down, in the sticky brown sea. Aquagirl's face, meanwhile, is seen sinking under the caramel, along with the rest of her.

Once she's sure that both heroines are totally subdued, Harley has Supergirl and Mary Marvel lift the dumpster with their super strength and turn it over on its side, spilling all the caramel - and the two completely caramel-caked heroines - onto the warehouse floor. Both Aquagirl and Flash Girl land on a conveniently placed drain grate; as hundreds of gallons of caramel spill through the grate, the two caramel-coated heroines are forced to sprawl face-first over it.

Both heroines gasp for air and flail over the floor, trying to get to their feet. Unfortunately, they only slip and slide all over the place, thanks to the gooey mess coating their bodies.

Harley and her mindless toys laugh from the sidelines, watching Aquagirl and Flash Girl's pathetic attempts for five minutes. Then, Zatanna casts a spell to make the caramel on the two heroines' bodies harden quicker, while Harley runs off to get some more "preparations".

Soon, all the mindless heroines are lined up along two four-tiered carts full of whipped-cream pies. The heroines push the carts into position, so that they're surrounding their struggling victims. Each heroine takes a pie in her hand, and waits for further orders.

Harley is now dressed in a sexy military outfit, with a red/black peaked cap, a military suit top clad with criminal trinkets for "commander's stripes", and a short cheerleading skirt. Her legs are clad in suntan pantyhose, leading down to a pair of stiletto boots - black for the left foot, red for the right. A military whip is gripped lightly in her right hand.

With a flourish, Harley turns around and bends over, flipping up her skirt and showing the cameras her white bloomers with the words "Queen Commander-in-Chief". That done, she turns back around and yells the order:


Immediately, all of the mindless heroines unleash a flurry of pies on Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's unprotected bodies and faces. Both victims fight blindly against the barrage, getting hit all over their body as they struggle vainly.

Mercifully, the mindless heroines leave their victims' faces uncovered, keeping up the unceasing volley of pies until both Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's bodies are completely covered in white goo, from their necks down to their boots. The cameras catch the Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's faces: eyes wide, completely pouting, and defeated.

The two heroines continue to struggle under their gooey predicaments after the barrage of pie stops; as the caramel beneath the layer of whipped cream hardens completely, they fall to their knees (their faces are still clear of pie goo, for the most part).

Harley struts up to her now caramel-and-whipped-cream covered heroines, tapping her military whip against her palm. She begins talking down to her new toys:

"My, my, my! Look how DIRTY you've gotten your nice new clothes!"

While the mindless heroines walk closer, Harley grabs two pies off of the carts. Making sure the warehouse cameras get the best shots, she shoots an evil look at Flash Girl and Aquagirl and asks:

"Any last words?"

Both heroines struggle, but say nothing, looking at Harley with complete fear in their eyes. A few seconds later, Harley smashes both pies into Aquagirl's and Flash Girl's faces. Then, she puts a pie tin on top of each heroine's head, like a hat.

Harley then throws out an arm and grabs Flash Girl, pulling the speedster into a rough kiss. As the mad villainess puts her lips on the heroine's, she exhales deeply and uses the air to force a mouthful of pie goo down Flash Girl's throat. Then, she pushes Flash Girl aside and repeats the process with the similarly hapless Aquagirl.

This done, Harley steps back; on her cue, the mindless heroines unleash the rest of their pies, only aiming for Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's heads this time. With every passing second, they wind up their throws harder and harder, wanting to knock Aquagirl and Flash Girl out with the pie tins. Soon, pie tins are falling and clanging all over the warehouse.

Finally, Harley's minions run out of pies. They stop to catch their breaths, and survey their handiwork; the two heroines before them are almost unrecognizable by now, covered from head to toe in dessert toppings.

Supergirl then comes over to the two heroines and puts each of their hands on their hips, just as the caramel goo finally hardens to the point of rock. Now, Aquagirl and Flash Girl cannot move their bodies at all.

As Supergirl walks off, pleased with her handiwork, Harley comes over and inserts two tubes into both Aquagirl and Flash Girl - one in each of their pussies, and one in each of their assholes. Both Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's mouths shoot wide open at the feeling of being violated - just as the caramel on their faces completely hardens as well.

Flash Girl and Aquagirl, now completely unable to move, are left paralyzed and covered in whipped cream and caramel. Harley laughs as she orders the mindless heroines to get the chocolate they'd prepared.

The mindless heroines soon come back, carrying several tubs full of melted chocolate. They proceed to dump all of the chocolate all over Flash Girl and Aquagirl, completely covering them from head to toe in a solid inch of the thick, brown goo. Zatanna then casts another spell, and the chocolate immediately hardens like rock.

Flash Girl and Aquagirl have now become perfect "candy bar" statues: posed on their knees, with hands on their hips, mouths gaping wide open.

"Perfect chocolate-covered statues of a couple-a nosy heroines, if I do say so myself!" Harley nods in approval.

Then, as one last shot of humiliation, Harley takes two little red-and-purple "sexy" capes and ties them around Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's necks, draping them over the heroines' shoulders. The capes have the logos of the heroines on the back, but with the word "OWNED" stamped over each one.

Harley and all the mindless heroines laugh at this final addition, before the mindless heroines move in and take turns mouth-fucking their new statues with strap-ons, right in their open mouths. As her minions deprive Flash Girl and Aquagirl of air, Harley films the scene up-close and narrates as she orders her mindless toys to begin licking and sucking on the statues' candy coated eyes.

The mad villainess then grins, telling the viewers at home that Flash Girl and Aquagirl WILL be turned, and that "Soon, you will get to see ANOTHER set of heroines transformed!"

Soon, four of the heroines - Batgirl, Supergirl, Black Canary, and Huntress - are moaning and squealing as they fight to lick the chocolate, whipped cream, and caramel from the statues' eyes, their mouths and chins becoming covered in the gooey flavors. Eventually, both sets of eyes - Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's - are completely cleaned of the mess. Now, their terrified eyes are looking around the warehouse, helpless.

After savoring the helpless heroines' terror, Harley gives her camcorder to Mary Marvel and leaves the room, with Robin and Zatanna in tow.

The trio returns several minutes later; Robin and Zatanna are holding up a large, heavy-looking wooden throne, painted in Harley's wild colors and decorated with all sorts of bizarre ornaments. The two mindless heroines set the throne on a nearby stage, then double over, huffing and puffing

In the meantime, Harley wheels a flat-screen TV directly in front of Aquagirl and Flash Girl, and forces them to watch the hypnotizing video that had claimed so many previous heroines' minds. Like before, the video repeats "Obey" over and over again, slowly taking over the heroines' already-weakened minds.

The statues whimper and plead, but become quieter and quieter as the video takes hold. Finally, still completely frozen, they moan:

"I obey. I obey. I obey."

Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's eyes then go cross, as Harley has her minions laugh and dance around their new toys. Then, Harley has her minions place the paralyzed heroines onto a pair of two-wheeled carts, and wheel her statues over next to her new throne - Aquagirl is to the throne's left, while Flash Girl's is on the right.

As one final touch, the frozen heroines' piss and shit buckets are set up behind them, connected to the tubes in their pussies and assholes (which are now running down and under Harley's stage); they, after all, still need to relieve themselves.

"There!" Harley nods, crossing her arms in satisfaction. "Let's see how much fight they'll have left after they've been up there for a couple-a hours... or days... whenever all that chocolate melts..."

Harley then lounges on her throne and purrs. Laughing, she has all of the other mindless heroines get on their knees in front of her.

Bowing up and down relentlessly while on their knees, the mindless heroines worship Harley as a "goddess". Harley laughs evilly as she places her outstretched hands on the heads of her kneeling statues, as the entire crew of now-mindless heroines moan in unison:


Harley has the cameras zoom out, with a final shot of all her mindless pets worshiping the goddess of crime.

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Post 5 years ago

Fantastic story! Thank you very much for sharing!

Were there any plans to continue this series?

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Post 5 years ago

Seaven wrote:Fantastic story! Thank you very much for sharing!

Were there any plans to continue this series?
benv and I have plans for many more installments. But with ben's personal life making things hell for him right now, you shouldn't expect them anytime soon.

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Omega Woman wrote:
benv and I have plans for many more installments. But with ben's personal life making things hell for him right now, you shouldn't expect them anytime soon.
I hope everything works out for Ben.

Thank you for the update!

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Post 5 years ago

Alright, more bad news, folks.

Due to Real Life interfering once again, the fate of this entire story is now in question. I am not at liberty to divulge the details, but let's just say that ben probably won't be in any position to provide material anytime soon.

Of course, hope springs eternal. Perhaps one day, this little project will revive. But for now, I think it's fair to say that this story is officially on hiatus.

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Post 5 years ago

Sad to hear both that this story is in hiatus and also that ben has personal issues that has forced him to put the story on hold. I hope that both situations sort themselves out and I wish ben all the best for the future. :).

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Post 5 years ago

That's a real shame. Thank you very much for the update and again, I hope everything works out for ben, regardless if he continues the story or not.

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Post 5 years ago

Seaven, Tex, as you have been such faithful followers of this little tale, I've sent you two a couple PMs. Please respond as soon as possible.

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Post 5 years ago

Hi Omega!

Just sent you a response. Thanks!

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Post 5 years ago

I would like to see some illustrations of these humiliating costumes! Have any been made?

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Post 5 years ago

jcb1982 wrote:I would like to see some illustrations of these humiliating costumes! Have any been made?
Neither benv nor I are artists, so no. If others have, then they're not sharing.

