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BROKEN - Mind, Body and Soul / Primal's SUPERHEROINE SHAME

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Title : BROKEN - Mind, Body and Soul
Preview pics : ... 37&t=19908

Producer : Primal's SUPERHEROINE SHAME (Formerly Superheroine Secret Shame)

Actors :
Candle Boxx as Purple Panther
Kenna Valentina as Seductress
?? as Kane
?? as Henchwoman (I think it is the actress that played She-Borg, Executioness and Mighty Hornet ?)
?? as Henchman



Purple Panther is first confronted to 2 basic thugs, it makes us discover her personality, as a confident and a bit playful heroine.
After defeating them, she directly encounters the Seductress in her lair and all the rest of the action take place there.
You have different steps, and what is very good is the fact that, since the movie is longer than average (53 minutes) you have time to enjoy each scene: the shorter scene being the one with the 2 common thugs (1min50s), for the rest, each moment is very explored, whether it is the beating (and spanking) by Kane or the seduction by the Villainess (I'll detail the beating and the seduction later).

In terms of dialogue, I'm extremely pleased, because you have a lot of it, Purple Panther, who seems to always want the last word, have to "endure" the calming words of the Seductress and her constant lying as well, "let me help you, we're on the same position" - "I just don't doubt that you're sitting here and I'm tied up, how is that the same position?", there is plenty of other lies and seductive words used to dissolve Purple Panther's resistance.

Purple Panther, who, like cats, enjoy being playful and isn't meant to obey easily, find someone more twisted than her, leaving her tamed at the end.
I had some doubt during the video, was Seductress Kane's prisoner? You'll see, later in the movie that Kane actually bow to her, it's very hot to see her so powerful, having everyone worship her.

ACTION: 8/10

Fight scenes were enjoyable to watch, there is a fight against the two basic enemies, the male is quickly eliminated and the female takes some punch in her belly and even one in her pussy (By the way, I loved when Purple Panther jumped and wrapped her legs around the henchwoman, that was a bit short, but quite hot ^^), then the main fight is against Kane.

Bear hugs from behind, backbreakers, a throat lift, a two handed chokeslam (Okay, the move itself was not as spectacular as The Great Khali's one, but Purple Panther's face while she was strangled was a good display of distress;).
He even pressed his foot against her pussy, I personally endured this move a lot when playing Tekken and facing Nina and Anna Williams, so it was fun to see a male doing that to a woman this time.

PERIL : 9/10

She is put in various types of extremely difficult situations and seeing her fighting in all of this is super entertaining.
The beating and spanking by Kane, the harassment by The Seductress and the doubt she inserts in the mind of the superheroine, all of it is psychologically painful for Purple Panther and the look on her face tells a lot about it.


The Villainess is incredibly sensual, she is so nonchalant and use various techniques to weaken our superheroine, slow dancing, always trying to convince her to give up, this in a very soothing voice..
In a certain manner, she acts like a mother, a true display of mother kindness : she comforts her, caress her, gives her water, asks Purple Panther to trust her : it's very beautiful to see a proud and strong heroine like that reduced to the state of a little baby girl, desiring only a few things at the end : stop caring about her responsibilities as a superheroine, forget everything (even her name), and stay in the protective and soft arms of the Seductress.


Enjoyable, I appreciated the massage a lot, but the turn off for me was the use of a vibrator, I don't find it particularly sexy. It is, in my opinion, too common. I still liked the scene because of the slow massage, the extreme beauty of both actresses and the total surrender of Purple Panther, but I would have preferred the Seductress to use various other sexual positions.

COSTUME: 10/10

It feels good to see a male villain with something else than a sky mask. The only 2 characters that have a sky mask are the minor burglars, so it's more than ok.

Seductress costume is very attractive, it's a different one from the first Seductress movie, and both have drawn my attention at the first glance of the preview pics, making me buy both movies almost instantly, I've always fantasized about exotic harem outfit.

Purple Panther, not only her costume itself pleased me a lot, but i loved how, through the movie, she lost it, slowly, piece by piece. "Where's my power belt?!" - "It's gone...", then the rest will fall slowly (I'll avoid revealing too much here).
The mask is removed only at the very end, and that's exactly what I personally wanted: It's important to see the superheroine keeping some part of her costumes during the scenes.

ACTING: 10/10

I've always liked the acting in the Secret Shame movies, everyone, from minor characters to superheroines and villains is convincing and this movie proved it again, I saw Candle Boxx in other movies, mostly as a villainess, but she play the superheroine extremely well too, Kenna Valentina totally fits the role of Seductress and the Kane actor was excellent as a brutal and taunting beast.


This is the only thing I really disliked, this room has nothing special and does not fit the situation.
With a Villainess like Seductress, I expected a beautiful harem.
The quality is good, the music and sounds used are appropriate, there are no special effects.

TOTAL SCORE: 8.4/10 :love:

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Thank you for putting up a review of one of our productions, we very much appreciate the time you put into it

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Is it possible to get a link to the actual video? There are 54 pages of videos at that link so it's almost impossible to find it.

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