If anyone wants to make some, then feel free! But please share with the rest of us!

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Post 5 years ago

Alright, quick update:

The next chapter of this story (penned by a guest author!) is in the works, but will probably take at least a month to come out. In the meantime, I'm compiling a list of various fetish materials promoted around this board that feature Harley. Once I've got the time and the dough, I'll buy them as, erm, "research material" for this story. Feel free to tell me any I've missed!

Blue Angels vs. Jestergrrl (Hypnotics World)
The Perils of Gamma Girl 2! (Hypnotics World)
Battle Babe gets Spanked by HQ (Cali Logan)
Harley Belle Begins (Hypnotics World - alt. version here)
Batgyrl vs. HQ (Cali Logan/Kobe Lee)
Joker 8 Batgirl (Cali Logan)
Joker 8 BG part 2 (Cali Logan)
Batgirl Gets Schooled (Cali Logan)
Katwoman's Humbled by Harlee Quinn (Candle Boxx, Esmi Lee)
Gang Thang: Gotham (Heroine Movies)
Batwoman and the Disappearing Harley Quinn (Kendra James, Angela Sommers)
Batwoman and Huntress Meet Harley Quinn (Kendra James, Laci Starr)
Let's Unmask the Bat (BatTracy, Chrissy Daniels, Ludella Hahn)
Batgurl Trapped in Hahnny's House of Horrors! (Ludella Hahn)
Hahnny Quinn's Brainwashed Bat! (Ludella Hahn)
Harley's Bright Idea (Knights of Gotham)
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Post 5 years ago

Excellent peril/humiliation concepts! You have an amazingly bizarre sense of humor, perfect for material like this. I'd love to involve my "Tomboy Perils" character in outlandish situations of this kind; from pie-in-the-face variations to candy-coated heroines in their power stance, and beyond! Congrats to both you and your diligent editor, Omega Woman, for a wonderful read. Best, Dr. Grizzard

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Ladies, gentlemen, super heroine lovers of all ages...

Today is a special day. Yes, it is a day that shall live in infamy in the minds of many, especially Americans. As it should be - in the midst of New York City, three thousand lives were meaninglessly lost due to the fanaticism of a few determined zealots. America, and the world, would do well to never let such a tragedy happen again.

But two decades prior, this date established for itself a brighter legacy, a cheerier reason to be remembered; for it was on this day that an nascent little FOX cartoon known as Batman: The Animated Series aired its seventh episode: the episode known as "Joker's Favor".

There was, and still is, much to appreciate about "Joker's Favor". It was the first Joker story that the now-legendary Bat-scribe Paul Dini wrote, years and years before the laurels he would win for himself with the Return of the Joker DTV and the Arkham Asylum games. And even back then, Dini's Joker was a behemoth - funny, slick, threatening, intelligent, cruel, bombastic, and armed with the unmatchable voice of Mark Hamill. The script that Dini gave the Ace of Knaves to run around to his heart's content inside was similarly unprecedented in originality and atmosphere alike, utterly annihilating the pedestrian (however entertaining they might have been) Joker scripts that previous writers for BTAS had provided.

But enough beating around the bush. Fans across the world - know this episode primarily - perhaps only - for one thing. The introduction of Harley Quinn.

Ah, Mistah J's beloved moll. Part of Dini's plans for the Joker from the very beginning, it would seem, though it is obvious that Dini had no idea back then what the character would soar to. That shapely, harlequin-suited henchgirl made her debut as more or less just another of the Joker's little helpers, given little purpose beyond making the Clown Prince of Crime's latest gag run a little more smoothly. But her cheery wickedness, coupled with Arleen Sorkin's squeaky yet strangely sexy delivery, captivated us all. And so, she would return again and again - in BTAS and later franchises from the DC Animated Universe written by Dini, then in later DCAU franchises not written by Dini, and finally in comics and other media totally beyond the reach of the DCAU.

Today, most who are familiar with Batman have at least a passing familiarity with this charming little jester. God bless Dini, Sorkin, and the other fellows who got together and brought us "Joker's Favor" twenty years ago. Without them, and without the little red-and-black-wrapped present it gave us all, this story - and this post - wouldn't even exist.

Happy twentieth, Harley. We'll be sure to get you a virtual cake... and lots and lots more humiliated heroines as presents. :D

And now, for those of you who had the patience to slog through the above text... a gift for you. Similar in style to, yet distinctively different, from this little yarn. I wrote a few segments myself.

For those of you who've already read that story... tough toenails. Guess you'll just have to wait with the rest of us for the next update of this story. I also hear that blacknite13 (of Mr. X's site) has a Harley story in the works.

Let's hope that they'll see the light of day before Mayan Apocalypse Day shows up, eh? :P

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Alright, ladies and gents, the moment you've all been waiting for... a new installment in benv's epic saga... not written by benv. Credit for this one mostly goes to Seaven, with finishing touches added by moi. It's basically an alternate continuity to #7, detailing what would've happened if Wonder Woman was the seventh heroine captured.

Benv, for the time being, is still MIA. If you're reading this, ben, we all miss you very much, and hope that this will serve as inspiration in one way or another. Your dream won't die.

Warning: this one really takes things in a VERY... erm, different direction, barely (if at all) touched by benv. Not for the faint of heart.
Wonder Woman paced around impatiently at the Justice League’s headquarters, the Watchtower. She had just returned from her mission, and was informed of Harley’s crime spree no more than an hour ago. Wonder Woman instinctively wanted to rescue her friends, but Superman and Batman managed to convince the Amazon from rushing into Harley’s trap. Promising the Amazon that they would do whatever it took to rescue their friends, the two had requested that Wonder Woman remain hidden. Wonder Woman was unwilling at first, but eventually complied.

“Hera, this waiting is driving me insane,” whispered Wonder Woman. The Amazon turned on the Watchtower's monitor to find out the latest news. A news report appeared on the screen, showing Harley’s latest exploits. Various clips of her friends and comrades degrading themselves soon flashed on the screen.

Each clip pushed Wonder Woman closer and closer to the edge. The Amazon gritted her teeth and clenched her fist as she continued to watch the footage. She immediately closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reminding herself that Superman and Batman will put it an end to this.

As she opened her eyes she saw an image of Harley’s ass pressed against a set of glass doors, the villainess' panties emblazoned with the words “Where is Wonder Woman?”

Wonder Woman glared at the monitor and bolted out of the room and into one of the Watchtower's shuttle, with vengeance on her mind. “Harley Quinn will regret the day she humiliated my friends,” snarled the Amazing Amazon.

As soon as Wonder Woman flew into the outskirts of Gotham, she saw Harley Quinn rushing out of a bank with several bags of money in her arms. A purple convertible - obviously her getaway car - stood a few feet away.

“What luck,” thought Wonder Woman as she pressed a button that ejected her from the shuttle, also issuing a command for the shuttle to fly back to the Watchtower on autopilot.

The Amazon, now hovering in the air with her own powers, descended on to the scene of the crime. As Harley jumped into her getaway car, Wonder Woman landed in front of the car with her hands planted firmly on the hood, preventing the car from moving forward.

Instead of panicking, Harley looked up and smiled, “Hiya Wonder Toots! So nice of you to drop by!”

With that, Harley reached over and threw a bag of money at Wonder Woman, distracting the Amazon momentarily as she caught the bag. As Wonder Woman fumbled with the bag, Harley quickly put the car in reverse and sped away.

“Catch me if ya can!” yelled Harley, waving over her shoulder.

Wonder Woman smirked and pursued Harley with her Amazon super-speed. In no time, she had appeared front of Harley’s car again.

“Oh crap!” said Harley, slamming a foot onto the brakes. As the car screeched to a halt, Harley grabbed her remaining bag of money and ran out of the car, into a nearby alley.

Wonder Woman smiled as she saw Harley stop at the alley's dead end, and said, “No where else to hide!”

The Amazon confidently walked into the alley, but was careful not to trigger and potential traps that Harley may have laid. Once she had Harley nice and cornered, she put her hands on her hips in a standard "heroine pose".

“Give up Harley, tell me where my friends are and I will be sure you get a fair trial,” said Wonder Woman.

In a flash, Harley pulled out a gun and fired it repeatedly at Wonder Woman, “Eat this Wondah Tits! You ain’t taking me alive!”

Using her super-speed, Wonder Woman effortlessly deflected the bullets with her bracelets, one-by-one, until Harley ran out of bullets. When the mad clown pulled the trigger again, all that came out was a click.

“Oh, haha…” said Harley nervously, and threw her gun at Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman caught the gun with one hand and effortlessly crushed it.

With a panicked yelp, Harley then threw the second bag of money at Wonder Woman. As soon as the Amazon caught the bag of money, it exploded, releasing a green vapor. Before Wonder Woman could react, her lungs were filled with the green gas.

“Hera…no…so…weak…” muttered Wonder Woman as she fell to her knees. As darkness crept in on all sides of the Amazon's vision, she could just barely hear Harley's triumphant laughter...

Hours later, Wonder Woman slowly regained consciousness. “Oooh…my head...” muttered the Amazon.

As Wonder Woman slowly opened her eyes, she found herself lying in an open field with her arms tied securely around her back. The mighty Amazon Princess tried with all her might to break her bonds, but it was no use.

“I wouldn’t bother trying,” said a voice from behind the Amazon. A moment later, Wonder Woman realized that it was Harley.

Wonder Woman turned her head and saw Harley dressed in a camouflage bikini and knee high boots. Slung over the villainess' shoulder was the Amazon's all-important golden power belt.

“As you can see, I’ve tied you up with your own lasso, AND I've gotten rid of that silly belt of yours! No more super strength or speed for you!”

Wonder Woman was instantly filled with dread as she realized that she was now completely at the mercy of Harley. The Amazon, with all her might, tried to struggle out of her bondage, but it was no use.

“Don’t worry your little tush about me compelling you to do things, I just needed the lasso to keep you secured while we make you into the biggest porn star ever!” said Harley, pointing to several cameramen several feet behind her.

“Like hell you will,” snarled Wonder Woman. The Amazing Amazon Princess jumped to her feet and charged towards Harley Quinn, determined to shoulder tackle her. As she closed in on Harley, however, she tripped and fell flat on her face into a pile of mud.

Growling, Wonder Woman spat out the mud that got into her mouth and rolled over, only to see Supergirl standing right above her.

“Supergirl, untie me!” exclaimed Wonder Woman.

In response, Supergirl stared at Wonder Woman crossed-eyed for several seconds, not saying a word. The silence was broken when Harley blew a military bugle right near Wonder Woman’s face, startling the Amazon.

“On your feet maggot!” ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman glared at Harley and said, “I will not follow your orders!”

“Soldiers, line up!” ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman heard the stomping of boots, and within seconds, she saw Batgirl, Black Canary, Zatanna, Robin, and Huntress line up. Each of them was wearing a string military bikini with their chests pushed up.

“It looks like the new recruit is not being cooperative,” sighed Harley. “Let’s start the morning exercise with the raising of the flag!”

Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman by the arms and took her to a nearby flag pole. Wonder Woman tried to fight back but it was futile. Supergirl's strength would have been something to be reckon with even if she had her power belt on. Right now, she was no stronger than a normal woman, and thus helpless to stop Supergirl from manhandling her into a vulnerable position - bent over, with knees locked and her ass raised higher than her head.

Harley walked over to the immobilized Wonder Woman, and wiped down Wonder Woman’s face with a wet cloth, “Can’t hang up a dirty flag, right Wonder Toots? Oh, and by the way, Supes goes by SUCK Girl now.”

Wonder Woman glared Harley as the villainess removed most of the mud on her face. “I swear I’ll get you for this,”

At that very moment, Supergirl shoved an anal hook right into Wonder Woman’s blue, star-spangled shorts, going straight up her ass, causing the Amazon to scream in pain, eyes widening and crossing.


“Aww, did that hurt your little hiney Wonder Toots?” laughed Harley. A minute or two passed by before she said, “Ok, take the hook out."

Supergirl smiled and pulled the steel hook out of Wonder Woman’s sore ass. The Amazon groaned; the hook was no longer inside of her, but h er shorts were still crammed tightly up her ass. Harley grinned, and pulled Wonder Woman’s shorts out of the Amazon's ass, only to see a brown streak inside the shorts.

“Oohh, somebody has a poop stain!” laughed Harley.

Wonder Woman looked away in shame as Harley laughed, her face turning pink with embarrassment. “Aww, don’t be shy Wondie! It’s ok, you can hide your face with a nice Wonder Wedgie!”

Supergirl grabbed the back of Wonder Woman’s star-spangled shorts and pulled it straight up over Wonder Woman’s head. Wonder Woman screamed in pain as her shorts went up against her pussy and ass. Harley then grabbed the back-end-up shorts and made sure the poop stain was right near Wonder Woman’s nose.

“Ok, raise the flag!” said Harley.

Supergirl saluted her mistress, and reinserted the anal hook in Wonder Woman’s ass and attached it to a metal cable that was hooked up to the flagpole.

“Hera…!” screamed Wonder Woman as she felt her ass get impaled by the hook again.

Supergirl began to pull on the cable, lifting Wonder Woman up into the air. As the Kryptonian began to raise Wonder Woman up the length of the flagpole, the Star Spangled Banner began to play in the background. Harley and her squad stood watching, and saluted Wonder Woman as she was winched up the flag.

“Get me down from here!” snarled Wonder Woman once she was at the very top of the flagpole, about 30 feet in the air.

“Ok, cut her down!” said Harley.

Supergirl grinned and instantly release the slack from the cable, causing Wonder Woman to fall to the ground on her rear end, causing the hook to go deeper into her ass.

“Aaagghhh!!!” screamed Wonder Woman.

“Aww, did the poor little amazon hurt her bum? Let me take a look!” said Harley.

Harley pulled Wonder Woman’s shorts off of the Amazon's face, to her knees, and then pushed Wonder Woman face first in the ground, her rear end sticking straight up. Harley removed the hook and laughed hysterically at Wonder Woman’s stretched asshole.

“Wow! I think your butthole has gotten a little bit bigger. I think I can get my bugle into it.”

Harley took her bugle and stuck the mouthpiece into Wonder Woman ass. As the Amazon’s ass instinctively clenched the bugle, Wonder Woman screamed, “Get that thing out of me!”

Harley laughed as Wonder Woman squirmed to get the bugle out of her ass. “Aww, you’re too uptight! Here, have a drink!” said Harley as she took out a large canteen and poured it into wide end of the bugle, the contents going straight into Wonder Woman’s ass.

“Aaaagh!!! What are you doing?!?” screamed Wonder Woman.

“Aww, the little Amazon Princess doesn’t like her little corn hole violated? I know what’ll make you feel better!” said Harley.

Harley got up to her feet and pulled the bugle out of the Amazon’s ass. Wonder Woman’s anus clenched up, holding the cold liquid inside of her, not wanting to shit out the liquid in front of the cameras. Harley smiled and snapped her fingers, and Supergirl immediately grabbed Wonder Woman by her long black hair and dragged the Amazon towards a nearby building.

With nowhere to go else, Wonder Woman stumbled on her knees as she was dragged against her will, doing her best to hold in the liquid. The cameramen focused the cameras on Wonder Woman’s tightened ass cheeks as she struggled to retain the liquid.

“Hera, please give me the strength to endure this humiliation” thought Wonder Woman.

As Harley arrived at the building, she kicked down the door skipped right in. Supergirl and the unwilling Wonder Woman followed her into the building, with Wonder Woman squeezing her butt cheeks, trying desperately to not let the liquid from spray out. But each passing moment was making it more difficult.

While Supergirl brought Wonder Woman into the building, the Amazon smelled a foul odor. The cold tile floors were covered with filth and grime.

“Hera, the stench is horrible…” said Wonder Woman. She instinctively got to her feet, not wanting to crawl on the filthy floor.

“That’s because no one has washed the bathroom in over a month,” said Harley.

Harley kicked the door to the first bathroom stall open, and Supergirl quickly pushed Wonder Woman into the stall.

“Here you go Wonder Toots! Let ‘er rip!” said Harley, slapping Wonder Woman’s ass, causing the amazon to release a small fart.

Wonder Woman looked down at the toilet and soon had a look of disgust on her face when she saw the toilet seat completely covered with filth. Harley laughed at Wonder Woman’s hesitation.

“That’s the cleanest stall little princess! Here, let me help you!” Harley grabbed Wonder Woman by the shoulders and turned her around. “By the way nice hairy little beaver!”

Wonder Woman suddenly realized that her pussy was in view of the cameras, and blushed. While she was distracted, Harley lifted the toilet seat and kicked Wonder Woman’s legs out from beneath her, causing her to fall butt-first into the toilet bowl. Wonder Woman was caught with her legs spread wide open in front of the camera, and her ass in a filthy toilet bowl.

“You’ll regret…oh no…” said Wonder Woman as she felt herself lose control of her bowels.

Harley smiled and removed Wonder Woman’s red boots as Wonder Woman struggled to regain control. The Amazon's toes curled as she tried to hold in the liquid, refusing to give in to her body’s demand for release. Harley then took out a pair of shackles and shackled Wonder Woman’s ankles to either side of the stall posts, securing the legs apart.

“Looks like Wonder Toots needs a bit of incentive to take the load off!” said Harley, taking out a large pink feather.

“No, don’t!” pleaded Wonder Woman as the villainess brushed the feather along the Amazon’s bare soles. “Hahahaha…stop…please!” laughed Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman shook violently, laughing as Harley tickled her feet. Harley smiled as Wonder Woman defiantly held on with all her strength.

“Such a proud little Amazon, but let’s see you withstand this little onslaught!”

Harley walked over to a box and took out a large white electric vibrator, a cat o' nine tails, and a paint bucket. Wonder Woman looked at Harley with dread as she frantically tried to figure out how to get out of her situation. With the flip of a switch, Harley turned the vibrator on and eased it into Wonder Woman’s exposed pussy.

“Ooh,” moaned Wonder Woman as she felt a vibrator began to chip away at her legendary will.

“Now to push you over the edge,” smiled Harley as she pulled down Wonder Woman’s red-and-gold bustier, revealing her large soft breasts. “Such a beautiful body,” adored Harley as she rubbed the Amazon’s heavenly breasts.

“Don’t…touch…me…” moaned Wonder Woman.

Harley grinned and took a half step back and dipped the cat of nine tails into the bucket, coating it in a white paint-like substance. With a flick of her wrist, Harley whipped Wonder Woman’s breasts.

“Aagh!” screamed Wonder Woman. A set of white lash marks now covered her breasts.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” smiled Harley.

Wonder Woman panted as she fought to maintain her composure, unable to reply. As Harley continued to lash Wonder Woman’s marvelous breasts, her nipples slowly erected a half inch, thanks partially to the vibrator working its devious magic on her. Soon Wonder Woman lost control, and released the fluids from her ass while coming like a freight train.

“Nooooo!” screamed Wonder Woman.

White milky fluids filled the toilet bowl in a matter of seconds as Wonder Woman panted, recovering from the orgasm. Harley looked on deviously at the sight of Wonder Woman. The mighty Amazon with her ass inside of a filthy truck stop toilet bowl, just came on camera for the first time and lost bowel control. White lash marks covered every inch of her large breasts as she recovered from the perverse sex act.

Wonder Woman tried to pull herself out of the toilet but she soon found out that she was stuck into toilet. As hard as she tried, she could not get out.

“By the way Wondie, that enema I gave you is a special muscle relaxant. Think of it as a super powered laxative, only it affects your entire body!” said Harley.

“No…it can’t be true…” muttered Wonder Woman.

“Oh, it is. Thanks to your foolish pride, I needed you to hold it in your system for an extended period of time, which you did!” smiled Harley.

To prove her point, Harley untied Wonder Woman’s arms, allowing her an opportunity to pull herself out of the toilet bowl. The Amazon placed her hands on the rim of the toilet bowl and tried to push herself out, but her weakened state made it impossible for her to get out of the toilet on her own.

Harley smiled as Wonder Woman’s pride started to crumble. She had now began to chip away at the Wonder Woman’s near-impervious resolve.

“Don’t forget to flush!” said Harley as she reached over to the toilet and flushed the toilet. Wonder Woman screamed as her lower extremities were soaked in the toilet water.

“Aaagh…Harley, you bitch!”

“Aww, does the little princess don’t like to be wet?” mocked Harley. “Here, take my hand!”

“I’d rather die than accept your help,” spat Wonder Woman.

“Such a shame, too proud to ask for help,” sighed Harley. The clown-faced jester reached into her pocket, pulled out green circular gel block, and held it casually in front of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman looked at block and did not say a word.

“I bet ya wondering what this is. Well, I don’t know either but Mistah J made this a while back for an occasion like this, let’s find out and see what happens together!”

With that, Harley opened the toilet tank lid and dropped the block inside.

Wonder Woman panicked, and struggled to pull herself out of the toilet bowl, but her ass remained firmly wedged inside. “Please, help me out!” pleaded Wonder Woman after another few seconds of fruitless struggling.

Harley smiled, grabbed Wonder Woman’s hands, placed her right foot on the edge of the toilet bowl, and pulled the Amazon out of the toilet. Harley pulled with all her might, sling-shooting the Amazon out of the toilet and into another toilet directly across. Wonder Woman’s head went straight into the toilet bowl with her ass sticking straight up in the air.

“Oops, I guess I don’t realize how strong I am!”

As Wonder Woman pulled her head out of the toilet, Harley dropped her pants and jumped on top of the Amazon’s back, forcing Wonder Woman's head back in the toilet.

“Time for a Wonder Swirlie!” laughed Harley.

The mad clown flushed the toilet, swirling the Amazon’s head, Wonder Woman’s legs kicked wildly as she struggled to get out of the toilet bowl, but to no avail. Harley laughed at her helpless victim, and let out a loud fart on the back of Wonder Woman’s head.

“Oooh, must have been the bad Mexican meal I had last night!” giggled Harley. She quickly bounced off of Wonder Woman’s back and gave the Amazon another slap on her ass. Wonder Woman pulled her head out of the toilet; the cold water did nothing to cool down the heat emanating from her head as her dignity was stripped away from her.

Supergirl smirked fiendishly as she saw the Amazing Amazon Princess completely soaked from head to toe in filthy toilet water, her bustier pulled down, revealing her large breasts. The Amazon's star-spangled briefs were still wrapped around her thighs as she struggled to pull them up. Soon, Supergirl pranced behind Wonder Woman and gave her another Wonder Wedgie, once again pulling the briefs over the Amazon’s head.

“Aaaagh!!!” screamed Wonder Woman as the nearly-indestructible fabric bit deep into her pussy and ass.

Supergirl then grabbed Wonder Woman by the waist and carried her over to the next stall, where Harley was waiting. Pulling her briefs off of her head, Wonder Woman saw the toilet bowl was filled to the brim with a white murky liquid, and a large plunger was stuck in the middle of the bowl. At the end of the plunger's handle was attached a large green dildo.

Before Wonder Woman could react, Supergirl lifted her up and and planted her pussy directly onto the dildo, causing the Amazon to scream, “Hera, it’s too big!”

“Enough of the Hera business,” snapped Harley. “Once I’m through with you, you’ll be bowing to the porcelain god instead!”

With Wonder Woman’s pussy impaled on the dildo and her bare feet on the rim of the toilet, Harley took out two leather straps and tied each of the straps around Wonder Woman’s thighs, and then looped them through a metal loop attached to the dildo, securing the Amazon to the plunger. Wonder Woman did her best to balance on the rim, but the cold wet porcelain made it difficult to maintain her footing.

Harley took out the cat o' nine tails again and dipped it in the can, soaking it in the white solution. With a flick of her wrist, she whipped Wonder Woman’s mammoth breasts again.

“Aahh!!!” screamed Wonder Woman, causing her to impale herself on the dildo.

“Better start unclogging the toilet Wonder Toots!” ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman looked at Harley defiantly, unwillingly to humiliate herself any more. Harley smiled and flicked her cat o' nine tails, targeting Wonder Woman’s massive mammaries. Wonder Woman yelped in pain and lost her footing, causing her plunge the dildo into her pussy.

The Amazon’s pussy slowly started to moisten as she felt aroused by being forced to pleasure herself. The stinging of the cat o' nine tails excited her, and soon, she began to anticipate the stinging sensation.

Harley smiled as she continued to whip Wonder Woman’s breasts, causing the Amazon to ride the dildo plunger. With each lash, Wonder Woman instinctively squatted onto the dildo, eagerly anticipating the next lash. With pain, came pleasure.

The Amazon's pussy gripped down on the dildo tighter and tighter as she began to fuck herself willingly. Harley noticed Wonder Woman was surrendering herself to the pain and pleasure and smiled fiendishly as her plan began to come together.

“That’s right Wonda Slut, fuck that toilet!” mocked Harley as she whipped Wonder Woman’s breasts multiple times.

“Oooh, yesss…” moaned Wonder Woman as she continued to fuck herself. Each lash brought Wonder Woman closer to bliss. Without realizing it, Wonder Woman grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together, signaling for Harley to whip them.

“Such a submissive slut you are! Here’s something I didn’t tell you, the white solution I’m whipping on your boobs is the same chemicals that turned Mr. J’s skin white!” laughed Harley.

Wonder Woman's eyes widened as she heard the bombshell. The Amazon looked down and saw her breasts covered in white lashes. As she tried to cover breasts, Harley took out a small remote from her pocket and pressed the button. The dildo roared to life as it began to pump itself in and out of Wonder Woman’s pussy.

“Oh…no….too much…”moaned Wonder Woman as the dildo began to wreck havoc on her will. Wonder Woman’s legs gave out from under her as she felt an orgasm approaching. Harley laughed and whipped Wonder Woman’s breasts some more, determined to paint her tits completely white.

Wonder Woman leaned back on the toilet, giving in to the pleasure and pain. Her legs sprawled wide open as the dildo began the final stage of its program.

“Oooooh…. YESSS!!!” screamed Wonder Woman as an orgasm ripped through body. As she came, the dildo began to pump a thick white fluid into her pussy, flooding her womb with its substance. Wonder Woman didn’t care, as she felt one of the greatest sexual experiences of her entire life.

Wonder Woman panted as she slowly recovered from her mind numbing orgasm. “Never… have I ever felt this such an intense orgasm…” whispered Wonder Woman.

Harley unfastened the straps from Wonder Woman’s thighs, and Supergirl immediately lifted Wonder Woman off the dildo. Wonder Woman’s pussy released a waterfall of the white milky liquid as she was dismounted from the dildo.

“What was pumped inside of me?” moaned Wonder Woman, rubbing her pussy.

“Just a bunch of cum that we collected from Gotham’s Red Light District!” smiled Harley.

“No…” moaned Wonder Woman.

Harley pulled Wonder Woman up by the arms; the Amazon was now ragged,and dropped to her knees as Harley shoved her into yet another stall. Wonder Woman stared at the toilet and saw that it was completely covered filth and pubic hair. Wonder Woman turned around, only to see Harley strapping on a large 15-inch black dildo to Supergirl’s crotch. The Amazon looked on in fear as Supergirl’s crossed eyes looked at her fiendishly.

“As promised, Supergirl... oops, I mean SUCK GIRL will be the one to own you! OWN YOUR ASS!”

“Please…that thing is too big!” panicked Wonder Woman.

“Too bad!” said Harley as she shoved Wonder Woman onto the toilet, the Amazon's ass sticking right up. The stench of the toilet was overwhelming to Wonder Woman as her tits were mashed against the filthy toilet seat. She felt the tip of the dildo push up against her anus, and she instinctively clenched her eyes, preparing for the worst.

All of a sudden, Harley interrupted Supergirl. “You know what? I’m feeling generous; I’ll help ease the pain!”

Harley stepped away from the stall within a few moments brought out an enema bag and tube. Before Wonder Woman could object, Harley hooked Wonder Woman up to the enema bag. As a white milky substance began to fill up Wonder Woman’s ass, the Amazon tried to pull the tube out, but Supergirl grabbed her by the wrists.

“Now, now, this will help you relax a bit more. Mama Harley knows what’s best for you!” said Harley. “Give this heroine the Wonder Fuck of the century!”

Without any further warning, Supergirl rammed the dildo into Wonder Woman’s pussy. Wonder Woman howled in pain as her pussy was stretched to the limit.

“Aw, look at the princess taking the big dildo like a woman!” mocked Harley. Wonder Woman winced in pain as Supergirl began to power fuck her. “If you clean the toilet, I may let you off the hook of this Wonder Fucking!” said Harley.

Desperate for some kind of escape, Wonder Woman looked for a roll of toilet paper, but saw there was none. As Wonder Woman looked at Harley in confusion, Harley laughed and said “Use those tits of yours, Wonder Cow!”

Without hesitation, Wonder Woman began rubbing her large breasts all over the toilet, desperately trying to stop the fucking that Supergirl was giving her. Licking her breasts, Wonder Woman mashed her tits on the toilet; her chalk white breasts were soon covered in a light brown stains as she cleaned the toilet. She found it difficult to concentrate as she felt her stomach get filled up with the enema she was receiving. She instinctively wanted to release it, but before she could do anything, Harley removed the tube and shoved a large butt plug, sealing the liquid in place.

“There, nice and tight!” said Harley.

Wonder Woman’s stomach felt bloated; the sloshing of the liquid was causing her to stomach to cramp up. Fighting the pain, Wonder Woman tried to scrub the toilet with her now filthy breasts. Meanwhile, Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman by the hips and pumped her pussy even harder, driving the Amazon crazy with lust. The feeling of being dominated was turning the Amazing Amazon Princess on, and she began to buck her hips with each thrust.

“Oooh…” moaned Wonder Woman as pleasure began to build up. Harley smiled as Wonder Woman’s belly began to expand slowly.

In a matter of minutes, Wonder Woman began screaming like a banshee as Supergirl violated her pussy with the massive strap on. When Supergirl suddenly pulled out, grabbed Wonder Woman, and turned her around, the Amazon immediately wrapped her long legs around Supergirl’s waist as she continued to fuck her reverse-cowgirl style. Wonder Woman’s belly was now inflated like she was nine months pregnant.

While the "Wonder Fuck" was happening,, Harley crept over and yanked the butt plug out of Wonder Woman’s ass, causing a massive stream of milky substance to shoot right out like a fire hose. Wonder Woman’s stomach slowly deflated, but it remained partially inflatedeven after she released all the liquids from her body.

Harley then took out her bugle and once again inserted it into Wonder Woman’s now gaping ass; a loud toot soon came out of the horn as Wonder Woman began farting uncontrollably.

“Hehehe! My special formula now causes permanent uncontrollable flatulence!” laughed Harley as she took a step back.

Wonder Woman didn’t care, as Supergirl fucked her harder; with each thrust a loud toot came out of her ass. Soon Wonder Woman was cumming like a common whore, creaming all over the strap on.

“YESSS... FUCK…YES…” screamed Wonder Woman.

Supergirl took Wonder Woman off the strap-on and placed on the floor, facing the toilet on all fours. Wonder Woman began to rub her body all over the toilet as Supergirl rubbed the tip of strap-on at the edge of the Amazon’s gaping asshole. With one easy stroke, the dildo eased right into Wonder Woman’s ass. Wonder Woman arched her back as Supergirl impaled her ass.

“Yesss…. fuck my ass…” moaned Wonder Woman. In response, Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman by her long raven hair and slammed the dildo harder and deeper into the eager Amazon’s ass.

“Looks like Wonder Toots has taken a real liking to this, let’s give her the special royal treatment!” said Harley, hamming it up for the camera.

Wonder Woman was immersed in her pleasure, and didn’t hear a single word that Harley said. Babbling like an idiot, she could not get enough of the fucking Supergirl was giving her. Supergirl pulled Wonder Woman back over to the first stall and shoved her ass-first back into the toilet bowl.

“This is your coronation, Wonder Toots!” said Harley, rubbing her hands gleefully.

Wonder Woman sat into the toilet bowl, her ass completely stuck inside and she herself completely oblivious what was going on. By now, the Amazon was almost completely naked; her bustier, shorts, power belt, and boots were all gone.

Harley removed Wonder Woman’s tiara and tossed it aside. As the tiara clattered against the tiled floor, Harley reached over and unfastened the Amazon's bulletproof bracelets, unceremoniously flinging them aside as well. Finally, with almost delicate care, Harley removed the last pieces of Wonder Woman's costume - her earrings.

With Wonder Woman completely disrobed, Harley promptly left the stall. A few minutes later, the mad villainess returned, carrying the other pieces of Wonder Woman's costume. Wonder Woman still sat in the toilet, that dazed look on her face.

"Get her outta there, Suck Girl!" Harley commanded.

Supergirl obeyed immediately, roughly hauling Wonder Woman out of the toilet. As the Kryptonian stationed the brain-scrambled Amazon to one side, leaning her against the stall wall, Harley dropped the garments in her hands on the filthy floor. Now, all pieces of Wonder Woman's costume were in the same place.

"Ya know," Harley said suddenly. "My motto in life's always been "out with the old, in with the new"! And I've got a REALLY great NEW look for ya, Wondie... but before we can get to that, we gotta get all the OLD out first!"

With that, the mad clown picked up Wonder Woman's earrings and tossed them into the toilet bowl. A second later, she unzipped her fly, stepped onto the toilet, squatted, and let loose a long, yellow stream of piss into the toilet. That done, she gave her "masterpiece" a satisfied look, and hit the flush handle.

Supergirl and Wonder Woman watched silently as the Amazon's earrings went straight down the toilet. Meanwhile, Harley reached down and picked up Wonder Woman's tiara, and flung it into the toilet next.

"Suck Girl!" Harley snapped. "Your turn! Let that bladder rip!"

Nodding, Supergirl stepped up to the toilet like a home-run hitter to home plate, and began to do her business. Once the tiara was thoroughly piss-stained, Harley once again pressed the flush handle, and down the tiara went.

"You're up, Wonder Whore!" Harley said, handing the Amazon her bulletproof bracelets.

With only a slight moment of hesitation, Wonder Woman stumbled toward the toilet and threw the bracelets inside. Then, wobbling slightly, she climbed onto the toilet and let her bladder go. One piss session and flush later, and the bracelets joined the Amazon's tiara and earrings.

And on the session went, the three women taking turns with the pieces of Wonder Woman's costume. In a matter of minutes, the Amazon's bustier, shorts, and boots had went down the pipes as well. All that was left were...

"Yer belt, and yer lasso..." Harley mused, looking at the two golden artifacts in her hands.

The mad clown was ambivalent; one the one hand, she really wanted to keep the two items, both of which held untold power, but on the other, it just wouldn't be a complete "coronation" of Wonder Woman if she didn't degrade her two most recognizable symbols...

"Ah, to heck with it!" Harley growled, and tossed both items into the toilet. She didn't even take the time to piss over them before pressing the flush handle; given the items' color, it wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway.

As the sacred artifacts of her heritage were flushed down the drain, Wonder Woman’s second wind of resistance kicked in. “Hera, what have I done?!?” muttered the Amazon.

“Oh don’t be so down, Wonder Toots! You’re on your well on your way to earning a big contract for HPF! You just need to do a little brown nosing!” said Harley.

Harley grabbed Wonder Woman by the arms and tossed her on to the filthy cold floor. Before Wonder Woman could get up, Harley squatted down on Wonder Woman’s face and said “Stick that nose up my ass Wonder Whore!”

Wonder Woman turned her head, doing her best to avoid getting her face into Harley’s ass.

“Aww, looks like Wonder Toots doesn’t like to kiss a little ass. Don’t you want to become a big porn star?”

Supergirl knelt down in-between Wonder Woman’s legs, grabbed the Amazon’s hips, and impaled her strap on deep into Wonder Woman’s moist pussy. Wonder Woman instinctively raised her hips to meet Supergirl’s thrust and buried her face into Harley’s ass.

“That’s right, stick your face in my ass! I knew you just needed the right motivation!” mocked Harley.

Wonder Woman panted as Supergirl continued to pound away at her pussy, and with each thrust, Wonder Woman moaned into Harley’s ass. Harley grabbed Wonder Woman by her hair and shoved her nose into her asshole.

“Oooh, I got a big ole nasty fart coming just for you Wonder Woman, I want you to snort it up!”

Wonder Woman was immersed in the pleasure, and the smell of Harley’s ass was enhancing the eroticism she felt as Supergirl pounded away. Soon, Wonder Woman felt an orgasm approaching. Her hips and legs began to shake, her body tensing up.

Suddenly, Supergirl stopped for a moment as Harley pulled Wonder Woman’s face out of her ass.

“Say you want it!”

“I want it, please fuck me!” panted Wonder Woman.

“You know the price! Suckgirl will continue to fuck you IF you sign up with HPF!”

“Please let me join HPF,” pleaded the horny Amazon.

“I don’t know, you’re going to have to do a little bit more ass kissing if you want to join HPF!” said Harley.

Wonder Woman licked Harley’s ass, her tongue probing the villainess' tight corn hole, determined to please her new potential mistress.

“That’s right, stick that royal Amazon tongue up my ass! Now stick that nose in there!” ordered Harley.

As Wonder Woman complied and stuck her nose into Harley’s ass, Harley nodded at Supergirl to resume fucking the delirious Amazon. Within moments, Wonder Woman started to cum.

“Yes!!!! Harley!!! My Goddess!” screamed Wonder Woman.

Harley released a big fart into Wonder Woman’s nose, and Wonder Woman took a deep sniff. The horrid stench was now an aphrodisiac for Wonder Woman, as lust began to build as soon as the orgasm subsided.

“Now that we have Wonder Toots onboard, let’s give you your new outfit!”

In the blink of an eye, Supergirl dashed out of the bathroom and returned with Wonder Woman’s new costume. Wonder Woman gazed at it lovingly as Harley took the costume and handed it over to Wonder Woman. Her new costume was a two piece string bikini. The top was patterned in a red and black checker board style. The bottom was a black thong with a white bushy rabbit tail ass plug in the back. On the front was a picture of Harley Quinn’s face with her tongue sticking out in the crotch area.

Wonder Woman put on the skimpy costume, smiling as she thought about all the filthy acts Harley was going to make her do.

After the Amazon put on her new costume, Harley smiled and said “You just need your new tiara!”

Harley pulled out a pair of rabbit ears, and placed them on top of Wonder Woman’s head.

“There! Perfect!”

Wonder Woman smiled as she looked at a nearby mirror, her life as a heroine was over and thanks to her new mistress, her new life was going to be filled with pleasure.

“By the way, your first official act for HPF will be Suck Girl fucking you stupid while you clean my car with you funbags!”

Harley, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman marched out of the bathroom and into a nearby parking lot where Harley’s car was parked. The beat up 1969 Charger was completely covered in mud. Wonder Woman stared at it briefly, trying to figure out where to start.

Harley took out a hose and sprayed Wonder Woman, the ice cold water made Wonder Woman jump as she was hosed down by Harley.

“Better get starting Toots! By the way, I need to give you a new name. Wonder Woman is no longer appropriate for you!” said Harley.

Wonder Woman smiled erotically, and dreamed about sticking her nose back into Harley’s perfect ass. Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman, shoved her on the hood of the car, and plunged her strap-on into the Amazon’s pussy.

Wonder Woman moaned in passion as she felt the familiar penetration of the huge strap-on. The Amazon grabbed her large breasts and began to scrub the grime off of the car as Supergirl fucked her. As the Kryptonian hammered away at Wonder Woman’s pussy, Harley hosed the two porn stars and the car with more water.

“That’s right, pump her good, Suck Girl!”

The act went on for an hour. After the hour, Harley’s car looked as good as new. Wonder Woman was completely exhausted from not only washing the car but from all the orgasms that Supergirl gave her.

Harley smiled at her work, and had another devious act up her sleeve. “Well done Wonder Toots! You did a gorgeous job! I think I should show my appreciation by letting your ride it!”

Harley pulled out a 12-inch white dildo with metal studs on it and walked over to the hood of the car. In the middle of the hood was a circular opening that allowed Harley to insert the base of the dildo into.

“This car has over 425 horsepower, ever wondered what 425 horsepower feels between those legs?”

Wonder Woman was exhausted and could not take anymore, so she shook her head.

“Well you’re going to show the world what it feels like!”

Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman and planted her on the dildo, holding the Amazon down as Harley jumped into the driver’s seat and started up the car. The car roared to life and the dildo began to vibrate slowly.

“No… please… too much…” moaned Wonder Woman.

“Don’t be such a baby! Show the world your resilience! You were a superheroine after all!” said Harley as she stepped on the gas pedal.

“Ooooh….tooo much….” panted Wonder Woman as the dildo roared to life, bringing her to a near mind shattering orgasm.

“Let’s see, I have a full tank of gas so I think it should last a few hours,” said Harley.

The insane clown princess of crime put a large rock on the gas pedal, making the engine roar continuously. Harley then took out some rope and secured Wonder Woman’s legs and arms to the hood of the car. With cameras rolling, Harley kissed Wonder Woman on the cheek and walked away.

“See you in a few hours!”

“Noooo!” screamed Wonder Woman as she felt another orgasm rack her body.

Hours later…

“Let’s see how our new star is doing!” said Harley.

Wonder Woman was now broken, her eyes completely rolled back as countless orgasms ravaged her body. Harley untied Wonder Woman and took her off the dildo. The Amazon dropped to her knees, her body completely limp.

“Aww, how pathetic! Looks like she could you a little pick me up!” said Harley as she shut off the car engine. Taking out a cattle prod from the back seat, she poked the Wonder Woman in the ass, causing the Amazon to jump in pain.

“Owww!” screamed Wonder Woman. Harley, meanwhile, bent over with her ass cheeks pulled wide open.

“You know what to do!” said Harley.

Wonder Woman crawled to Harley and instinctively licked her ass. As she licked it, she heard Harley’s stomach grumble, and instinctively put her nose into the jester's ass as Harley farted.

“That’s right, sniff it up! You’re such a good brown-noser! Now put your hands on the car and assume the position!”

Wonder Woman got up and bent over the hood of car with her ass pointed out. Harley took out the rabbit-tail butt plug from Wonder Woman’s ass and brought it to the Amazon’s mouth.

“Suck it!” ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman meekly obeyed, wondering what else the vile villainess had in store for her.

Harley took out another cattle prod from the back of the car, along with two metal dildos. Attaching the sex toys to the cattle prods, she inserted the dildos into Wonder Woman’s ass and pussy.

“Now fuck yourself with those dildos!” ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman nodded and began to pump both her ass and pussy with dildos. It wasn’t long before the Amazon felt herself cumming again.

“Oooh, yes…” moaned Wonder Woman.

“That’s right, fuck yourself stupid!” said Harley as she pulled out a remote.

“YES!!!” screamed Wonder Woman.

Harley pressed the button on the remote, activating the cattle prods, sending electricity throughout Wonder Woman’s body. Wonder Woman screamed in pain and pleasure as she climaxed.

“Aaaaggghhh!!!” screamed Wonder Woman.

As the orgasm subsided, Harley gazed at Wonder Woman, who lay on the ground with her arms and legs splayed wide. Her eyes were permanently crossed as she moaned.

Taking out a mirror, Harley showed Wonder Woman her new look. Wonder Woman, judging by the speed of her facial reaction, took several seconds to recognize the mockery in the mirror. But when she did...

"GREAT HERAAAAAAAAA...!" the Amazon wailed, her voice drowning in despair... and something that sounded oddly like arousal.

As the once-mighty Wonder Woman's head hung low, Harley smiled. Wonder Woman had truly reached the bottom of the gutter, and now, there was only one thing - well, maybe one-point-five things - left to do.

The mad villainess snapped her fingers, and Supergirl was at her side in an instant. Harley whispered a set of instructions in the Kryptonian's ear; a few seconds later, Supergirl responded with a mindless "Yes, mistress", and flew off. Soon, she returned with a laptop.

"You see, Wondie, it's just occurred to me that this is the twenty-first century, and up 'til now, HPF's been behind the times!" Harley cackled as she opened up the laptop. "But not any more! You're the proud first customer of our latest INITIATION format!"

A familiar colorful spiral appeared on the laptop screen, moving quicker and quicker. And soon, all-too-familiar drones were emitting from the laptop.


With her mental defenses so utterly shattered, Wonder Woman didn't stand a chance. In only a few seconds, she was droning alone to the laptop's commands, her blue eyes looking glassy and her body swaying from side to side.

"Obey. Obey. Obeyyyyyyyyyyy..."

Harley gave the video another two minutes, just to be on the safe side. After that, she shut the laptop down and sidled up close to her newest plaything. With a gloved hand, she cupped Wonder Woman's chin and stared deeply at the Amazon.

"Nowwwwwww... we just need to give you a nice new name... how's Wanton Woman sound?"

Wonder Woman, still looking dazed, gave no reply. Undaunted, Harley grabbed the back of the Amazon's head and bobbed it up and down like a puppet. As she did so, she spoke in a giggly imitation of Wonder Woman's voice.

"Why yes, Mistress Harley, that's a PERFECT name for a wanton little slut like me! You are smart and also pretty, and the bestest, sexiest mistress a worthless "heroine" like me should have! Tee-hee-hee!"

Smiling, Harley then shoved Wonder Woman to the ground. Gingerly, she held out her foot in front of the tamed Amazon's face.

"Wow! I guess you're not THAT stupid after all, Wanton Woman! Now, kiss my foot!"

Wonder Woman didn't hesitate, quickly leaning over and kissing the offered foot over and over again. As the Amazing Amazon Princess worshiped her mistress, Harley turned to the camera one last time.

"And there you have it, all you lucky viewers at home! The greatest of the so-called "super heroines", now my helpless little fuck toy, just like the rest!" Harley cackled. "Stay tuned, there's LOT more perverted hi-jinks to come in the following days... and months... and years!"

With that, the camera faded to black.

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Post 4 years ago

A toast, ladies and gentlemen.

For one year ago, to the day, an unassuming set of threads titled "#1" and "#2", created by some fellow named "benv", appeared on The Ultimate Superheroine Forum's Stories Board. Like many of you, I suspect, I viewed them skeptically - The Ultimate Superheroine Forum had not produced a story that truly struck my fancy in years, and the simplicity of the titles did not exactly invite confidence.

Then I clicked on "#1". And I was hooked about five words in.

benv's stories hit almost every fetish I had, plus a few that I didn't even know I possessed. The KO scenes. The hypno-video. The merciless humiliation. The incredibly creative costume changes. And, of course, the sex. By the time I was through with the very first story, I realized that he had done the impossible: make me comment on a story when I had spent years as a Lurker on this board.

What was more, his update schedule was nearly unheard of in the fanfiction world. At a rate of almost one update per day, "#3", "#4", "#5", "#6", and "#7" soon joined the other tales on the Stories Board. Each was more enticing, more arousing than the last. Chloroform pies, joy buzzers, feather torture - need I go on?

But all good things had to come to an end, and for a while, benv seemed ready to give up the ghost. But I appealed to him, beseeching him to continue, offering to edit & expand his stories into bigger, better, even more perverted yarns. To my delight - and, I suspect, to many of yours - he agreed.

A few weeks later, the redone versions of #1-#7 hit the new Heroine Dungeon board, now under a single story thread. Its fanbase grew bigger than ever, and at several points, it became the hottest story on the board. What was more, benv was actually inspired to write more - four more installments in total, an even greater lengths than the ones that came before. They joined the original Magnificent Seven, and for a while, our story's future seemed brighter than ever.

But again, real life intervened. benv's personal life took a turn for the worse, and he found himself no longer able to work on the story. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of readers were struck by this development - one of them, the esteemed Seaven, actually agreed to help me continue benv's dream. You see the final product right above you - and love it or hate it, it seems that as of now, Seaven won't be producing anything new, either.

(Thanks for nothing, Hurricane Sandy.)

But, let us not end on such a sour note. As a wise man once said: death only comes when one is forgotten. With that criterion in mind, I do believe that this story will be alive for a long, long time. Hell, it might even rise again one day - after all, as of late I've been making plans with a charming Brit who's just as big a fan of Harley and hypnotized heroines (you might know him as the fellow who wrote most of Harley's Heroine Heist on Superstories). Who knows what the future will bring?

And, of course, if any of you would like to help continue this story, you're more than free to! You needn't be able to write a full story - just scribble up a few scenes, and I'll figure out a way to tie 'em together. The more, the merrier!

Last, but not least... another reward for those of you who managed to slog through the above text. The following is the fruit of the last contact I ever had with benv - when he recommended me to to write a super heroine script. I do proudly declare that it's the only super heroine work that I 100% wrote by myself - though, of course, with massive inspiration from benv.

(Note, though, that it's kind of tame; SlapstickStuff is a PG-rated site.)


BG = Bat Girl
HQ = Harley Quinn
SG = Super Girl


Begin with our heroine BG sneaking into a room. She looks around carefully and begins tiptoeing across the room, trying to be stealthy but actually looking totally ridiculous.

BG: This is the Joker’s last known address… but it doesn’t look like anyone’s been home lately…

BG continues looking around, until she spots a computer in a corner of the room. A smile comes over her face as her eyes narrow.

BG: Hmm… wonder what I’ll find in there… maybe his whereabouts… or what he’s up to right now…

The heroine makes her way over to the computer, and is soon busily tapping away at the keyboard. As she searches for any helpful files, she is totally oblivious to everything else – including the fact that HQ has just snuck into the room, and is standing behind her!

BG: Crap… junk… crappy junk…

HQ slowly creeps up on BG from behind, even taking the time to pause and make a “shh” gesture at the audience. In her hand is a large cream pie.

BG (with HQ mere inches away from her): Hold on a minute… what have we here…?

HQ: Looks like a nosy super-snoop, to me!

BG turns around in utter surprise. Before she can do anything, HQ smashes the pie into the heroine’s face. The villainess laughs as BG stumbles around, in shock and blinded by the white goo now covering her face and a good portion of her uniform.

BG: Wha… wh…

Desperately, the heroine tries to wipe the pie material off of her face. Her movements, however, are becoming slower and slower with every passing second. Soon, she is stumbling around drunkenly, eyes fluttering.

HQ: Aw, what’s the matter, Batsy? Don’t you like my special chloro-pies?

BG: Uggghhh…

HQ: Don’t worry! A couple more seconds and you’ll be out like a light! Then the real fun can begin!

BG: Muh-must not… f-fall… a-a-sleeeeeeep…

A few seconds later, the heroine totters backward and falls on her back, her eyes closing. HQ stands triumphant over her KO’ed foe, laughing evilly.

HQ: Hush, little Batsy, don’t say a word… Harley’s gonna buy you a mockingbird…


HQ is seen tying a blissfully-sleeping BG to an easy chair with several loops of rope, making sure that the knots are nice and tight (BG’s uniform is still plainly visible under the coils of rope, however). That done, the villainess stands up, and gives the heroine a critical once-over.

HQ: Geez, who does she think she is?! Goldilocks? Her hair ain’t even gold!

HQ walks off, and returns with a bucket of cold water. Grinning, she tosses the bucket’s contents all over BG, who shudders and awakens with a huge gasp.

BG: Wha… where am I?!

The heroine unconsciously moves her body as she speaks, and realizes her current predicament. She then notices a smug-looking HQ standing right in front of her.

BG: Quinn! Let me out of her right now, or I’ll-

She is cut off, as HQ suddenly stuffs a ball-gag into her open mouth and straps it in tight.

HQ: That oughta take care ‘a that big mouth ‘a yours!

BG glares murderously at HQ as she struggles with the ball-gag in her mouth. HQ, looking even more pleased with herself now, turns her back on BG and taps a finger to her chin in thought.

HQ: Now, what shall I do with this little bat in my belfry… super-villain code demands that I put her in an elaborate-yet-escapable deathtrap… but that’s so BORING!

BG begins to struggle in her bonds, making more noises of protest through the gag.

HQ: No… how ‘bout I just UNMASK her?

BG freezes in horror, eyes widening.

HQ: After all, she’s got such a PRETTY face… shame to hide it behind that silly mask…

BG begins to struggle for all she’s worth, squirming in her bonds desperately, as HQ turns around.


HQ slowly approaches BG, arms outstretched predatorily. As her hand grabs BG’s mask, BG makes one last noise of protest and tenses, her eyes squeezing shut.

HQ: But that’s just as boring!

HQ quickly draws her hands away from BG. Several seconds later, BG slowly opens her eyes, as she realizes that she’s been spared from unmasking – for the time being.

HQ: Hah! You should’ve seen yourself, Bats!

BG tries to keep her facial appearance neutral, even as her body slowly relaxes. She knows that she’s not out of the woods yet.

HQ: Don’t worry, I’m not gonna unmask ya… I’m just gonna make you wish I had! Be right back!

HQ runs off, leaving the bound and protesting BG alone in the room.


HQ is seen wheeling a television & VCR on an AV cart directly in front of BG. BG is still futilely struggling in her bonds, shouting muffled protests.

HQ: Up for a little daytime TV, Batsy?

Grinning, HQ takes out a video tape, which she slides into the VCR. She turns on the TV and presses the “Play” button.

HQ: Trust me, you’ll just LOVE this show!

The television screen soon starts displaying a large, colorful, rotating spiral. At the same time, a booming voice begins to drone “OBEY” over and over.


The heroine realizes immediately what HQ is up to, and tries to shut her eyes. In response, HQ (making sure that her own eyes are shut) moves behind BG and grabs the side of BG’s mask.

HQ: Watch the video like a GOOD WIDDLE GIRL, or THIS comes off!

BG’s eyes snap open in panic; the heroine knows that she can’t let HQ unmask her, no matter what. Unfortunately, this window of opportunity is all that the video needs to gain a foothold in BG’s mind.

HQ: That’s it, Batsy… obey… obey… obey…

BG struggles uselessly some more, but her eyes are already beginning to flutter and glaze over. As the seconds tick by, the heroine’s movements become more and more sluggish.

HQ: The spiral is your friend… it wants you to obey… obey… obey…

The hypnotizing video begins to increase in intensity; the spiral seems to enlarge, turning a variety of different colors. Meanwhile, the commands of “OBEY” seem to be growing louder, and start to echo.

HQ: Listen to the nice spiral… obey… obey… obey…

By now, BG’s struggles have almost totally died down. The heroine’s screams of protests are gone, replaced by a muffled, monotone sound.

HQ: What’s that, Batsy? You have something you wanna say?

HQ reaches over, and un-attaches the ball-gag stuffed in BG’s mouth. The ball-gag drops to the floor, but BG makes no attempt to shout more protests. Instead, she continues to drone.

BG: Obey… obey… obey…

HQ smiles in glee, as she realizes that the video is – apparently – a success. But, she realizes, BG could also be faking. There’s only one way to find out…

HQ: Mind if I get this out of the way, Bats?

HQ slides her fingers beneath BG’s mask, and begins to hike it up. BG gives no reaction, simply continuing to chant “OBEY”, much to HQ’s pleasure.

HQ: Excellent… now the fun can REALLY begin…


The television is now turned off, and HQ is seen untying BG from the chair. BG makes no attempt to fight or escape – another boost to HQ’s confidence in the hypno-video.

HQ: From now on, you will refer to me as “Mistress” or “Mistress Harley”, understood, Batgirl?

BG: I obey, Mistress.

HQ: And you won’t obey anyone else, unless I tell you to. Got it? I am your first priority, at all times!

BG: Understood, Mistress.

HQ: Good! Now, stand at attention!

BG immediately assumes the stance, her body becoming rigid and her feet locking together. The heroine’s chin juts out, as her eyes stare blankly forward.

HQ: Mmm… not bad… but it could use a little… adjustment…

HQ carefully repositions BG, with a mix of verbal commands and physical movements. Soon, BG is standing in a stereotypical “heroine” pose, with feet apart and chest more thrust out.

HQ: Perfect! Don’t move a muscle, I’ll be right back!

BG: Yes, mistress.

HQ leaves the room, and returns with a cart full of pies. Taking careful aim, she flings the first at BG’s chest – and lands a perfect hit on BG’s chest symbol.

HQ: Bull’s-eye! Now, clean yourself off!

BG: Yes, mistress.

BG begins to use her hands to wipe the pie material off of her uniform. Before she’s even halfway done, however, HQ flings another pie, this one hitting her square in the face.

HQ: Geez, are you deaf?! I said clean yourself off!

BG: Yes, mistress!

The cycle continues; BG keeps trying to follow her mistress’ orders, but HQ is flinging pies at her faster than she can wipe them off. Soon, the heroine is covered almost head-to-toe in pie material.

HQ: Alright, Bats, clearly, you’re too dumb to follow a simple command, so here’s a simpler one: stop!

BG immediately stops trying to wipe herself clean, letting her hands fall to her sides. As BG stands motionless once more, HQ orders her to resume “heroine position”, before taking out a camera.

HQ: Smile!

BG, in “heroine position” and almost totally covered in pie goo, gives a big cheesy smile as HQ takes several pictures of her disgraceful appearance. After a while, HQ goes over and drapes BG’s cape over the heroine’s head, before taking several more pictures.

HQ: Perfect! Now, let’s get you hosed off…


BG, who is now wearing a collar around her neck, is led outside by HQ, who is holding a leash connected to the collar. HQ leads the collared BG over to a wrought iron gate, and ties the leash to one of the bars. A nearby camera on a tripod is recording everything.

HQ: Good! Now stay!

HQ runs off-screen, only to return moments later with a hose in hand. Grinning evilly, she aims the hose at BG and turns it on full-blast. She slowly walks around the helpless BG, making sure to spray down every inch of the heroine’s body.

HQ: Alright, that should do it…

HQ walks away and turns off the hose. Soon, she returns to the captive BG, and looks the heroine’s dripping body up and down, licking her lips.

HQ: Hey, Bats… you know the best way ta dry off?

BG shakes her head; HQ goes over and unties BG’s leash from the gate.

HQ: Dance for me, my pretty!

BG immediately begins dancing like a total moron, shaking and gyrating her entire body. HQ watches in amusement, soon breaking into uncontrollable laughter – it’s clear that BG can’t dance to save her life, and that’s just fine with her.

HQ: Oh, this is too rich! Just keep at it, Bats! I’ll be right back…

HQ soon returns with a boom box, which she sets down. She presses a button, and it begins to play Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” (or some other appropriately nauseating pop song). BG now looks even more foolish as she tries to dance along to the tune. HQ is soon laughing her head off.

HQ: Man, you were wasting your time with all that junk about running around in a mask and cape and “upholding the law”! THIS is what you were really born to do!

BG continues to humiliate herself for HQ’s pleasure for a few more minutes, before HQ goes over and turns the boom box off. She then eyes the still-dancing BG deviously, one finger tapping her chin.

HQ: We’ve all seen your dancing, Bats… but how’s your singing?

Over the next couple of minutes, HQ makes BG sing a variety of songs, from Michael Jackson to the Barney theme song. BG sings most (if not all) of them horrifically off-key. By the end of the session, HQ is holding her nose closed and waving at the air with her free hand.

HQ: Woo! You stink worse than roadkill wrapped in my old gym socks! Good thing the neighbors are all on vacation… else, I’d already be busted seven ways to Sunday!

HQ then gives BG another once-over, and decides that the heroine is dry enough, grabbing BG’s leash, she begins to lead the heroine back inside. Once the two are a few feet away from the door, though, HQ suddenly lets go of the leash and makes a sweeping gesture toward BG.

HQ: After you!

BG accepts the gesture and opens the door. As soon as she steps through, however, a bucket falls and lands on her head. As BG stumbles around, blinded, HQ starts laughing again.


HQ is seen pulling the bucket off of BG’s head and tossing it aside, while leading BG into the room that she captured BG in. BG is made to stand in front of a camera on a tripod, chest thrust out and hands on hips.

HQ: Hey, Bats… remember when I said that I wasn’t gonna unmask ya?

BG: That’s right, mistress. You did say that.

HQ (in her best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice): I lied!

HQ claps a hand to her mouth and doubles over, letting out a stream of muffled giggles. BG continues to stand in “heroine form” staring mindlessly ahead. After a while, HQ straightens up again.

HQ: Well, TECHNICALLY speaking, I didn’t lie. I’M not gonna unmask you… YOU are!

HQ rushes out of the room, soon returning with the boom box in hand. She sets it by the camera; that done, she quickly slides behind the camera, and begins to narrate.

HQ: Ladies and germs, you all know her as the Caped Crusaderette, the Domino Daredoll, the one-and-only Batgirl! But from here on out… you, and me, and all those little tykes at home will know you by ANOTHER name!

HQ bends down and presses a button on the boom box; a drum-roll begins to play.

HQ: Do the honors for us, Batsy! Take off your mask… and do it real slow, will ya? We wanna see a show!

BG obeys HQ’s command; staring blankly ahead, the crimefighter slowly lifts her arms and places her hands on both sides of her mask. Then, as the drum-roll crescendos, she begins to slowly lift it upward. HQ claps a hand to her mouth, eyes widening as the mask is finally fully removed.

HQ: Holy guacamole! Barbara Gordon?! The commish’s little girl? The frumpy little killjoy librarian?

HQ slides right beside BG, making an exaggerated “OMG” face.

HQ: WHAT A TWIST! But wait, the WILDEST is yet to come!

HQ leans over and whispers something in BG’s ear, before prancing away. BG’s eyes begin to widen, and the mindless look melts off of her face, to be replaced by one of confusion and realization.

BG: Wha… what, where am I?

BG’s arms inadvertently lower, and she realizes what she’s holding in her hands. Her expression becomes one of utter shock as she realizes that her face is bare. Her mouth becomes a perfect “O”.

BG: You… you… un-

HQ: Wrong-a-roonie! I didn’t unmask ya, Batsy! YOU did! And we’ve got it ALL on film!

BG, overcome by emotion, silently mouths the words as her arms move erratically. A smirking HQ watches her for a few seconds, before feigning a yawn, reaching to the side, and picking up another chloroform pie.

HQ: Close your mouth, will ya? You’ll catch flies!

Not giving BG a chance to respond, HQ flings the pie at BG. The confection hits BG’s face dead on; seconds later, BG collapses and begins to snore under the pie tin stuck to her face.


HQ readies the camera, positioning it so that it directly faces her and the still-unmasked BG. BG is now bound and gagged once more; her face clearly exhibits horror and despair.

HQ: Testing, testing, one-two-three! Can ya hear me, Super-Dud?

BG makes several muffled sounds behind her gag; an annoyed HQ slaps her upside the head.

HQ: So, we’ve got a nice little SITUATION here… self-explanatory, right? Batsy here bit off a little more than she could chew, and NOW I’ve got her and her mask right where I want ‘em!

For emphasis, HQ raises BG’s mask and waves it in front of the camera.

HQ: But, being the oh-so-generous soul I am, I’m gonna give Batsy one shot at taking back her mistake! And that’s where YOU come in! See, this tape you’re watching? It’s got EVERYTHING I did to Batsy so far. You’re holding the only copy right now, and I’VE got the original… and I’m gonna give YOU a chance to just barge in and take it… if you CAN!

BG makes several more, and louder, protests through her gag. HQ gives her a side-glance.

HQ: Oops, hold on, it looks like Batsy here has something to say…

HQ removes the gag from BG’s mouth. BG splutters a bit, before speaking.

BG: This is a trap, Supergirl! Whatever you do, don’t-

HQ grabs a chloroform pie from off-screen and slams it into BG’s face. She holds the pie tin tightly against BG’s face, until BG’s protests slowly trail away into silence. Satisfied, HQ removes her hand, and BG’s face (with pie tin still stuck to it) slumps down.

HQ: As I was saying… are ya MAN enough to come and save your friend, Super-dud? Oh, and DON’T even think about calling for backup – I’ve got a dozen pretty lil’ pictures of Batsy without that silly mask, and if I see a HINT of Superman, Batman, or the cops… well, I don’t need to spell it out for ya, do I?

HQ turns around, bends over, and begins wagging her rear end at the camera for a few seconds, before reaching over and turning it off.

HQ: Alright, that should do it… better get this tape over to the cop house, stat! They’ll make sure that Supes gets this thing…

HQ gives the unconscious BG one last look, smirking.

HQ: Better get washed up, Batsy! We’ll be having company over real soon…

Fade out.


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Post 4 years ago

Fun story!! Thanks for sharing. But you really should have started a new thread so it would be easier to find the story.

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So,how are the now humiliated super heroines're gonna give Harley quinn a taste of her own medicine? Is she gonna end up getting reamed in her tight little asshole by Superman's 15" of steel rod c/o of them? Now that I cannot wait to read.

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Post 3 years ago

jcb1982 wrote:I would like to see some illustrations of these humiliating costumes! Have any been made?
This just in: my good buddy Solddate has just snagged me an illustration of BG's outfit!


Not quite how I had imagined it, but excellent nonetheless! Credit one Mr. Oo_Sebastian_oO of for this wonderfully perverted pic!

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great show as always

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